First Initiation of Christ Light - Heaven on Earth

As Master Kuthumi came forward with his entourage, I could feel the great Light, a great peace, and I knew this was a very important channeling. Master Kuthumi had already told me of this gathering. He had not told me of the content. Now as I read the channeling I see it's importance to mankind. Master Kuthumi spoke in his previous channeling, Open the Door of Light Within, of mankind standing at a crossroad in our evolution. If that is the case, then this is the golden key of all that is, of our way forward. The Light to shine the way ahead.

I am an Aquarian. My birthday is the 24 January, the middle of this profound energy the Masters speak of here. I give this to those who see, those who accept our true form of Light, those who seek to be prepared to create a new Earth. I give this in Light, in unconditional love for all that is.

Chosen channel

I come forward this day on the blue Christ Ray, merged with the Golden ray of God. It is a most Blessed day this day, the day I Kuthumi, Maha Chohan, Sanat Kumara and Ra Mu choose to speak to you, to tell of the greatness of the new energies - the Golden Vortex of Light - now available to you. The planetary energies have assisted in your preparation. Now, in your time, the very beginning of the energies merging, preparing for a monumental Solar Eclipse.

How we celebrate. We welcome this time in your evolution. We have progressed you each step of the way, walked beside you, as you walked your path which at times was difficult for you. Some of you stumbled over small stones, others chose to climb over boulders. At times your life seemed so harsh. You felt emotional pain and some of you cried out "God, have you forsaken me? Why must I endure this pain? Are you not a God of love? Why must I suffer?"

My dear friend, it was because of the great love your Father God has for you which has enabled him to stand and watch you learn, to experience that which you needed, that which you chose to learn to enrich your Soul. It is only in the greatest of love that God can see through your ego self which struggles to survive, as more and more of His great Light and love pours into you from His Divine Consciousness. Some of you chose to climb boulders of hard rock on your path, but you did not need to, you chose to because of your strong will. A will so strong it was only through hardship you could truly overcome, let go and move forward to great peace and love. You see, you did choose this. Yes, you did.

Often your biggest hurdle to overcome is acceptance. Acceptance of your fellow man, no matter the race, color of the skin, or who he chooses to call ‘God.' Acceptance of another's ego. Ahhh, now you are surprised. "How can I do this?" you ask. When you see another's ego self portraying a story to you of anger, selfishness, grandizement, control, recognize it as their ego self coming forward.

In the old paragdms of behavior, your own ego self would be quick to step forward - to react. Usually in an aggressive manner. And so both egos would be battling for supremacy, arguing, shouting, insulting each other. Your emotions, full of anger and rage. What a play you would create! Yes, a play. For is this not what you take part in, a play in these situations? So I say, accept. Recognize the play of ego and accept. Say to yourself no, I choose not to enter into this type of play. "In times of trouble I turn away." So you recognize when another's ego self seeks to overpower you, you accept this, see this, and choose to turn away. Give it no energy and the ego self is defeated!

Many are now seeing this. They are creating a peaceful energy around themselves and in their surroundings. The cosmic energies support this way of being, of living. It is now time to have acceptance of the new energies, of a new path, a new Earth. The old ways will no longer serve you. I tell you if you revert back to the old ways, you will begin to feel ill, physically and emotionally. Your levels of energy will be quickly depleted. Further, if you continue in the old ways of behavior, your energy field will be vastly weakened. You see the third dimensional energies cannot survive in the new fifth dimensional waves of energy engulfing Earth and all who live on it. And so I say to you accept.

As you practice acceptance, practice also gratitude as you see the new miracles unfold before you.

The miracle of your changed DNA within you, encouraging you to accept and move forward seeking only peace and love, opening your heart to others in support and assistance on many levels. This itself is a great miracle if you look back to your history. A history full of anger, control, greed and war. This is the old way of living. Over the previous nine years you have been prepared in your mind, as well as your heart. We have spoken of this - of the mergence of the left and right brain. This has also played it's part in your evolutionary process. The need to live in the moment. To accept. To release control of your future time.

