Breaking Free or Cutting Loose?

Breaking Free

How's your May been so far?  Anything like you expected?  Well, that is, assuming you have any expectations left in this process.

If May is a messy month that you just can't figure out how to clean up, then welcome to the misery of "breaking" free!

We are in the process of literally...and in some ways, suddenly... breaking off from our old selves & lives, dismantling the remaining outworn vestiges of our past and with seemingly no support to fix anything...shocker.

If this is happening for you, if the bottom is falling out of your life and you see/feel/know of no way to fix what's broken, no supports are always on the back end of the dismantling process, but first we are forced to sit still one final time and take solid inventory of our lives and wants, all that needs to go, and all that needs upgrading.

In other words...this is IT...the last hurrah from this insane cycle to deal with, face, release, and break free from our mis-created goo before a new cycle of creation begins.

I am hearing that the most important thing to consider during this time is:  "What do I want for my new life?"

Now, granted we have been pondering, imagining, speculating and contemplating these desires for a decade however, at this time...from mid-May until July...we need to revise our desires one last time to be sure they are the absolute highest version of what we want as we begin to take the logical steps to creating and implementing them in physical form over the next several years.

This breaking free business has been no joke this month...especially with all the grounded and earthy celestial support, much in our physical lives is undergoing radical and rapid transformation.

On a personal level, I will share how these "wrapping-up" energies are manifesting in my own life:

Since the beginning of May my push lawnmower died; my riding lawnmower exploded; the bottom of my Jetta fell off on a highway; my brand new computer...that many of you helped me to purchase! needs repair; a class action suit for my car just arrived requiring me to replace the carpet & padding (at my upfront cost) before July so I can file a claim to get reimbursed; I received a loan modification settlement for my home which is in the negotiation stages; my student loans just came out of forbearance after 15 years of deferment, and then I got summonsed for jury duty for the last 2 weeks in May during what was going to be the launch period of my brand new website that I have been working on for 2+ years...(more on that coming soon!)

All this piled high on top of that giant Nagasaki-like dirt pit I call a yard from the broken water pipe disaster that I wrote about this past winter...see photo for effect:

So yeah, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things to "fix", tend to and pay for without knowing what's next on the horizon or how we will make it happen, but keep in mind that endings & beginnings happen simultaneously. 

Luckily, life is a upward spiral of evolution...which means each time we come full circle we are not only at the end, but at the beginning again.  Only glitch in this system is that the end arrives first.

So like the rest of you out there hanging on by a thread, and swimming in seas of uncertainty...I too must patiently? wait with detachment.  And not by me, I fight the urge to "make things happen" daily...but until support arrives, there really is just no point.  In the meantime, we just have to hang on, stay focused on our new creations until they manifest, and manage the chaos.

Luckily, for most of you reading this, we have mastered the art of "waiting" and "watching" our own lives crumble beneath us, so this is getting to be old-hat.

And just to be clear here...its not as if we are waiting for any THING to happen, we are waiting for universal and energetic alignment and support in the form of inspiration, clarity, motivation, ease, grace, opportunities, etc....all those things that come TO us in the natural flow of forward movement as opposed to reaching out and forcing things to happen.

I think  Francis Lucille said it best:  All effort is ignorance.

The reason so much is crumbling at once, is because it's crunch time!  Some major planets are switching some major gears, so anything unresolved that needs our attention will be rapidly surfacing until late June so we can tend to all practical details and tie up loose ends.  And know too that it doesn't let up until we've resolved it all...the last week of May the pace will increase even more prompting us to clear the clutter for the incoming wave of new energies from the new celestial cycle before us (Late May-early June) where we take our first solid steps in our brand new lives.

Cutting Loose

If you are not currently breaking free (or down) there is another scenario present that you may be experiencing...similar to breaking free, I call this one "cutting loose".  The difference between the two is that cutting loose is more of a feeling of being dangled over a river of rapids with nothing to grab onto and no one to assist you.  It is a feeling of "this life is over" ...but now what?

In this situation, your endings are clearly here or in sight, but your beginnings are NOWHERE to be found... and if they are, you have NO IDEA how to get from here to there.  You may have quit your job, for example, or sold your home or business, or left a relationship, but with no connection to whats to come.  You may be left hanging in thin air with no vision, no inspiration, no money, no home and worst of all, no intuitive foresight.  Just a random act of faith that defies all logic and might even have you questioning your sanity or if you've done something wrong or missed a sign with regard to following your heart.

You may be thinking:  "I did all this work to end up HERE?"

If you are in this space, know that you are right on track...we all are. We are simply cutting all chords connecting us to the lower dimensional reality matrices (our old life) and once we wrap up all the details of our past, we are poised and in position for our next level creations.

