Family Constellation

Greetings dear ones for I am Kryon of Magnetic Service

It’s wonderful to be here in Johannesburg once again, we know the weather is cold, but a lot of changes is coming to South Africa, most of the changes is positive, the country will become more peaceful and more loving over time, as the new energies begin to flow, and as the new energies flow even more and more strongly, more and more love will come to this part of the world, there are many problems in South Africa but many things will change as time goes by.

A new world is coming dear ones, we have always said this, in these channellings; you will create your reality one day out of pure love. 144 000 people are on their way to becoming Christ consciousness and that will change not only South Africa but it will change the world.

The other world is coming dear ones, we know that many people were disappointed after 2012, but the energies flowing towards the earth began to change on that date. It takes time for human consciousness to react and to act out these new energies, and so the ones of you who are most sensitive will begin to change the first and you will be coming towards the end of your healing journey and you will begin to create your life with love and this will happen towards the end of this year and early next year.

Many people will begin to become whole and complete, they will have gone through a process very similar to that of metamorphosis, our caterpillar goes into the cocoon and becomes a butterfly, and there is a very similar process for human kind but this process has been hidden from you for many hundreds of years and an awareness and a consciousness is coming to the planet where you learn how to become one again whole and complete.

As this happens the situation on the planet where 85 families own half the world will begin to dissolve and as the years go by a more equal world will come for everybody, the cat will be out of the bag, and it will become very clear to people how to become whole and complete and how to change their energies. This is all being hidden from you but now this knowledge is returning and to some people on the planet that have been working on themselves for many years, this knowledge will be beginning to crystallise and certain people will begin to understand on how to make a human being whole and complete, fully connected to Mother Earth and to Father Sky and allowing the love to flow through their hearts. The vibration of these people will be much higher as they continue the evolution. They will become like pebbles in a still bond, their energies will ripple gently through humanity and a tidal wave of new consciousness will begin to come to Planet Earth. This requires a lot of patience with yourselves and a lot of courage.

We know that this 3 dimensional planet is very difficult to live on and when there is little money, there is a lot of anxiety, and this situation will also be addressed one day, in the near future, as there will be philanthropists who are willing to finance peoples healing, and this is very necessary that this kind of thing happens.

It is not easy to heal a person and it costs a lot of money and time and energy but once 144 000 people have got to this level of consciousness, where the entire family constellation is in absolute peace and harmony within itself. Where your father became the divine energies of the sun, your mother became the divine energies of Mother Earth, your brothers, your sisters, husbands and wives, sons and daughters became the divine energies of Venus and Mercury and the Moon, the inner child, the baby within you, who is a reflection of the Moon, became fully receptive to the universe.

When this quant essential consciousness is reached and the baby is totally receptive, then the love and the ecstasy will begin to flow, the planets of Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto will no longer affect you, these kind of people in a negative way, it will only enhance your life and your energy it will only lift up your vibrations.

You will be taken to another world dear ones, to a world where there is love and prosperity and abundance for everyone, more and more people are understanding about love and how important love is, every illness is an absence of love but every illness is created by tension within the family unit and these tensions within the family are to be release. A new world is coming and a new love is coming, you may be surprised one day when beautiful people, who are whole conscious and complete, begin to become politically correct, men and women who are involved in politics, and leading the world, are conscious human beings who has only one face to show the world.

Conscious human beings are people who found the love, who found joy and who found oneness within themselves. To lead the world it is not an intellectual program but yet it is to do with love and connectedness to father sky and Mother Earth. To be able to bring through the emanations of the Universe, and to share them with all of humanity. For the universe is a place filled with love, filled with consciousness, and the universe wants this planet back in order, and it wants the people all complete and conscious. The universe wants an equal and fair world for every human being that live on this planet. The universe wants consciousness to permeate all of humanity, and not just a few, if you want to experience love and ecstasy then these energies are found of finding the love and peace with inside yourself ..

So we ask that you just be patient and take time to work with yourselves and to understand that there are certain rules to healing a human being, something the Christians call the way, even though they have lost the way, there is a way, the Gnostic Christians have found this way and so did the indigenous peoples on all continents for nature, your nature is that of love and you are being returned back to your nature, you are being returned back to love and as you move back to this consciousness you will find yourself lighter and freer and filled with love.

There will be no need for taxes there are many, many new inventions and ideas coming to fruition. All power is not necessary to be on the grid anymore, you should be able to live in the next year or two completely off the grid using solar and wind power. There are so many technologies available, it is not necessary to go making great power stations to create power here on the earth. There is enough green power to power more than humanity needs, and there is no need to be using fossil fuels or as times goes by the need for fossil fuels will completely diminish to zero.

There is such a thing as metaphysics, Meta means beyond and physics mean physical or material, and metaphysics should be taught to every child in school, to every human being on this earth. There is now the internet which keeps every human being fully connected, and this will become more and more so as time goes by. One idea belongs to everybody, this idea of patents, patenting, what are you patenting? You are patenting divine ideas, all ideas come from spirit world. Everybody on this planet is a channel, and everybody has the ability to bring through the emanations of the universe into their own life, into their own world, and create a beautiful life for themselves,

The banking system is completely unnecessary the way it is performing today, each and every central bank will be owned one day by the government, and not privately owned, and the central banks will feed other banks with interest free money. The interest from the privately owned central banks at the moment is going straight into the pockets, and the bank balances, of the people who run the banks. This is a very clear abuse of power, and there is karma involved in all of this.

