My love to you as I come to you once more in yet another learning.

I begin my topic to you today with a question, and what I ask is this.
What state is your creative consciousness in? How often do you allow yourself to imagine, to dream, to fantasize what you wish to create or achieve in your life?

It is a wonderful tool you know. Imagination has power it you allow it. Yet many of you have become so serious, you have forgotten how to laugh, to imagine, to day dream. It is these very day dreams that have power to create fun, and yes, achievement in your lives.

It has been said "Dare to dream". Quite a statement, and yet only a few have acknowledged the power and joy that actually doing this can create. Your dreams, your imagination is important, particularly to your own sense of worth. When you bring a dream into your reality you are also acknowledging your own worth. This in turn will open new happy experiences in your life - because by bringing a dream into your physical reality, you are bringing joy and accomplishment into your life.

For some, their reaction will be "I have no time", or "I'm too busy working". How very sad this is. How out of balance this choice is. Visualizing, creating your dreams, this powerful form of imagining is so uplifting. And, with the power of your emotions toward your dreams, can bring them into being, simply by your very continued focus.

It is important also to allow things to manifest in your life when you are bringing a visualization into reality. Focus on what you truly want from the visualization. What is it about what you wish to create that you really want. Many of you will be surprised when you do this. For what you actually want is not always readily seen.

Once this is achieved, you know absolutely what you truly wish to create, then focus on this in your mind often. But be prepared, be open for what ever you receive. Your higher self always knows what you need. So focus - yet allow. Be open. Trust. And continue to imagine. Don't stop with this one thing. Why would you choose to limit yourself?

Your imagination and dreams are part of the beautiful being of Light that your are. They create joy, abundance and growth in your life. Play, laugh also. Do you think this only for children? If you do, I encourage you to look at these emotions in your life.

We here play, laugh, have wonderful parties. We experience much joy and happiness, and we are much older than you my friend. Use your imagination, laugh often. I encourage you to practice these wonderful emotions often.

Master Kuthumi  





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This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

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