True love is coming

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Once again it is wonderful to be with you all this night.  This night there is much love in the air, 1st April 2008 and there are big shifts, big changes in consciousness and new energies coming to the planet and this is not a joke.

A new energy is coming to the planet that will change the face of the planet and change the way that business is done on this planet, new ways of making money and allowing money to flow.  New ways of manufacturing energy, new ways of changing the world and stepping into a new world, a green world, and a world that is clean and clear.

A new generation of leaders is coming to the front, the forefront of the west.  As the new powers of China and India become more powerful the west will find itself in some kind of vacuum until it gets its act together and moves away from big business into new business, business where there is a free flow of thought, a free flow of energy and a real understanding of how this planet works.

Those who have that understanding will come to power.  Those initiated into secret societies and spiritual wisdom will once again step up to lead the west into a new dimension.  For the initiates of the west their power has often ebbed and flowed and this has created problems for the west.  The west looks like it is based in technology and masculinity but the great leaders of the west have always been deeply connected to Spirit.  George Washington and Disraeli come to mind but there have been many other leaders of the west who have a different consciousness, a completely different consciousness to that of the average man.

The west is changing rapidly.  In many areas such as Africa the west is losing power and influence, while more power and influence comes to Africa from India and China.  The same is also happening to Europe with Indian and Chinese influence in big business as the west is no longer creating powerful men who can lead big business into a secure and solid future for its people.  This is all about to change.

A new mysticism is dawning, a new way of living.  There is a new consciousness coming, the consciousness of Christ has never truly been manifested here on this earth and that consciousness coupled with other consciousness will arrive and it will come first of all to the west and it will create great dynamics not only in industry but in the way that children are taught at school.  It will create a world of ambiance, a stress-free world where walls that are falsely built will dissipate, the enemies will also dissipate.

The great intelligence that made Europe and America powerful will be put to a different use and that will be a green world, a world where power generation does not pollute or contaminate the planet.

There are many new types of energy coming to the fore such as solar power, power from waves and geothermal power.  There are reasons that this has taken so long.  One of the reasons is that there has been a distinct and definite suppression of consciousness enabling people to take from others what doesn’t belong to them but the lid will be taken off this suppression of consciousness.

A new energy is coming to planet earth and that is where consciousness becomes free for all.

In the mystery schools of old there has been a great debate and that debate should begin something like; “Is average man safe and responsible enough to handle consciousness?”  The answer is yes, the world needs consciousness.  It needs the ancient wisdom and it needs the new technologies.  It needs people to awaken to a new world, to a new dynamic where love prevails where there is less and less fear in one’s body.

As we have always said in these channellings consciousness is behind fear.  The more you process your emotions the more conscious you become.  Your emotions are what suppress your consciousness.  Your emotions are a false type of intelligence.  Your emotions are what you have experienced in your childhood and your youth.

Not everybody will want to cleanse and truly purify their bodies but that choice should be made freely available to all, to let all people understand that they have a choice.  Everybody has a choice but where consciousness is suppressed and hidden from the mainstream that is denying people consciousness.  The priests of the church say that their church is the only way, which is NOT TRUE.  That should not be said.  What the church is saying is only out of fear and fear is unconscious behaviour.

There are many ways to the Divine, many beautiful intrinsical ways.  One of the ways is through the material world but this is a very slow and difficult, and for some people, a miserable process.  There is more than materialism to this planet and to human beings.

There is a consciousness available to all to bring love into their hearts.  Many people think that they can and do love and many people think love just doesn’t exist.  This planet hasn’t really experienced true love in all of its existence even when we include the lifetimes gone by, lost civilisations of which scientists have found no evidence, true love has never really been found on this planet.

True love is coming to this planet; and love is not suppression or oppression or repression.  Love begins with choices and those who have secret knowledge and secret wisdom have it to share.  It is theirs to share it is not theirs to keep to themselves and hide from others.  That knowledge was given to them to give to everybody, to share with the world not to hide behind closed doors and not to keep sacred texts in hidden libraries for only a handful to read.

