The process of gnosis

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you all once again this very night here in Marina da Gama, in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

A strange picture of South Africa is appearing; power failures, great dysfunction in Government, the Rand loosing its’ value, many ups and downs. The country is suffering from bad decisions, weak government and corrupt decisions. Government is in the masculine domain and the government of South Africa is weak at the moment, its not a strong government and on the world stage South Africa is not one of the strongest and most powerful nations of this planet but yet for many people who live in South Africa there is a good standard of living and this will be maintained, it is actually impossible for it not to be maintained.

Those who have will receive more. It says this quite clearly in the Bible; “those that have will get more and those that have not will either have less or keep the same”. This is basically due to the energy of gratitude and acceptance. Also behind wealth there is wisdom, a wisdom in how to become wealthy, how to become powerful and have ownership over certain things, having domain in your own life.

Sometimes power is “with” but more often than not power is “over” weak people. The journey is that those who are conscious create more consciousness and desire more and more consciousness. The more conscious you become the more conscious you wish to become; those that are left not really understanding what consciousness is, not even knowing there is such a thing as consciousness, not even knowing that there is such a thing as personal growth and a way in which to heal oneself and change one’s life, remain stagnant, remain jealous and have negative ways of looking at the world. These are the poor people of the world of which a great percentage of South Africa’s population is poor, without jobs. The figure runs to about 40% unemployment and there is no social state in South Africa, its basically a free-for-all, but there is another world coming another world where the unconscious can become conscious, the poor can learn to step into a new world.

There are new energies coming that benefit not only the poor but everybody. When you have poor people in your country or domain that should say to you metaphysically that there are aspects of you that are poor, parts of you are not relating well to the world, parts of you are disconnected from the Divine. There is a journey into consciousness from unconsciousness. Poor people are unconscious people, poor people are disconnected from Mother Earth and Father Sky and when one is disconnected one feels uncomfortable, unhappy, resentful and angry. This is going to change. This actually should have changed 2000 years ago with the event of Christ but there is so little information directly relevant to the teaching of Jesus Christ that these teachings have not filtered through the hierarchy into new levels of understanding. They have not filtered into the unconscious people, the poor.

This energy has been held in privacy by the hierarchy of certain religious institutions on this planet and this has created a pyramid effect where people at the top of the pyramid have all the wealth of the world or most of it and the people at the bottom have very little wealth. This state of being is about to change.

Somewhere around 50 years ago the Gnostic Gospels were found. These gospels are deemed by the church not to be true, not to be written in the time of Christ and not to be truly relevant to Him, but these Gnostic teachings are what are being presented here in South Africa all along. What gnosis is is lighting up the dark spaces inside one’s psyche and letting those dark spaces become Divine. We can accept that the dark spaces are Divine anyway but they create negativity in one’s life.

What we have been doing here in the Kryon teachings is working with the magical inner child, working with one’s parents and grandparents and opening up those dark energies that have been brought to you through your family tree because you are actually the end of the line of this negative behaviour that comes to you as a direct result of having the parents that you had and having the experience that you had with your parents.

These Gnostic teachings have been suppressed but yet if you had to read these channellings each month clearly and you process yourself in this manner, you will find yourself becoming lighter and freer and that your reality is beginning to change in a radical way. What you have been taught along the way of emotional healing is the process of gnosis. It is a process of releasing all that is not true inside of you and allowing in all that is true and becoming that truth, becoming your true self, becoming your authentic self.

There is a myriad of ways to gnosis, the process of becoming your authentic self, that part of you that decided along with God or the Divine or the Universe “I am going to bring gifts to this planet, this planet needs me”.

The process is for you to become exactly who you are meant to be, to become authentic in the eyes of the Divine, to become that magical child that walks between heaven and earth, to become the absolute truth of who you are.

Whatever you dream, as long as you keep walking into your dreams and you don’t stop no matter how big the barriers that stand in your way, you will live your dreams. That is a cast iron guarantee. That is 100%. If you keep walking into your dreams you will live your dreams. That is 100% accurate. You will become your dreams. Whatever you pray for you will receive, not 99% of the time but 100% of the time. Whatever you ask the Divine for it will come to you, not 99% of the time but 100% of the time.

