A Timely Link

I Kuthumi come once more into your presence with my words of guidance. My words which I hope will help to guide you through your transitional stages of life. I spoke recently of the need for deep release on your emotional body where I used the metaphor of a suitcase. I was reminded of this as I accompanied this one as she walked through the paths of her garden after much rain. I noticed her reaction to the small weeds that had broken form their seed capsules and had begun to grow. Previously the path had been clear of any weeds.

I thought of your path. So many of you have worked very hard to move forward on a soul level, many will say they have spent much time clearing away their personal emotional debris. Indeed for a time they will experience and act from a higher level of consciousness. Their life will flow with peace and they will feel happier.

Old Ways

Suddenly however, an event will occur which will set you in emotional turmoil. A “weed” has sprouted on your life path. Fear creeps in and more “weeds” sprout. At this point you may choose to give away your own power through excess food, alcohol abuse,or too much sleep to try to escape. You seek comfort through these things. Your awareness drops to a lower dimension of understanding. Yet this need not be, no.

The key is to be aware .

The instant your inner balance is challenged – by a comment, an event, a loss of something, then be aware. For at this moment more than ever, you need to draw on your inner power of higher awareness. By being aware of your inner balance you can notice any emotional changes through your feelings. Feelings are emotions.

Soul Power

Throughout the Ages you have forgotten about your Soul Power. There was a time you lived by this power, in peace and love, in a state of Divine Grace. But over time great fear, worry and anxiety became the rulers of your emotional bodies. These emotions took root and gained control, ruling your choices and actions through the ego. Occasionally, a great soul incarnated on Earth to shine Light and higher guidance for all. But your fear was great. Many simply feared what they couldn't’t see. They feared losing their life-style, even though in many cases, it did not provide total happiness. There were only a few who listened to the wisdom of the Light. Only a few listened to their own soul pushing them forward to listen, to pay attention to the messages of wisdom.

Now mankind is at a pivotal point again. This time there are millions who have chosen to listen to their soul, to listen to the wisdom contained within, fueled by messages from ones as myself. Yet still your paths are not always clear. You are still residing in transitional times. So I come to assist you. To provide guidance for the times when your inner balance is disrupted.

The Link of Light

It is time to remember your Soul Power, your own Soul Light – always. In the good times and most importantly, in challenging times. You see to remember, to acknowledge your true power, will carry you forward. The remembrance provides a wonderful intent. An intent to remember you have a choice. Yes indeed. The remembrance and the intent are linked you see. When ignited they provide the opportunity to stamp out old limiting behavior, old re-actions. This provides space for the Light to shine through from your soul. Inner power suddenly fills you. No longer falling back to fear mode and old behavior, you retain your power and take appropriate action to maintain your inner balance and Soul Power.

Sometimes you will need to take charge of a situation, sometimes have the courage to say no, sometimes have the wisdom to acknowledge another is not yet understanding higher knowledge, and so your compassion is required. In all of these scenarios there is a higher awareness operating. Yet I tell you, you may not always succeed. Do not berate yourself. Simply begin again. This is part of your higher learning, part of your journey of soul. With each step, each experience, you grow. You become more aware. You infuse more Light into your being. All enjoy the calm, the peace and tranquility the Light provides through higher wisdom. Know it is yours, as much as you can hold. It is familiar to your soul, so familiar. The Light is your soul. It contains higher awareness.

More than ever in your history you are in a time of great remembrance. As you awaken to more Light you desire more. You cannot go back, only forward. Yet once you experience the joys of love and tranquility- the flow of life- you understand what has been missing from your existence. This is what I come to tell you today. To remind you. And yes, there is a meditation here to assist you in remembering. It is time to take charge of your own evolution. You have the choice. I say to you now – walk in the Light, remember. Own the power of your soul.

Master Kuthumi


K.K. 28th January 2011 7:23 am

THANK YOU both....just the reassurance I needed today when my thoughts once more became filled with fear and worry and anxiety after a few days of freedom and balance and happiness. Just remembering to bring in the light made a world of difference for me. I'm going to write this one down (to bring the light in) because my mind is not allowing me to remember (for some odd reason) of how to balance myself each time I get like that. I trust in time it will get better.

You both are awesome and so helpful! Blessings to you both.



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