There is a price to pay for everybody who is given gifts for humanity by Spirit world and those gifts stay behind closed doors.  Love and knowledge must be shared.  Once again, there are many, many ways to reach the Divine and if you keep on seeking and keep on seeking and keep on seeking you will surely find what you are looking for.  If it is in your heart to find out the truth to understand something you will find out that truth on all levels.

It is not a Divine plan to have suppressed consciousness on planet earth.  The plan of Spirit world is to see this planet filled with love, filled with joy, to see everybody’s hearts vibrating with love and freedom.  There is more than enough for 6 billion people.  There is so much energy on this planet and so much energy in this Universe so that even if the population doubles, trebles or quadruples you will never be in need.  But that is not the reality of planet earth.

The reality is that people in certain parts of this planet are starving and the only reason they are starving is because somebody is holding back the flow of energies.  That energy will begin to flow but action must be taken to see this energy flow.

People who run countries should be deeply connected to the Spirit world and they should really understand what Spirit is asking of them - your prime ministers and your presidents must have some form of Spiritual connection.  While the flow of energy on planet Earth is not flowing as it should all because of decisions taken in the past and all for the wrong reasons, many, many things get suppressed on this planet. 

When you speak of free enterprise then enterprise should be free.  At the same time there has to be a level of protection, a level of understanding to those nations who put their energies into technology but it is time that the world opened up to a new world, to a new state of being where consciousness becomes the currency of the day.

The more conscious you are as a human being in certain areas then more abundance seems to flow but this is not so because money is not abundance.  Often highly intelligent professional people might be intelligent in a certain sphere but be deeply lacking in other spheres.  Intelligence can bring them money but not abundance and not wealth.

Intelligence in the eyes of man and intelligence in the eyes of the Divine are two completely different subjects.  Of course the more you explore on the planet the more aware you become and the more you understand the way to manipulate the earth plane and the Universe.  There are those on this planet who are manipulative with consciousness and energy and there are those of you who know who those people are and you allow it to happen or you follow the trends and make it happen even more.  Then there are those of you who just don’t have enough energy to be able to see the truth of what is going on on your own planet.

There are great changes coming to this planet and these changes will be effected directly through consciousness.  Stories such as levitation and telepathy and transportation of oneself from one place to another, these are all stories almost unbelievable but slowly but surely these are gifts that will come to those of you who become divinely conscious.  These gifts will begin to happen for all of you on this planet.

All of those who make the choice to become conscious; these gifts will become available and you will have the choice to have them or to let them go.  You will have the choice to drive a car or to be able to transport yourself from one place to another that will be your choice.  The people who are conscious at this level will not be controlled by anybody.  They will know all that is locked away in those secret dusty libraries where the true knowledge is really available for mankind.

Those people will carry that knowledge in their hearts and they will be like pebbles in a still pond slowly but surely setting humanity free.  Humanity is locked away behind bars where your consciousness is suppressed, where you a taught things as a child that will suppress your consciousness, that will put you behind bars for the rest of your life, hidden bars, unseen bars.

That is not allowed from this day forward.  Those energies and those teachings that suppress children of a young age will begin to dissipate.  A child is like a sponge and often the people teaching stories and things about history and the earth plane their intentions are pure, they believe what they are teaching but they cannot understand the psychology of a child and how easy it is to damage a child’s consciousness, how easy  it is to put those blockages in place that hold your consciousness in a space of misery, in a space of a jail term, in a space of deep unhappiness, in a space of not being able to manifest your reality, in a space of not being able to be your authentic self.  You all know this is happening.

Dear Ones, as the Kryon energy begins to dissolve the suppression, the repression and the denial of humanity, there is a new world coming.  There is a totally new leadership coming for this planet.  There is a new consciousness and a new understanding of the Divine.  Two thousand years ago a new consciousness arrived on this planet, a new state of being.  That was Christ consciousness but it never filtered through to the masses, it got nowhere near.  The earth plane has been upgraded to a new level of communication – emails, websites, telephones, satellites, cell phones etc. to flash information around the globe almost instantaneously.  This time this knowledge of Christ consciousness and the new consciousness’ that comes will flash around the globe, will move into people’s hearts and minds and this knowledge will be shared throughout the world.