We were baited here for many years by that dangling carrot we relentlessly chased in pursuit of what we deeply know to be transpiring, yet with out any physical proof.  Now that we're here, the carrot is gone...but unfortunately, so is everything else...including our past & future which makes us floaters with an inability to move in any direction...that is, until we learn how to fly.

We have purified on so many levels of our being that any excess time spent in the past or future can derail us...and we have become so present-focused that the past & future are like figments of our imagination.  The only thing that sucks about this is that the present still sucks...but not for long.  The incredible feeling of lightness and freedom from being severed from the old timeline is just about ready to blow our minds.

Over and again I am hearing that we are literally straddling our soul transition...we are at the end of a MAJOR celestial cycle and at the beginning of our new lives...and that the the changing of tides, the shifting of universal cycles is not just available for those who are anticipating & conscious of them, but for all of earths inhabitants.


One thing that has been nearly impossible to maintain the last few weeks is b a l a n c e.  The energies are increasing and fluctuating so rapidly that finding and keeping your center may have been a serious challenge.  Just when you think you're stabilized, something new comes along and knocks you off your center again.  Luckily, this seems to have let up a bit for the time being.

When the energy kicks up like this it is SO important to protect your energy field by remaining neutral to external events & toxins (detachment) and maintaining strong boundaries through presence.  Lower energies that seep into the field of a highly purified (open hearted) soul can feel very violent and damaging since they vibrate so much lower than our natural state of being.  These lower thought forms and lodged reality constructs that get lifted during major downloads are a starseeds' proverbial kryptonite...they can quite literally suck the life-force out of you and bring you to your knees in an instant. 

As we complete our grounding and reconnection we will become much more stabilized and resilient to these energies, but in the meantime, be sure to seek refuge in nature, love, laughter, creativity, or anything that can keep you present-focused until the storm passes and the dust settles.

What Now?

We are at a major crossroads...a turning point in our lives.  We are still emerging in our full authenticity, but pushing through to the other side and preparing to enter a brand new cycle of physical creation which will build the framework for the new earth.

Chunks of the new are definitely arriving and even if we can't yet see how they will fit together or feel our way to the other side, we can or will soon see the physical and logical steps that we need to make to get there.  And this is just the beginning, the known changes we have worked for...we haven't even touched on the quantum breakthroughs and unknown opportunities that are soon to blast open our next level adventures!

Our new directions will become clearer in the next several weeks and as we turn the corner many long-awaited changes will begin to click perfectly into place.  Now that we have all but fully aligned with the rhythm of the universe, we will begin to live our lives as the fulcrum of presence and perfect timing ensuring that each choice is of the highest.  This new state of being and creation will enable us to finally make the physical changes necessary to create the outer version of our inner visions.

What Next?

Moving ourselves out of the past and into the future will be the focus of the next 6 weeks.

For the remainder of May and into June we will be continuing to wrap up the old and leaving much of our past behind.  If we are successful in tying up all loose ends, then the beginning of June offers us the ability to step into a whole new world.  This transition may be swift, unusual or unexpected for some but the end result will be total alignment with our authentic selves in an authentic life.

The next leg of the journey is about bringing our fully integrated & karmic-free selves into a whole new world.

As stated in past articles, there are also those who will be retiring from service all together...these souls will be replaced by the next wave of awakening souls and it will be for this group to now bask in the playfulness of life.  These souls know well who they are and I am being told that you are "no longer required to uphold the energy pillars of new earth".

We would also like to mention that those who held the mission to create forcefields of electromagnetic energy around certain geographic locations on the planet will be set free to utilize their higher gifts of creation.  No longer is it required to uphold your service to the planet in this way, the next wave of energy workers will be stepping in to fulfill these roles.

And for those who had contracts to serve as the warrior brigade, you are now turning over your roles to a new wave of warriors.  These new warriors however, will be stationed in the physical world.  There is no longer a need for the silence that the first wave of warriors held to...a time of great action draws nigh. -Pleiaidans

Physical Happenings

In addition to the usual aches and pains, we are clearing out a lot of gunk from our lower (1st & 2nd) chakras.  This can mean a lot of LOWER BACK PAIN, leg aches & joint weakness, intestinal & urogenital flare-ups and clearings (IBS, candida, parasites, colitis, Crohns, UTI's, kidney stones, bladder & yeast infections, etc.)  These are coming up and out to be healed as our lightbodies "touch down" into the most physical parts of our lives.  These imbalances will not "go away" until we have purified, integrated and grounded into our full physical form...which is what many are completing now.

