Your Divine Twin Flame

It is my great joy to meet you once more as our energies unfold in the Divine existence of love and Light.

I speak to you today of intent - intent of a different kind to perhaps what your old paradigms hold. For in the old ways you would speak and then take that intent of your spoken word through into action in your physical reality.

This applied itself in many varied ways. Your spoken intent was used in projecting your ideas, goals, feelings. In blessing your food, in sending distant healing to another, in many ways. For it was what you knew, what you had been taught. And indeed this method is still relevant.

Yet my friend, today I give you a new way. A new method empowered with Divine will, love and Divine wisdom. Yes, it is indeed possible to receive, use, and project wisdom from the Divine. It is this which I wish to share with you. For you are ready now. You understand that you are now living in times of transition. You understand that new waves of peace, Divine Light and love are penetrating the very air you breath to survive. This energy is also activating you higher heart, connecting you to the love and wisdom of the Divine.

Just as you understand that transitional events litter your planet and your physical and emotional bodies, you are able to now take a further step in your evolution of growth. It is a simple step, and it is not new knowledge by universal standards. Though many may think of this as a new way of communicating to the people of your world. The first simple step is to leave all of your worldly worries and concerns behind. They weigh heavy do they not? I say to you, drop them off your back as you would a cloak.

t is time to trust in higher guidance, and indeed by trusting in this way, that higher guidance will run parallel to your own higher self, uniting your own twin flame of the Divine.

And so, your life becomes one of total abundance, joy and peace. It is not difficult. Yes, it does indeed require trust, yet as you connect to your Divine Twin Flame you trust your own self, for your higher self takes dominance over your ego self with its many lower demands and desires.

So you see the joyous and wonderful transition. In this also, through your Divine Twin Flame, which radiates through your Divine higher heart center, this is the energy you now live with, and project. Not though words, no, through unspoken intent. Through your own Divine emotional body, your new emotional body.

You know already of your two existing emotional bodies - that of the lower emotional body and the higher emotional body. My friend there is a third - the Divine emotional feeling center. Think of it not as a "body" but as a universal omnipresent energy which is guided and projected by your Divine unspoken intent, the intent of your very inner feelings, Further, use this Divine unspoken intent to send Divine Omniversal love, healing and Light to the many souls and beings of your universe.

You see, you now extend beyond your world as you know it. All of this is your new Divine blueprint. The new way - the Golden Age. The age of golden Light which transcends all, and is omnipresent.

And so, as you still yourself, your physical body, your conscious mind, be still and connect through your higher heart, through your inner sacred core of Divinity which resides there, connect and send forth your intent of peace, love, unity and Light to the world.
Engulf yourself in the photons of pure Divine Light so present now on your planet. It is an energy. A Divine energy. A sacred energy.

You need do no more than this as often as you desire.

For much of your work has already been completed, in attaining and blending your old energies with your new Divinity. This level cannot be attained until you connect fully to your sacred core of Diamond Light held within your higher heart. At this point your old paradigms of behavior have been released - you have out grown them. You no longer need them. For you have entered now into new higher realms.

I say to those of you who have attained this level of great love and peace "Welcome Home". Come, celebrate with us. For you are the new teachers of mankind, the teachers of the Light.

My love surrounds all in Unity of Light.

Master Kuthumi



Rob Meyer 20th February 2008 9:02 pm

I'm not sure about it all but I think I remember you from a past life. Did you not make friends with animals? I was the dog then, probably still am. I met you on the road and you were covetous of the gold I carried in my belt, little brother. Like you had notions of starting a church.

Two Eagles - Wolf Clan - Earthship Central

Amy 11th January 2009 2:37 am



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