Final energy update from Lauren Gorgo: 2012 - Think With Your Heart!

“We would first like to offer you a sincere welcome and congratulations! We are your friends from home, but closer than ever in thought vibration and we welcome you to the arrival of your destination point, 2012. There are so many profound & delightful changes before you.” -Pleiadian High Council

LOVE takes the LEAD

So we finally made it to the promised land!  Of course, we don’t really have a solid idea of what that means yet…mostly because we will have to create it…but the point is that together, we made it to what will prove to be the most pivotal year in human history.  For those of you who have been consciously working to LOVE yourselves back together, specifically & intensively since 1999…when the wheels started to come off…you are the new world teachers, guides, way-showers & bridgers. For this group, 2012 promises to be amazing in one extra-ordinary way: LOVE is f-i-n-a-l-l-y in first place and here to support you to the fullest.

The ability & freedom to LEAD with LOVE is the ultimate…the be-all, end-all and what we have worked so tirelessly for.  To finally get out of our heads and fully into our hearts is what we all signed up for, sacrificed for, lived on our couches faced every inner-demon for.  LOVE was always the goal.  Each breath of truth we willingly drew was to fan the divine (God)spark, to ignite the sacred three-fold flame within our heart space so that all our choices/intentions come from LOVE and not fear.  This is the freedom we earned, and the light we now inhabit will effectively illuminate every dark corner of the world.

Head to HEART

“We are coming forth on the ray of LOVE, a ray that you will become very familiar with this year, and we would like to extend a loving embrace to all those at the helm of new humanity.” -PHC

Leading with LOVE will change so much about our lives this year that by the end of 2012, our past may be unrecognizable.  We are stepping into the universal flow, and many are already experiencing the rapidity by which synchronicity/attraction is now happening…and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The quickening that is resulting from our liberation from linear time means that the “time” lapse between thinking and feeling no longer or barely exists…which also means the time lapse between what we feel and what we attract is instantaneous. This is both liberating and startling, depending on the amount of clearing work we have done, but one thing is certain….this year we will know, without a shadow of a doubt, where LOVE is still needed in our lives.

The main message of the PHC for 2012 is that we can no longer rely on our mental processing alone to sustain us.  There is a new (LOVE) dynamic now in place that everyone…whether consciously or not…will have to abide by.

“To those contributing to the collective growth and evolution of the planet, we say this…your time has come. There is a new energetic in place and one that is only supported by love-based intentions. Those at the forefront, those who have been diligent and steadfast in embodying LOVE, are now in position to reclaim stewardship of the planet.  No longer will the forces of evil be upheld for the new constitution of earth is LOVE.” -PHC

This is why it is now imperative to Think With Your Heart, because only our hearts contain the intelligence to operate optimally here…with the speed, accuracy & frequency required to function in 5D, in the new earth.

Our mental facilities are now fully governed by the intelligence of the heart which means we will be capable of way less if we try to use our thinking minds alone, without the inspiration of our heart’s desire. Every action, everything we think & do must come from LOVE (& not fear) to be fully supported by the energies here. Thinking with our brains is like shooting blanks now, whereby thinking with our hearts will be like shooting stars.

When we harmonize into the flow of life from what feels right, from what is calling us, from what is or wants to be, then we will be supported by the cosmos to accomplish a myriad of tasks effortlessly, with brilliance, and in a very short period of “time”.  Likewise, when we resist the flow and try to impose our own will against the will of the with a “deadline” for example… we will thwart the magic and create unnecessary suffering.  This dynamic is why so much around us will come crashing down this year, because the majority of the world is run from the HEAD brain…independently of, devoid of: LOVE, spirit, Oneness.

But for those who truly think with their hearts and allow their feelings to animate the imagination and fuel every choice, miracles can be accomplished.  This is what 2012 will prove to us.

