Living in Two Worlds

I come forward today with some urgency of my message. In this year which we refer to as your true birthing time, we have observed many are feeling very unsettled and insecure at times. Please understand that you have entered a time of remembrance. A time of awakening your own soul memory, of remembering the great being that you are and the true Light you carry within. The mundane struggles of daily life are threatening to engulf you in a sea of complacency. You feel swallowed up by your daily life, what many refer to as ‘just surviving.’

Yet I must ask, is complacency and struggle really how you wish to view your life? These are matters which are physically created. Consider the true treasure which lies within you.

Yet I must ask, is complacency and struggle really how you wish to view your life? These are matters which are physically created. Consider the true treasure which lies within you. Your Soul Light and that precious spark of Divinity which is so powerful yet can only be ignited by you through your acknowledgement and intent. Once ignited the Divine Light opens you to remember your true essence, to acknowledge your soul, to expand your higher awareness through learning and the true understanding of your Soul Light, your own Divinity.

Each person on Earth carries a precious spark within them. It is what joins each of you as one. Yet each is still able to lead a separate life experiencing that which each has chosen to experience. However once the Divine spark is ignited you are able to experience two worlds. Yes. One of course is your daily physical life, the other is a world of Light, of peace, of love. A flow of peaceful creation which you are able to feel and this can assist greatly in the release of emotional and mental turmoil some of you experience.

Many teachers of higher wisdom have incarnated on Earth for this very time, this year of awakening. We here have been in preparation for many years through channels such as this one and others. My teachings have been given to assist in this process of awakening. As I have said many are still in the birthing process. That of clearing dominance, control, cruelty and all manner of darkness from their lives, thoughts and emotions..

With this in mind I urge those of you who are aware of the Light energy to, through your intent, encircle the planet in Light particles each day. You see as numbers of people grow and many begin to do this, the planet will become engulfed in Light which will filter through countries and the ones residing there. Darkness cannot penetrate Light. Remember this my friend. It is the all powerful Light energy of the Divine. Work with it, play with it. Embrace it, hold it. Surround yourself with this energy each and every day. When turmoil comes to you on your physical, spiritual or mental bodies, remember the Light you hold within. Close your eyes and enter the aura of Light surrounding your higher heart. (channel – I will lead you through this in the latest meditation titled The Light Brigade.)

This process will also deeply ignite your faith. This is helpful throughout and beyond the rebirthing process for all of humanity. Many will experience turmoil, even hardship as mankind strives to enter higher dimensions and experience new ways of living. The old is falling away as it must so the new can enter. This is why I said my message today carries some urgency. I wish to assist you through this great year of further transformation within. It is to be celebrated as you open to your soul and remember. This year carries you further and higher in Light energy, higher wisdom and inner peace.

The Light Brigade.

I also would urge you all once again to spare a few minutes each day with your brothers and sisters around your world. Simply spread your Light out through intent and visualization each day. Join the Light Brigade of Earth and know you are giving a gift of unconditional love to millions of others. Know also in those few linear minutes you join together as one.

Peace to each of you in Light



halcyonmusings 21st March 2014 11:08 am

Beautiful, thank you!

Peter fox 22nd March 2014 6:06 am

Yes,beautiful.Thank you!

heymumphy 2nd August 2014 3:14 pm

Thank you both for lifting my energy.


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