This World Belongs To Everybody

Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Once again, it is wonderful to be with all of you this night, this very night. There’s much love and much change coming into this world, and there is a global awakening of consciousness beginning to happen. Most people are beginning to recognize that there are things in their lives that are not working. The love is not flowing, and it’s not you as individuals that are the problem, it is the system with which you live on this earth that it is the problem.

There are three specific levels of consciousness. The one is the shape of the pentagon, and this is the lowest level of consciousness, this is the consciousness of the military, and the matrix of the system, this is a plain simple 3D consciousness, it is one of survival, it is a consciousness of man against man, a consciousness without love, a consciousness where a few men want to rule and control the world, and to put the rest in some kind of jail cell, and the few are feeding off the many, and this whole system is going to break down very shortly, slowly but surely it will break down, it will become more honest, and more open, and more free.

The next level of consciousness are those people who have decided to improve their lives, and when you take this decision, then your energy field around your body begins to transform and transmute into the shape of the dodecahedron, when you’ve taken this decision you will receive your master guides, and you will be guided through the dark night of the soul on a journey into wholeness and completion; and once you are whole and complete, the energy field around will change to the shape of the flower of life, and the flower of life contains the secrets of all of creation; and the whole planet is gently shifting through these different levels of consciousness now, into this new level of consciousness, rich and poor alike, it is the same for everyone. There are many of you who read these channellings, that have been doing the inner work, and moving through, into new levels of consciousness.

The inner world is exactly like the outer world, and if you imagine yourself on the inside, and you image that you are like a DVD and a DVD player and a projector; whatever it is written on this DVD you project it out into the world. One of the big secrets of this work is that all of it can be written on this DVD, all the dynamics of the family and your family constellation. So whatever family you are born into, then what you are looking for is to bring this family into harmony. A disharmonious family constellation would be written on the DVD, or a dysfunctional family constellation; it is for you to do your inner work to bring this family constellation into order, and into harmony, loving each other and caring for each other. Your family constellation is a direct reflection of your solar system, and when you look at the stars and the planets and the sun, you will see them in perfect harmony, and perfect order, and you are looking at the divine, a divine consciousness, of a family in harmony, and that is what you need to do to allow the energy of the divine to flow through you, to bring your family into peace and harmony, just like the solar system.

They say that there are many many ways to the divine, but this is not true, this is simply not true, there are a few specific ways to move into harmony, and the first and foremost rule is to heal what is masculine first; and your father’s family is what is meant to be most masculine. So first of all it is for you to heal your father and his family, this is not demeaning to women, for in your father’s family there are many women, and they also need healing, but due to the fact that men are supposed to be in a masculine role, the masculine must be healed first, the most masculine of the men in your father’s family would be your father’s father’s father; and your father’s father ‘s father is the most spiritually connected part of yourself, and so as you focus your energy on this man, and he begins to become whole and complete, then you will become more and more connected to the Universe, and in turn you will receive Universal guidance; and until this happens, it has to be difficult for you to trust your guidance, but the more whole and complete your great grandfather is, the more clear your guidance from the Universe will be; and this is what’s happening now dear ones; everybody’s great grandfather and the father’s family are becoming more whole and complete, and everybody is beginning to receive much clearer and clearer guidance, and this is one of the main areas where you have to place your awareness, your consciousness, and your healing energies, and remember this man is likely to be born at the end of the eighteen hundreds. He could have lived and fought in the First World War, and men in those days weren’t much respected or cared for by the governments and so they suffered greatly. And this man is King in your psyche, and this is what is meant partly by the Fisher King Wound. The Fisher King Wound is partly the wounded masculine. Christ came to this earth around the age of Pisces. Christ means King in Greek, and the fish is the symbol of Christ, so where this man in your family constellation is wounded, then you will find it very difficult to connect to the universe and receive clear guidance. Once you have this man in order then your guidance will become much clearer, and you won’t have many problems in taking decisions.

Another aspect of the Fisher King Wound is that we are led to believe that we have the freedom of choice to believe in whatever religion we choose, but the religions in the West that had any real potency have been demolished and have been broken and as a result you have had half a religion, half a story and a world full of half-truths, and consciousness being drip-fed. So as you hear this of your great grandfather, you will become much clearer, and you will have much clarity on your healing journey, as you walk into these new levels of consciousness.