And we come now, my brothers, Ra Mu, Maha Chohan, and Sanat Kumara as we told this one, to share with you, to celebrate with you. For you have traversed a great path toward the Light. You have been led and guided, know you have been truly loved each step of the way. And now, in these most powerful of days, we come to guide you through this important step before you. I say to each of you, prepare and open yourselves to accept, to step forward to accept the new abundance of the Light. I now step aside and ask Maha Chohan to speak.

In waves of joy and happiness I, Maha Chohan stand before you. Rainbows of color expand in your awareness polishing your Light body. This is necessary as you prepare for the influx of energy during and after the Solar Eclipse. This is a powerful time - a magnificent event. The Great One, this great energy of Divine Consciousness, will send through atoms of Light known as Discs of Light. As these Discs of Light are absorbed into your body, they will activate your Higher Heart chakra, expand your DNA, thereby lifting you to fifth dimensional energy levels. This is necessary at this point in your evolutionary process. It is the first step to becoming a Being of Light. Where you will emanate so much Light, you will begin to glow. Many of you are familiar with this. Some call it a halo. ( Laughter) Well, you are birthing a halo dear friends. The Higher Heart must be charged by the Discs of Light because the Higher Heart cannot be activated with third dimensional energies.

It is your Higher Heart which will open the door to your new path. Some of you will see rainbow colors and some of you will also see new color hues which will be evident. Soft tints merged with silver, gold and copper. These are the higher chakra colors. It is these chakra points you will work with on your new path as you create a new Earth.

The Discs of Light will bring you new levels of abundance - of illuminants. Previously you have thought of abundance as material toys of your creation - house, car, coins. Do you see these are of your old path. The old abundance, old desires. The new abundance is contained in the Discs of Light, and your Higher Heart through the Great Central Sun - the heart of God. The God Mass. It is a higher vibrational abundance, and as Kuthumi has said, an acceptance. You must accept before you can walk a new path in creating a new Earth. So I come today as I oversee mankind. To watch over this great step, aided by the vortex of power created in the eclipsed energies. We come together here, now, to guide you through. To walk beside you as servants of God.

I, Sanat Kumara now step forward. Realize we all work together, as servants in unconditional love. Your planetary brothers stand by, and watch. Legions of Archangels and Angels stand above you as the one you call God sends new Discs of Light, part of Him, to fully activate you from within. To empower you with Light. This step has been taken to prepare you for the events of this year. To enable your physical bodies to withstand and hold a more powerful Light energy. New cycles within and without Earth are beginning. You are now ready and will begin to experience the emergence of your Heaven with Earth.

The time upon you is great. Listen to Kuthumi's words for he has prepared you well. Those who have listened will be prepared. Untruths in your world will soon be revealed. These will be unexpected. Those who held these untruths of power will be revealed also. Remember untruths, deceit and lies cannot enter your new path. For these are of the dark energies, held in the olds ways. As you embrace the new energies upon you, more and more darker energies, events and words will be revealed to you. Move on.

The Light is your food, your essence, it is your future. It is all.

Ra Mu, will you now assist these souls with your guidance of the Golden Vortex of Light?

I will gladly. Gladly will I, Ra Mu guide you and give you this gift of emergence. I will lead you over your rocky path to a path of liquid Gold, to uplift and sustain you in the new energies of your emergence to Light. Sit with us here now as our energies and Light bodies merge in Cosmic Consciousness.

Be still, close your eyes that you may receive the greatest of benefit from this emergence.

Breathe deeply.


Breathe deeply.

Release all lower energies, events, thoughts.


Relax the physical body, slowly limb by limb.

Relax your muscles slowly.

As you let go of the heavy vehicle of your physical body, you begin to feel a release, a letting go. You begin to feel lighter, no longer heavy.


Now release any final remnants of third dimensional energy, any lower thoughts. Release. Let go.

Begin to see Light, breathe in Light. See it. Feel it.

You feel so much lighter, like a feather.

Breathe in more Light.

