Open the Door of Light Within

I Greet you my friends in Light, in the love of God as I merge with your energy field. Take a moment to connect with me fully through the Creators ray of colors. Visualize a rainbow of color, as I meet you. Now see how you feel. Lighter. How you feel more connected to our higher realms. Be aware of the Peace energy as it permeates all of your bodies. Feel the peace and Light energies as they take you higher, and higher.

Now feel me, merge with my essence in the Magenta Light. Be with me here. Let yourself fly to me .

Now as I have prepared you, be at peace, at one with all as I speak with you and prepare you for the journey you will make during this pivotal year of 2009

This day, the 11th, this year 2009 also completing the number 11, for 2 and 9 are 11, and this month beginning the 1st month - the beginning. I have told you of the number 11 being a Master number. This number signifies a time for man to connect to God, to open to higher consciousness, to remember all of your experience and learning - the memories contained in your Soul. It is a time to embrace the new energies, to open the door to your Soul Light through the Diamond Light, contained in your Higher Heart. It is time to merge, to feel, to acknowledge you are part of all - you are part of Oneness.

And so, on this Master day, meaning the acknowledgement and understanding of higher awareness, of the Light within you, prepare to step forward. However you must first acknowledge to your higher self, that you are willing to move forward. For you must take this first step fully, to release the chains of darkness that have shackled you to the past. To previous experience, warlike behavior, selfishness and control. Yes my friends, it is these chains we now break. You must leave these old ways behind. They cannot exist where you are going. They can only exist in darkness where love struggles to survive. All of you have experienced this darkness. It has been part of your polarity in your experiences of Earth incarnations.

Non of you is above another. To think you are is your ego self controlling your conscious mind. It is that some, through choice, hold more Light energy than others. Yet I say to you this does not make them greater, does not entitle them to rule over you by their words or attitude - no it does not. It does however, enable them to open to a great opportunity, to serve mankind through teaching, through example. You see? To show others, to guide them, to help them forward to teach others to embrace the Light of their own Soul. This is a great service, a great gift to another.

With all of this understanding, are you now ready to step forward to a higher level of awareness on this day? The outer energies of the planet, flowing through to your atmosphere, assist you in this great release. Yes my friend, it is a great release. For it is time for you to embrace your future, your own Divine Light. It is time to hold more Light within you, to build that Light until you radiate glorious Light in love, in peace, in oneness.

So what is this great release to begin this process? It is simple, it is not difficult. Spirituality has never been difficult. It is that some have chosen to make it so. And so I will simplify this great step for you.

You are connected to me on the Magenta Ray, for I and others will help you. See them join us now. Some of you will feel us merge into your energy fields. The Master Lady Mary joins me now, and Lord Ra Mu stands to my left, the Lord Maha Chohan stands to my right. Do you feel them, do you feel the power and strength of our united Light energy.

Breath in our Energies as we lead you in peace and love.
Take a moment as your own energies are adjusted to a higher vibration
See us now, standing before you. Lady Mary moves to stand beside you. Feel her love,
Her essence.
On the outer rims of the Magenta Ray, gold and pink rays of Light begin to merge and flow to you, surrounding you in added love, strength and Soul remembrance.
Breathe and allow the energies to flow over you, and through you.
Connect to your Heart center as the energies penetrate and radiate out wider and wider from your heart center, your Soul.
Feel it. See it. Now you begin to feel your Soul Light. Is it not a wondrous feeling?
Take a moment to become Soul Light, to truly merge and be.
To experience once more this feeling, this energy - the Light of your Soul.
For your Soul rejoices, your Soul remembers. Now you remember in your totality.
The Lord Maha Chohan assists you in this step of Soul Remembrance, in his role of overseeing mankind's transition to a Golden Age.
So now are you ready to release the past which you no longer need to carry? The burdens of doubt and fear which hold you in their grip of a negative reality.
Lady Mary is close now, we are with you at this most important doorway that you stand before.
As you look at the doorway see the Violet Flame. Though it burns brightly it will not harm you for the Violet Flame, part of the Trinity, is God's gift to you. To help you release, to burn off old paradigms of negative behavior, hate, jealousies, fear. Dark deeds you may have done. It is time to let them go, release them for they weigh you down. They cannot accompany you to the higher realms. No, they cannot, they will only weigh you down.
And so I say to you, with all your will and intent let go - release them as you walk through the Violet Flame doorway -
Walk through now.
And you see, we are all still here with you. This is the first step. Remember you have released, let go.
None of this darkness can you call back - no. For any time you feel a fear, immerse yourself in your Soul Light
Feel it.
For it is the one essence that will lead you forward - fearless - in total love and peace. You have experienced this. You know how it feels. you have felt the power you have always had. You simply forgot about it.
Now we have awakened you on this wondrous day of your new year.
Your new path of Light now begins. Your new reality which you have chosen, you have created.
Was this so difficult? It was fear and the comfort of old ways which has held you back.
But now we celebrate, yes all of us here celebrate with you, for you have crossed the road, you have broken free of the chains of your past.
And so rejoice with us. Laugh, dance, feel the joy and Light, in your heart.
From this day forward, you will radiate more Light in your being.
Your new Earth is Light, much Light. Now you begin a new path, a new journey.
I, Lord Maha Chohan, have given a Code of Light to this one to celebrate this day and to help you remember in times of need that you have crossed the road to Light and you are not alone.
The color is Magenta, the higher vibrational color of Love - of all that is.
I Kuthumi now ask the Lady Mary, Lord Maha Chohan and Lord Ra Mu to step back.
As you gently reenter your physical body, our energies will remain with you for some time. Some will continue to feel our energies for two days. You will find your sleep will be deeper as the physical body receives heeling through our energies.

This will be a Master year, a year for you to step onto new paths of Light as you prepare for ascension. You are returning home my friends. Your long journey of experience on Earth is almost complete.

We walk with you, do not forget. Yet this is also a year of remembrance. Of remembering all that you are, all you have experienced, the duality of dark and Light. For how would you know Light had you not experienced darkness? See it as experience my friend, of learning wisdom.

There is a further part to be relayed in this vital first step. Rest for now. We will lead you in this next step when we meet once more through this one.

Our Blessings.
Our Love
Our Peace are with you

The Masters Kuthumi, Lady Mary, Lord Maha Chohan, Lord Ra Mu.


Sandra 11th January 2009 2:31 am

Thankyou ~ namaste.

misafir 11th January 2009 5:12 pm

This message had a remarkable energy accompanying it. Thank you with great appreciation.

Craig Galloway 12th January 2009 10:57 pm

Wonderful. Thank you.
Love to all,


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