Magical Carpet Ride

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be with you all this very night. Tonight there is much love in the air as there is a half moon which is a symbol of love. There is much joy and freedom beginning to move around people who have done the work on this planet. Those of you who have made healing a way of life your lives are about to change in a very, very big way. There are great big changes along the way, much bigger than anything you ever anticipated in the past. Your consciousness will completely change. If you take a little bit of time to close your eyes and to look back into the past and remember what you were like and just observe what you were like then and what you are like now.

You will see a phenomenal difference in your consciousness. You'll actually see how much you have changed and there are much bigger changes along the way, changes humanity could never even begin to imagine, nonetheless they are on their way. There is a whole new world coming for everyone but you who read these channellings and those of you who work on yourselves are stepping into a whole new vibration, a completely new state of being, entering a totally new dimension, a new place to begin afresh. It's like a new page, an almost empty page but there are lines on that page, there is a structure on that page and that structure is that you will create your reality through love and no longer will you be creating a reality through fear, anger, sadness and ancient tribal emotions that no longer serve you.

You are disconnecting from your ancestral line all behaviour patterns that are not concurrent with love. You in this room are the ones that will make that step into a new world, into a whole new reality, into a whole new consciousness and you will begin to lead the world. Those of you who understand the journey that you have been on to heal the inner child and reclaim the fragments of the child, to allow the child to have a voice and express itself and to rebuild the shattered child inside yourself, those of you who have re-parented yourselves and taught yourselves how to create your own reality, how to take responsibility in your own world, how to step into your truth, into integrity and into your authenticity will begin to teach others the journey. You will take pride in your own way of being.

The shackles that made you small will break and you will be able to step into this world in a powerful way, in a way that you never imagined that you could, in a way that you have looked at other people and been amazed at what they have done. This time you will look at yourself and be amazed at what you have done. The decisions you take will become much smoother. The way that you look at the world will be much clearer. Clarity will descend upon you. Being able to see is not always easy when you have left a dysfunctional childhood behind for the child often turns a blind eye to what it does not know how to deal with and doesn't understand and can't control, to what it hasn't the courage to contain and hold.

Allow yourselves to truly drop into your bodies and really connect with yourselves and feel whatever you are feeling in your bodies. Feel in particular your hearts. Allow your hearts to connect with everyone in the room allowing love to flow from your heart to everyone else's heart. Dear Ones this night we are taking you on a magical mystical tour of your heart. We are taking you on a journey deeper and deeper into your heart into a place where you can be spontaneous with love, into a place where you can find love joy and freedom, into a place where you can expand into your reality with effortless ease, into a place where you can become truly authentic and deeply connected to the Divine.

Love, Dear Ones is the only answer. Love is everywhere but what stops love flowing is inside of you. So observe your own hearts. What is it inside yourself that you cannot allow love to flow? What have you done in your life that is so bad that you think that you are unworthy of true love? We speak here this night of personal intimate relationships that one on one soul-mate twin-flame relationship. Every relationship reflects yourself. Just observe yourself and observe your behaviour, observe the way that you relate to an intimate sexual partner for somewhere deep inside there is someone, your inner feminine if you are male and if you are female it is your inner masculine. That part of you needs re-energizing and loving and you need to connect with it.

So allow this connection to your inner opposite sex lover. You on this planet must relate to people from the opposite sex in a good way. That is how you learn to work the relationship between the masculine and the feminine. As a man you would take on a more masculine role and a woman would take on a more feminine role in a relationship. The woman would bring the inner feminine and the man the inner masculine. The masculine is there to manifest the feminine. The feminine is always the unknown, always the surprise, always where fears lie but this is changing. Individual relationships are a direct copy of your parent’s relationship and your relationship with your parents.

For those of you who have done the work your inner parents will become much clearer and you will become more connected to Father Sky and Mother Earth handing yourself over to the archetypal mother and father allowing love to flow between them. Your parents were not only mother and father but also husband and wife. The husband and wife is a reflection of your own inner masculine and inner feminine. The father under normal circumstances reflects the inner masculine in his role as husband and your mother would reflect the role of inner feminine in her role as wife.

Observe in your bodies where you feel your inner masculine and inner feminine. The inner masculine should be on your right hand side and your inner feminine on the left hand side. The left is your future and the right is your past. Allow love, joy and freedom to flow into these two energies. Wherever there is any resistance in your body to either the masculine or the feminine, be you male or female acknowledge this. Once again, wherever there is resistance there is a wounded inner child looking for healing.