Abundance Abounds

“Anyone who embodies love, who proposes love-based solutions for the planet and all those beings upon her, will meet great success…success in terms of fulfillment, of freedom, of joy, of abundance and abounding radiant blessings.” -PHC

This is the year when all the proposed solutions to bringing our planetary systems to the next level will be met with great cosmic support, and all those who have sustained the visions of the future and held the pristine memories of home will be given the divine flow of perpetual grace to physicalize those visions of LOVE.  This year we begin to live our purpose (out loud) and finally make manifest the creations we have envisaged for what seems like forever.

“We say this not to suggest that those who are reading this will not have the support of the universe without these visions, just that those structures that need to be implemented will meet the forces of manifestation with great rapidity due to overwhelming collective desire.”  -PHC

We are coming together in sacred unions and group resonances that will aid us in fulfilling our higher passions, purpose and potential and together, we will unite as a soul collective to uphold and fortify our visions to create, build and maintain the structures of new earth for phase II of ascension…one that will likely take many years to complete.

We will continue to exist between worlds (3D & 5D) for a while, using the 4th dimension as the bridge between the two, so the Pleiadians suggest a need to be more discerning with our energy & opportunities in order to maintain a sense of equilibrium during a potentially stressful time on the planet, especially for those (4D) bridgers working with more of the masses and those people yet to choose LOVE.

(A special note to healers: The PHC mention that those who do healing work will need to be extra vigilant in maintaining boundaries now…“For those of you with active roles of service in healing, we say this: stand your ground with regard to who you lend your energy to.  There will be increasing forces of ill-will trying to penetrate the earth plane and healers will be an easy target due to their giving nature. Discernment and awareness will serve you well.”)

12 & 13

The Pleiadians share that there is great vibrational significance of the numbers 12 & 13 that will be very prevalent this year…they mention the completion of our 12 year initiation/discipleship (think: 12 apostles, 12 sons of Jacob, 12 Tribes, etc.) which actively began in 1999 (the beginning of the Galactic 8th wave according the Mayans).  We are now in our 13th year of transformation (Mayan cycles move in 13 year rotations) the resonance of which ends/begins a whole cycle of human experience.  We have also activated our 12 strand DNA/12th-dimensional blueprint bodies, which is what marks the true beginning of Christed-consciousness on the planet.

Another interesting tidbit that I recently garnered from the PHC is that those who have completed the reconnection of their 12th dimensional blueprint are undergoing the activation of the 13th strand of DNA this year, which they refer to as “the strand of LOVE” (I talk more about this in an upcoming program that I am soon to publish online).

Apparently, our 12th dimensional blueprint bodies were activated on the recent 12:12 stargate and the 13th strand…which I interpret as an overlay of our 12…was activated on the solstice and will continue to ripple thru us in waves until the December solstice of 2012 .  The PHC say that the solstice point is what triggered the activation and transition from discipleship to mastership for those at the forefront. Fascinatingly, the unseens also throw in that Jesus the “Christ”(consciousness) was the 13th apostle…and of course there is also that newly revealed 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, (which I definitely pronounce esophagus) floating around in space.

And remember what Britt Martin from shared regarding the new Cosmic Astrology®  in the 10/6/11 energy update?

“the way we see it in Cosmic Astrology® is the person is the center of the chart and each sign of the zodiac is an aspect of consciousness within our own energy field – the zodiac is literally within us projected out like a hologram. We are the 13th element. Think of a body standing in the center of a birth chart or the cosmic clock (in Cosmic Astrology) and the house cusps are like wheel spokes connecting us to the signs.”

This is getting fun.


The PHC are also showing me that in addition to the underlying 12 & 13 energies this year, much of our focus will be on the triple 5s:

-2012 is (in numerology) a 5 year (2+0+1+2 = 5)

-2012 is the year we engage the energies of the 5th Dimension

-2012 is the year we fully open/activate/master the 5th (throat) chakra

FIVE is a big number…its all about transformation, freedom, change, honest expression, communication. As a life path 5, I am pretty familiar with this energy and so I know one thing for sure…this will NOT be a boring year…we are in for quite an expansive, and even unexpected, line-up of events.

