Do it anyway!

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is beautiful to be here this very night for there is much love and much fear in the air. Many, many changes are in the air at the moment and many things in your lives are changing whether you want them to happen or not, whether you are prepared for them to happen or not, change is coming, much change.

For some of you the new world is now very, very close and when we speak of the new world in these channellings we speak of being able to create your reality as you dream it, as you wish it to be. You will all be releasing your negative energies and creating a new life and a new world out of love and compassion. You will be creating a world full of make-believe but you will have to believe it because it will become your reality.

There are many, many steps to heaven and the reality ahead will be like a picture of heaven, a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view no one to tell you “no” or say “you’re only dreaming” but this new world is not easy to attain it requires work, a lot of inner releasing, a lot of stepping into a new reality.

One of the very important issues to work with is the issue of clarity, being clear and being focused. In a state of clarity you are clear. So often we don’t want to be clear for there are things in our lives that we don’t want to deal with, that we don’t know how to deal with. We don’t have the skills within us to handle these issues. Our emotional state is not ready for this challenge.

You are all stepping into this reality. Once you have clarity you can take action and move forward but whilst you remain in a space of suppression, repression and denial not much can really happen in your life you can’t really move forward and you can’t face the challenges. There is always someone close by that can help you step into this new reality. They perhaps have taken these steps earlier on in their lives and their energy field knows how to lead you and how to guide you, how to allow you to move forward in your lives. You must know, and you must be very wary of, whom you ask as sometimes that person has an agenda in their favour and to their advantage and you can look upon these people as friends and perhaps they are in certain relationships and in certain areas of your life they can help you and be your friend but yet in other areas of your life it can be the wrong person to ask for advice. So it is to know and to really understand what it is that you want and what you want to do with your own life. Ask yourself the question “What do I really want?” “If I were truly free what would I really do?” The answer: you get do it anyway, do it anyway!

So ask yourself the question “What would I do if I were truly free?” Drop into that space of freedom. In this room this very night the energies are very gentle and very subtle and subtleness does not mean weakness. Subtleness has its own power and its own form and its own way forward. So be subtle with yourself, be gentle with yourself and drop into an issue that has been really bothering you for a long time.

Allow yourselves to get in touch with what you are working with. Everything comes from within you create your own reality. So why are you creating this reality in your life? Why have you created this reality? What is in it for you to learn? What is it that you have created in your life that you don’t like? Even if you think that what you’ve created in your life is out of your personal control ask the question “Why have I created this?” Nothing but absolutely nothing is out of your control. You’ve attracted these events into your life because of something inside yourself.

Allow yourself to connect with the external reality and at the same time connecting with your internal reality. Just observe, be patient, just let the images appear in your mind for they will appear, they will appear. So we only create a negative reality if there’s something negative within us and in these teachings we always say that it’s an aspect of the wounded child, a part of the child that can’t really think straight, a child, soft, gentle, vulnerable. Vulnerable means easy to wound. What happens when a child is in such a state of vulnerability and softness? If there are damaging energies around the child this will allow the child to fragment a part of itself it will allow part of itself to die. In a way part of the child will shut down depending on the severity of the childhood. How unconscious your parenting was depends on how deeply wounded you are and how much of the child is actually left. The truth is, the child can never actually leave you for the child requires you as a vehicle to show you how you are wounded by creating a negative reality in your life.

We have often spoken of this in these channellings here in Marina da Gama in Cape Town. Tonight we are going to speak of the delusional child. It shuts down its senses, it deludes itself. It rewires its brain in a certain way so it doesn’t really have to face reality. To a lesser or greater extent everybody does this to themselves. The nature of human beings is first of all to be challenged, secondly, if the challenge is too much the human being will instantly step out of integrity and until you become conscious, you will stay out of integrity. You won’t be asking the question “Why am I out of integrity?”

Conscious people ask the question “Why have I stepped out of integrity?” This is a natural defence mechanism to step out of integrity because something frightens you and in that moment you leave your body and leave a vacant place. For people on the path of consciousness the question will be “Why have I left my body and why has this happened to me?” Slowly but surely the answer will come and it will come in a way that you can reclaim an aspect of your own inner child, bring your child into a state of wholeness rebuilding the child within you. The rebuilding goes in a certain way and that is to allow the child the right of expression so that you can personally learn now not to treat a child. You need to know how not to treat a child for the key to evolution on this planet is through first of all good mothering and second of all good parenting.

This is what evolution is, it’s an aspect of love, it is love beginning to flow. Love flowing backwards and love flowing forwards. Love flowing into the past and love flowing into the future healing the past and igniting the future with a new you here on this planet to create a whole new world a new fantastic point of view as we said in the beginning.

The key to evolution on this planet is not industrialisation but motherhood and mothering this planet’s children and seeing that the mothers have the space and the time to give love and nurturing to their children. Of course the children are the future generation of this planet and the west has suffered dearly through this industrialised world, the east is following. The world of the motor car, high rise buildings and modern technology is taking human beings further and further away from the truth of who they really are. Who is a human being? What is a human being? That is a question being pondered by 6 billion people. For all intents and purposes of these channellings the human being at the moment, the human race, is in a wounded state, it’s in a fragmented state.

Humanity in general is in one big mess going nowhere, thinking the next car, the new house, the material world. What is it you are really looking for? What is it you are really searching for? Whatever it is, it’s inside of you and you all know what you are looking for.

