What Can You Do?

My greetings and love to each of you.

There are many on their spiritual paths who are still seeking and of course many new souls awakening, but it is the former group I wish to speak to. You see, as I look I see many of you who have begun your spiritual journey, who have begun to listen to the wisdom of your souls, and yet you continue to earnestly seek here, there, everywhere before you have fully absorbed, understood and live what you have already learnt. There is among you a persistent urge to find out what is going to happen in the coming years of your own life and that of the planet. I wish to say you "what happened to living in the now?" What happened on the subject of balance? in your life, in your understanding, indeed in your attitude.

As you are aware there is the Divine Law of Acceptance. Does it not follow that to gain acceptance of a subject or learning, one must first gain understanding? As I look many of you are simply pushing for more information, always more and yet not gaining understanding of the channeled information already given. There is much higher learning available from many of us.

And so, what can you do? First of all, if this is applying to you, your higher self will be letting you know, for some quite strongly. You will know, you will feel. So what can you do? As I have said 80% of changing any situation is in the recognition. The remaining 20% in continuing to be aware to make positive changes.

I also ask, as you proceed, to look at your attitude - yes your attitude. Some Light workers have regressed to allow the ego self to come forward. Some of you think because you are already advanced you are fine, nothing, wrong with how you see things, nothing wrong with your attitude. If this is you then I say stop! For this is ego attitude.

You will draw to you whatever your attitude projects into the ethers, If your attitude doesn't expect you to be happy - then you won't be. If your attitude is jealous of anyone, then you draw situations of jealousy to yourself. If you have the attitude of not being able to obtain and hold a quality job, then you won't, indeed through the subconscious thought wave pattern, you may self sabotage yourself. There are many incidents where wrong attitude can destroy and sabotage areas of your life.

Look to your attitude regarding yourself and higher learning. Look to what you have already read, or learned through classes. Ask yourself, have you truly understood the subject, how it applies to you, how you can use this knowledge in your life and to help others?

Do not think you are above another, for this is ego self thinking. Rather have the attitude of soul growth, soul learning, perhaps assisting others. Having a correct attitude will bring inner peace to your daily life. Can I say to you, do not be over concerned with your future. Remember the lesson of fear. As I look, I see so much doom and gloom predicted, on your news, your TV, spoken of also.

I take you back to the core lessons you learnt at the beginning of your soul awakening my friends. The lessons of unconditional love, the lessons of peace - living in peace, projecting peace through your words, actions, attitude, the Light. Simple lessons, yet all powerful.

Light will always overcome darkness. Darkness has no place where there is Light.

You are aware you are all one, pare of the mass consciousness. Space brothers and sisters are coming forward to help you, the White Brotherhood and other Light emissaries are also coming forward. And yet some continue to give the negativity, the doom and gloom energy. It is not worthy of your attention. To give it your attention, you develop an attitude. Since you choose to live in Light, in peace, why give this negativity energy?

Control is negative and fear is often used to gain control. Look to your leaders, look to your news papers and TV stations.

What can you do? Begin to gain a correct attitude of trust in the Light, in God, and we here also, God's helpers in Light. Project love, universal love. Refuse to give negativity any attention, any energy. Go to the core of spiritual belief - love, trust, and faith. This will sustain you and prepare you well for your future.

Master Kuthumi 



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