"Release your parents with Love"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all, here in Paarl. The energy is very soft and gentle and there is a loving, caring atmosphere. Loving and caring is all there truly is. If you love and care for yourself you will love and care for others. Do not love and care indiscriminately - rather care for yourself, nurture yourself, give to yourself.

Caring takes many forms and walks down many avenues. It’s a special gift that you give to yourself, a personal gift. If you've never been taught to care for yourself it's a difficult energy to understand. Some families have it naturally, some families know how to care for themselves, how to love themselves and each other. Some families have never known how to love or care. Now comes the energy of caring and loving and opening of the heart and stepping into truth and love for yourself.

Most of you in this room have done a tremendous amount of personal development work and you will be stepping into this new energy of deep self-love and sense of caring for oneself. These energies glow in your heart and in your body and will ripple from your energy field like a pebble thrown on a still pond creating more and more energy. In this way you will be loving and caring for everyone by purely loving and caring for yourself. By loving and caring more for yourself, you will create an energy of joy and true abundance. There are many steps you can take to love and care for yourselves.

It is not for you to keep your heart open continually but reserve the space in your heart for the people who you care about - husbands, wives, children and your parents. There should be a special place in your heart for these people, a special corner for family, for those who you love the most and for those who you hate the most. It is always the ones who are closest to you that hurt you the most and also love you the most. That is the way it is. Remember, there is a fine line between love and hate. Hate can cause anger and the feeling of a need for revenge, retribution or resentment. When your body is filled with these energies you need not suppress them. It is pointless to deny these energies as they are in your body. Denial will cost you even more energy and a loss of love. Be truthful to yourself about the way you feel about your close family. Do not deny your feelings.

Deep anger, bitterness and resentment in your heart or your solar plexus comes only from the small child in you that was wounded. It is not in your hearts as adults because you are no longer vulnerable to your parents’ moods or patterns of behaviour. Whilst you are unaware of these patterns you are in automatic mode and the more you strive to become conscious of them, the easier they are to release. The more honest you are about the way you feel about your parents or your children, the easier life will be for you in the short- to medium-term and most definitely in the long-term.

Of course, these deep energies have to be released from the body and as they are it often feels very difficult and painful. Nonetheless, have courage and feel the energies as they are released. Be aware of where they come from. Emotions create thoughts and become reality. All emotion stems from your childhood or from beyond, from other lifetimes. Emotion is in the past, not the future. It is only ever in the past. Feelings are in the present and there are only four main feelings: Anger, Fear, Sadness and Love. Emotions create thoughts and become reality, so the way you feel towards your parents will bring that into your own existence, into your own personal state of being. Thus you will create a reality around this. There has to be a distinct and definite separation from this way of creating a reality. You are all adults now and no-one wants to create a negative reality around themselves.

Everyone wants the best for themselves and as adults everyone wants the best for everybody else that is close to them. Also, everyone wants what’s best for the planet. It is not your adult self that creates a negative reality but rather your wounded inner child. This inner child has the power of victim status that reflects on what you're creating in the outside world - the material world.

If your material world is not clear and expansive and continually growing then there is a child that has some form of wound within your body or at least within you inner universe. A wound that occurred when you were young. That child can generate a great deal of energy and create a very powerful reality. It is not the child as a whole that is the problem but rather the fragmented child. Each fragment has the right to be seen and heard and is automatically healed and placed in your heart. Love your own inner child and listen to each fragment about loving and caring for yourself. It is an act of honour and big a step towards being who you are meant to be.

Everyone has a dream and must overcome the fears or the fragmentation of the inner child. If this child is whole, your dreams will manifest almost instantaneously. All your energies will be directed to manifest the dream you have for your own life. Problems in our lives always come from the past not from the future. The future is still to be lived. Every problem arrives in your reality from the past. It is a part of you that is unresolved, a part of you that needs healing. The word “healing” comes from the old English word “wholeness” “to be whole” “to heal” “to make whole”.

