"Terror of Love"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

Once again it is wonderful to be with you all here in Paarl - there is a beautiful energy here this night. We've all been through difficult circumstances in the last few months cleaning out much energy… in the next two to three days the energy is about to change. You'll feel a great deal of release and relief and will find your lives on a much narrower and straighter path, travelling in the right direction. Your hearts will be open and you will be able to receive guidance much more clearly. In this, the New Age, the heart is the guide to the truth - the truth of who you really are. Life is all about love and love is the unmentionable, the unspeakable. Love is a mystery to the average human being and even to those who are highly conscious. Love appears to have no logic… in truth there is a great deal of logic in love.

It is your social conditioning that may deprive you of love. The way that your parents related to one another can be a reason. If they had an unloving relationship you too may have unloving relationships. You will create a life for yourself without or with little love if that were the scenario. If your parents had a good relationship and loved each other very much and expressed their love by working together as husband and wife then the relationship within you will be a good loving relationship. You will exhibit a high level of self worth, self-confidence and self-esteem… all these aspects working together. Those of you who come from families where your parents did not have a good relationship will have found it very difficult to achieve goals in your own life. You would also have found love relationships very difficult. If your parents had a bad relationship then where was your frame of reference? It just wasn't there. There is no possibility of knowing what a good relationship is and your lifetime could be filled with a search to find good relationships.

There are many key elements on the relationship journey. Difficult or bad relationships are there to teach us exactly who we are. It is a reflection of what is going on inside the two people that are in that difficult relationship. Most difficult relationships flounder because of the inability to communicate feelings and emotions. Emotional state is very subtle and is not well understood in the west.

The first thing a person must do on this journey towards consciousness - towards a greater state of awareness - is to express ones feelings. Feelings are divine guidance; they are the journey leading you home to a state of oneness, a state of being. There is a subtle difference between feeling and emotion. Emotion comes from the past, feelings are always present. Learn to understand the difference between feelings and emotions because they both arrive in the same place at the same time. Emotion is a mixture of the four basic feelings - anger, sadness, fear and love. All emotion is a mixture of these four feelings. Emotion is always frozen in the past. We process and heal ourselves to unbundle that emotion, to release that frozen emotion and let love flow through our bodies.

The more emotion that is released the more love will fill your body. The more love that's in your body the more you will create a reality that you choose for yourself. The difference between emotions and feelings is very difficult to differentiate. If your feelings are not clear then it is emotion. If your feelings, your anger, sadness, fear and love, are clear that is not emotion… that is present guidance, absolute clarity in the moment. Emotion is the energy that manifests reality. Should you have a lot of negative emotion inside your body you will be creating a negative reality. Positive emotion also creates a reality - positive emotion is guided through your thoughts and feelings. Due to social conditioning in your childhood, your bodies are not clear to co-create a reality of your own choosing. The negative emotion also creates a reality and gets mixed up with the positive emotion. This means you don't get the reality that you're truly searching for. Each time you follow this emotional guide into the past you will find - in the centre - negative emotion.

A child that has been hurt or wounded needs some form of healing and that child must be healed. A child needs to be heard and express its emotion in order to become clear of that pattern of wounded behaviour or to release or empty the wound that is continually creating the negative reality. It is a life's task to empty out those wounds and start on the journey towards creating a new and clear reality. The Kryon method of healing the inner child and the Kryon rebirthing process are the two fastest ways of emotional healing here on our planet. These methods will be enhanced by Spirit and become even stronger, more powerful. The more people that use them, the clearer those people will become and the clearer the people that surround them will become. Your hearts will be opened and you will be filled with love. Like food, love is all that you will ever want in your life, no matter what your circumstances. People go out to work every day in search of money to feed their families. Money is an expression of love and once your heart begins to fill with love then co-creation of Spirit and manifestation of the life that you really are searching for and the manifestations of your dreams will begin to happen rapidly. You who work with this energy, who work with Kryon in this way, are truly the lucky ones - the chosen ones. You are chosen to go first - leaders in your own right.

As you empty out this negative emotion you will lead the world into a new reality. While there is so much negative emotion present on planet earth there can be no new reality. The most dangerous and most difficult negative emotion to work with is terror… terror of love. To be terrified of love can only lead to a barren life. Most people are terrified of love… as love is expansive, grand and magnificent. Love is everywhere and is so often misunderstood. You are loved constantly for no reason at all. Love is all around you and inside of you, it's everywhere. There is a deep-seated terror of love within the hearts of men and women that live on this planet and that stops relationships working. It pushes men and women that desperately want to be together away from one another. It makes people unhappy, lonely, sad and angry. It hurts and disconnects people. It destroys creation… creation of your dreams. True love is the energy needed for the creation of your dreams. The more love that flows through your body, the more that you can co-create with Spirit and live and manifest your dreams.

The terror of love is like a large, hard rock inside the hearts of men and women. Relationships between men and women, men and men and women and women are so misunderstood. For instance, if a man had a difficult relationship with his father or no relationship whatsoever, how can that man in turn have a relationship with another man? His relationship with his father is a reflection of all other relationships with all other men. In the west, fathers have become distant over the years. It has been a great loss of the sacred masculine energy. After the last two great wars in Europe, the sacred masculine was all but lost. Even though Europe and the United States are powerful today, there are other powers that rise to meet them in the east. The sacred masculine must be returned to the west to offer real protection for women and children.