So drop deeper, deeper and deeper into your bodies and find what it is that you are looking for even if you are deluding yourself into saying “I’m not looking.” Delusion is one of the great human escapes. There are many, many, good people on this planet, 6 billion in fact but when one of those good people gets wounded they don’t look too good. They force part of themselves into unconsciousness - unconsciousness means to sleep - part of you that you put to sleep when you get hurt as a child and often to awaken that aspect of the child that has been put to sleep for instance by terror will be terrifying for yourselves to awaken the terrified child and you can and will create terror in your own lives and in the lives of others.

So allow yourselves to go deeper and deeper and find what it is you are supposed to find here on this planet… You’ll find that there are 2 things missing. One of the two things are aspects of your inner child, the second thing missing is all to do with love, your connection to love, your understanding of love. What is love? Sometimes loves is tangible, sometimes it is ethereal, sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not. So how does it all work?

The parts of the child are missing and where is all the love? Whatever happened to love? Where did all the love go? One day when you drive your Ferrari or your Bentley up to your mansion in the mountains what will you feel? What will your really feel? Will you feel it was worth it? All the hard work and all the effort to buy yourself this western dream or will there still be an empty space in your heart? Will there still be a longing in your heart? A longing that you can’t quite put your finger on but its always been there like a hole in your heart maybe the size of a golf-ball and this hole can never be filled because its open at the top and at the bottom and whatever you pour in flows out just like a hosepipe with water. Put the water in one end and it comes out the other. Sometimes it can be full of water and maybe the water isn’t the right thing to flow through the hosepipe and what you are putting into that hole can never be the right thing.

This is a human condition. 6 Billion people on this planet have this hole, it doesn’t matter what race, religion or colour because you are all the same on the inside.

So allow yourselves to visit this hole in your hearts and allow yourself to play with the subtle energies that are here in this room this night and let these subtle energies begin to sing a song inside this hole that’s in your heart. Let this hole begin to fill with song, laughter, joy and freedom and ecstasy. Allow the energies to move in your heart and allow your hearts to connect with everyone in the room at the same time connecting deeply with Mother Earth and Father Sky and of course this very night your spirit guides are at your feet. If you are having trouble letting your hearts sing allow your spirit guides permission to help you for they are very close by.

There is a new world coming where your hearts will sing, where the love will flow, where your hearts will fill and where you will enter into ecstasies and vibrations far beyond anything the earth plane has ever known.

Just allow your heart to be with you and for you to be with your heart. It might sound strange but try it anyway. Feel your hearts longing. What is it in your life that your heart really wants? Just be with your heart. Take the time to be with your heart… Let your heart speak and let your heart heal. There are many, many misunderstandings on this planet. Many misinterpretations but there is no job more important on this planet then the job of a mother for all a mother has to do is to love her child in a tangible way. A child must be loved and caressed. Time must be spent with a child but one of the great difficulties is that the child that the mother gives birth to will reflect the child inside herself and if that child is not really healed and whole then that child will be creating a negative reality and the child itself will copy the mother’s inner child and this will create attrition, it will create misunderstanding and lack of consciousness, it is a reflection.

The greatest question that should be asked on this planet today is “how are we going to allow our children to evolve?” when everything seems to be going completely the opposite way where as soon as a mother feels she can go out to work she puts the child in the care of others and the bond begins to be severed at far too young an age. That is a painful experience for a child it’s like unravelling a cocoon when a butterfly is not ready to fly.

Each human being needs to be developed every step of the way and love must flow not only from the mother to the child but from the mother to the father. This may sound almost impossible but it is possible. This is the new energy of the new age. It is where love will flow in family circles. We ask the question once again – what is this love that everybody is looking for? We know that love is not anger or do we? We think that we know that love is not sadness but maybe sadness is also love. We know that fear is not love but maybe fear is love. Allow the answers to these questions to come to you. Why do we have fear, anger and sadness inside of us? What is it there for? What is it there to teach us? What happens when we let it all go and we become love? What is the fear and what is it doing for you?

Be with your bodies and feel your bodies. Fear can be so subtle. Look around you in your meditative space and where is the bondage and who is doing it to you? Who is helping you stay in bondage? Who is stopping you expanding into your new world? If you can see the rubber-bands or the chains or the bandages that hold you in a place of compression and suppression then allow yourself to see yourself letting this go. This can be lifetime after lifetime. Allow the fear to go. Be with the subtlety of the fear. See what you haven’t been allowing yourself to see…

Dear Ones, you can’t go to the new world full of fear. Fear is just another energy. Let it come and let it go… Let it come and let it go. Allow the mother in you all the space and all the time she needs and give her all the resources to love the child within. As that begins to happen watch the hole in your heart begin to disappear… because everything but everything on this planet is about love. The more love on the inside, the more love you have experienced as a child, the more easily you will create on this planet.

So allow the mother within you to very slowly dissolve and allow for the connection to the archetypal mother – Mother Earth. Allow Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine to flow into your bodies and that includes the Earth Father. Let this energy move all around you and move through you dissolving the resistance. Let it take you to a new world. With this energy safety will come and security, freedom and expansion and flow and you will become exactly who you are meant to be.

Dear Ones this is Kryon signing out. Go Well, God Bless and take care.


nardine 1st December 2007 8:13 am

:smitten: This reflects my last 24 hours magically.

I have embraced, loved and healed my inner child from lifetime fears and I give bountiful thanks, to Mother Earth, Father Sun, Kryon, David and all 6 billion of us upon the planet. And all the wonderful magical spirits assisting all of us, my heart is whole!


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Kryon (South Africa)

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