Message from Goddess Freya

Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful again to be in Riga, in Latvia for there is much love and much change coming to this small Baltic country. In fact there is much love and much change coming to many, many places. The old powerful countries will do what they can to hang on their power but as the people learn the power and knowledge of the existence and relearn the secret mystery of the Holy Grail the world will once again begin to be free, and human beings will once again be free; free from a system that doesn’t work for anybody, even for those that seem to be winning with the system. Your essence is of love; the only thing that will make you feel whole and complete and happy is love, it’s becoming and being whole and complete. Knowing you’re on the journey to become whole and complete will make you content. Being whole and complete you are permanently content. When you are whole and complete the love is always flowing, your vibration goes higher and higher and you are moving to a space of expansion, into a place of love, and the joy and the freedom keep flowing.

So, once again we are back in Latvia, and this country is very close to the pagan gods. The last time the mighty Thor spoke, and this time you will speak with Freya, a Goddess. We are reintroducing you to your Gods. There are many more gods than just one, and there is a reason to have more than one God. Number one is that you are here to heal your entire family constellation. You are created in the image of the Divine. The Divine is both masculine and feminine, it’s both male and female. And there are many aspects to masculinity, to male, and there are many aspects to femininity or the female.

So we are going to introduce you to a feminine God – Goddess Freya, and she will explain to you about love and the free flow of love.

“Greetings dear ones for I AM Freya. I am a Goddess of Love and I will bring you love in a special, a flowing and loving, way. I am feminine, like a water in a river, and I have many different flows. I have many different aspects to myself, like a raindrop falling from the sky, like a little bubbling brook, or I could be like a mountain stream or a waterfall or I could be like the Daugava in Riga, moving slowly towards the ocean, with much power, much force but still in constant flow.

The new world is coming, dear ones and we, your true Gods, are returning. I am the one that will teach you to love. I am the one that will teach you about men. I am the one that will teach women to love men and men to love women; how to flow with the masculine, for love is feminine and this is the feminine flow. That’s why we started this channeling speaking of water and the different kinds of flow. Once the river gets close to the ocean, it’s a much slower flow. For there, you can save there the journey that you’ve come along. You can look backwards and see how far you have come. You can observe your trials and tribulations as you move slowly back to the oneness.

We are not here to speak bad things about other gods but you have been cheated. You have been cheated out of love. The empires in which you live don’t tolerate love. They hang it on a fishing line in front of you, tempting you with sexuality and beautiful objects, beautiful cars and beautiful homes. But love is only a reflection of these things. And love is a feeling; in its feminine form it is a feeling. Always feeling good... letting the love always flow. And, because you’ve been cheated out of love for so long, you have lost your way and lost your path, lost your footing. And things are like a figure of 8, turned upside down – nothing is as it seems. This earth plane is nothing that you think it is. Your consciousness is so low that you don’t understand love. You’ve been led by people that are greedy, and they don’t love either. They don’t know how to love. And so the first ones that learn to love will teach the others how to love. And this will be your job; most of you in this room will learn to love very quickly. You already have an inkling of how to love.

So, close your eyes and go inside. Love comes from the heart. Allow your hearts to open even more than they already are and let the love flow from your heart to everybody’s heart in the circle, and receive that love into your heart from all those that are around you. Love also has another flow – from Mother Earth through your bodies and back to Father Sky. And then there is another flow – from Father Sky through your crown chakra and all the other chakras into Mother Earth. And when you become very conscious these two flows begin to merge and to flow, and to create. And this is high consciousness. It’s very easy to block the flow of love. Love takes a lot of understanding. At the same time love is very simple – love is love. Love is a flow.

We know you’ve been listening to David earlier in the evening, explaining the inner world. Once the inner world comes into harmony, this is what you can expect – a flow from the right to the left: the right being the masculine, the left – the feminine. These two flows are flowing through you, and these flows will reflect the masculine and the feminine, the husband and the wife. The flow from Mother Earth to Father Sky would be the Mother flow – the flow of love from the Mother. And from Father Sky through crown chakra and through the base chakra to Mother Earth – this is a very different flow, with a different meaning and a different consciousness. The more conscious you are about mothering yourself and fathering yourself you’ll have this flow. And this flow will make you very safe and very secure. It will make you feel very connected. It will make you feel like you have a good parenting. And you will live in abundance, for a true abundance comes from a flow of Mother Earth. And we know David has explained perfectly how to do this – to bring the inner world to oneness, wholeness and completion, allowing the inner world to reflect the Solar system. And this takes love, and it takes patience, and it takes time. David has been very honoured to have his spirit guides that he has and he honours them by listening to them. This is not an easy journey. It takes time and it takes patience. And it takes action, not reaction. It takes you to act without action, just observing yourselves, constantly taking everything inward, always going inward, always flowing inward.

