"Merging masculine and feminine"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

It is wonderful to be with you this beautiful evening in Milan. Everyone in this room and those reading this channelling have been together in lifetimes gone by. You know each other and have worked together not only on the earth plane but in many other universes. The energy in Milan is very different to a great many other places on earth. There is a profound masculine energy in Milan; very little here goes to waste. It’s very concentrated and focussed energy. Milan has the highest income per capita in Europe and this is a direct reflection of the masculine energy. There is an efficiency about the way things are manifest here in Milan and this reflects the high income per capita. The real energy is very profound, very direct, very clear and is one of the main reasons that this message is being delivered tonight from Milan.

This message will be physically manifested here on earth much quicker in Milan than anywhere else on the planet. The Italians have the knack of transformation and they understand how to form and use energy - particularly in the north. There is a secret understanding in the way to manifest and manipulate energies. Love has a very special way in Milan - the only real energy is the energy of love. Everything is love and everything always will be love. There are great changes coming on the earth plane. Today is 05.05.05, the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth year of the new millennium. There is great significance in this date for there is a great change of energy coming. On this day, the 05.05.05 at exactly 5.55.55pm this new energy will enter the earth plane and will allow the masculine and feminine energies to merge completely. This will result in a new found ability to create a world of everyone’s dreams.

The only way to manifest your dreams is to merge the masculine and feminine energies. In mass consciousness there is no merging of these energies. When the masculine and feminine energies merge, this will result in a state of oneness. It is an energy focussed on manifesting your dreams - it is about love, true love. It is about stepping into your truth and into the divine - it is about hearts being open and the flow into your bodies of deep, expansive love. It’s a state of love that you have never felt before - no one will have felt this energy on the earth plane.

This uncontrollable energy will bring ecstasy to the earth plane. It is an energy not meant to be controlled. Those who seek to control it will fail. To those who love one another, this energy is a gift from the Divine. It’s a gift for those who have walked the path and found resolve - a gift of love and also a lure for people to do the work on themselves and to step into their own truth to manifest all the gifts that they intend to bring to earth.

Personal growth work often results in pain and this pain can restrict that growth. Push yourself through and beyond your pain. By doing so, you will rise head and shoulders above the average person. As you become resolved within your inner child and your inner mother and father, you will have the power to create your own reality.

Of course this reality will be based in love. Your own life will be full to overflowing and there will be much energy for others. You will be expansive and glowing. Love will flow in your own lives and you will receive the gifts of love. You all need and want to be loved and once you have achieved this state of being, you will be creating your own reality. There will be obstacles in the way but love will always succeed. Those who have the courage to step into the darkness of their soul will always be guided through that darkness back into the light. Each time you step into the darkness your heart will open more and more. There will be less darkness in your life as now there is a definite relationship between light and dark. The more light there is in your life, the less darkness there is and the more you will create your own reality. It is an act of love to step into the dark areas of your own life and to clear the way for love to flow through your bodies. As more darkness is cleared, more light can flow through your body and the less likely you will be to suppress the darkness. Darkness is a place where there is much fear. Face these fears and step into the darkness - which can be likened to your anger, your sadness, your negativity, your heartache and your loneliness. The gains are twofold – one, once you step into and release the darkness, energy flows more easily, and two, there is no need to suppress this dark energy any longer which means you will have more energy to manifest what you want in your own life.

There will always be energy available for you to step into those dark areas of your life, to release them and let them go. The Universe will always be on your side. In every aspect of your life you are encouraged to clear away the darkness and step into the light on many, many different levels.

On the earth plane at the moment there is a big division between the masculine and the feminine but today on 05.05.05 mass consciousness will be broken and the division between the masculine and the feminine will be dissolved for those who have done the work on themselves. There will be great support from Spirit for the energy of love to flow into this division and allow a merging of the masculine and feminine. This means that once again there will be relationships between men and women that work. For those people who focus on their relationships this will be a great bonus. You will be given great energies in order to live your dreams. All people have the dream of merging the masculine and the feminine. There will be those who deny this out of fear. True love and a true Divine connection will only happen as the masculine and feminine merge… and that is about to happen.

So, close your eyes and look inward for a connection to Mother Earth. Let Mother Earth support you in this process as you search for the connection through your crown chakra to the heart of the great Central Sun and Father Sky. Let the energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky meet in the centre of your heart and thereafter, flow intertwined - the energy of Mother Earth connecting to Father Sky. Look inside your own bodies to see the division between the masculine and feminine and let the crown energy enter and release this division. As this energy is released your mind will create pictures of where this division came from. Having found the problem now send light and love to that person or to that problem area. Wherever the energy is blocked – perhaps it’s a certain person in your life or even an energy from another lifetime or another event, send love and light to that situation. Send forgiveness to both your parents, for that is the physical manifestation on the earth plane of this problem. It was their inability to overcome this challenge that manifested this division within yourself. Picture your parents together, send love and light into those areas of their lives where they could not merge, where they could not come together. Let this love flow through them.

You have to understand that mass consciousness was so strong in this area that it was an absolute impossibility for them to become as one. In Italy the Catholic Church was number one - they appointed male priests who were not allowed to marry. There was no frame of reference for relationships that worked. The further away you go from a problem the closer you get to the answer. It may sound strange but that’s the way that it is.

So, forgive the Catholic Church's way of teaching which may lead you away from the truth. A natural state of being for a human is to find the truth, the truth that always resides within your heart.

Open your hearts to your parents and as you send love and light to them both watch as they come together. Let love truly flow between them. When you begin, feel the difference in the energy that flows between your base and crown chakra. This energy will flow through any pain that you may be experiencing in this meditation. The pain will dissolve and your resistance will gently flow away.

Expand and fill your hearts with love and embrace a heart connection with each person in the room. Where there is pain in your heart, accept and receive love from everyone in the room and those reading this. This love will dissolve the pain. Open your heart wide to this emotion of not being able to love a person of the opposite sex at the deepest level. Feel a deeper connection to everyone in the room and those reading this and expand your energies to all around the earth. Feel it as it returns to you and flows into the Universe and grows larger and larger.

Let your energy expand and merge with all other energies and let love flow. In this state of expansion, receive your gifts from the Universe. Whatever belongs to you, receive it. As you expand into the Universe let the division between the masculine and the feminine also expand.

This division is like the pressure of these two energies pressing against each other. As you expand the energies of the masculine and the feminine the pressure will be released and the energies will flow together. Invite your angels and your guides to help you with this process; you all know how it is done. In your hearts there is all the knowledge of the Universe so, let your hearts lead the way. Feel, in your own heart, as the division releases and the energies begin to merge. This can be a painful process but you should welcome it and let it take place. You have all completed this process many times in many lifetimes so let this happen and remember you are being held in a very safe space. Be aware as your energies clear and merge and stay connected to one another in your hearts. Know that your relationships with people of the opposite sex will be so much easier. They will require work but it will no longer be impossible to have a deep, meaningful and lasting relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

So, dear ones, this is Kryon signing out on this channelling on 05.05.05. Go well, God Bless and take care.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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