Creating Forgiveness

We receive many questions on the issue of forgiveness. So many around the world are having difficulty with forgiving others. So Master has agreed to once again speak on this subject many are wrestling with.

My dear friends, I welcome you once again as we meet in the peace, the unity and the Light of Oneness. I ask you to breathe in the Light, with the energies of you and I together as we begin another teaching.

The teachings are given to encourage you to recognize and work with Light, in both energy and physical form, through your very thought process.

For those of you who have listened, truly listened to my teachings, you will have chosen to leave much of the heavier vibrations you encounter in your daily living behind you. You will choose to walk, breath, live in the energy of Light, which is the love and Light of God the Creator. And so let us begin once more with this question, given by a soul experiencing much pain in his heart area.

"Kuthumi advises us to nurture kind, positive thoughts and our attitude will surely change along with our life to one of peace and tranquility.
How can this be achieved when the mind is constantly bombarded over with memories of the hurt and pain caused by others words and actions.
Forgiveness? How can we make that happen?"
Malcolm. Australia

Yes, you are correct, I do strongly urge all to nurture kind, loving, and compassionate thoughts, for it is the way if man is to process forward. And again yes, in some cases you yourself must begin the change - by your very example of your thoughts, attitude and actions. This is the path of the teacher. As others observe your response, your attitude, your inner peace they also see that it is indeed possible to live in this manner. They begin to see another path, that it is possible to change. And so you teach by example you see.

And it is this path which you seek, yet your mind, your thoughts (memories) pull you back. In doing so you relive the actions and pain caused by another. You feel the hurt, and so the hurt grows. Can I say to you if you allow these memories and thoughts to dominate your conscious mind, then your conscious mind will dominate your life. You will have given the pain much power, and the person who created this emotion, even greater power over you. I know you do not wish this to be.

I have agreed that your question be addressed in this manner, because there are many souls who are having difficulty letting go of pain and actions created by others, whom many have trusted and loved. I am aware many of you have suffered deeply in various ways. Through abused trust, unkind words, criticism, physical and sexual abuse, many ways. Many carry a deep pain within. It is important that you come to a level of acceptance with your pain. Some of you will be able to release and let go of your emotional hurt and pain. Others are finding difficulty.

The first step is coming to terms with the event - the action which has created your pain. How ever painful this is, it is necessary to accept what has happened to you, what has been said, or done to you. You need to separate the person from the action. Sometimes this the only way to accept a situation.

You see, for some, they love the person that has created the hurt so much, that on an inner level, they deny the event, they protect the person, make excuses, even blame themselves. The event cannot be released or forgiven this way - no it cannot.

The second step is to sit quietly, calling in your guides and masters, and seeing your cupped hands together, give the situation over to your guides. Ask them to take your pain, your resentment, your broken trust, your tears, your anger - take it all - release it! This step may take some time. Now, the next step will require courage of you. I ask you to give the person over, not to your guides and masters, but to God - truly from your heart give them to God. Find it in your heart to have a little compassion and give the person to God. Be strong, draw on more Light if needed to sustain you in this. For you see that person is weak, in fear, in darkness. I know this to be true, because if they were in Light, no matter how small the Light was in their heart, this event which has hurt you so much would never have happened. That other soul is learning what is acceptable and what in not, learning to experience love, not fear.

These steps will enable you to release - to let go. You may need to repeat these steps, it matters not. There is a final step - that of loving compassion and joy. Yes indeed -for yourself and the other soul. For by following these steps you are creating the energy of loving compassion - to the other soul, to your self, and even reaching out into the atmosphere around you. Because you are creating this energy, you will also receive this energy from others. Further this will enable you to overcome the painful memories which have sought to dominate your life. This is truly letting go. This is the process

I now ask you to be filled with joy. Fill yourself with joyful happiness. Laugh - yes laugh. Does it not feel good? Does it not fill you with even more joy? Yes, allow it to engulf you. For now you see, you are in triumph. You are free.

And further if your mind brings you another repeated painful memory remember the compassion, the Light which heals you, and the joy. The painful event was an experience. It is done. Release it. Feed your mind instead with the peace and freedom of the Light.
I embrace you with the intent of courage, compassion, and forgiveness of others.

Master Kuthumi


snowflake 5th June 2010 1:20 pm

How beautiful....these wise words are going to be applied instantly
i live above a very angry woman whom scares me!,i am hoping that with the help of Kuthumi things will go good for me



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