Climbing Out of the Rabbit Hole

WARNING: This post is rated PG (Personal Guidance) by the Light-Worker Association of America. Some content may not be deemed suitable for many woo-woos, cloud-jumpers & self-proclaimed love-n-lighters. Personal Guidance is strongly Suggested. Contains: cutting sarcasm, brutal honesty & brief scenes of non-sugar-coated content.

Surviving May

I don't have many words for the month of May, other than to say...up-yours.

Though the beginning of the month teased us with a short burst of creativity and connection, the last three weeks were like trying to kayak in quicksand. At any given moment we were given two choices: 1) to keep paddling, knowing quite well we were going NOwhere... OR ...2) get out of the kayak, sink and suffocate.

May was masochistically forcing us to stabilize in these increasingly volatile energies by helping us to deeply a visceral based way.... that we definitely could not bail-out of the work we signed up for while being barraged with any remaining fears we were hanging on to so we could effectively move on into the action-packed pace of the upcoming summer months (in the northern hemisphere).

It was, quite literally, a month of left-right punches every single time we stepped out of neutrality. If we even attempted to waddle to the extremes, voluntarily tasting the bitterness of duality one last time, we were given a swift universal upper-cut to remind us that we are no longer treading those polarized waters.

Translation: we were given many opportunities to transcend duality, to merge with the infinite in our pursuit of higher consciousness. These opportunities were laced with the temptations to venture back into the old ways of being and feeling and yet if/when we did, we were met with an overwhelmingly oppressive force of opposition. In other words, there really is no choice left but to move forward at this stage of the game...but all month long we were definitely baited into thinking that we had a choice (sike) just so we felt "in control" of our process. As if.

Last month was crafty, cruel and insidious. And thankfully, its over...but now we all need a shot and a prozac to deal with the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that accompanies these clearing cycles.

New ground

On the eve of June 1st...the first day out of that horrid month of May... and right before drifting off into insomnia land, I noticed quite a bit of ether-chatter penetrating my desperately-trying-to-be-still mind. "We have so much to share with you!" is what I was attempting to ignore in pursuit of a decent night's sleep... but as always, I just couldn't resist the ol' hook-n-reel.

My hope was that the invisibles were just as delighted to be out of May as we are and wanted to let us know just how ridiculous the month had actually been. But probably not. They are way less jaded than those of us trapped in these inflated flesh suits and chained to this particular point in time & space. As a result, they are always bursting through that very thin veil with relentless optimism.

But they did have some valid and enticing points...namely, that we just may be (finally) climbing out of that ridiculous rabbit hole, just as many of us have been feeling, expecting and anticipating the last few torturous months.

Could it be?

Well, they are asking US to decide. They say that we are walking on new ground but they want to know if WE feel it...if we feel the difference in our mental and emotional stability? If we can suddenly feel a greater distance between peaceful centeredness and the lower dimensions of chaos and fear.

I know for myself, the lower thought forms that used to torment and chase me around... up until this past Monday... are suddenly faded out and seem very far away. I mean, I can summons them if I really want to, but the distance is great enough that I don't feel I need constant protection and shielding.  This is really good sign.

Literally, as of the first day of June, you may have started feeling a general sense of calm, especially in comparison to May, but also a feeling like everything is finally in place, with a sudden side-dish of focused productivity.

Last month catapulted us into a new world, a new reality, new level of being and a new framework by which to operate. This month, many of us we will climb out of the hole and get our feet firmly planted on new ground. We may look at our familiar surroundings, but with feelings of unfamiliarity. Surely we entered the rabbit hole in the same location we are exiting... but nothing is, or ever will be, the same.

The new space by which we now inhabit has many portals to grand opportunities. Akin to a maze, I am being shown that we will be exploring many twists and turns and the accompanying excitement that comes with surprises and new beginnings around every corner. There is so much to be uncovered in this new space, and each of us with the light quotient required to access these portals of potential are beginning to realize our long-held dreams...and more!

Staying in Love

Though June promises many life-altering changes, it is still a month of transition and the good ol' foot in both worlds scenario. The 5D connections are increasing in length & depth... as is our focus and connection to creativity... however, we are still grounding, stabilizing and finishing up many physical changes.

It will therefore be another month of maintaining the balancing act, but with so much celestial support and many powerful astrological alignments, we will have WAY more connection and ability to move forward than last month (hopefully with milder symptoms), deeper integration of authenticity and even sudden blasts of new information/inspiration that will take us further into the making of our dreams as the next steps reveal themselves.