In 5D, the combined & purified energy of the heart and throat speaks to our ability to express our truth with the Voice of LOVE, so this will be an important year to live authentically, with integrity, and while nurturing an new and unprecedented ability to express ourselves. Those of pure heart resonance will undoubtedly be called forth to speak their truth to the outside world…in fact, people all over the world will likely feel compelled to take actions that support the soul’s voice this year, seemingly unable to hold back or remain “silenced” any longer.

When our voice is in total alignment with our authentic core truth, we can engage in the 5th dimensional energies and successfully leave behind the dense, heavy, gravity of 3D, duality & causal creation.

This year “new-age” teachings will become more widely accepted by mainstream thinkers, so those who are involved in communications will be called to service in new and/or bigger ways. There are many who are poised at this venture to take on more public roles and together, those in fields of conscious communication: writing/speaking/media/music/art/publishing, etc. will collectively become the “voice” of new humanity.

For this group, the rewards will be vast for your well-intended efforts but the PHC say that the challenge will be to continually rise with the benevolent forces of the cosmos to circumvent any reactions of public fear.  Apparently, this will be a kind of monumental undertaking, but one that they say will seem effortless under the command of LOVE.

Those who are on the front line of service to humanity by way of speaking/writing or any form of communication, your time to infiltrate more of the masses is now.  As you make your way into more sects of society, you will notice an increase in demand for your gifts, talents and services as people become more open and willing to accept new thoughts & ideologies. We suggest that you fortify your every communication with the resonance of universal LOVE to eliminate undue fear, and the far reaches of your work will create a ripple of transcendence that will affect all of earth & humanity in a positive, uplifting way.” – PHC

(NOTE: On a physical level, all this 5 energy is likely going to mean some 5th chakra clearings (throat/ears/thyroid/etc.) so any extra nurturing here will go a long way in supporting the physical expression of any remaining emotional repression.)

The Precipice

From now until the new moon on January 23d we are in kind of a holding pattern.  We are being given some time to wrap up unfinished 2011 business, prepare for our new reality, collect our thoughts and ponder (choose) what this year will mean for us individually…because undoubtedly it will be different for everyone. We are teetering on the edge of the summit…we can feel the initiation phase drawing to a close and we know that the upward climb of our apprenticeship has brought us to unprecedented heights where we are able to see so much more than ever before.

The voices of the past may still try to seductively lure us into an emotional tailspin, but for the most part, these are just tests to show us how far we’ve come in that the fear based-realities have all but lost their appeal to the ego.  We are more in control of our thoughts than ever and this will definitely serve us well this year.

In many ways, we are like the proverbial (Tarot) Fool again, standing on the precipice of the unknown, feeling the excitement of a new journey, but this time with all the wisdom gleaned from facing our fears on the long, lone journey thru our shadow and back.  For a few more precious moments, we have the opportunity to take a good look around….behind us, to see & appreciate just how far we’ve climbed… and ahead, to take a final glance out over the landscape of our future of possibilities as we prepare to venture back down into the village… to the outer world, and (dare I say) to become part of civilization again (albeit in a very new way).

Our only role now is to BE LOVE. To bring LOVE to everything that we do, and all whom we meet.  To live our lives so fully in LOVE that our enthusiasm spreads like the contagious fire of passion. Imagine the juxtaposition of living an inspired life against the chaos and fears of a falling world…one thing is certain, we will definitely be noticed now : ))

“From this moment forward, and into the next millennium, LOVE will restructure everything as the predominant force on the planet.  Each of you will come to know your true purpose for being here, the soul origin of your genetic lineage, your contribution to the ascension, and the full scope and capability of your own personal direction and focus of LOVE.  You are aligning with the cosmic heartbeat which pulses in rhythm with the earth and in this harmonization comes the true meaning of human incarnation.” -PHC

An Overview

“2012 will bring a clearer, broader understanding of how the universe works, and you will be creating accordingly. There is so much to learn, yet you already know it all! “ -PHC

As we enter this pivotal year of change, we will notice many new discoveries about ourselves and our capabilities as new-humans.  These capabilities are vast and incomprehensible to many at this time, however, the star beings assure us that as we merge with the forces of the universe, we will come to understand that there are literally no limits and that LOVE opens all doors to all possibilities.

