Balance Within

I Kuthumi come forward once more to assist you on your path of transformation. First understand that your intent is created from your will. Each action you engage in carries a measure of intent and vibration. If you pour a glass of water your intent is to fill the glass with water. Your greater intent is to drink that water usually to quench a thirst. It is necessary to take the first step to fulfil the second step which is your stronger desire.

There are many other scenarios. Eating for example may require a number of steps to reach your stronger intent of eating. You may need to travel to a grocery store, select and pay for your items, travel back to your home and prepare your meal to cook. It is after these steps are fulfilled that you can eat. Yet each step also contained a level of intent from you. These are both simple examples yet each desire you have carries intent.

When you are angry you create a very strong level of intent though sadly it is a negative vibrational intent. Anger is a negative emotion and when raging is at it’s strongest. The desire is usually to hurt or destroy. Old warrior behavior rushes forward and your negative intent is strengthened even more.

Many are now battling inwardly with negative intent and actions. This is due to the magnitude of Light particles now flooding Earth igniting soul energies. You are learning to leave unwanted behavioral patterns behind. Negative actions cannot remain in the Light. Negativity survives only in darkness. The two energies cannot merge together. This is why after an angry outburst one may feel guilty.

The soul is nudging you and you know on a deep level that your words and actions took you off your correct path. Your inner battle progresses letting you know through your feelings that your angry outburst does not sit well with you. You have become out of balance. Next is born intent to make things right so you can feel better and in balance once more.

This is part of your transitional progress. You are learning to live peacefully with a correct intent. Intent of a higher and finer vibration. Your words also carry the energy of intent. You are discovering the true power of your words. When the body is out of balance due to illness, words can carry great healing. Words spoken with love and the intent of healing. As these are repeated over and over gently and lovingly the physical body will begin to respond and to heal. You may feel this as an upliftment as the body comes back into balance and you begin to feel well again.

Animals will also respond to loving words with the same healing intent when they are unwell. You may say it’s because someone nursed the animal and it got better. I say to you, intent is all! For without a loving intent the energetic healing could not continue for very long and a balance of the body would not be achieved. Many doctors now understand the link of the emotional and mental bodies to the physical.

All work as one yet are separate. It is the same between you and God. You are able to think and act from your own free will, yet you are part of each other on another level. The Light particles I spoke of are particles of God’s energy. The Creator.

You can begin to understand more fully the importance of intent - a correct intent which is positive and loving. This is the intent you are moving toward fully which is integrated with the God Force. Through this great God Force you feel much more as demonstrated by my examples here. It is the feelingnature which you will lead your lives from in the future. Living and acting from a higher will. Your feelings will teach you and lead you forward just as they are now. You will dislike negative words, actions and feelings more and more. You will desire to choose correct intent with positive words and actions.

The body will enter a permanent state of balance. You will enjoy wellness on all levels of your being and your intent will be pure and powerful. There will be no punishment from God when negative intent is used. The punishment will come from you. Within you self blame and guilt will be strong. So strong you will wish you could go back in time and delete your words and actions. You will desire inner change.

Know only you can create that inner change. But it can be achieved through your intent, step by step to your desired outcome. Only you can do this. No one can do it for you. However with a true intent from your higher heart anything is possible is it not?



Tiff 13th September 2013 8:15 pm

This helps me a lot. Infinite thanks to you, Lynette and Kuthumi.


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