Remember when you are healing yourself that you have 7 chakras therefore whatever you do you need to do it 7 times i.e. for each chakra. In the time that you are a child and get wounded each chakra is impacted by this wounding. So when you pray to the Divine and ask for whatever gift you are asking for or whatever you want healed, light 7 candles.

Remember there are 7 directions; north, south, east, west, there is up and down and then there is inside. All those directions need addressing. There are also 4 grandparents, 2 parents and yourself, that adds up to 7.

You have been told in these channellings that your parents and grandparents are contained in the energy of your own aura, your own self, and one way to fast track healing is to work and process your grandparents and parents as much as you process yourself and the inner child. These teachings have always been to bring love, joy and freedom into your hearts and to teach you the truth but often the truth is very hard to hear, it is very hard to allow it inside oneself. The inner child often takes many decisions in your childhood and those decisions play out in your life. Those decisions and beliefs all need challenging and looking at. They all need facing and all the emotions that the child experienced need facing also. Often the child feels suppressed, repressed and full of fear and you also will contain those fears, that repression and that suppression.

You will not be able to push yourself into a space of expansion easily especially at the beginning of your journey into healing but every time that you move into a new space you will find yourself contained by a new set of walls that will require equal strength to push down those walls so that you can expand into the next space.

While you are in that space you will have to face a different set of circumstances, a different set of beliefs, a different set of emotions. We have always said in these teachings that thoughts create emotions that create reality, emotions create thoughts that create reality and in these teachings we approach healing and wholeness through the emotional realm.

So it has been for all of you to learn to feel and understand your emotions, your emotional realm. Your emotions will be contained by these walls of fear that surround you but once again to release one’s fear is simply by, as Christ always asked God by thanking him first for the miracle he was about to perform, one can always thank the Universe for the miracle of releasing one’s fear, whichever fear is directly pertinent to you at the time, or one could ask for all fears to be released. However it is for you, whatever you are actually dealing with but once again remember, there is fear in all 7 of your charkas. It is always a good thing to light 7 candles and address as many directions and facets as possible. This will bring accelerated healing; this will speed up the healing process. This will begin to change your world in an even faster a more speedy way.

This Universe is love. The air that you breathe is love. The air is the Divine, breathing is so important. When you reach your fear the worst possible thing that you can do, and it is a natural thing to do, is to stop breathing. When you realise you are in fear it is a wise thing to breathe and keep breathing for the Divine knows no fear, the Divine knows no boundaries.

You will feel the fear in your body you will feel the fear wherever your fears are. As you feel the breath flow into your body you will feel the release, the acknowledgment that the Divine is in the breath always surrounding you, inside and outside is the Divine. When you breathe in you breathe in the Divine and when you breathe out you breathe out yourself and the Divine mixed together.

Whatever you dream of, where you place your energies, you will create you, will constantly create. So the breath is part of creation. The thought is part of manifestation, you are bringing with you your thoughts and your breath and your energies. You are pushing your energies out into the world the more you dream of what you really want. It will happen 100% of the time, it will not happen 99% of the time, it will happen 100% of the time.

One requires patience for this process because the inner child is also creating a reality at the same time and whilst your inner child is wounded you have to create two realities concurrently. One reality is that of the wounded child. You have to project out the wounded child into the world; it is just the way it is. That wounded child will create a negative reality because that child wants to be seen and heard, it wants to express itself and it wants to return to the Divine. It returns to the Divine through being seen and heard and being allowed to express itself; have the time and patience with that child that it never received from its parents. It is your duty, your job, to bring that aspect of your own inner child to love and nurture it and make it feel safe enough to go to that very special place in you heart where it belongs.

Once that aspect of your inner child has been placed in your heart never ever again will it create a negative reality, one has to remember and be very clear on this that one’s inner child is broken and fragmented. No matter how good you think your parenting was, no matter how exalted you think your parents were, you are not on this earth for any other reason than to come from unconsciousness and move into consciousness and the way that the Universe works is that your child is fragmented in order to heal the karma that you have come to process and to learn.

This is ongoing this journey. The second thing projected into the world is your dreams, your aspirations. That is your motivation that you know that what you dream of you should know that you can have. If you had been taught properly by the teaching of Christ and all the Masters you would know that you can have your dreams. You will have your dreams because the barrier between your dream and it becoming a reality is the wounded child, the fragments of the wounded child that of your fear, anger, hurt and sadness.