On a bio-energetic level, what is happening now is the finalization of the switch over from carbon to crystalline... electromagnetic to scalar.  This month and into the June Solstice/eclipse period, you are completing the reconnection to enable these (scalar) energies to fully activate in your auric fields. Those with the light quotient required for full activation will be harnessing the potentials within these scalar wave frequencies and beginning to apply them in the outer world. -Pleiadians

On an emotional level, we are clearing truck loads of fear which is what triggers the release of these deeply embedded cellular memories, dis-ease & imbalances within our physical bodies.  Lots of anxiety and feelings of restlessness or unease have been hanging around as well as erratic sleeping patterns, fatigue, lack of motivation/inspiration & general feelings of disconnection, and even depression.  We should begin to feel a lift in these energies momentarily.

See you next month!



queen 20th May 2010 6:58 am

Does anyone know whether it is possible for someone to kiss you and "suck the life force out of you" I had a brief relationship with someone these past couple of months, and quite a few occasions when we were kissing I felt this was happening ? The passage in this article just reminded me of it. It was a bizarre feeling and Ive never come across it before, but always the next day after seeing this guy i felt extremely tired... Anyway i have definately broken free of him ! :smitten:

angelk 20th May 2010 10:03 am

Lauren, your insight is amazing and so welcome in making sense of what's happening. Blessings of peace and grounding to you in your own life. Thank you for sharing your personal adventures thru the tumult and may we all be peacefully and blissfully placed now from what appears to have been a rough lunar landing cycle (which is pictured perfectly from your own yard!). Namaste,

energygalore 20th May 2010 10:18 am

Hi Queen! there's a really cool movie entitled The Celestine Prophecy (available at video rentals) based on J Redfield's book, that shows a lot of the relationship dynamics from energy standpoint... would answer your Q; take care !

vanessaj 20th May 2010 10:20 am

Dear Queen: Yes it is, but its not just through kissing. It could be just by being around someone. I've had the same experience, in fact I was married to a person that had that effect on me, and only after 8 years of marriage and having a spiritual awakening did i become wise to it, and since then its become a topic of tremendous interest to me. Dark spirits is what I call those that are not connected to divine source and thus need to get their energy from other people, aka "energy bleeders". They tend to gravitate to positive energy types, and after being around one of these types or establishing a relationship, they drain your energy through "cords" of attachment. You can sever these yourself with the intention, or you can ask your favorite divine being to help you, like Archangel Michael. Cords tend to attach at the solar plexus chakra so you can "cut" these cords with intention or ask Michael. Reiki or other energy healing directed to your spiritual body & physical body will also help, I recommend this for you, as I can see your spiritual body is still being drained.

crazywolf 20th May 2010 12:37 pm

Thank You Lauren.
Always good to know what this is all about. Much is being cleared still on all levels.
I Love You, CW

Lily 20th May 2010 11:29 am

Dear Lauren,
Thank you so much for all your encouraging clarifications and explanations for what has been happening to me for many years. It is so good to hear that there really are changes coming, and that I am not alone. I wish you all possible blessings.

Dear Queen,
Vanessa expressed very well what I have experienced, also. That kind of energy drain can happen just when someone is talking to you. You can become more sensitive to it, recognize it in its more subtle manifestations and get away from it faster. You might just find yourself thinking, "Gee, why is that person acting that way?" It can seem as though their underlying effort is to draw something from you, rather than to be in an equal communicative exchange, or a simple pronouncement of themselves, as so many people do. Good luck with it! Good for you for breaking off.

misafir 20th May 2010 3:28 pm

Great 'sincere'-ity.
Maybe Lauren lives what she lives because she has a mission to reflect what the majority lives in this transition time. If she had not this mission, she would perhaps experience the things ahead of 2010, now.
It seems to me that, considering the majority marching thru a specific timeline, some people march ahead of that timeline. In our case, we are in 2010, and I dont mean that some fewer people live 2020 now, but rather several months or 1-2 years of difference in time, say, some already live 2011 in this year of 2010. For example, some might have already started the initial states of a reconstruction of a new life. And this should be conducting a good news to the follow-comers that for them also soon a reconstruction period will show up.
Still, action is to be taken. Because, although the action may not reach its goal, it can be expected that it will produce positive by-products. (Perhaps not an ego oriented but rather an intuition spirit-heart oriented kind of action.)

Shineyourlight 20th May 2010 5:52 pm

Tears of sweet recogniction and appreciation for your words of insight and truth. I wait patiently for your posts every month as i feed of your information. I love you. I honor you. I thank you for all the of laughters and sweet moments of reminding me of my journey and mission as an awakening starseed. Thank you for comforting me when life gets to be to caotic. Thank you for inspiring me when i am close to giving up. Thank you for being authentic and real. You have given me hope many times over this last year. For that i am eternally grateful. The celebration of oneness is drawing closer...i can feel it in my bones.
I can feel it in my heart.
The I in I is ONE with the You in You.