All energy resources are becoming more and more free and more and more open. There is a need for technology, but technology and love must be mixed together, technology is there to help, not to enslave and peace must come to this earth. The wrong people are controlling this planet, you need conscious people, men and women that show one face to the world, and that type of person has been on a very, very special journey throughout their lives, and they have found peace within themselves, and they know how to connect the divine with themselves.

There are those of you in this room that has also been on a journey, and you are on a journey to become conscious and loving, and this journey continues, it is not how you're living in the material world, it is how you organise your own energies on the inside of yourself through meditation, through processing, and slowly but surely the world is becoming more and more conscious, slowly but surely this old planetary way of living is about to dissolve, and a new world is coming. Once again when 144 000 people will be whole and complete, there will be a massive shift of energy on this planet, and those people, those 144 000 people, they are well under way now to becoming whole and complete and one.

So we ask that you close your eyes and go inside and allow yourself to connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your fee,t and through your base chakra … connecting to father sky through the crown chakra … and just allowing love to flow from your heart to every bodies heart in the circle … allow the love to flow around the circle, from one person to the other to the other, and as you do this the love will expand ... and you will become more and more connected with one another ... and just allow this connection to expand ... expand into the room … and into the solar system ... where your spirit guides are at your feet and very close by ... they are here to help you, and support you, and to connect with you, and so we ask if you want to you can ask your spirit guides to touch your face, tickle your ear or touch your neck or something so you can feel their presence.

For nobody but nobody is alone here, you are all fully supported by spirit and spirit world ... and we in spirit world, we want you to feel the love and to know what Christ consciousness feels like, so we are going to lift the vibrations of this room to the vibration of Christ consciousness, and we are going to ask that your hearts open and expand ... just allowing for your hearts to open and expand ... connecting with one another, and allowing the vibration of the room and the circle, to go higher and higher and higher ... everybody in this circle has an inner child that is a little bit naughty, and this little child is always pushing the love away, so just allow yourselves to go inside, and go to this child, this aspect of the inner child, that pushes the love away, that stops the love flowing in your life ... and as we continue this process and as time has gone by since we started channelling these messages, healing has become easier and easier and easier, so I want you to allow the love to flow into this aspect of your inner child, and we ask that the adult you when you find this little child, goes and sits by the little child, and we are going to allow a very special loving healing energy to flow through you, and into this child, and also into the child of your family constellation, because there is a child like this inside your mother, your father, your grandparents and great grandparents ... and allow this healing energy to flow through your hearts, into the heart of that little child that always pushing away the love ... and allow this energy to flow through that child, and into the child of your mother, your father, your grandparents, and your great grandparents .... becoming like a sponge just soaking up these healing energies that is flowing through the child that pushes away the love, throughout the entire family constellation, and become like a sponge soaking up the love, for this room, this night is filled with spirit, filled with love, and you’re all being held by spirit ... it is safe to allow this to happen ... and at the same time we are going to take back to spirit world any beings that have lived in human form on this planet but have got lost and lived on the inside of you.

We are going to guide all these spirits back to spirit world, at the same time as we are liberating your inner child, so just allow the process to happen, continue to allow the love to flow ... and this kind of process is going to begin to happen in mass on this planet. That all beings that don't belong in somebodies body, they will all be returned back to the light, back to spirit world. and there will be no punishment or castigation for these spirits. Just allow them to go back, for the Kryon energy will guide these spirits back to the other world, where these spirits can begin to plan new adventures on planet earth, or if they want to go to other universes and other planetary systems, whatever their choice is, that is their choice, and we ask you in this room this night to set free these beings, and let them return back to spirit world, and to tell them how beautiful it is in spirit world, for spirit world is filled with love, oneness and belonging ... Just allow this process to happen, allowing the Kryon energy to guide all spirits back to spirit world, and at the same time, allowing love to flow through the hearts of your inner child.

These two things happen together, the reason being is that if you have spirits living on the inside of you they tend to manipulate you through your inner child, the wounded child, and once they are returned back to spirit world, it is safe for your inner child to open its heart, and to stop pushing away the love.

Just allow yourselves to feel the energies in this room, and feel how beautiful the energies are..... just allow the love to flow, allow your spirit to do its work, let the feelings come and let the feelings go ... dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies, and just feeling the sweetness of these energies, the sweetness of your liberation, the sweetness of the love ... for as the inner child, your inner child, and the inner child in your family constellation begins to receive the love, it means that you’re beginning to receive the emanations of the universe ... your guidance from the universe will become stronger and stronger, and you will receive your abundance, and you will receive beautiful relationships, and you will begin to relate on a completely different level… there will be love and understanding, kindness and caring in your life, and the abundance that you dream of will begin to flow like never before ...

So in this moment we should be feeling that the room is very close to Christ consciousness, the vibration of Christ consciousness..... and whilst you are in this state of consciousness, whatever answers you want from spirit world, just ask the question.... what belongs to you will be returned to you ... 85 families of half the world’s wealth, because they have a lot of things that belongs to you. The world is changing, the world is going back to equality and fairness, with the masculine and feminine merge and flow, where you feel fully one and fully connected to Mother Earth and to the solar system….

Go well and God bless for this is Kryon signing out

Thank you all.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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