We are still in the process of bringing the most dense aspects of our (emotional/physical) selves to light and we are still setting up our platforms and preparing our foundations in the new earth… and based on what I am being shown, this will be our main focus especially for the first half of 2012.  As I see it, this is the time allotted/supported by the cosmos to transform our outer world to reflect the magic of our new inner world.

This is what I would call the year of transformation made manifest.  I am not convinced that it will be all rainbows and butterflies, but I do get the sense that we will finally get to see/feel/touch the results of some long held intentions.  The difference this year is that the changes we desire now have the energetic/celestial footing to physicalize in the earth plane…replete with many opportunities, miracles and blessings. While many around us will be steeped deeply in the dismantling phase, we will be physically birthing our dreams and stepping into our empowered positions as new earth guardians. And everything in our lives will change as a result of this.

We are still in the embodiment process, no doubt, and our cells still have some catching up to do, but according to the PHC, the rewiring needed to participate in the new energetics is complete.

In the new-human biology, the heart (literally) acts as the brain center, or central intelligence, and plays a vital role in decoding energy, multidimensional processing, and even inter-dimensional communication.  With the heart in first place we have full reign over the direction of our lives and learning how to operate this new intelligence and biology will become a large part of 2012.

“The new-human operating system is becoming the command center for the evolution of humankind.  What we mean is this…the new human bio-energy system is designed to operate solely from the sustenance of universal love, the resonation of the high heart and the life force that animates it.  This river of LOVE (universal life force) runs thru the new-human heart giving the new-human prototypes the ability to serve as living resonators of harmonic frequencies, thereby capable of living harmonic lives.” -PHC

I imagine like most things, all of these changes will take place in succession, however, with the speed and force by which manifestation is now possible, there won’t likely be a lot of waiting around.  That said, according to the PHC the earliest we can expect any kind of noticeable breakthru, especially with regard to our (biological) transfiguration, will be around the equinox. We still have necessary adjustments to make while we work out all the kinks, and this always means that annoying…but needed… stop/start energy where we begin to move forward at an exhilarating pace and then suddenly, out of nowhere, the bottom falls out.  This realignment process will continue, tho more rapidly, until every level of our being is fully aligned with the new and true.

Full Circle

It’s so hard to fathom, but yet so exciting/surreal/terrifying to say that…this is officially my last & final energy update.

Seven years ago, when this telepathic journey began for me, I had absolutely NO idea what I was in for. (And a good thing too.) Spirit called, I answered, and my life was never happy the same again.  Had I known the horrors up front, not so sure I would have made the trek with all of you, so most of my gratitude for the process lies in the blessing of only being able to see a foot in front of my face at any given time. And how.

In all sincerity, I have nothing left to report on our arrival here.  Everything has been said and I am officially out of words (that laugh was especially for my loved ones…as if any of them read this).  My first level galactic j-o-b was to try to get us all to Think With Our Hearts (meself included), and now that we are here, I am…unemployed?

No seriously, my soul contract is up for the first phase of ascension…of which, I didn’t even really know the job description until it was nearly over…and I am officially a FREE agent.

What now?  Well, first I jump off into the unknown with the rest of you…praying that my wings work…either that or hope that the new-human toolkit comes equipped with a parachute. Either way, BIG changes are afoot for TWYH!

