You are a Child of the Universe

I greet you in the Golden rays of love and knowledge. The Universe. You see it as so far away from you. You see it as other worlds. Some refer to it as " The Ethers". Yet it is all energy. Just as your thoughts are energy. And your emotions - my friends, you laugh, sing, cry - all is energy. These forms of energy create your experiences.

You have chosen to learn this way. Through emotion and actions - all experience, all are forms of energy. The one you call God, the Creator, the Source, is also energy. An energy which shares all of your experiences - yes, even the most painful and vile, for there is duality in experience also. So there is a great flow from you, yourself, out to the Universe - to God.

You are first a great Light, a spark from God, the Source. You call this Light - Soul.

The Soul goes on and on weaving in and out of each life time. Each life time experiencing duality on all levels, experiencing lack, abundance, sadness, joy, children and loss of a child, bitterness and finally - finally a great love for all. All of your experiences, and all of the Earth and it's various kingdoms - the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the elemental kingdom. The love of the human kingdom.

This is what many of you are finally beginning to see. You are waking up. Waking up to your Soul knowledge - to your Light - to One consciousness - to God. You see, just as a child grows, through learning what is good, through understanding the emotional body, the mental body, happiness and sadness, you have grown through your many life times of experience. Now, here you stand, ready to open fully like the Lotus flower. Some of you have already begun unfolding, embracing eagerly the final experience of your current cycle. Others are hesitant, unsure.

Yet I tell you the many who have begun, who are opening, turning on their great Light, they will show those hesitant ones the way forward. The Light will guide many.

The Light contains all knowledge, all experience, all understanding. The Light fills your Universe. When you are still, quiet, meditating, an aspect of you can travel great distances. Not merely around your planet, but out to the Universe as well. Many experience this already - those of great Light. These are the wise ones, the seers, the teachers for today, the Lights to show the way.

We here have guided for many of your years, centuries. Always there have been great seers upon the Earth. Many who gave their lives in previous life times because of the higher knowledge they contained, and the Light they sought to shine, have now returned. Once again they seek to shine their great Light, to spread their higher wisdom, to guide, to show the way forward at this great time on Earth. A time when a birth is eminent - the birth of a new age, the birth of a new cycle for all.

Man must now open to a new consciousness, a higher consciousness. For only in that state of higher consciousness will man meet the Light, and therefore absorb the Light energy.

As you absorb more Light into your entire being, your thoughts and feelings will begin to change. You will desire peace in your life, in your surroundings. You will move away from discontent, anger, the busyness of the outer world. You will seek to uncomplicate all areas of your life. Both the inner and the outer. You may ask of me, "how is my inner life complicated?" I say to you to look to your mental and emotional bodies. What thoughts of worry do you hold on to? What concerns? What scenarios generated by others do you ponder over? How much stress do you carry from your work? All of these thoughts flow from your mental body into your aura.

And your emotional body. You hold the negative cutting remarks from others here. Also the negative thoughts about yourself. Many of you feel you are inadequate in some way. You criticize yourself frequently. Then there are the old childhood and past hurts you store here. Some of you carry around an emotional pantry. One filled with a vast array of various fears and hurts. This my friend is a complicated inner life

It is time to clean out the emotional pantry. Time to review your feelings, your thoughts. Time to gain inner peace, to create it. You can begin in a small way. Begin to heal, to forgive. Many find this difficult, to forgive others. Yet this very act is the core of your future.

As you connect to a higher energy, forgiveness will follow with seemingly little effort on your part. You will simply want to forgive. This is the power of the Light, a higher consciousness. Why do you think it is that the wise ones, the gurus on your planet radiate such peace, radiate a glow in their aura? Why do you suppose that would be? They are the same as you after all. They have skin and bones, an emotional and a mental body. What is different? I will tell you. They have made another choice to you, they have chosen a new way of life, of consciousness. They have chosen to accept Light into their lives. For the Light energy is a higher consciousness, a flow of higher vibrational energy. They have chosen to bring this energy into their inner lives, into their emotional and mental body, into their physical bodies, into every cell. Their cells receive this healing energy every moment, day or night. This is why the wise ones radiate peace. The glow they radiate is their own Light energy. They made a choice to receive this into their lives. To live in this energy. This is available to all.

Your soul knows this energy. Your soul is full of this higher energy. That is why as you connect to your soul in meditation you feel the peace, the inner joy. Your earthly concerns fall away. My friend they fall away because they are your "outer" life concerns. Of no real interest to your soul, only to your ego and your mental body. Your soul is energy, is Light, you see. You have created your outer life. All of it. Your home, your car, your job, money, wants. This is your outer creation. Do you see?

Of course some have lost their home, their cars, their jobs. They are reshaping their lives. I say to those ones, join together, plant crops for your food. Share your knowledge. Work together. It is in the togetherness where your new path lies.

Much is spoken of the year 2012. Some create sensation in movies. They play on the unknown and create fear in the masses. They do this for financial reward. They feel the more fear, the more sensational they can make their movie, the more it will be deamed to be successful. But I ask "by who's measure?"

Your year 2012 is about what I have been speaking to you of - a higher consciousness. Accepting it.

Thinking differently than you have in the past. Having compassion and above all, forgiveness. For forgiveness and a higher consciousness go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. Some call this a great shift. It is a great shift - of mans consciousness. This will create a great shift in the energy of the Earth. Through the raised energy all plants will flourish. The poisons you call pesticides will cease to be. Man will be healthier, and happier. This will be the result of the great shift.

So now that I have explained this to you, let me ask you, "what is it you fear? How real do you think your fear is? Do you need to continue to hold onto those fearful thoughts?"

Of course there will be clearing to do for many of you. This is part of the transition. Part of leaving the old behind you. It is past, gone. You cannot relive it, no. So why do you need to hold onto it? The answer is simple, you don't need to. You choose to. There is a difference, a big difference. I say to you to remember you reside on a planet of choice, of free will.

You stand at a crossroad. What do you choose now? What do you wish to be for you. How do you choose to live? Do not think of this as a difficult choice, rather think of this as a God given opportunity - to re-create your life, to connect to your soul, to be at peace.

Master Kuthumi



mifasolasi 5th November 2009 4:14 pm

wonderful .. Thank you :smitten:


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