I am seeing June as an important segue between May and July. May was all about severing ties and separating ourselves from any and all chords binding us to 3d...July is about immersing ourselves completely in our new lives and ventures...and June is kind of like a gateway month, an amalgamation of both energies.

There will most likely be a visible split between realities (on a personal and collective level)...a balance of wrapping up past details while at the same time negotiating all those new ideas, opportunities, and projects that will be part of our new lives. There will also be clashing and erupting of outworn cycles and thinking for those still on their way down the rabbit hole, so anchoring in your center-point and staying in love will be very helpful.

Speaking of falling deeper down the rabbit hole, a very common question I receive often from many of you is..."how do I know where I am with regard to this universal process?" ...and the best way I can answer that is to say that climbing out of the hole should feel like the next "logical" should just make plain sense on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

On a psycho-spiritual you should feel like there is nothing left to uncover, that all options have been exhausted and no stone has been left unturned. You would have faced every fear at least 14,000 times, left behind all of your be-lie-fs and delusions, become completely simplified & transparent, healed all relationships...especially with yourself...and feel so burned out that nothing can really phase you anymore. You basically would have been boiled down to your authenticity, comfortable with yourself in all ways and to the point that you could care less about most things.

In other words, your ego will have been pulverized by your higher self and beaten into a proverbial pulp where you arrive at complete surrender to what is. In fact, you should be void of resistance on all levels (mostly from exhaustion) and able to go with the flow feeling supported and in faith of your highest good.

On a physical level, you should see things wrapping up and finalizing in your life (endings you have been diligently working toward) and should have at least a vague idea of whats next for you...even if this means spiritual retirement or a time of PLAY...but for many this will be a time of birthing new creations, forming new partnerships, starting new jobs and/or businesses, moving to new geographic locations, all of the above, etc...and for the most part you could have been working toward and planning for this in a physical way for a long time while stringing along the slow-moving pieces to your overall cosmic puzzle.

For the bridgers, your next-level creations should be about to birth in the physical world, or maybe even birthed already, and there is most likely some form of visible understanding of how this will play out for least in part. At the very least, the skeleton of your contributions will have been created and waiting for universal support to fill in the "how", but you may have all of the connections, partners, and systems in place and ready to move forward with the incoming tide.
Most are somewhere in the middle.

Physical Happenings

My definition of miracles has certainly changed. With all this lower chakra cleansing, a miracle to me now is being able to sleep two hours without getting up to pee. Late April and all of May (coupled with a visit to webMD) had me completely convinced that I have prostatitis, when in fact we are just dumping and eliminating toxins.

Seriously people...we are kicking up so much debris in the lower three (physical based) chakras that it can be confusing, disconcerting and frightening at times....which is partly the point since we are releasing lots of fear-based realities of survival and thwarted expressions of creation.

Many of us have been living in a state of constant healing crisis since 2001, yet each time we go thru one, its so easy to be convinced that we are actually getting sicker, when really we are healing. It's such a mind game. To me, there is not much difference between healing and sickness since they both suck, so it's a constant struggle to determine which way I'm headed. To eliminate this confusion, I just chalk everything up to healing and get out of my way. This has saved me dozens of times.

The most intense symptoms the last 6 weeks or so have been pouring out from the 1st and 2nd chakras as we physically bolt ourselves into the new earth. This means we're still clearing our intestinal & urogenital systems and this can be quite uncomfortable. Bloating, urgency, frequent elimination, lower back pain, lower abdominal cramping, menstrual irregularities, yeast flare ups, kidney soreness, leg pain & numbness, feet pain & numbness, feeling heavy from the waste down, etc.

The heart center, our new earth communication devices, are still expanding, adjusting and preparing for the full expression of our authentic selves (throat center) which is creating the usual heartburn/indigestion/acid reflux, pain behind the heart (middle of back), bronchitis, shortness of breath, palpitations, increased heart rate, and throat clearings (sore throat, earache, neck stiffness/aching, etc.)

We are also burning off lots of old energies/connections/realities in dreamtime which can create bouts of insomnia/restless sleeps coupled with deep/far away sleeps where we wake up confused and soaking wet from night sweats. Those are my favorite.

But on the positive side you may be finally climbing out of that depressive/fatigued funk you were in, starting to feel some joy/peace/love...or finding the ability to create again.   If not, you will soon.  Overall, we will be able to accomplish many more physical things this month as compared to last.

Depending on where you are on your journey, these symptoms will begin lessening and fading out for some, increasing in intensity for others. For those that are finishing up the reconnection and rewiring phase (those leading the new timeline), I am hearing that we will still be physically balancing and adjusting for much of the month of June, but apparently will stabilize around the solstice/eclipse portals.  As always, we will know more as we get closer.