Allow that wounded inner child that won't allow the inner masculine and inner feminine to merge to make itself present and connect with the child. Allow love in and put the child in a magical ball and allow the Kryon energy to be with you this night to support you. Your spirit guides are at your feet and there is much love. Allow yourselves to be held and connect with your spirit guides. These are your soul-mates and they can often be your twin-flame.

In this unusual set of circumstances in this room your spirit guides are your soul-mates. Everyone in this room has a twin-flame who is yet to be met and you will meet this person sometime in the very near future. You have orchestrated this move a long, long time ago, long before you even came to this planet, long, long ago. In fact, your challenge is to meet and own your twin flame and to know that either he or she is out there. They are also looking for their twin-flame.

There will be great challenges ahead in relating to such a person. They will carry exactly the same issues as you. They will fully, not partly, mirror image you. This is why you spend so much time working on yourself and it could be that you have to face challenges such as loving someone across racial boundaries, across sexual boundaries, all the things you have raised your eyebrows about. You are here to meet that person and process yourself so that this relationship works so that you can become whole, only in a true state of wholeness and oneness can one and one make two. One and one can never make two if one is less than one even if the other is one. It will be 1 5/8 or 1 7/8 whatever is missing will be lacking from yourself and lacking from the other, it will be lacking from the relationship. You will go in search of this as you are all at a level in your lives at the moment where you can step into a relationship like this but you must be in absolute honesty with yourself and your partner and take things step by step. Be open and be clear, and discuss your feelings, emotions and thoughts on every level.

We promise you Spirit will support this process. We promise you that Spirit wants people in relationships who are whole, clear and more that enlightened, they are ONE. Through these channellings we have explained emotional healing. How to heal the broken wounded child, the fragmented child and the shattered child and to bring those parts of the child back so that you can be in a state of oneness. Maybe the person you are there to love will be older or younger than yourself. There will be many challenging variables that keep you on your toes in this relationship but you have long, long been searching for this part of yourself.

This is why it is so important that the masculine and the feminine within yourself truly merge. Allow the Kryon energy to truly flow around you and really connect to this energy. We would like you to really feel and be in this energy and all love to flow loving everyone in the room, allowing your hearts to be open and allowing love to flow from your heart to everyone’s heart in the room and receiving love from everyone in the room and just allowing love to ebb and flow like the sea on the seashore, opening your hearts and allowing whatever is in your heart that stops you receiving love to dissolve.

You all come from very difficult childhoods from parents that never really loved each other. Your journey is a journey to learn to love, to learn to open your heart and learn to step into your own reality a reality that you dream of and part of your dream is to meet your twin-flame.

Allow yourselves to go back in time. Go back lifetime after lifetime after lifetime… and perhaps lifetime after lifetime after lifetime you have met your twin-flame but never had the courage, power or consciousness to make it work. Consciousness means many things to many different people but consciousness is a Divine connection. The more you heal and I am sure you recognize this, the quicker your healing goes and all of you in this room are ready for this massive shift of consciousness, this shift into your heart's being opened enough to receive your connection to your twin flame.

Open your hearts and allow this connection to occur in your heart; allow yourself to be in this energy of connection and whatever you feel that disconnects you acknowledge the disconnection. What it takes is for you to connect with your twin-flame on the inside it is to allow within yourself the merging of the masculine and feminine and at the same time whatever is in front of your heart that stops the releasing and the merging.

Allow these energies to merge and flow and allow love in to the merging of the masculine and feminine to energize it, in a way to ceremoniously connect the inner masculine and feminine. As they begin to merge love will connect you to everything. You will become part of everything. You will know that you are part of everything. You will know that you are part of each other. You will feel deeply connected to everyone in this room. You will know that you are stepping into your own reality and into your own dream. Great power comes with this energy as you meet your twin-flame for nothing in your life will ever be the same again, it's impossible. It's like two complicated computer plugs connecting. Myriad after myriad of connections, one after the other after the other after the other.

Allow these connections to happen inside your body, connecting, connecting, connecting. Allow the connection, allow the love, freedom and excitement that comes with such connection to flow into your body. There is no such thing as a coincidence on this planet. This night, this very night those who are here are meant to be here. You are the ones that can connect this energy this night. There are not many in this world that have set themselves up to meet their twin-flames. It is not easy to meet them and make it work. To accept it is also not easy for there are many, many challenges ahead but the more anger, fear and sadness that you have released the love will face the challenges.

