Creating in the New Vibrations Creativity

If you are wondering what has been going on in the ethers the last three weeks, you are definitely not alone.

November has been quite a month so far and while we are nearing the end of this most recent energy push, we are currently still sandwiched between the 11:11 & 12:12 portals integrating some unbelievably powerful energies.

Between the election here in the US, the 11:11 gateway, the Full Moon in Taurus and the entrance of the Galactic 6th day, I wasn't sure if we would ever see the light of hope again. In fact, if you are still standing after the barrage of unrelenting cosmic forces, you deserve a medal.

Though I know this has been a rough ride for many, I assure you that we are well on course toward the realization of our intended outcomes and when this
current integration period is complete (sometime during mid-December) we will find ourselves in the throes of an entirely new way of BEing.

This new state of consciousness that is slowly and occasionally peeking its head in is a direct result of so much clearing and purifying to make us whole again & more fully connected to Source.

And yes, the clearing and purifying has definitely created a massive healing crisis this month, so if you have been unable to do much of anything due to relentless fatigue, this may be why. As, rest, rest.

A word of wisdom: When we don't make the conscious choice to rest, we usually get knocked down with the energy flu. So choose to nurture yourself and be comfortable to honor yourself in this way.

What's it all for?

We are being fitted for our new roles. In the upcoming days of December and into the new year we will be slowly & methodically prepared for our new contracts of service, capable to see our next steps with clarity.

As the sun enters Sagittarius on the 21st we will be provided with much of the fire for embodying these new roles of service. In fact, some of this new energy can already be felt in the form of clearer thinking and increased vitality. This new vitality and feelings of a fresh new beginning will signal the entrance of our next-level journey into the new and true.

As we lead the brigade into 2009 it will be a
time of rejoicing for a new day will be born. A time for revitalization & healing, abundance & grace , new ways of living and being in a global community.

Creating in the New Vibrations

What lies directly ahead of us is the entrance of an era of new creation. New ways of existing will demand new ways of creating. What was once a time of force and effort will now be a time of joy and playfulness. The time for effortless conscious cocreation is afore and manifesting with the highest intentions will come in simplistic ways.

It is important to realize that the new ways of creating will have little connection to the old, for the new energy is a playground of possibilities, a breeding ground for future potentials.

In knowing this it is important to remember that we cannot return to the ways of old when we desire change in our lives, for the sheer force of effort will thwart our very intentions to receive.

The new energy is a magical potion of divine potential, a place where creations aren't made, but wielded. Everything that ever was or will be already IS...our role is merely to mold the ISness into matter.

To try to create simply doesn't work here, moreover, as we work to achieve results we banish ourselves from the flow of goodness. The point to cocreation is simply to BE the vessel of purity which allows all good things to come & to imagine possibility into form.

This concept will be rather difficult for many to adopt, especially here in the western world... for surely we have created a society by which we are trained to work hard for every goal, sacrifice for success and suffer for achievement.

Letting go of struggle & effort to make way for receiving is so vitally important to understand that I devoted an entire chapter to it in Step 7: Spiritual Selfishness of the 12 Essential Steps:

The repression of the goddess (receiving) energy had many ramifications, but as it
relates to spiritual selfishness & in the parlance of our times, this imbalance created a dynamic system that supports the masculine energy of doing to the extreme, while nearly extinguishing the very needed balance of receiving in our lives. This imbalance has created great strain on the general population & of course, on our beloved earth.

The way forward is peculiar at best, perhaps even uncomfortable and strange for some. This is because we will need to shift our intention from working for every gain to being for every gain. Allowing & receiving in lieu of striving.

The irony here is that stillness is really the only way forward.

In fact, did you know that one of the fastest ways to Be, Do & Have all that you dream of is to love yourself fully?

This is because when we love ourselves more fully we are lifting our vibration to the level of creation by honoring the principals of receiving.

The ascended realms have shared with me 9 principals of receiving that we must embrace to work with the new energies and to change our lives for the better.

Nine Principals of Receiving

  1. Love Yourself Fully (Nurture yourself daily)
  2. Realize Your Power to Choose (Destiny is a Choice)
  3. Cease to Long (Imagine You Already Have it All)
  4. Release Attachment to Outcomes
  5. Remain Open to Everything (Doubt Nothing)
  6. Give & Receive in Equal Measure
  7. Be Grateful for All Blessings
  8. Be Present in Each Now Moment
  9. Embrace Your Passions & Joy

When we do, when we embrace each of these spiritual principals in totality, we open the universal flow of goodness to flood our lives and those we share them with.

Each time we find ourselves at a still-point, incapable to create the life we envision, we must simply check back with these 9 principals of receiving to ensure that we are not blocking our cosmic flow with effort and creating solely from within.

The new energy is always with us, waiting to supply us with infinite abundance.
It is for us to allow it to be so that we begin to consciously cocreate our heaven on earth.

Wishing you magic & miracles!