A great peace surrounds you, penetrating through to every cell of your being. This great peace is only felt as you connect to the higher realms.


Now see the Golden Light, pale at first, getting brighter and brighter.

The Golden Light begins to move, encircling you, gently spinning around you.

You now stand at the center as the Golden Light continues to move around you, forming a vortex of magnificent Golden Light.

See I, Ra Mu, Kuthumi, Maha Chohan, Sanat Kumara at the outer edges.

See yourself standing at the center at the top of the moving Golden Light. You have no fear because there is nothing to fear. You are perfectly safe my friend of Light.

At the depth of the vortex you feel the great power of God. So powerful it is able to release and transmute lower energies into liquid Golden Light - the essence of God.

You have experienced much duality, of thought. Some of which you have been unable to completely let go of and release. Now you can, your deepest of deep dark thoughts can now be released. Your deepest of deep pains can now be released.

Look at us.

Feel our love.

See our Light as your Higher Heart is activated. The place where the God's essence resides within you.

Feel the great expansion of unconditional love surrounding you. Know we too have walked your Earth.

Know we have experienced this. We have grown in our essence to become servants of Light, of God, we have become Light.

Now we stand here before you, to help you forward on your path of Light.

Take a hand - let us help you as you let go of your deepest pain.

We can do this together.


It is time now to release your deepest darkest pain, let it go to the depths of the Golden Light vortex, allow the Golden Light to transform, transmute, to heal you deepest pain.

Now fill yourself with the liquid Golden Light.

Do this as many times as you wish.

Cleanse your self with Light as Jesus cleansed himself with Light.

Now you cleanse in the baptism of Golden Light - God Light.

Breathe in the Golden Light - God's essence.

Awaken the Christ Light within you.

You now accept and open to become a new Being of Light.

Breathe, Rest.

Hear the choir of Angels sing and the call of the Heavenly trumpets.

Breathe, feel the joy, the lightness

You now become illuminated with Light

You merge with one mass consciousness - all that is

You feel weightless for you are Light in this moment.

You are Soul Light, merged with all, merged with God.

Now you see why we prepare you, why we celebrate.

Join us in celebration of joy and happiness such as you have not experienced before.

Be at peace, feel this deep peace that is you, in the Light of God, of Oneness.

Open your true heart now, to fill your entire being with Light, with love for all.

Spread your love out, as a blanket, cover Earth and all who reside on and within her with this blanket of love.


Now, see a circle of Light as it spins toward you gently, glowing bright Golden Light. So bright you want to turn away from it's brilliance, but you cannot.

See the Disc of Light hover before you, then merge into your heart center.

Merging your heart and Higher Heart into one.

Now see the Golden Light from another Disc as it begins to radiate out over you, engulfing you in new Light , new abundance, God energy.

Feel it.

Breathe it in.

Become the Golden Light - One.


Absorb. Rest.

You are now baptized in the New Light, initiated to new energies.

The Christ Light now resides within you.

This is the first initiation.

Gently now, let your self descend back into your physical vehicle.

Gently, slowly, merge back into the physical.

Blend in your transformed essence.


I, Ra Mu now step back.


It is I, Kuthumi who comes forward once more. You will carry our energies with you for some days. The Christ Light will remain within you from this day forward. It has been integrated within you.

You are the coming Christ you have been told of. You now prepare the new path. You now create the new path, the new Earth through these integrated energies and the Christ Light you hold within.

The old is behind you now. You are free to create your new path, your new reality, your new life. The days surrounding and of the Solar Eclipse carry powerful energies. If you feel you need to release more darkness of thoughts or pain do so as the energies will assist you during these four days.

Light Codes of illumination are being downloaded to this one. They are pure and powerful visual symbols of the new abundance now available to you. Through each of these codes you will be guided by the Discs of Light connecting to your own Soul Light, to integrate the new energies of Light. As you absorb more Light, this is further preparation for you in this Master Year.

We Bless you
We hold you in the love of Oneness
And great Light.