So inner work is quite clearly the process of gnosis, your inner work to heal the inner child is a process from being fragmented to becoming whole, becoming one, becoming that magical child that walks between heaven and earth.

One has to be totally relentless in the pursuit of this dream, this magical state of being. This is not only baptism by water, this is baptism through fire. What we mean by baptism through fire is that you will have to walk through fire to heal this wounded child. The child will never trust you if you are not strong enough. So each process and each step that you take in your life is a step into strength, power and into magnificence and your strength, power and magnificence is there to hold the subtleness, the gentleness of the inner child so that the child can have it’s dream – the softness and the love so that the child can have its safety and security and you put round your child your strength and power and you allow in what the child wants and needs.

First of all you allow in what the child needs because the child’s needs must be fulfilled. Everybody’s needs must be fulfilled before you start looking at wants. If you start looking at wants before your needs are fulfilled you will collapse the container that holds the magical child, that holds that softness.

Maybe you can imagine that magical child as a fluffy kitten, so soft, gentle and playful. In order for this kitten to be safe it has to be held in a space, a container, and the container is the masculine, the kitten would be the feminine, the softness, the love. So you are being led by the Divine through your dreams. When we speak of dreams we speak of dreams that you dream in the night which are dreams of guidance showing how to operate your psyche. But the daydreams you have that are aspiration for you motor car or your new house or renovation, the way your house should be, this kind of dream is your physical manifestation here on earth. This is your journey into wholeness. You can have whatever you want.

You can be really, really boring which is another issue when you decide for yourself “well I don’t want anything, I’m going to be really spiritual and I am not going to want anything. I am going to have no desires and no wants and I am not going to have any ups and downs in my life”. You see boring is an issue, boring is an emotion based on anger, boring is like a little baby and boredom comes from a little baby not nurtured, not held and not loved, left out in the pram in the garden maybe for too long a period of time alone so that boredom sets in at an early age.

Be careful not to block out your dreams and aspirations by emotional issues that you don’t feel you can face because that is a barrier within itself.

We have often spoken in these channellings of the masculine and the feminine. The masculine is what is required to be built. Both men and women need masculine and men and women need feminine. Where a woman will find her real love for herself is in the feminine realm. A woman needs a certain amount of masculine energy to hold together her own femininity, to allow her own femininity. A man also will find his power, joy and love in the masculine realm and it’s for a man to build the banks of the river. The banks would be the masculine and the river that flows is the feminine. He needs to build powerful banks for his river so that a lot of feminine energy can flow through without overflowing and breaking the banks and so that the feminine can be contained in a good way, so that the feminine can rise and fall and flow.

The feminine is the energy of the unknown. It is not for the man alone to manifest the unknown. The unknown comes to you in your dreams, whether it is a dream in the night dreaming about a lot of abstract things or your un-manifest dream. If it is a motor car you dream of then the more and more you dream it the more and more one’s energy is focused into this dream and the more it will become reality. But what happens is when you imagine yourself having, for instance, a brand new car, feeling what it feels like to have that motor car and feeling that energy inside yourself, you have to become that motor car. You have to become that physical manifestation of the motor car.

The banks of your river must actually be strong enough to hold the motor car to allow enough feminine energy to flow through you and for you to channel your energies, direct your energies and allow the flow of energy into what you want without allowing all your other business aspiration to collapse. The foundation stones must be in place and this is how one manifests. This is one of the reasons why positive affirmation and continual positive thoughts work only for a certain amount of time because eventually too much negativity is going to come up in your face and you are going to collapse, but if you follow the real teachings of Kryon and really allow that child to be healed step by step every day. A little bit of work everyday dreaming your dream and feeling what stops you having your dream.

Dream your dream and feel what stops you having your dream. Where do you feel it in your body? Feel in your body where there is a negative emotion and feel it. At the core of that emotion not 99 times out of 100 but 100 times out of 100, there is a wounded aspect of your own inner child and at the very, very base of that child’s wounding is an element of fear and that fear needs to be felt, needs to be held, the child needs to be held and loved, it needs to be really cared for, nurtured and loved.