The truth is, I do have some idea what’s up ahead, but like everyone else, I have to create it all, so I will need some time to set up shop before I re-emerge for phase II…which, from what I can tell so far, will be very different. My work with the Pleiadians will continue in 2012, but in a different format and context. The information is already different…less about what will be, and more about what is…and a lot of it seems to be about figuring out how things work here…which, to my surprise, doesn’t all come completely naturally.  In other words, there is a lot to learn about the workings of this new world because most everything is changing, including our participation with it.

So for now I will say that: 1) I am not really going anywhere per se…this is just an elaborate costume change…and 2) now that we are all finally “Thinking With Our Hearts”, my talents are officially rendered useless : ))

And lastly, but most importantly…THANK YOU!  I can’t really put into words the amount of gratitude that fills my heart when I think about all the unconditional LOVE and support this community has gifted me with over the years. You have offered me not only the ability to keep food on my table during some very scary financial lows, but it is because of all of you, my soul family, that I kept finding the courage to be-lie-ve in myself and to stay the course. Honestly, its been an odd experience to be (kind of) a teacher and a student at the same time, and sometimes it was just plain frightening…but in the process I learned so much about myself (warts and all) and my capabilities that it was well worth the risk of any embarrassing public growth spurts. Well, from my perspective anyway.

So before I am tempted to morph this already epic article into a shameless Oscar speech, I just really want take this opportunity to say thanks for being beautiful in so many ways…mainly, for having the courage, commitment and fortitude to shine your (heart)light….to show up for your (higher)self and for the world,  but also  for carrying me through some really dark times, and for allowing my journey to unfold in the presence of all of you.

And tho this particular leg of my journey ends here, it is really only the very beginning of something way more exciting…for all of us. (which at this point, could really just mean a day without a nap ; )   More than anything, I really hope that each of you will join me in the new earth for phase II of ascension…the co-creation of our new world!

In 2012, you will know what it means to be an embodied master of light.  And you will be the guides, the way-showers in this capacity.  There is so much to be uncovered in this next phase of ascension and we delight in the return of your memory of All That Is. For now, we bid you farewell, but look forward to working more closely with you in the coming days, weeks and months of this breakthrough year…the year when LOVE won the HEART of humanity! “  -PHC

Happy 2012!

To new beginnings…



THayes 11th January 2012 5:36 am

Hi Lauren... I just signed up so I could comment on your work. Over the last few years you and your insight / information have gotten me through some very dark times. I actually felt I wasn't alone in what I was experiencing after reading your information and that helped get me through. So not to ramble too much... many, many thanks for being and your amazing work and love.

Lots of love & best wishes for 2012!

Berniesongspirit 11th January 2012 5:37 am

Ah! I will really miss your updates! :-\\\\ I've really enjoyed your humour & lightness soooo much as well as being uplifted by your messages! I guess it's just another reminder for me to embrace change/let go & (dare I say) continue to grow up :tickedoff: (no kicking & screaming there then haha :coolsmiley)

Much love to you & I hope we can *meet* again for your "phase II"... :smitten:

zorro 11th January 2012 6:23 am


Your boundless resplendent expression has been a beacon of love, truth and humor and your posts will be dearly missed here. You are a light!

gloriagene33 11th January 2012 7:31 am

Hi Lauren
Come back sooon, I am sooo going to miss you. I always look forward to your articles - full of humour, full of love and proudly baring warts. You have been a very valuable friend along my journey and I will sorely miss you, Thank You for helping me build my heart, it is sometimes so full it hurts. I love you, Miss G XXX

jim 11 11th January 2012 7:49 am

from one "fool" to another thanks and much happy,happy.

stepaniehlmt 11th January 2012 8:40 am

It feels strange yet empowering to say this, but I know I am going to be ok without anymore updates. For a very long time now it has been a feeling of "just hold on until the next update to put all of this into perspective" Now it is a feeling of "we are somewhere new, and we are reemerging" Thank you for doing your j-o-b, I cant imagine the pile of mush I would have been without knowing I wasnt alone.



roselamb 11th January 2012 9:16 am

Oh, Lauren, I will miss you too! You have lifted me so many times, enlightened me, encouraged me, made me laugh! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happiness and heart's delights to you in your new journey. You have made mine ever so much deeper and lighter at the same time. Love!

