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Question: Dear Master Kuthumi, how might we consistently strive to love unconditionally, without at times getting caught up in a situation where we feel exploited or depleted? It seems necessary at times to set boundaries, but is this compatible with loving unconditionally? It feels quite a conundrum! Gerry, USA.

Kuthumi’s answer….

I Kuthumi step forward to answer this question not only for this one, but for many. This is an issue many are struggling with. Your human templates are changing which is bringing various aches and feelings of heaviness to the physical body. Though there is no actual illness, you cannot deny how your body feels. Some feel a slight dizziness around the head area, others endure bouts of forgetfulness.

Much is happening for all of you, particularly this year. Decisions in your lives which have been ignored must now be addressed and finally decided upon. All forms of karma, particularly karma held over from previous lifetimes, including your family members, are now required to be released. This in itself often evolves an emotional process. Know it is an essential part of balancing and overcoming the lower emotional body. This process cannot be avoided. Man is being prepared to enter the higher levels. Therefore no lower emotional issues can remain to hold you back. I have said many times the clearing of the emotional body is man’s greatest lesson. Many are now travelling this path. Know you are not alone in this process. If you are still, you will feel what is right for you to do. What you must release in order to move forward. So know the Universal energies are with you.   

You are stepping higher in your understanding and awareness also. Allow me to try to make your steps a little easier as I address this question on the issue of unconditional love. Love – it is the essence, the key of all. Yet there are many forms of love. As you merge into a higher vibration your feeling of love changes and grows. Yes. You see, not so long ago when someone spoke of love it was very much a third dimensional form of love. One would think of relationship love – a husband, wife, daughter, son, and mother. That form of love was usually tied to one person and easily understood. It was a dutiful form of love. It was part of your life role and felt comfortable.

As progression came and man entered the fourth dimension, that love was required to expand out to others. There was confusion for a time. This confusion is still felt by some of you today. You see, in expanding your perception of love, you were taken out of the comfort zone, the plateau of understanding you were so enjoying. Some did not want to step out, to look at an expanded view which was encouraged by their own soul and spiritual guides. I say to you, those are times where extensive growth is available for you all. Do not fear opportunities for growth.

Love is infinite. Your love is quite capable of expanding out to every living being on Earth. You would still be capable of giving more love. This is not a selfish love, no. It is indeed an unconditional love. You feel sadness toward the victims of a flood, or an earthquake. You feel compassion for them. You do not know them. Have never met those people, yet you are capable of experiencing the emotion of compassion and concern – unconditional love.

I tell you in areas of the planet where an ecological disaster is experienced, there is in the atmosphere great love energy. This is formed by other souls on the planet sending out in thought form, unconditional love. This provides the initial healing for the planet and the souls involved. I speak of all living beings, not only the human element, but the aquatic life, the plant life, the elemental and mineral kingdoms. The healing energy accumulated is great. Many of you experience and join in this healing process without even thinking of the effect you are creating. It is wonderful.

As you progress you will feel and express unconditional love for others even more. Further, there may be nothing that you can physically do or verbalize to others. That is not always required. It is your intent that is important. And that intent is born of your thoughts and compassionate energy. These create the great loving intent and deeper love energy which will assist in manifesting a new Earth, a soul way of living.

I call it a deeper love because that simply is what unconditional love is. It extends to a much deeper level than other forms of love. Some of you are confused over this meaning of deeper love. You wonder how you can do that. What will happen? I tell you the only thing that will happen as more and more of you flow in higher energies of unconditional love, you will live in peace. You will desire peace. You will be more considerate of other beings – all beings, in your thoughts, your words and your actions. It is at this point you will experience living in Grace. Living in a higher and finer vibrational energy.

But you are still enduring transitional times. This brings me back to Gerry’s wonderful question. My friend you will only get caught up in situations where you feel exploited if you allow it. There are many situations where you will be required to set boundaries with another. Loving unconditionally does not translate to allowing you to be treated badly, or as this one would say, like a doormat, no. In such a situation you would state calmly yet firmly, that the situation is unfair, not nice, not called for, not desired. Whatever you need to say to say no, it is not acceptable and if necessary, step away. At all times you must honour yourself and maintain your spiritual dignity.

The confusion here is created in not understanding the true meaning of unconditional love. You honour yourself firstly. This is done by stating quite calmly what is acceptable to you and what is not. You honour the other person by listening to them without anger. If the final result dictates you agree to disagree or to walk away, then that simply just is. Agreement of attitude or action is unable to be reached. See this and do not feel guilty. It is simply each one has a different want, which is not acceptable o the other. So I tell you, it is acceptable to quietly speak your truth and to honour yourself and your own truth. You express unconditional love in this way. Through having no anger, no hostility, and no resentment. You acknowledge that is where the other soul is on their path of life. Unconditional love does not mean that you have to agree with another no matter what. If the other soul is evolved enough they will accept your view and perhaps think about their attitude and your words. This is how they would express unconditional love toward you. The experience would provide growth of soul and a new understanding for them – if they allow it. If they are ready for that growth which could involve behavioural changes for them. If they choose not to, then simply walk away. Know and accept that is where they are on their path of learning.

You will face these situations many times due to the transitional soul growth on the planet. Some of you are more advanced than others. Yet do not say you are greater, or you are better, no. Simply acknowledge to yourself and continue your journey. This is also loving unconditionally. It is in the allowing you see? Allowing another to be. Understanding you are all growing and learning on various steps and dimensions at this time.

The remainder of this year will provide great challenges and great growth. Wise ones will honour their soul and listen to their soul wisdom. It is your inner wisdom that will provide your beacon of Light at each challenge. This will see you through to new heights of awareness as you prepare for a new year. Yes, your new year will surely arrive.

My Blessings of Light to each of you.



Rainbow Princess 10th October 2012 1:39 pm

This is wonderful guidance! Thank you for this message :smitten:


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