The Masculine Energies

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service. It is wonderful to be in Graz this night this very night. We have experienced a big change in weather and winter is on its way, and love is also on its way, new love and a new state of being, a new consciousness, for love changes everything.

We are here this night this and spirit is with us all, allow yourselves to become present and feel spirit moving into the room and allow yourselves to be still for there are many changes coming, there is a new consciousness coming and things are going to start changing very quickly. You will have to learn to live out of your intuition; the safety and security that the material world brought in the past in a certain way will move away and for those of you who have done the work you will be given more and more power by spirit.

For those of you that have left your negative programming behind your frequencies will be changed and you will radiate more and more of your energies. This will create much healing around you all and this will impact those who have not worked on themselves. This will change them as you have changed yourselves. There is a totally new world coming, a world the politicians will not control. There is a new world coming where the ones that have stepped into love will begin to create consciousness. They will be given more power to radiate their consciousness of love and this love will change the world. Love dissolves problems, love changes the way that you look at the world and many, many things will change. In this moment you create your reality out of both your positive and negative energies and the change is coming to where the conscious energies are given more credence. What this will create is an energy of love and a world full of love. Love in many ways is not what you think it is; love is the way of the new world and to get there you don’t have to do anything, just keep working on yourselves. Just heal the wounds of the past.

One important area that you should focus your work on is the area of the father. In the Kryon teachings the father equals the Sun, the Mother the Earth and the child the Moon. What goes on inside of us is a direct reflection of the universe; this is what is meant by the microcosm of the macrocosm for everybody is a mini universe, a direct copy of the universe that you see. The journey is to come into synchronicity with the universe by finding all the aspects of yourself that are either missing or wounded by allowing the energies to return and you do that by observing the reality you are creating. When you are dreaming of one reality and creating another that is part of your unconscious creating a reality that is opposite to the one you want. The inner universe is not as it should be so it is for you to work to bring yourself to oneness, to wholeness; the wounded aspect of yourself. We say it once again; this creates a reality opposite to the one you are looking for. The father represents the sun and when you have had a weak father or an absent father in your life, this creates little sunshine in your life. So it should be your journey first of all to heal your father, the inner father, the father that is imprinted on the inner landscape of your psyche. The stronger your inner father is the more sunshine you shine on your life. In this part of the world the men in the last century have seen two world wars, and much wounding, and many fathering energies were lost. It is time now to allow these father energies to return and the masculine energies to come with the father. It is time to allow the sun to shine on your lives and bring love into your hearts and dissolve the problems that are within.

So, close your eyes and drop into your bodies and just allow yourselves to feel the connection in this room to spirit. Your spirit guides are at your feet; allow them to love and to wash your aura and just allow yourselves to observe your own father. Get in touch with the father energy inside yourself, just allow the love to flow… sometimes if you have been hurt by your father the love won’t flow… allow the energies of responsibility to flow through your body and into your father.

In your younger years your father was the one that should have been responsible for you and it was important that your father taught you responsibility. So allow the energies of responsibility to flow through you and through your father, taking full responsibility for your choice of father. As the responsibility flows into your body you will begin to release the energies that don’t support the energy of responsibility. So just allow the responsibility to come in and the other energies to release. It is the same with all energies; as the good, conscious, energies come in the unconscious energies release… So, regardless of what has transpired between you and your father in the past, apologize to your father and apologize to yourself… allow the energies of apology to flow through you and into your father… stay with the feelings, letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go…

Next is the energy of forgiveness, so allow the energy of forgiveness to flow through you and into your father… release what doesn’t serve you…

Next is the energy of the sacred filter. Allow the energy of the sacred filter to flow through you and to flow through your father… this will filter out all the negative energies flowing from your father’s ancestors, either stopping the negative energies or transforming them. Allow the energies of the sacred filter flowing through you and into your father…

The next energy is the energy of the sacred embrace. Where your father has lost his connection to the Divine let’s allow this reconnection to happen; this could have happened a long time ago in your family. This can be a pattern of your family especially if there are traumas in your family where the children, or parents, die young. This can cause disconnection to the Divine and create many dysfunctional behaviours. Continue to allow the energy of the sacred embrace to flow through you into your father and wherever else in your family it needs to flow… This is one of the most important of all the energies so that your father can receive his divine guidance, so the love can flow…