Deeni 11th January 2012 10:02 am


I am gonna miss youuuuuuuuuuuu!

Although, this message was the cream of the crop, I am in tears. I realize that this is for the greater good of all concerned, and that change is an opportunity to grow, but I will miss you so very much.

Thank You sooooooooooooo much for all you have gone through, to help us through, what have been the toughest years of our lives. My family Thanks You!

Your wit, knowledge, Love and Light, have been at times the ONLY things that helped me to press on. For which I am truly grateful.

I am sending LOTS of LOVE, LIGHT, and HARMONY to YOU and your future endeavours!

Thank You for driving, you made it a real trip!

Thank You to the Pleiadian High Council for picking you, and for all of their uplifting, informative, and awesome information.

Espavo Lauren,
Nadine : ))

Rebecca Couch 11th January 2012 10:03 am

Thank you for shining your light and brilliant sense of humour and humility to inspire us all!

When we were aching and hanging out on the couch, knowing you were there too helped us all keep getting up. Laughing while we were morphing helped with all the contractions. You are the best!

Go sister, go - we all support you in your new creation and look forward to it's birth!

With you all the way -



poetic555 11th January 2012 10:05 am

Lauren say it "aint" so, I so look forward to your messages because of your sense of humor, you make me laugh and feel as though I really knew you. I Am thankful for all the info you have relayed to us, you and all the other contributors please stay and touch! re: Oscar" Yours will be for Funniest relayer of Divine Messages from the other side. Cecile.

zoe 11th January 2012 11:47 am

Thank you... I have no words to express my
for the support to me all these years. THANK YOU

COBALT 11th January 2012 12:56 pm

:smitten: LG=Light girl- Keep shining!

bettina 11th January 2012 1:19 pm

Lauren, I literally stumbled upon Spirit Library while Internet searching in 2009. In my heart I believe 'things happen when they happen' and 'nothing is coincidence' truly finding SL was meant to be.

Thank you for all you have done in helping 'us' along our paths. I have enjoyed and loved your writing and sense of humor. Your 'grin and bare it' approach to notsoeasyattimes growing pain(s) of our souls' evolution. I don't wanna say 'goodbye' :tickedoff: Instead, I will say 'until next time' :) in creating the ripple of your 'next chapters'. :smitten:
With Love

in 11th January 2012 2:33 pm

Many thanks to you and your guides. Your posts helped me cope with the challenges put in front of me in recent years. The words you wrote were bringing bitter sweet smiles on my face; bitter :''( due to the circumstances I / we were all in and sweet :) due to your (de)light-full way of explaining things and the fact I'm not alone in all of this. Thank you again and I hope this doesn't mean we will not hear from you soon. :roll:

L.J. 11th January 2012 3:27 pm


Blessings to you on your new journey.


Ananda Seabourne 11th January 2012 3:45 pm

Hi Lauren!! I know you will be back with the wonders of living in this Now, this New Now and the now new lives we will be leading. I am from the Pleaides and so I LOVE your messages the most of all. I was just crying my eyes out as I read your message because I have been Love living here with my children gone from me and way too much poverty and isolation for too long now. I decided to clean out my emails and just like when I clean out my closets the next day I get given major new clothes, I was amazed at my email miracles this morning: yours being one and notification of a major financial boon being the other! I got to experience 2 1/2 weeks of the 5th dimension when I was 20. I'm feeling it so close now it could bite me!!! I have been dreaming it into being for 27 years now, surely not alone, but seemingly! I'm a healer, so I appreciate what you said about that too!! I told this client the other day to clear out for a month eating sprouted wheat bread before I would work on him. I have been talking about the heart being our brain for, yup, 27 years!! LOVE, Ananda :smitten

Barbs 11th January 2012 4:18 pm

I only discovered Lauren through Spirit Library about 14 months ago. I want to thank you for the insights and teaching that this has proved to be. My path has been made clearer and easier to navigate because of you. Thank you.