Real protection is found in relationships that are kind, loving, caring, deeply honest, intimate, heart fulfilling, expansive and creative. It is that sacred masculine that truly holds a family together. As much as a mother nurtures her children and holds the family together, it is the man - much like the Sun that holds the earth in it's orbit - that holds his wife and children close and dear to him in a way that the women will deeply respect. The sacred masculine is a new energy returning to the earth plane very soon in a very powerful, clear and profound way. In many instances it has returned… there are great leaders of men on this planet…. these leaders truly lack the support of a population that is filled with sacred masculine energy. This energy is about to return, and it will be a slow return.

A man's journey through life is not a quick-fix journey. On this journey a man may claim his personal power and masculine energy. He may also claim the power to hold his team of people that surround him, be he a political or business leader, a leader in the corporate world, or any other leader. This kind of man requires solid support. As these men claim their power, the sacred masculine energy will increase and spread out like ripples on a pond.

This power will affect all. Once again men will learn to be true men and become stronger, more powerful and soft, gentle and caring to their wives and children. This softness will be accompanied by firmness and a strong holding energy for a safe and secure family. Love can create all this and while there is the terror of love in the hearts of men, this energy cannot be present on this earth.

So, we ask that you close your eyes, go inside and let love guide you to that hard place in your heart. That hard place where the love can't be received is where the terror lies in your heart. Open your hearts to every member of the group this night. Give and receive love from each and every person. Open, your hearts gently and softly… your guides are at your feet and they are in awe of the process. Be held by this beautiful Kryon energy. Let the supportive energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky take hold, you are in a very safe space. Now, go to that place where the terror is and let love guide you. Bring your inner magician to the place where there's terror - the terror of love - and let your magician put a beautiful ring of safety and security around this terror. Each person has their own inner magician. This magician will transform and transmute the fear with the energy of Saint Germaine and the purple flame. Let the purple flame burn within. Watch as this terror becomes soft. An expansive love and light will result. This is a process that must be handled with absolute gentleness, softness, and power, with the majesty of a great magician. Let the terror that blocks your heart expand and become larger and larger, it is like a clenched fist grabbing a beautiful flower.

In the middle of all this terror you will find your magical child, the child that sits in the centre of your heart. The child that knows all about love. Find the child and the centre of all this terror. Open your heart wide and experience the heart energy of every single person in this room. Experience the love and deep connection that there is as we do this work. Be gentle with yourself. If you find your child fighting and screaming, acknowledge this and let it express itself and it’s wishes. There is no need to fear. Let your child express itself as it wishes, let it see that you observe the pain he or she has been through, not only in this lifetime but in all others too. Remember, this is the lifetime where all the terror stops. This is the lifetime where you will step into new dimensions, where guidance comes from the heart of this magical child. This is part of an ancient tradition - the exposing and breaking of the kernel of terror. The magical child will sit at the throne in the centre of your own heart; there has to be strong parenting for this child to operate freely, expansively and to have his or her dreams realized,. This does not mean only a mother or a father that loves the child, it also means a mother and a father that love one another - who dedicate their lives to each other and who raise their children in a good way; resolving conflict and realising their dreams.

True manifestation comes through the merging of the masculine and feminine energies. If your inner mother and inner father do not belong to one another then one must be changed - oil and water do not mix. The child will not be safe if you have the incorrect mother or father in your heart. Check if they are both meant to be there. If not, a new father or mother will be waiting to step into that place and become a perfect match. There has to be a merging of the masculine and feminine for you to receive from your life what you want. If you recognise that you have the wrong mother or father, release or exchange them with love. Do you feel this exchange? The child has to be held in an absolute space of safety. The child is the most fragile magical energy and must be kept in a safe and secure space - in a cushion of love. The child will know that it has the right parents who love and care for each other. Those parents are in that twin flame. They are soul mates. This type of relationship will merge the masculine and feminine energies and will give that magical child all the creative force and all the creative energy it requires. As this transition and transformation takes place, be conscious of how your heart is feeling. On one hand there will be pain and on the other there will be love. Slowly but surely the pain will surrender to the love. Let the love move into the pain that has been created by this transformation and allow the pain to dissolve, to release, to go away.

It is a great night for the planet here in this small town, Paarl, in the Western Cape of South Africa - as we anchor the energies of masculine and feminine and let them merge freely and lovingly, without manipulation or coercion. Know dear ones that this is the greatest act of love you could give to yourselves. It is a glorious opening of the heart. An acceptance of your own sexuality - of yourself as male or female. Let love course through your veins and heal your heart. Let love create the life you really want. As your inner parents’ relationship gets stronger, wiser and more secure, the more secure the child within you will feel - more family, more joy, and a more playful child you will be. Whatever your dreams, they will truly manifest.

Now, sustain a space where you are all supporting one another. Hold that energy of love for this transformation to take place. Release the terror and as the love inside you expands, be aware of it diminishing and disappearing. Open your hearts and you will receive the reality that divinely belongs to you. The dreams that you bring to this earth are the gifts that you are here to manifest. Whatever your dreams, it is your responsibility to manifest them for this earth plane. To shy away from a dream, is to shy away from a part of yourself - to ignore a part or yourself. Live your dreams, they will take you on a journey and you will become whole.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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