For those people on this planet who are healers this is your prerogative and your duty to receive this wisdom and knowledge, this new energy, this new consciousness.  It is for you as healers to heal yourself and become this new consciousness.  First of all become Christ consciousness and then become the new consciousness, the nameless consciousness that is arriving today.

This consciousness will bring an end to all wars.  This consciousness will wake you up to the futility of the material world.  This consciousness will allow you to materialise your dreams and have fun on the earth plane, real fun.  This consciousness will bring joy, harmony and happiness to this earth plane.  This consciousness will have you meeting your twin flame.  This consciousness will let your hearts open and glow.  The petals of your chakras will be open and they will be safe to be so soft, gentle and fragile.  The 3rd eye of all on this planet is almost completely closed otherwise it would be impossible to live with all the lies of the hierarchy.

There is much love, Dear Ones, coming to your planet and we ask you to close your eyes and drop deep, deep inside.  We’ll look at two things this night, this very night, the one inside yourself is a light, a consciousness of truth and the other is what actually holds it in its place and it is suppressed, repressed and hidden.  Whatever is suppressing , repressing or hiding this consciousness from you let’s this night allow those shackles to be broken and allow that casing that holds the very truth of your existence in place to release.  Allow that energy that suppresses the truth to crack open and release.  It’s like a nut, when you crack a nut open you find the kernel inside.  Allow it to happen to your soul.

There is not longer any need to believe the lies of this world.  You need to let that light inside of yourselves shine through your whole body, through your whole aura.  Let it shine through what is not true.  Let it shine into all the darkness that is not you.  Let it re-awaken the truth inside yourself, the truth and the love that you brought to this planet.

Now as you see this light, see the roots of this kernel of love and truth, consciousness, joy and freedom, go down into the earth and connect with the earth, with all the energy and power of Mother Earth.  See Mother Earth as an inferno of energy that can burn through anything.  Allow it, the fire of Mother Earth to burn through your consciousness and support this kernel of love, truth and consciousness.  Allow it to awaken and dispel all illusion and delusion.  Just allow yourselves to burn, just burn heating the fire.  Allow the flame of consciousness to ignite you to the very truth of who you are…

Let the old burn and let the new consciousness that can stand any heat enter into your bodies and awaken them.  Allow the masculine and feminine energies to flow in your bodies connecting to consciousness, allow the consciousness to come and just know that you are breaking free into a new world, you are breaking the hierarchy within yourself that is not true to you.

Now allow a connection to Father Sky through your crown charka.  Just allow it, just allow it.  All that has to happen is energy where your intentions are known.  Hand over the fear.  Its always fear around your energies.  Put your consciousness at the base of your spine with all the flames.  Allow it to burn whatever represses your Kundalini energies.  Allow love to flow in through your hearts.

Dear Ones, this is the dawning of a new era, an era where you stand and learn the truth, an era where you manifest your own reality, an era where you manifest authenticity.  An era where you bring in Christ consciousness and you bring Christ consciousness into your heart, where you become Christ consciousness.

Dear ones, this is happening in a small room in Cape Town in Marina da Gama not in any of the great cathedrals around the world.  This new energy, this new light begins to happen.  The Kundalini will spiral not out of control but in control with your consciousness.  Allow love, joy and freedom to expand throughout your bodies.  Let the truth arrive in your own minds and what is not true in your minds let it go and allow your mind to connect to the masculine and feminine, your inner mother and inner father.  Let them flow through your mind.  Allow these energies to move through your heart taking you through to a new higher vibration, the vibration of truth, a vibration that goes beyond those people in the hierarchy who wanted to take this planet on a path of high adventure suppressing, repressing and denying consciousness.

This channelling belongs to the world.  For all those who read this channelling this energy belongs to them.  As you become whole in this energy you can pass it on to friends, neighbours, to your children and to your parents.  You won’t have to speak they will see what you’ve become and they will want that energy.

Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out.  Go well, God Bless and take care.  Thank you.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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