Mik 11th January 2012 5:05 pm

Thank you. Be Love, Beloved.

Tania 11th January 2012 5:58 pm


Tania 11th January 2012 6:01 pm

You have been with me (us) every step of the way!
So grateful - we thank you.

So happy for u! The re-emergence of Lauren!! :)))

starlight297 11th January 2012 6:47 pm

Dear Lauren,
You made me cry...I will miss so much your is so strange, since we have not met in the "real world", but I feel like you are a special friend. Well...I am not sure I am really prepared to go out on do all the wonderful things you have announced. In any case, again, I will be missing a lot reading your updates. Thanks for your precious and wonderful work. You have been an inspiration.
With love and tears,

LouLou888 11th January 2012 10:50 pm

Lauren, I am really sad this is your last message! Thank you for helping me and so many other souls through this process with your insight and knee slapper (yes people still do that...maybe just me) humor. Instead of heading to the doctors office with all those strange headaches and tummy troubles, you let me know that it was only "growing pains".
I'm trying to find the right words for how important you have been to my own growing and letting me know that I wasn't alone. Thank you, thank you, Muchos Gracias! I hope that your own life is filled continuosly with Love and Laughter and that what you have done for me and others comes back to you in the most amazing way. Thank you for shining the light, you will be missed :smitten:

Louisa Vaszary"", "amp", "&...
I like the original better but this song pairs so well with your message :)

Rhea 11th January 2012 11:15 pm

Thanks Lauren. I echo much of the sentiment as above, yet still wanted to chime in. Often times I would wait for your writings these past few years, and they were/are always spot on. Then, I would pass them to my circle of friends. YOU RAWK WOMAN!! PEACE AND LOVE and all good things. :thumbs: Rhea

lightnesss 12th January 2012 12:19 am

Hi Lauren,
Thank you so much for all of the information you've given in your updates. I've been reading them since 2008. You're always so exact about what has been going on energetically..made me feel like I wasn't alone...or crazy : )
I also feel an excitement about the new energy of 2012 : )
Much joy and love to you in this wonderful new year!

Toni 12th January 2012 4:50 am

Couldn't have done it without you Babe. Awesome job. I Love You :thumbs:

keesv 12th January 2012 10:12 am

Hi Lauren

Thank you for your wonderful final message. I wish you a wonderful journey into this new reality that we are all creating with the unknown excitement of a child, the anxious anticipation of the still "old" us and the hidden wisdom of the master that is slowly being revealed underneath it all.

Love and blessings to you and all those you come across in your journey


MoonStar 12th January 2012 3:04 pm

Lauren, I would like to add my thanks to all the others here and elsewhere. Your energy updates have been very helpful and insightful to me and thousands of others.

I am very interested in knowing what "phase 2" of the ascension process will be! I am learning to focus on what I want for the new earth - a place where love, harmony and peace are a way of being.

Thanks again for all your messages and sharing what you know.


phucktard2469 12th January 2012 8:39 pm

I just wanted to THANK YOU for everything! You were my eyes in the thick of the dark times. Your reports have offered my one of the few glimpses of hope at times. I HOPE things come to an equilibrium, and I (we) can live our lives again. I hate to see you go, but we know when its time. You are one of the best, authentic and realistic writers I have ever come across. Best wishes for the future.

Naybird 15th January 2012 7:23 am

Dear Lauren,

Thank you so much for sharing and making me smile :smitten: .

Love and Light


ehmaya 15th January 2012 1:58 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed your postings over the past couple of years Your sense of humour was fabulous. In whatever you
go on to, remember your sense of humour is your brilliance.
Thank you so much for putting yourself out there. It was appreciated.