There are one hundred and forty four thousand people coming to very close now to wholeness and completion of Christ consciousness, and those people will be like pebbles in a still pond and then they will be vibrating Christ consciousness, and the awakening Christ consciousness of all peoples of the world. This is Evolution of the Human Spirit, there will be no revolution on this planet, revolution just means to go around and around, from one bunch of despots to the next bunch. And so evolution is beginning to happen, people around the world are beginning to lighten up, in more ways than one, and the love is beginning to flow, there will become a polar shift from negative energies to positive energies, negative energies are your anger, your sadness, your hatred, your revenge; positive energies are your joy, your passion, and your love.

And so on the 21st of December of 2012, one hundred and forty four thousand people will go through a polar shift, and they will be there to teach everybody else how to make the shift. The governments will not be happy, but then again, they never were; their joy and their happiness came through suppressing the masses and pretending to lead them into a better world while keeping them exactly where they were, and this is open to change.

Two thousand years ago, Christ consciousness became available, and the Great Roman Empire suppressed this consciousness, this consciousness has been suppressed now for two thousand years, and now we move to the Age of Aquarius; and there are new levels of consciousness beyond Christ consciousness available. This time nobody will be in power to stop these new levels of consciousness happen. This is the return to the consciousness of the loving God; you will maintain your physical bodies for as long as you choose. Humanity will have many decisions to take, but the ones who’ll be taking those decisions, will be taking those decisions out of love. What is happening now is the evolution of the human consciousness. There is no power on this earth that is powerful enough to stop this consciousness from coming; no amount of violence will stop this consciousness flowing. People who use violence against others will find themselves in deep trouble with the Gods, but of course their consciousness is also changing, but karma is karma and the price and the penalty will be paid.

You have to remember that everybody is responsible for their own lives, but children are only fully responsible for their own lives at the age of twenty one from a spiritual perception; any young man joining the military will be voided of that karma, but their fathers and grandfathers will carry the karma for these men. There is no reason for violence on this earth, every problem can be solved without violence; and the cost of violence in relation to karma, your karma will be doubled. And any leader of any nations invoking violence on this earth will pay the ultimate price.

The new world is based in love, there is an evolution here of human consciousness; a consciousness where love will prevail. There are many gifts coming to humanity as you allow the consciousness of the planet to lift up higher and higher. Much understanding will come to humanity, and understanding is like a candle in the darkness; once you understand, then you know it. You are beings of light, vibration, and energy, and you are returning to the light. The days of darkness are over, or at least they are coming to an end; this world is changing, one human being at a time.

We are here to honour and to salute those healers that have walked this path and that are coming close to wholeness. We say to them keep going and continue this journey, we know that you can’t give up it’s as if you are addicted to your journey; for one hundred and forty four thousand of you your journey is coming to an end and you are here to radiate love and consciousness, and to bring peace and love to this earth; to bring honesty, integrity and fairness to all systems.

This world belongs to everybody, not just a few. Loving and conscious men and women will begin to take their power in this world and take loving and conscious decisions. The financial system is about to collapse, it will never be the same again. Money will never be the same again, and there is only one currency of any value on this planet, and it is the same one currency for men and women of every race, creed, and colour; and that is the currency of love. The more love you send out into the Universe, the more you will receive. When you feel in love and beautiful, no matter how much or how little money you have in your pocket, you will feel beautiful. Love is the prize. When you arrive in the moment, or in the now, you will always be in the now when you are whole and complete and one; your abundance will flow, the sun will shine on your life, and that is what is beginning to happen; your vibrations are rising, the vibration of the planet is rising, the vibration of most of humanity is rising and you are all going to fall in love.

This is a world of love, a world where you will know no fear, and you will know no shame, your heart will expand, and be fully connected to the Universe. So just allow yourselves feel your hearts, just allow your hearts to expand and connect to the Universe, and allow your upper heart chakra to expand also, allowing for the support of the Universe to take you through this next level of consciousness, evolving into men and women of the New Age.

The New World is almost upon us, you have all done a wonderful job and we urge you to continue doing this loving work.

Go well and God bless, for this is Kryon sign out. Thank you all.


Tlightworker 15th May 2012 7:53 am

I feel bliss! Thank you so much for this channel. love and light! Teresa

NicholasLeeColeman 15th May 2012 10:39 am

I was brought to tears from pure joy the other day, for the first time in my life that I can remember.

The most intense levels of Love and Light to you all, and my eternal thanks to you for your teachings.


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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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