The other energy, the other flow will bring you this high vibrational, ecstatic type of love – when your mother and your father love each other as husband and wife, when you allow the merging and the flowing of the masculine and feminine like two beautiful rivers merging together. The water is always flowing, it never stops... it always flows and merges, always flows and merges... sometimes more, sometimes less but always, always, always flowing... And this also takes a lot of inner work. But these two things happen more or less together, simultaneously. As the mother and father love each other as husband and wife, they are developing their skills as mother and father in the inner world, and then the whole family constellation heals. Once the entire family constellation is in perfect harmony with each other then you are the perfect reflection of the Solar system. When you look up at the sky, you are looking up at the Divine, at the Gods, for the planets and the Sun – they have power over you. When you are hurt and you’re wounded the Universe has power over you. When you’re whole and complete the Universe has power with you. This is what is meant by the macrocosm and the microcosm. The Solar system is the macrocosm and you are the microcosm of that. Until you become whole and complete you’re constantly being agitated by the Solar system, for the Sun and the planets are constantly sending energies and are constantly manipulating your emotional states. Once you become whole and complete the planets are energizing you allowing you to expand into the Universe. And the love constantly flows... When your family constellation on the inside of you love each other you will feel smooth and harmonious and you will attract smoothness and harmony, and you will become like that. Whatever you turn your mind to, whatever your dream is your energy will move towards your dream. And this has constantly been happening in your lives, even now it happens, except that now you have negative qualities and positive qualities and you are creating your reality with both sides of the coin. The more whole and the more complete you become you will create with more of the positive energy. Once you become whole and complete you will have an internal polar shift where all of your body shifts from negative to 100 % positive. And all those energies that are flowing through you, merging and flowing, will all be positive energies, creating a positive reality.

In order to become a butterfly you have to go through the negativity. It is your journey, it’s just the way it is. There is a special way in which to do it, if you are one of those people who are always searching for light you will turn into a moth, always flying around in the darkness looking for light. Sometimes these lights are naked flames and you will get burned. In order to become a butterfly you go in and out of the darkness, in and out of the darkness, in and out... And sometimes you feel like you are going up and down, up and down... high vibration to low vibration... But we say to you: get used to it. Remind yourself that you’re on your way to becoming a butterfly. Each time you move into the darkness and out is like releasing one of the silk threads in the cocoon wrapped around the butterfly. And the more you do this the more comfortable you become with the process, the more you trust and the more you can flow with your life. But we say to you: take it easy, relax, just relax... Know that this is a journey, it’s an inner journey. With the energy the way it is now from start to finish it should take two years, if you follow these Kryon teachings. Most of you have been on this path much longer than that, wondering why does it take so long. We say to you: don’t become a moth. Sometimes take the difficult route – become a butterfly. Go through the darkness not looking for the light but knowing that light is on the other side. Just relax... Take time out from your life and rebuild your inner family constellation, always working with the masculine, always...

I am the Goddess, the feminine. I need the banks, I need the structure to flow. I need to be held. I need to be guided back to the ocean, back to where I came from. I want to enjoy that journey. I want to feel deep, strong and powerful guidance. I want to feel safe and secure and know that I’ve been guided, feel that I’ve been guided. And I need the masculine to flow between. I know you always use this analogy in your channelings – but we need the banks and parameters to flow between.

