My delightful friends, playmates and wondrous beings of Light, welcome to our realms of Light. I am Maha Chohan who comes to you. Ra Mu stands beside me as does Kuthumi. Jesus has also come to join us, to share in this truth and also the energies surrounding these words. For today we celebrate in joy and happiness the union of us all. I invite you to laugh with us, dance, be happy. Share with us. Let our energies merge. As they do you will not only feel uplifted, but happy also.To feel happy, uplifted, joyful is not a gift. It is a choice. Your choice.

You can choose to be happy, peaceful, grateful for whatever you have. You can choose whether you wish to stay in the presence of those who would pull you down by their words, jealousies, energies. Like attracts like. Therefore you will truly feel when another's energies are not flowing with your own. You will feel it.

Kuthumi has spoken of the new Light particles in your atmosphere. When we last met I spoke of the Golden Discs of Light. This day I tell you these Discs of Light not only raise your vibration, they link directly to your pineal gland in the brain.This small gland, known as the Master Gland in your body because it is the doorway - the point of union where the higher particles of Light merge and are dispersed through the Golden Rod of Light, which lies in front of the spinal column, flowing through firstly to the heart, now birthing into the Higher Heart.

You are birthing new energies within your very bodies. All is in unison.There are parts of your brain which have remained dormant - unused. Now they begin the awakening process as you birth the new energies of Light into your being, you also birth into a higher consciousness.

Oh my friends, laugh, be joyful. Celebrate these great joyous times with us. This time, this process is to be celebrated is it not? For who of those among you would choose to stay in darkness or even limited Light? Think of this my friends as you experience your anger, loss, confusion, and all levels of depression.

Think of what is there for you now. Not next month, next year, NOW. Anytime you choose you can immerse yourself in the Light and allow the confusion and sadness to fall away as you would release an overcoat. Ra Mu has helped you with this in his meditation Changing consciousness of Man. For this is how he chooses to guide you, to meet with you and free you.

So, it comes down to thought and choice in the birthing times you are experiencing. The new energies of Earth are already being created - birthed. It began with the financial illusion. This was the beginning. There were too many living falsely, beyond their means, being tempted by those few who sought control and power of many.This not part of the plan. What you experience now is relase of this power. But also great joy. You could not experience the great joy, and the remembrance of your soul while you were held in financial control.

I, Jesus come forward to you now in patient love, forgiveness and also happiness. When I was last on your Earth, I asked many to turn from their homes and follow me. Many did as your history books portray. Those who chose to follow were filled with an essence of love and joy they had not known. They had not allowed themselves to know this new feeling. They had become chained in a daily existence of answering to others in control. Toiling for little financial gain. I showed a new way, as I am now.

Let it be known

That I Jesus say to each of you, I am within you. My "essence" through the Father God resides in your hearts. You seek outside of you. The answer has always lain within your most sacred chamber, the heart.

I tell you look within.

Look within with the eyes of forgiveness, as I do when I look at you. Look with the eyes of acceptance, as I do when I look at you. Look within as a friend as I do, when I look at you. Look within with compassion as I do when I look at you.

My friend love yourself as I love you, as God loves you. For this is the seed of great joy, great love, more than you can know. Nourish that seed of love, feed it each day, by being kind to yourself, and spreading that love and kindness you feel out to others you meet each day.

This is the seed of your New Earth, of what you call "the second coming". You are the second coming. I ask you to honor the Father God through this sacred seed of love and kindness to yourself and your neighbor.

I greet you now in Light as I speak to you. It is I, Kuthumi. We have gathered here, my brothers and I in union. The joy we feel is not only of those energies as we join together, but for you also. We see the great potential you have to create in love and peace, and in union also. As we work and help one another, so now must you. Aggression in all it's ugly forms must be set aside - purposely.

I say purposely for you need to be on guard. The Light is your sword and love your shield. Use them. Use them to turn away from fear and aggression. 

It is time to be more aware, to think of which energy you choose to use. Which energy you choose to manifest to yourself and to others. We here, Jesus, Maha Chohan, Ra Mu and I Kuthumi, the White Brotherhood, the Light Council which we represent, we call you now to arms - to fight for your future of Light of love. We assist with the Photon Belt energies and the Golden Solar Discs of Light, but you must now fight. Use your sword of Light and shield of love to all. The time is upon you now. If you doubt why we come or the words we speak look around you, what do you see?

I tell you it is time now. The prize is great. The return home, to Gods arms, containing more love and joy than you can imagine. I have asked you before, and I ask again now "What do you choose my friend?" The choice can only be yours. You must choose. I say to you that you will be unable to sit on the fence much longer. For you will be lost - in lower energies, in space. Complacency has no place in the New Earth.

The Lunar eclipse at this time will challenge many. Darker aspects of ourselves may emerge. If you are experiencing a darker aspect, through angry words or those of others, remember the seed Jesus gave you. Remember your Soul Light. Use your shield of love to protect you from others angry words. Remember.


Richard K 13th February 2009 3:05 pm

Thank you for helping me to see myself and just what really needs to be cleared out other than what is on the top surface..
Much Love & Light may you gather.


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