In old pagan days the word “holidays” derived from the word “whole”. The pagan holidays occurred in the winter and summer solstice and revolved around the cycles of the moon. If you observe these energetic patterns it will be easier for you to see and heal yourself. There is great energy in the sun. Most of the energy in our universe comes from the sun and healing requires energy. When the sun is closest to earth at the summer solstice there is great energy to heal yourself. There is great vibrancy and aliveness. In summer there is always much life and you will be able to give energy to these parts of yourself that need healing. In the winter solstice, when the sun is furthest away, you can submerge yourself into the darkness of your inner being. Remain in the darkness in a state of rest and understanding and caring for yourself and know that when winter solstice disappears and the summer solstice arrives, you can then step more and more into life.

This is reflected in nature. Greater energy and growth occur in the summer sun. When the energy is low, there is little growth. The winter solstice is not about being totally dormant, it is about being in a state of introspection and in this introspection, care for yourself and the dark parts of yourself will reveal themselves to you more easily. The inner child is soft and gentle and should be treated with great care and softness. If approached with anger or rage, the child will become more wounded and wary and more frightened. The child can only open up to you in a state of softness and gentleness, even in a state of having fun. These are some of the secrets to healing the wounded inner child. Each wound results from an absence of love - a love that is soft and gentle. It is found in your hearts, this most gentle of organs. It is the softest and the most powerful of all your organs. Yes, softness is power. Gentleness is power and for you to reach your greatest spiritual heights you need to step into this true space of softness and gentleness.

In a soft and gentle space you will find true receptivity for all the gifts that Spirit has to offer you. Let this energy descend upon you and where you find resistance in your body let the softness and gentleness release whatever is in your body that is stopping the energy flow. Now place all your awareness in your inner being and look for your personal power and find it.

There is a part of you that is 2 million years old - this aspect of yourself is all-knowing, all-powerful and a very radical energy to be experienced in this new millennium. This powerful ‘old’ energy has been suppressed for a long time and as you have done your personal development work you have now created a container within to hold much power and strength.

If you can imagine manifesting your dreams almost instantaneously, a great deal of power will be generated. Let this power enable you to hold the gentleness and invite it into your bodies. Experience this 2 million year old man or woman and find him or her within your psyche. Now, open your hearts wide, your Spirits and your guides are at your feet. Feel an expansion, an openness and let more love flow into your bodies. Let this love energize this powerful aspect of your being. This ‘old’ aspect of your being will transmute negative energies far faster than at any time in the past. This is a wise ‘old’ aspect of yourself that knows and understands a great deal about the earth plane. Realize and recognize this and let this aspect of you be energised. To do this let more and more love flow into that part of yourself that is deficient - be it your inner king, inner queen, warrior, magician, inner lover or inner child. It is love that heals everything.

Part of the understanding of the earth plane is to know exactly where to direct the love and the energy that you have for yourself. As you begin on a spiritual path usually you have little energy and it is wise always to direct that energy into the places where it will have most effect. That is why forgiveness is so important but you can only forgive as deep as the rage that you can access. Once again this takes tremendous power to access the absolute depths of your rage. Many spiritual people attempt to shun their anger and rage but this is not the way to handle it. The way to handle anger and rage is to be honest with yourself. Use your integrity to acknowledge deep and innermost feelings. This in itself creates a tremendous sense of power and enables you to transform your life.

We speak of very fiery energies and this is Africa, under the heat of the African sun. It is a very hot continent where the fire of the earth burns. Fire, like all elements on this planet, has two sides to it – the dark and the light. Fire can be used for transformation. It can also be used for destruction - in the negative sense. Whatever energies you have, acknowledge and use them wisely and don't repress or deny them because anger is an energy that can help you transform and step into a new reality. Anger is not always a bad thing. The more conscious and honest you are about your anger, the more useful it can be. The cleaner your anger, the quicker your steps to consciousness.