The journey for you is to teach yourselves to nurture and love yourself, to honour yourself. The beauty of growing older and wiser is that you become more enigmatic, more beautiful, more loving and caring. There is a myriad of beautiful words for this. It is a journey into love, a journey into the Divine.

You will notice the word love and the word live. Live has the “i” for the masculine and love has the “o” for the feminine. So when you are living you are in your masculine and when you are loving you are in your feminine but what you want to find is the balance of living and loving. A man will enjoy living much more than loving because it is difficult for him to say loving, but a man will find love for himself in really living his life whereas a woman will enjoy the softer approach to life where she enjoys the loving state of being.

We ask you now to close your eyes and drop into your bodies and connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and to Father Sky through your crown chakra. Just allow whatever feeling to come into your body that you want to come into your body. Allow your dream to come into your body. What is it that you dream of? Allow your energies to move to the vibration of your dream.

Dear Ones, this room is filled with angels tonight. You spirit guides are at your feet, your helpers are surrounding you. Just allow yourself to check if you have ever taken the neutral implant which will neutralise your karma? If not, accept the gift of the neutral implant, the releasing and voiding of your karma. Allow yourselves to move to a higher and higher vibration, the vibration of your dream, a physical dream, something that you want to manifest physically on this earth… Just do a little double check that this dream comes from your heart, this dream is a dream that is based on love and not in your ego… Just be with your vibrations, let them go in this space and this energy and you will feel such beautiful expansion, into a new world.

The new world is full of new obstacles; the new world where you are heading is different to the world you are familiar with. So let’s allow yourselves to feel whatever you are feeling. What is it that is blocking this dream? Allow yourself to come down into a new energy where you can feel in your body what it is that is blocking the flow of me arriving at that new level of energy? What is it?

Just sit with the feeling. Maybe it is pain in your heart, wherever you feel sensations that aren’t really true to your dream sensation… Maybe somewhere along the line the little child within you got its heart broken or it got hurt or was made to feel angry. Whatever it is just get in touch with that frozen emotion that is here for healing this very night, because this child wants to have its little say, this child wants to feel love and the Divine wants you to have your dream.

There is support for you here, there is support feel it. Feel the Universe supportive of you, feel the love of the Universe. Feel your guides, let them wash your aura and let them caress you. They are truly in awe of your journey, of what you have achieved and accomplished here so far on this planet with the work that you have done on yourselves.

Maybe some where along the line somebody took away some energy from you, this little child, not maybe, it definitely happened, but all those energies must be returned and you will see them coming back as the darkness releases around the child and as the child begins to receive love. The energy, usually from one of its parents, will return to make this child whole, to make it full, to make it sparkle, to make its eyes shine and filled with love.

It is not a bad thing for this child to ask these parents to get this energy back or from whoever took it in the first place. Maybe at a certain time this child felt it had to give away this energy to survive here on this earth…

Now is the time to stop surviving and to start living. Once again loving and living, when you give your heart to life and give your heart to love. The fear of love is such a difficult energy to overcome or so it was only a few moments ago. In this room this night we anchor in a new energy where the fear of love is abolished and we allow you to release your own fears around love.

This day or night is when a lot of old energies got broken. A lot of old energies that suppressed, repressed and denied humanity of what was their right 2000 years ago is once again arriving here on this planet and expanding around the globe. You will be able to move mountains. The mustard seed will grow into whatever you want it to grow. Whatever you are searching for you will find, for love always, always, always has its way.

Dear Ones you are stepping into a totally, totally new reality where you will never ever again need to counsel fear. Love will begin to flow and your fears dissolve. You will return to your true nature as a human being that is the nature of the Divine for love conquers all. Good will always prevail over evil. Light will always light up darkness and as long as you keep walking into your dreams you will live your dreams.

Do not stop walking just keep walking like the liquor advertisement says. Keep walking into your fears just like it says in psalm 23: “You will fear no evil”. You will have to fear nothing. Keep walking, keep walking and you will get there. There is a cast iron guarantee, it is infallible. As long as you keep walking into your dreams you will live them. Your dreams will become your reality.

Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, take care and God Bless.



nardine 6th April 2008 2:50 am

:smitten: Beautiful, Magical, Wonderful,

Loving and Living

My divine discovery and joy

Thank you David, Thank you Kryon,

I love you both


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