Opening To 2013

I Kuthumi step forward once more today to speak with you and I bring you reassurance. We here have observed how many of you feel alone, even though you may have what you think is an accelerated lifestyle brimming with work mates, associates and daily work. We observe through your struggles the over focus on these matters with the result of often feeling alone in the few moments you allow yourself to simply be. When will you say, “Enough.”

We are waiting for you. While we wait we see many caught up in self created dreams of not enough money, not enough time, not enough recognition for your efforts. All needless, wasted energy my friends. So, today I come with reassurance.

You see your conscious mind prefers repetition – habits. This may be your time allocation as an example. You get up in the morning, shower, eat in a rushed manner, not really thinking about or really enjoying what you are eating. It is simply a habit you perform in the daily ritual of your life. You rush into a stream of metal frustration with others also trying to gain an ever diminishing flow of travel on your roads and freeways.

Finally you arrive and for the next eight hours push yourself to achieve more than the month before. My friend, I could go on and on with the activities we see too many of you struggling with each day. Your world of creation is stifling your soul. Many are struggling to keep up, becoming more and more weary of the struggle on the physical and mental levels. Yes, I have spoken of this before. Whilst we understand many have obligations of home and financial commitments, it is time to look closely at what you have created. Understand you are facing great choices this year. This is a turn-a-round year for mankind in every area of your world. Yes, I tell you truth my friends. My reassurance is that we are with you, waiting so desperately for you to awaken fully to your soul.

Mankind is facing choices with every environment of every country on Earth. The devastation of the land must cease! The land is your survival along with your air and water ways. Three key areas which must be preserved.

Awareness Of Survival

I tell you your resources of survival are at stake in many countries. Be assured your strength is in togetherness. It is time to join together to preserve your natural resources. The tampering with your food must cease! We see many are coming home with distortion of organs through cancerous growths created by additives in the food chain by man.

This year is your turn-a-round year. We urge you to stop and look around you. Look to simplify your lives in all areas. Grow your own food. Purchase a cheaper home or join with others in a community of like minded souls. Not those who would seek to control, no, those ones content to live in togetherness. My friend there is so much I could tell you of this. However I tell you, indeed ask you, to pause in your life. To sit quietly. Though to achieve quietness within may be difficult for many who are so engrossed in a busy, competitive lifestyle. Yet I ask especially these ones to try. To quieten your minds, your body. Ask yourself how would you like your life to be if you could choose? What would you enjoy which could be reasonably achieved? Would you wish for health for your physical and mental body perhaps? Take your time. Dream. Visualize.

You Are Creating A New Future

From your dreams of creation see what you would create now in your life. You may decide you want more ‘down time.’ Time to relax, to enjoy simply living. Some of you need to begin with small steps, others will choose a complete change. There is no right or wrong here for each of you are indeed beginning to create a new way, a new lifestyle. You are choosing.


Choices are energy. Energy is multiplied by many others. Like attracts like. Therefore like energy seeks similar thought energy. Do you see? Do you understand change need not be so difficult? Yet it is imperative you begin now. 2012 is a year of transformation. Much has been written and spoken about regarding the transition to soul awareness. Many read. Many understand, yet do nothing! Transformation requires action – from you. You cannot expect an expansive transformation into soul Light if you are still struggling with office and financial traumas. No. These issues are like a sand paper to your soul. Your soul withdraws and you find yourself alone with your thought worries. The physical body then retreats into stress mode.

Accompaniment Of Heaven

We try to come around you. Try to wake you from this bed of self creation. Yet my friend it is you who must open the door to let us in. We are there around you on a higher dimension, suspended, waiting. Waiting to heal you, waiting to help you, to guide you forward.

Bliss is there for you. It is. Yet often your very vibrational energy is out of soul flow so it is difficult for you to connect to your higher self, to your soul. Therefore in these situations you must enter a process which I will give to this one to bring you back to a soul flow. Here you can release the jagged energies of business, of trauma, of pain, of worry. The energy of soul can give you the most wonderful healing on your emotional, mental and physical bodies. The energy brings you back to a level of soul peace you see. This is very necessary this year. You may need to bring yourself back to this state often as you transgress old life styles.

Opening To 2013

Your new year holds much promise, like sunshine after a storm where order is restored and life becomes balanced once more. This is before you. However it is a future each of you must create. It is time now to say, “Enough”. To put up your hand to say, “No more.” It is a time to come back to a basic life style and to honour your soul. Further, understand not everyone will join in, in creating a new lifestyle and on to creating a new Earth. Understand also it is their choice and they will reap the harvest of what they choose to sow in the latter months of 2012.

I tell you do not waste energy in trying to change those whose mindset and intent is set to do nothing. Leave them. It is their choice and their learning. Understand you cannot force another to ‘see’. This must occur when they choose, when they feel ready. Be compassionate, understand. But do not dwell on those who turn away. Rather, use your powerful energies wisely.


Unite with the wisdom of your soul. It will always guide you – if you listen. 2012 has proved to be challenging on many levels. The difficulties will be determined by how much soul Light you have allowed into your daily awareness. You see all must become aware of soul, of soul Light and soul flow. All paths lead to the Creator. What you choose to call it does not matter. All roads lead to the same point. The stories of creation, of highly developed souls seeking to awaken the masses in your various languages and history books, all lead to the same Creator God.

So I ask, why do you argue that your belief is superior to another? Why? I tell you as your Linear time grows shorter and you enter a new year, each of you will face new challenges of Earth herself. What will you choose? How have you prepared? Are you listening?

As Above So Below

This is what this channel named this year of 2012. We of the Council Of Light, the Great White Brotherhood agree. It is time to align with the higher vibration of your soul and the knowledge contained there. The soul is pure, yet also contains all. All knowledge, all experience. Your soul remembers you see. All of your past experiences of various lifetimes.

My friend I tell you truth when I tell you, you have experienced the ego self in many forms. It is now time to open your eyes completely. Your etheric eyes. It is time to overcome your ego self. To understand it, to see it. We see your ego’s still playing out on so many levels of your lives. Perhaps I will speak of this another time for you to gain a further understanding in order for you to overcome and rise to your complete glory.

We are with you always.

I am Kuthumi.




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