Merging With Your Mother

It is wonderful to be with you this very night, for there is much love and much change.

This is a very special evening, the 22nd day of March. It is the equinox and there are many new energies coming to this Earth. The most important of which are the sacred feminine, and the sacred female, but what’s more important is that the masculine is being prepared to receive these energies, and to interact and interrelate with these energies.

The merging of the masculine and feminine is not mass consciousness, but in the coming years things will change, in fact there will be many, many changes. As you have witnessed the collapse of communism, you too will witness the collapse of capitalism in your lifetime, these changes are for the better, and things will get better not worse.

We speak of many, many changes coming, for those of you who are on a spiritual path doing your inner work, you can expect many, many changes to come. You can expect to move into the 3rd dimension into the 4th and then into the 5th. Everybody is inter related and inter connected.

Initially a certain group of people will achieve this consciousness and there will be resistance towards those who become conscious but this resistance will eventually dissolve once you become aware of the positive influences and changes that happen into the new world. Over the years many peoples have become conscious, and everybody in this room is one of those people…..

The two of you, your mother and yourself, is going to the 4th dimension, and the room will be surging between 70 to 80% of the energies of the 4th dimension… keep hold of your mother, you are being prepared for this in spirit world, long before this lifetime, and the preparation continue into this lifetime in spirit world. Just allowing you and your mother to flow higher and higher ... its taking long because some things need to be released, but just accept that.... just allow the energies to letting go, to flow between you and your mother, the energies of forgiveness, holding each other’s hand and setting each other free ... just set each other free, forgiveness will set you free ... ... and you’re moving now to about 90 - 95%, and just allow these high energies to dissolve any resistance and blockage, create the forgiveness, and allowing the love to flow through your heart into your mothers heart... and allow the energies of the loving Moon to flow through you, you need to merge the energies of the loving Moon with the energies of Mother Earth……

And the Kryon energy will dissolve and release whatever needs to dissolve and release. ... and the energies are around 95% now of the 4th dimensional consciousness ... and you can instruct now your spirit guides to switch on the necessary DNA ... and you should be able to observe the lights going on in the DNA if you focus. ... and now allow your physical mother to become your inner mother ... and allow the lower 3 chakras to open ... the base chakra, the second and the solar plexus ... ... and just allow the inner mother to give birth ... and let her give birth to the new you ... this 4th dimensional you ... don't force it, just allow ... just allow the birth ... and your spirit guides are with you, supporting this birth.... and allow this energy of the new you to flow into you through the base chakra ... and allow this energy to trigger the oxytocin, the love hormone ... and let the feelings come and let the feelings go .... And allow the energies to gently move through your body ... just let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

As this energy moves through you, you will go to the 5th dimension, and allow these energies inside your body to go higher and higher.... let the feelings come, let the feelings go ... and there is another 30 or 40% change of energy to go to reach the 5th dimension ... allow your energies to go higher and higher, and thanking your mother... let the feelings come and let the feelings go ... and allowing the energies of Heaven and Earth to connect....

See the sun set inside the Kryon ... become the butterfly ... the energy of a butterfly ... feel any aches and pains you are meant to feel as your butterfly comes to life.... and just know that you will never ever be the same again.

The new world is coming dear ones, your journey is to behave like a butterfly, flying from flower to flower, pollinating each flower, and drinking the nectar as this happens the sweetness of your life is coming to you.

Go well and God bless, this is Kryon signing out

Thank you.



Paula Boylan 14th August 2015 5:14 am

Thank you David

What a beautiful message! On the 22nd of March, when this message was channeled, I was at a silent retreat (, and intuited huge energies were entering our atmosphere and would need to be grounded. The energies of Lion's Gate have triggered birth pains in my hips and lower back that make it hard to walk. It does feel like giving birth.

Your channel meditation connected me with my daughter, mother and grandmother. I sensed all of us in an energetic orbit as we grounded these new energies, ONE and yet separate...each contributing to the experience of the whole. Dimensional ascension is hard work, but just like giving is an amazing experience.


amwest 22nd November 2015 4:59 am

Hi Paula

I love this transcript and it has helped my so much. Reading your comment just gave me such a big AHA moment. I have been feeling such pains on a regular basis in my hips and lower back and never connected it with the mother energy.

Thank you so much.



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Kryon (South Africa)

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