Master Kuthumi
Lord Maha Chohan
Master Sanat Kumara
Lord Ra Mu


camelman555 18th January 2009 6:18 am


Darlene 18th January 2009 9:32 am

"Soft tints merged with silver, gold and copper." Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. :smitten:

Guzar 18th January 2009 7:40 pm

Anyone who is attached or invested for self in any way to any spiritual source is dependent upon a collective consciousness of unenlightened people and invisible hosts, and as long as they remain in such a state they can never access their own divine Christ within. Do not seek advanced knowledge before you are ready to use it wisely in the selfless service of God's lambs.

Do not become infatuated by fair words or enamored by lofty information because it seems more impressive and authoritative than your own. Seek first contact with your own Soul and then follow always its wise and loving guidance. Therefore if we wish to find Holiness we will wish to spend time in holy company, you do not need an interpreter, for all is with the I AM of each soul.

Darlene 18th January 2009 8:03 pm

Soft tints merged with gold, copper and silver tones are the colors of the new "series" of paintings I am working on and a complete change in color and pallet for the art work I do. Hopefully you were not concerned about my dependencey or investment. One should not make assumptions. Considering that you seek not any interpreters and All is with You in your I Am,(no judgement), why are you reading on this site where most of the information is channeled ("interpreted") by another? Just keeping the newbies on course?

dona 19th January 2009 12:43 pm

Thank you so much; that was amazing.
Thank you, Lynette, for your dedication and your work; it is greatly appreciated.

Lynette 20th January 2009 4:53 am

Thank you to those who have posted a comment. To those of you who ask that we examine our own soul and listen, yes, I agree, and may I say Master Kuthumi has encouraged this many times. However, so many are unable to do this as yet, and so they must be guided and assisted by channels as myself and others. We are all servants of the Light whether you realize it or not.We are in a great transitional time, these channelings help in awakening many, and provide knowledge to those who seek higher teachings.

Darlene 20th January 2009 3:04 pm

Perhaps, Light Workers or Path Finders is a more apt description..."service" is always a matter of free choice. I believe "others" post here (as a protective measure) to insure that the initiates know that to question is to utilize their growing ability of discernment. "Examining our own soul" was not necessarily a statement meant for one. I questioned if the statements were intended as a response to my first comment on your post, Lynette. I went bliss-full at the mention of new colors...coppers, golds, silvers...

Vera Corrêa 24th January 2009 12:30 pm

Dear Lynette,

Happy Birthday!!!!

Thank you so much for this beautiful, loving and important channeling!!!

I've translated it to Portuguese and since last Monday its been circulating through internet all over Brazil... and maybe Portugal as well.


Vera Corrêa

Mariù 24th January 2009 1:23 pm

Happy Birthday Lynette!

Much Love,

Yvonne Swerissen 26th January 2009 2:45 am

Hello dear,

You came my way at the right time.Thank you so mutch.


Martha, Vt 26th January 2009 11:22 am

Wonderful channeling. Thank you so much. Perfect for today.

Sandra 1st February 2009 1:44 am

Thankyou for this message. I have been "seeing" many, many codes in my head chakra over the past couple of weeks, especially during the time when I am dozing off to, or just awakening from sleep. I believe that it's Source energy from the universe healing me of past trauma. Sometimes the codes accompany nightmares. I wake up feeling lethargic, heavy, but also simultaneously with a desire to lighten my astral and physical bodies. We are all expanding in the light. Love, joy and blessings.

Dehon 2nd April 2009 12:47 pm

Goodday All.

I am so glad to see Christlight Lighting the way to the Heart. I have been working with Christlight since 2000. It came to me after Reiki 3 and Karuna Ki as a more Western way to communicate Healing and the Universal Life Force Energy to conservative church goers who frowned upon anything from the East. Christlight has 10 Rays: Christlight, Lifelight, Love, Peace, Joy, Truth, Beauty, Unity, Now and Gratitude. These Rays have Symbols too. I found that God's Light and Gift of Healing presented in English with English names and Western Mind Symbols made Universal Life Force available to more people. I am grateful for All spreading the Light here and from 'behind the scenes'.

As Above So Below.


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