Find the place in your body that harbours your anger. Now, place your hand where the anger lies and acknowledge that it “just is” and nothing more. Anger has many striking purposes and one of them is to transform. Anger is a fire energy. Engineers use fire for the purpose of melting metals and casting it into a mould or for making alloys – mixing metals of different compositions together to make materials that are far superior. An example is stainless steel, a mix of chromium and nickel which will not rust. There are many alloys and many different types of melting and mixing processes.

Sometimes aspects of yourself need to be heated to melting point and mixed. Sometimes to get really angry with someone you love, to get them to see sense, is one way of using anger. This is perhaps not the best option but it also means that you're angry with yourself, unless of course you're absolutely resolved. Anger is the most beautiful energy for seeing the truth about yourself. Whenever you're angry with someone else, go back and find a quiet space and let the anger lead you to the wounded child within. It will be the child that is screaming out in anger, it will be the child that wants healing and needs healing. Give the child within full permission to express itself in whichever way it needs. You're held in a very safe space for this room is filled with Spirit and love and is full of honouring yourselves, expansion and truth.

Should you feel the need, take your Magician to this angry child and encircle magic around the child, holding it in this safe space. All children love magicians. Magicians are full of fun and love and have much wisdom and knowledge. Let the child within express its anger and as the adult, look on, but without judgement. Understand why the child is so angry and where the anger comes from. Become aware of what happened to the child on that particular day at that particular time. As you become aware of why the child is so angry, use this awareness to bring in a new state of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a journey, a healing journey. Forgiveness is about love and caring for yourself. In this state of forgiveness, you are releasing yourself from blaming another and can claim more energy for yourself. You are also releasing that other person.

Most of the time, the child will have a parent to blame and this is the journey to total forgiveness. This is forgiveness with honesty and integrity. This is forgiveness with absolute love – first, for yourself and most of all, for those who brought you into this world - all the mothers and the fathers that didn't have a book on how to be a parent. Forgiveness comes as a state of awareness, the awareness of how the child was wounded and hurt. It is not good enough one day to say “Oh I have forgiven my mother” or “Oh I have forgiven my father” and not know the deep and the honest truth of why you had to forgive them in the first place.

So, open your hearts wide and let love flow into your heart and out of your hearts expanding all the time. Let love flow from you to your parent's hearts and allow it to return. At the same time, let the child express whatever it needs to express and release any tension around it. Let this love cleanse and purify your body. Let this flame of anger burn through your body ridding you of any negativity, any residue from the past. Let the energy increase as best you can to your parents and to yourself making a beautiful love triangle between the three of you. Feel this energy of forgiveness flowing between the three of you. Thank the Divine for the miracle of forgiveness at this level. There is a relationship between fear and anger, sadness and love. The less anger and fear and sadness there is in your body the more love there is within. And the more love there is in your body the greater your ability to create the reality that you want.

Let love flow into your body releasing anger, fear and sadness and experience more of an expansion into the world. The more expanded you are, the more gifts from the Universe you can receive. You and your parents energy expanding together, expanding into a world that you wish to create for the three of you. Whether your parents are alive or not, it makes no difference. Be aware of this expansion and as you heal the relationship with your parents, you heal the relationship with your inner child, your inner mother and your inner father. Stay in this beautiful space of expansion connecting with everyone in this room and allowing for a beautiful column of light to connect the heart of the great Central Sun and the heart of Mother Earth. Let the column of light pass straight through the centre of this circle and energise this group even further - staying connected - staying expanded - staying in love. The expansion is love – the expansion is you – the expansion is who you are meant to be.

Whilst in this state of expansion let your mind see who you're meant to be in this lifetime and with that knowledge, with that understanding, thank your parents for giving you the gift of life and release them with love. Let them go in the knowledge that you are on the path to becoming their part of the dream. Whatever damage or whatever harm you feel they've done to you, was only part of the journey. It was meant to be. Be aware of this as you release your parents and let them go. Let them go with the knowledge that in your hearts you have all the wisdom you need to fulfil your dreams.

Dear ones, go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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