There are many traps on this journey to consciousness, mostly because your leaders on this planet don’t want you to be conscious. If you were conscious they would be homeless and jobless because you are creating a beautiful reality out of pure love. You don’t need leaders. When you are at that level of consciousness you’ll become the leaders and you lead the others into consciousness. That is what leaders are there for; to guide you into consciousness. And you are deeply led down by your leadership, they have not led you into consciousness. They have led you into the arms of Rex Mundi, for whatever you do on this Earth you have to pay. Just similar to mafia, with the protection racket – it’s no different. But when the love is flowing you are free from all of this. You hold the hands of your brothers and your sisters and you guide them back to oneness and to love. Then you have your abundance, you have all these things that you dream of, and when you don’t they are in the process of being manifested, and you will now it inherently. You will know no want, no lack – it’s impossible if the love is flowing. There is so much energy on this planet: the wind, the Sun, the waves, and many, many other options, some thought of and some not. Some of them just can’t be controlled, and control is the energy of the old world. And know that you cannot control love. You can only guide it and let it flow. Both men and women need to be able to guide the flow of love. When you have this on the inside you have it on the outside.

So feel our love. Feel the feminine love that we bring to you this night. Feel our softness... feel our love... And allow yourself to become softer and softer. In the softness you’re receptive. You’re receiving all the Universe has to give. You are what the Universe has to give. And as you become used to this love and the flow of love you will learn many, many tricks, many, many things – things that you can’t even dream about in the moment. But you will make magic with this love. And always remember that magic is the physical manifestation of the Divine love. The Universe, your Creator, wants you to be Magicians – Love Machines and Magicians, constantly making magic with love, creating a beautiful tapestry of a love-filled life.

And we just ask you to feel your bodies with the intention of becoming softer and softer, and softer... Hardness only comes from hurt. Let the softness dissolve the hardness. Hardness can’t dissolve the softness. The softness always dissolves the hardness. Like pebbles in the river – the river always makes the pebbles smooth, always rubbing away the sharp edges, making the pebbles soft to touch and eventually dissolving the pebbles over time into soft sand. Become softer and softer... Feel my love for I am the Goddess Freya. Feel my love... feel my love... feel my love... Become softer and softer... In the softness there are your dreams, all of your dreams... And my softness will dissolve your hardness. Invoke me when you wish... for the feminine is there to be soft, and the softness must flow safely and securely between a masculine structure.

And in this room tonight it is safe to become soft... soft like the raindrops... soft like the petals of a flower... soft like a summer’s breeze... soft like the ocean in the tropics... warm and soft... This is what love is – warm and soft. The answer to every problem. Just allow the warmth and the softness to flow.

This softness has a special place – softness and the love have to be looked after, to be cared for. My love has to be looked after by the masculine. This is why the last time we brought you Thor, for without Thor I am nothing. I am just a flow without guidance, without being held. So allow the energies of Thor to come into your body. We feel your fear of this softness. Let the energies of Thor flow into your bodies and let Thor be the masculine flow, and I, Freya, will be the feminine flow. Just allow your bodies to let happen what needs to happen. And we will be quiet for a little while for you to have this experience, for we are all coming back – not just Thor and I but all the Pantheon of Gods. We are coming back to teach you to be magical and ecstatic, completely ungovernable, to be free and alive. Like the wind and the waves... free... flowing... blowing...

We’re taking you to another world, dear ones, the world of your dreams and the world beyond even your wildest dreams. But remember, I am the feminine and I will always need the masculine. I will want him and I will need him, and it is exactly the same for him, for the masculine will want me. I make his life exciting, worth living. And I am very naughty, I have many tricks up my sleeve to keep him interested. We belong together, creating a dance of Spirit, like a mystery of the deepest and deepest intrigue. I am like a labyrinth of intrigue and mystery that will constantly need the masculine to unfold me, for that is who I am – I am the unknown and I wish to become known. And I will play with the masculine, trick him, manipulate him – some days; other days I will love him, I will cherish him. I will always be different, never the same, for I am a labyrinth of intrigue and mystery, waiting to be explored.

Go well and God bless for I am the beautiful Freya, your Goddess of Love, lying in the arms of the mighty Thor. Thank you and good-bye. But not for long – we will soon be back to stay. Thank you all.”

So, dear ones, that was Freya and the mighty Thor for you. You are learning the truth of your existence, and you are being blessed once again with the truth.

Go well and God bless for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.


Robin 11th November 2012 5:02 am

:smitten: Thank you and Thank you Freya and Thor!!

Sounds absolutely Wonderful and Appropriate.

I've been waiting...and very much pleased to make your aquaintance.

I very much look forward to learning more of the Sacred Relationship of the Male & Female Energies!

I like that, that You are a River and He is the Banks that hold you...unfold you...and...

Blessed Be! :smitten:

And Thank You, David :smitten:


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