All in all, be sure to give yourself and each other a big pat on the back for making it thru one of the most difficult and challenging months of the journey.

You warriors have some hard core staying power...

still kickin',



Kirin 3rd June 2010 5:15 am

Dear Lauren.

How I love you!!!!! Your honest, no-nonsense mess-ages have become so dear to me! Yours are one of the few I am still interested in.....

A heartfelt thank you, for walking with us and clarifying beyond any doubt!!!

When abundance starts flowing, I will send you a donation for a nice, well earned vacation!

Love, Kirin

whiterose 3rd June 2010 6:08 am

Lauren you are the candle in the wind, it never goes out!

with love

Tzaddi 3rd June 2010 8:25 am

Thanks, Lauren. Because you express so right-on what I've felt and experienced throughout this journey, I have not felt alone, and that's huge. I can't imagine this experience without your words, the light in the storm. Many blessings to you! 3rd June 2010 9:10 am

Once again Lauren you have articulated exactly how it really is. Thank you for confirmation that May sucked! I was not alone! Everytime I ventured out I was met with so much resistance that I had a hard time keeping my centre. All I kept noticing and saying to myself was that the world seemed to be going backwards- situations and people that had previously seemed to be going forwards now were going back to old programming in the last three weeks. It took everything in me to stay centred and at the same time move forward. I found it very challenging to observe the world around me without feeling depressed and completely bewildered.
Anyone out there understand this backwards observation?

Then all of a sudden peace started reigning again. Wow- thanks for explaining this one- I can see now what this energy was challenging me to do. Blessings to you!

mira 3rd June 2010 10:14 am

Dear Lauren, thanks for your hard hitting honesty and hilarity, in these most extraordinary times. You are a life-line for so many. When you share your experiences there is always confirmation that we are on track, and that has been invaluable.

Many thanks and much love,

Corrina 3rd June 2010 10:19 am

Yes!!! Thank you, Lauren for your realness. Your words connect me to the whole. We are doing this together. What a relief to not be alone. Keep on carrying on...many blessings!

Mys. Terious 3rd June 2010 12:06 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

StarEnergy 3rd June 2010 4:18 pm

i can totally agree with you lol...i keep looking at people thinking to myself what are you doing? that should have went there this to that was funny but not i have to find the humore.

StarEnergy 3rd June 2010 4:22 pm

Much hugs there lauren you hit the nail again..but i can say i tired of feeling like im beaten down...i had the most awsome feeling and it stayed yea! the feeling is that iam worthy!! worthy of the universae loving me not me lookibng for love in someone else iam so grateful to be bout the rabbit hole...i was driving home yesterday and felt like i was in a total diffrent world i knew what was going on but i knew i was like baty in fern gully i changed channeling was alil unerving but i did mhy best to let my soul take the wheele...ugh lol metaphoricaly speaking anyways lol

much love

mifasolasi 4th June 2010 12:17 am

My dearest Lauren,

I am breathless, speechless just reading your message...
For a moment I thought that someone wrote this for me, discribing my excact position, feelings, situation..
I suddenly lost my beloved young brother on 13th of May.. This was The Ascention day for Orthodoxs.. Nothing is the same anymore for all my family members.. Before this event I had succeded ( at least I thought) for a long time neutrallity and stillness..
Keeping all my principles and inner work on track I still trying to ballance this fight between human and spiritual self.. spirituality wins, but human self is still here being present by deep pain and all daily challenges comming from people all around.. So many difficulties concerning sleeping field, body aches and a very deep sence that during those one or two houres' sleeping time , very deep, core, changes occures.. It is something like a deep war inside..
I know that all this will be tranformed some day..but until then,living on Earth these very moments.. it is cruel.. you are so right.. Thank you so much for this message..

Cherub 4th June 2010 12:57 am

:smitten: Thanx so much.

I thought the 1st June was my experience but now i know it was for everyone.