Now let’s move on to the next energy and this is the energy of the sacred father and allow this energy of the sacred father to flow through you and into your father…

The next is the energy of the sacred masculine. Allow the energies of the sacred masculine to flow through you and into your father… if you think of the masculine using the analogy of the banks of the river, then we are using the sacred masculine to strengthen the banks of the river so that the masculine is strong enough to guide the flow of the sacred feminine…

The next is the energy of the sacred manhood. Allow the energy of the sacred manhood to flow through your crown chakra and into your father… allow the sacred manhood to flow through you and into your father…

The next energy is the energy of the sacred fiancé. This is the energy where the father is prepared to leave his mother and whatever issues he has with his mother are resolved and the chords between a man and his mother are cut or released and he is prepared to meet his wife. Allow the energies of the sacred fiancé to flow through you and into your father and allow his relationship with his mother to be resolved clearing the space in his heart where his wife belongs and allowing the mother to move to a special place in his heart where the mother belongs…

Now let’s move on to the energy of the sacred husband. Allow the energies of the sacred husband to flow through you and into your father. The energy of the sacred husband is the energy that loves his wife; let the love that is meant for his wife to go to his wife. It is a different energy to that of the father, for the energies of the sacred father loves his children as a father loves his children…

The next energy is the energy of the sacred uncle; this is a very different energy to that of the father and the husband, it is a masculine energy that comes from a place of detachment. Allow that energy of the sacred uncle to flow through you and into your father and as the energy moves through you can experience the difference…

The next is the energy of sacred sexuality; allow the energy of the sacred sexuality to flow through you and into your father…

The next is the energy of the sacred directions; this is where your fathers head, his heart, his sexuality, his feet, his soul and his spirit are all facing the same way, they all flow in the same direction. Allow the energy of the sacred directions to flow through you into your father…

The final energy is ‘I love to be a man’. For the women, allow the energy of ‘I love men’ into your father, and for the men, allow the energy of ‘I love to be a man’ into your father; let it flow through you and into your father… as the women allow the energy of ‘I love men’ to flow it will change into ‘I love to be a man’ as it flows into your father…

Now allow the energy of the mystical marriage to flow through you into your father. This means that his inner masculine and his inner feminine will begin to merge; this is an aspect of the art of manifestation, all manifestation comes as the masculine and feminine merge…

Dear Ones, this wintertime there will be more sunshine in your life as a result of this process.

Go Well, God Bless for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you all.


Peacock eye 29th November 2009 8:41 am

Dear Kryon, your messages always expand the nature of the parameters of the same teaching. Yet your messages have a very different layering depending on whom channels you. I like it very much when you channel through Lee Carrol, because you explain the science of spirituality. When you speak through Sangitar, you message is holistic and very metaphysical, and in a sense very "Germnan" because it picks up on the same kind of messages that came through with Carl Jung and Hermann Hesse. What puzzles me is David's messages. You know who I am and what I do. You and Metatron often speak to me. Yet I do not understand David's messages. I find the scope of the messages very constraint. It is almost as if you try to bridge over something for the next life of Lee in Africa through David. Where David is living now, is so much violence, so much paternalism and yet so much spirituality. Is there a link?

mifasolasi 29th November 2009 10:57 am

My beloved Kryon, :angel: as always your messages are so distinguished, powerful, giving us a step-up in the journey.. Thank You..!! :smitten:
Thank You David.. be blessed!!
Love :smitten:

Nickola 30th November 2009 1:51 am

Its good.

Always messages concerning the father are good/ must be good.

I like this direction.

Let the love flow %

Isbeludi11 6th January 2010 6:23 pm

We are a trinity, father and mother and what think in us, we are energies that live in the electromagnetic field of body, the way I did it was recognizing my body as my Mom & Dad and I the child, the one who provides intelligence so the three of us can travel through time and space.The Universe is in us, Body is made of star dust, the space suit that dresses our soul and this 2 energies that provide shelter, the whole Galaxy is in us and we can actually connect with our aunts and uncles meaning the Planets, we are censorial and is the only way to communicate with energy is through the senses, visualization is a great tool of communication and we are terribly connected with the universal electricity that always was and always will be.

Nickola 16th January 2010 7:15 am

I have that view as well
calling it a view for a special reason :)

a holy trinity... :)


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