When you take the Divine with you into your challenges they will just open up like a beautiful chrysanthemum. They won't be challenges they will be gifts. The love will evolve and the challenges will evolve. You will begin to love your challenges. With each challenge you face and handle you reconnect a part of yourself and you will become more and more of you.

There is so much love Dear Ones on this planet. We in Spirit world are truly in awe of the journey that you have all taken through the darkness and through the valley of the shadow of death. Somewhere in your lives you have all had to face death in one way or another and you have all come through; you all got through to the other side. Many people get stuck, they never face their fear of death, and they never walk through and get to the other side. When you get to the other side it's like lifting lead pads off your shoulders and letting your shoulders come up to your ears. Your body will just feel lighter and lighter and you will become more energy, light and vibration. When you meet your twin flame you will become even more energy, light and vibration and you will be connected on so many more levels than you are now. You will make miracles in front of your eyes when you make this connection.

This connection happens on the inside of you before it manifests on the outside. So allow the love to flow and allow the connection. Acknowledge and allow whatever is resisting this new energy to release from your bodies. Just be in the feeling… these energies are very very subtle. So really own what's in your bodies and what you are feeling, the fear, the terror, the excitement. Feel what is happening inside of you as this new energy comes and connects.

As energy begins to flow and your base and crown chakra's begin to open wider you feel the powerful energy of Father Sky and Mother Earth flowing through you deeply connecting you to who you are meant to be.

This night Dear Ones you will become the energy of the magical child that moves between heaven and earth. Allow yourself to feel this energy and connect with the space ship Excalibur where this new energy is being beamed from. This energy brings a new way of loving, a new fantastic point of view with no one to tell you “no” or say you are only dreaming. A whole new world; a new fantastic point of view.

Dear Ones you are on a magic carpet ride!!! Allow yourselves to ride into your dreams. Follow your dreams and become exactly who you are meant to be. Own exactly who you are and become exactly who you are. In this moment you are one and you are all deeply connected and deeply loving. The energy in the room is powerful yet soft and subtle and flowing between the other energies in yourselves and your DNA. These new energies are moving away the blockages that are in your body and keep you from being connected and hold you in a space of disconnection. Allow for your connection. Take the time to feel the energy in the room and be in this space of lovingness, oneness and connectedness. Allow love to flow deeper and deeper into your bodies. Let this love and light flow into the dark corners of your body and your psyche. Let this love turn you on. Let this love switch you on and see the banks of switches being thrown. Observe the connections going on inside yourself as you are being rewired for authenticity, connection, love and twin-flame status. Just be in this energy. Let you spirit guides and the angels work on your bodies connecting you, rewiring you and sorting out crossed wires.

Allow the energy of connection to go deeper and deeper and allow love to flow into your bodies going deeper and deeper. Allow a connection to the inner wounded children that are preventing the connection and see that they are contained. Allow this love and healing to flow into them releasing the darkness and negativity going deeper and deeper. In this deepness you are entering a whole new world, a world of deep deep connection and loving and because your inner masculine and feminine begin to merge and flow together you will attract into your life a person who is just the same.

You are one. You are all one but in the oneness there is a connectedness, another part of you waiting to connect with you. Allow that connection. Allow the wounded children to heal. Let them express whatever they wish to express. Let them fill with love and then let them go to their rightful places in your body allowing your heart to fill with love. Allow yourself to be in these energies deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper releasing and connecting at the same time, release and connect, release and connect, release and connect. Allow love to flow into your bodies and feel your soul-mates and twin-flame close to you. Feel him or her close to you. Allow them to move into your aura into that place where they are meant to be.

Dear ones this is your destiny. This is something that you have created many millions of lifetimes ago and you have been on a journey of evolution. Now you are evolved enough to make this connection. Dear Ones there is much love in the air. You can be sombre about this or excited, whatever comes into your body let it come. The time has come for the earth-plane to change. The many predictions of the Bible and the Mayans are almost upon this planet. The work has been done by the light-workers. In the hands of a few lie the destiny of this planet.

Allow this energy to connect into Mother Earth, this new energy of twin-flames and soul-mates, soul-mates working with you as your spirit guides and your twin-flame awaiting you.

This night your spirit guides will work with you through the night clearing, processing and connecting. Here in Marina da Gama we anchor in the energy of connectedness to ones twin-flame.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



Daniel 3rd September 2007 4:13 am

Wow – Kryon what a challenge. Thank you for your messages to us and your honesty, we appreciate this very much. Blessings and love


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Kryon (South Africa)

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