I remember dreaming of looking at a tv screen and seeing this beautiful story play out and the last thing i saw on the screen was sacred heart and then the tv went blank. i woke up, i then heard all these voices and then the static feeling of a non physical presence and then this heavy weight decended on me so much, i thought i was going to die because i could'nt breathe.

well at least your story helped me make sense of 1st june experience. :thumbs:

johneblums 4th June 2010 1:22 am

I Love the "Rabbit Hole" for it is a metaphor for "RA-BEIT", meaning "House of Light" (from egyptian and hebrew). This is the spiritual mystical meaning of the easter rabbit/bunny. Many such spiritual words are used by my celestial family and many ascended masters and arkhea-angels as totems and also as a way of expressing their spiritual humor and joy. Some so-called light workers/walkers act or talk like prudish nuns or priests, still cloaked with the vestments of old outmoded paradigms. Enlightened spiritual communication from the celestial heart can be quite hilarious and sexual which I have been most fortunate to experience, as they are also energies of true PUR-ITY and synonymous with spiritual liberation. PUR is the greek word for FIRE and also relates to the greek word PUR-AMIS, meaning P-Y-RA-M-id. That is what the HOLY FIRE energy of the holy spirit is all about.. experience a life of joy and love, not a life cloisterd in solitude or self righteousness as in the dim dark ages. Also I love HELL+EN,as in the original meaning of these words as LIGHT, and EN-DLESS. I am a 'Sun' of Hellen...

Deeni 4th June 2010 1:38 am

Thank You Lauren.

Once again you tell it like it is, and set me straight. I have been feeling like one of those toy punching bags, where you get hit so hard you kiss good ol' Mother Earth, and then pop back up for another whack.


Straddling . . . straddling . . . ;D

I love you! All the love and support I can muster, I am sending your way, at this very moment.

Up-Yours to May indeed! B-bye! LOL

angelika 4th June 2010 5:52 am

Hi Lauren,
ooohh, how you made me smile: ) Your descriptions pretty much sum up what's been happening to me. I've also realised that as much as I still enjoy various spiritual articles they also leave me thinking, God, I must be crap and doing everything wrong because I didn't seem to be moving forward and nothing much was happening/changing in my life.

It was such a relieve to read your article putting it all back into perspective. It was interesting to read about the dreaming healing stuff. I had a very nasty, verrry real dream some time ago, which somehow kept haunting me in day times as well. Just around the 1st June I suddenly had a solution for said dream and its done. It feels kind of empowering and I now know what to do with other nasty stuff.

Well, I've started on my list on what I'd like to create, so thank you for that as well.

Wishing you lots of love and that your life unfolds beautifully and harmoniously and that all falls into place nicely and quickly.

fleurdelaforet 4th June 2010 9:22 am

Yeah, May definitely sucked. It was quite humbling, seeing how much unhealed shit i still have to deal with and how I don't always deal with it so perfectly.

Thank God for your articles. Thank you!!

ajsloan 4th June 2010 3:14 pm

Hi Lauren,

What you said about May and June really hit home. June started out with such amazing positive energy that I haven't felt in years. I am feeling so much energy and positiveness that it is mind blowing. I hope that this feeling continues forever!

Love2Laugh 4th June 2010 10:08 pm

The things we do 2 ground our light cities eh. Deeper levels of the same old shit. Once again AWSOME Lauren, you are the only channel I have any have any synchronised nrg left with. Can't handle those cloud jumpers anymore they feel like false shells. Thanku eva so much 4 being you & 4 the words that explain all the crap. Don't eva lose that sarcastic humor.

I love u...

Luke1111 7th June 2010 2:57 am

Thank you for this. Glad to know others went to hell and back during May.hahahahahaha. June has got to be a improvement. Im all Heart so I will see what happens.

kisser 7th June 2010 8:14 am

Thank you so much for being there! You are just what I needed after having been so fed up with the whole ascension-thing for many years. Felt out of place in the too much pinky rosy escapism atmosphere and vocabulary. You sort of helped to give me permission to be different even among lightworkers. Much love and gratitude from Copenhagen.

astrocloud 7th June 2010 11:41 am

Dear Lauren,
I have been reading Spirit Library for some time now but was never compelled to register until now. You piece blew me away. May was the worst month I have gone through that I can remember. The fear, anxiety, spirit surrounding me at night touching, poking me, it was relentless, I could'nt sleep. I begged thenm to stop, they would not. I had to see a Psychiatrist I seen 20 years ago when I separated from my wife. I was desparate,he put me on Larazepam. I was ready to throw in the spiritual towel (yeah right!)Then June came, I started to see clearer,gave up the meds, started up my energy work again and then Spirit backed off. It was like I travelled through a black tunnel and exited back into the light once again.
For me you were bang on. I thought I was going crazy and no one could understand what I was going through, not even my spiritual friends in the business.
Thanks, I loved your overall honesty in your piece. Keep it up.
Light & Love

planet21 21st June 2010 6:26 pm

Great article-explains how the energies have really been in May and june. And "Climbing Out Of The Rabbit hole" explains it well. We are really moving forward even if it does not look like it.