Sonic Princess 20th May 2010 6:15 pm

Thanks so much Lauren, it's def been a dizzying, spinny week. :crazy2 seriously been wondering I have been imagining all this bizzo...soul shock.. amoungst other things...but the magic is there, it's real. :smitten:

k 20th May 2010 11:00 pm

queen, I would sure be interested in knowing this also. I try to see the negative people I encounter as being illusions, and thus not get emotional about the hate or anger they throw at me,(be an observer of the illusion) but I can not understand why I can be effected so much by the energies of some people I encounter, if they are just illusions. Judith Orloff refers to these people as energy vampires. But, what make a vampire? If we project what is inside of us onto the forms that we sense with our senses, why should there be this feeling we have when around some people. I do not think there is that much evil in me to cause me to project so much onto into the world that I sense with my five senses. It is the lack of love in the eyes of the people I meet that causes me the most concern. Do I lack so much love that I am not able to see it in my fellow human?

vkd1 21st May 2010 3:00 am

Hi K & Queen, I suspect some of this is karmic. Seems you can't avoid or be immune to everyone, no matter how you try. Your point K about not having stuff to project makes me think this too. I know also that I seem to be having trouble with particular individuals that I just know isn't a "reflection of what is within" situation. Just plain cords and karma. Of course, until you go thru that, these people seem to drain you completely. Funny, my worst one of these started with a kiss.

queen 21st May 2010 7:14 am

Hi Guys, thanks for all the feedback, I have brought this topic up with friends and they all looked at me like I was crazy ! I have definately experienced this before from just standing/being next to someone, but had never had such an intense feeling as when kissing this guy. And the "energy vampire" idea did come to my mind, so its interesting to know there might be something to it along those lines. I do think it was another karmic lesson I needed to go through, just glad it was over pretty quickly. Although vanessaj I do think your right, I still feel completly drained, and will be booking in for some Reiki. And energygalore I have read Celestine Prophecy, but might re-read it also to get more info.
Thanks again :smitten:

Mys. Terious 21st May 2010 9:36 am

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

Satya 21st May 2010 11:51 am

Thank you for such great insight, as always!

This particular message brought a smile to my face, as I had just had a little parking lot accident and was thinking, "WHY"? Then I read your post and saw that picture, and it helped me see things in a more humorous way! ; )

Hang in there!


Yonatan 22nd May 2010 5:27 am

Thank you Lauren!!

I feel all that you say.

Much Love,


Lori Barbaria 23rd May 2010 8:06 am

Dear Lauren,
Bless you and thank you for being able to read and describe the overall dimensional activity. It makes one feel way lees insane and alone in the process. What you say makes total sense out of what seems senseless. I love and am so grateful for these posts.
Lori Barbaria
(Author of Abracadabra Create As You Speak)

Dr. Wellbeing 23rd May 2010 8:23 pm

Hi Queen:
You have just kissed a an energetic vampire. As that was one of my archetypes, I used to behave as one, and I know the behavior well. The person sucking you dry, has no idea how to access and use their internal Life Force energy, so they are attracted to and literally feed themselves on your energy. They feel great as they feed. The Ego can be flattered by energetic vampires as they are mesmerized by you.

Stay away from them, as they will continue to parasitically feed off you.
Dr. Wellbeing

Dr. Wellbeing 23rd May 2010 8:42 pm

Thank you Lauren!!! I thought I had gone mad. My whole life fell apart. I did all that internal work, learned the energies that I incarnated to clean up, understood the Maya I created as a child (through RoHun)and stopped playing in it (complete detachment). I raised my vibration, consciously managed my energy flows, changed the nature of all my relationships, ...for this. I have not been this unstable in many years. Center? Where's that? Ha Ha ha!

I still have no motivation or direction, except from what I "thought" my future was before this intense breaking free began. I do enjoy watching the breaking down of Ego's remnants, the complete surrendering.

I will continue to allow this purge, not judge, and await the new direction from the inner guidance system. My clairaudience helps, as I am told that I am being held and literally cocooned as the old energies poor out to be transformed.

Thank you again.
Jodi (aka Dr. Wellbeing)

queen 26th May 2010 8:02 am

Thanks Mys Terious for the website link, it was very interesting!
Also thankyou to Dr Wellbeing, Im so glad because you describe exactly what i felt when I was kissing this guy, and even from just being around him. Hopefully now Im away I'll get back to myself again..
Thanks also to Lauren for describing my life at the moment, but good to know it all has a purpose and the new is just around the corner.
Love to all :smitten: