LOVE takes the Lead: the return of feminine power

July really came in with a bang…pun intended.  Speaking of fireworks... a heartfelt thank you for all the birthday wishes from each and every one of you and from all over the world. Every single email was a precious gift, and I lit up like birthday cake for each one.  There is so much love in this community that its hard to take it all in, in one sitting, so I read these letters for days on end...which made my special day feel like a special week. (Tho, with the compression of time, the 4th really felt like an eighth, so I  s e r i o u s l y  had to milk it.) Anyway, thank you all for being beautiful.

To Hell in a Handbasket

"You have undergone a potent combination of lunar, solar and planetary events that has completely restructured your emotional reality... events that initiated and precipitated deep stirrings within the human core.  This stirring is bringing up some deep wounds for release, both personally and collectively, and as a result, many are now opening to realize their true selves as separate from the many karmic mis-creations that previously held you bound. A congratulations is definitely in order." -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

One of things that the unseens have been unapologetic for since day one, is the fact that this process is worth it…no matter what we go thru, or how battle worn we are, they make it clear that it is well worth every inch of chub pain/struggle/challenge and that in the end, we will actually thank ourselves and each other for making this bold choice. Personally, I am still on the fence about that notion, but in my estimation they really do seem to understand human suffering because if they didn't, I highly doubt they would stick around thru all the contemptuous rage & cynicism I dish out about this process…yet, irregardless, they continually affirm over and again that the view is well worth the climb, even if we can't exactly feel that yet.  So this is me saying to you that if you tried to jump last week, I totally get it, but we are so close to donning our robes that throwing in the towel at this final hour would just suck…and besides, you would wake up on the other side thinking…"duh".

"We understand the pain of transformation and the struggle to swim against the collective tide of consciousness, but we would like to remind those on the front line that there is much to be grateful for, to look forward to, and that your participation in planetary ascension is not without reward.  How could it be any other way?  We understand that in the throes of such intense purification that it is difficult to access those feelings, but we are always here to remind you that each of you understood the outcome AND the path to arrive here, and that your choice was made knowing that the outcome FAR outweighed the challenges. Trust in yourselves and trust in where this process is taking you." -Seven Sisters

Tho the last 4 weeks may have sent you to hell and back, I look at it more like bearing-down-to-push-thru-the-birth-canal (hence all the grounding lower back pain and pelvic cramps).  The pressure we are feeling is/was enormous... like the transformation of coal (carbon) to a diamond (crystalline)…and just to give you some perspective of the magnitude of this process, the transformation of carbon to diamond takes millions of years to complete. ((gulp)) We are the midwives of this ascension process, as well as those giving birth to a new world, which means, above all, we have the responsibility of pacing our emergence with the natural rhythm of our contracting (earth) body…and fortunately/unfortunately, its waaaay too late for an epidural : ((

The good news is that the intensity we felt thru the final eclipse in Cancer (archetypal mother) was not without cause in that we are arriving in LOVE, and the unseens say that this is in part due to a permanent release from karma…and as a result of that, we are beginning to feel the first signs of freedom from the heaviness, a lightening of our load, and a reconnection to our creative passions.  This means we are about to meet our true selves, as if for the first time!

We are beginning to build a relationship with the new beings we have become and this relationship is a very balanced and sacred one that will accurately be reflected back to us thru new balanced and sacred relationships with others and with the material world.  “As above, so within, so without" is not just some new age platitude…its physics.

Hath No Fury...

God-dess only knows how, but we made it thru the eclipse sandwich without getting eaten...altho that doesn't mean we didn't get a few bites taken out of us, especially as we entered the emotional waters of July.  With such an indecent combination of celestial events simultaneously taking place, it could feel…on a good getting caught up in a violent cosmic rip tide. We just endured quite a heavenly cocktail, my eclipses, the solstice, a cardinal grand cross, CME/solar flares, a comet flew into the sun..even a finally-visible and apparently "the-most-intense-ever-seen-earth-sized-thunderstorm" on Saturn made headlines…one that Geoff Brumfiel at hilariously calls: "one bad mutha shut-yo-mouth of a thunderboomer"…lol)

If you were relaxed/trusting enough to swim WITH the current, it definitely took you somewhere destined...tho maybe unexpected…even if you are still finding your footing here.  If you swam against the tide, whew…you either drowned a few times or got tumbled and beat up pretty bad.  Either way, you most likely ended up at the same place…with or without the battle wounds of resistance.  That's the beauty of the ascension choice, btw…either way, we arrive where we need to be. The process can be like a stern father forcing us to eat our peas….either we can do it willingly or we can sit at the table until dawn.  My suggestion?  Eat the peas!!  …at least when its our "choice" we can maintain some semblance of self-respect.

The incredibly cardinal Cancerian emotional undercurrent of July…and the return of our divine feminine power…has become quite a force to be reckoned with the last few years as the heart gathers momentum in preparation to take the lead.  This month we are being asked to step up and give this sacred feminine force a voice, to stop keeping her small and allow her, her rightful throne.  ((insert Beyonce's "Girls Who Run the World" theme song here))

For the goddess energy to emerge in all her empowered glory requires quite a bit of momentum (hence three eclipses in Cancer, three years in a row) to break thru the deeply layered crust of masculine-dominated paradigm structures that were honored over the course of his-tory…and that momentum felt like it came to a crescendo on the solar eclipse of July 1st…it felt like just the right amount of masculine (solar) energy required to push us all beyond our e-motion-al comfort zones, to say what we REALLY feel, even if that meant without a shred of grace.

We all were given exactly the opportunities we needed to put our hearts in first place, which of course meant digging up some deep emotional sludge and clearing out whatever else is holding us back from our personal truth.  Core feminine wounds...especially around powerlessness...erupted, and in some cases they may have been disguised as volatile projections, but the emotional turbulence beneath them was a clear indication of the depth and importance of this particular clearing cycle.  In some cases, this was THE wound of all wounds that erupted…the one that you swore was gone, but still clearly had teeth.  Hopefully you didn't bite anybody, but even if you did, you still have a few days (until the full moon on the 15th) to see, embrace and coddle all your remaining loveless "lady" parts...and to return any vital pieces of human flesh you borrowed.

Things That Go BUMP in the Night

The partial solar eclipse in Cancer definitely created a wave of powerful cathartic energies that washed over the planet and her people for the purpose of blasting out some deep emotionally-lodged feminine wounds trapped in the collective consciousness of humanity…and unfortunately that also meant some confrontational energies in the spirit realms as well. 

Some scary-ass-stuff came up too…depending on your level of psychic sensitivity and the strength of your personal/energetic boundaries, you may have experienced the collective part of this purging in a not-so-fun way. It was almost like the boogie-man was back and all those childhood fears of the dark returned with what felt like extreme psychic vulnerability, menacing energy attacks, eerie visions, and unsolicited contact with the less-than-enlightened astral-folk poking around in the ethers. This, for me, meant a lot of sleeping with the tv on…something that I haven't done since, well…last month.  Unfortunately, however, these astral-dwellers seem adept at manipulating electronics, so I quickly learned that the tv is not always guaranteed protection from poltergeists and goblins…in fact, sometimes it even encourages unwelcome activity.

These energies are really nothing to fear…try telling yourself that at 3am : 0... but they can be startling and usually accompany a large clearing of feminine energy like the one we are still in the midst of.  The unseens say that these are just trapped souls that are given a hall pass to heaven during these energy shifts…but on the way from the classroom to the lavatory they take a mischievous detour to play a few pranks on the pagans, stoners and goths.

I like to think of these interactions as conversations with a negative neighbor…not necessarily scary, but something to avoid when possible.  And if it ever goes beyond that, remember to whip out your wand and bathe your energy and space in the violet fire…which btw, is suddenly very powerful now.  I assure you that no dark energy can hold up to the transmutational power of violet alchemy where we stand.  In fact, you may even want to brush the dust off those old sorcery books and give another whirl at casting magic spells because our powers are starting to work in very noticeable ways.

And if you are not familiar with/accustomed to using the magnificent violet fire, and feel bullied by the lower-astral energies, sometimes these spirits just need to be shown who's boss. As with most things, I tend to go over-board and so I will whip out all my tools at once in a panic…but really all that's needed is a solid boundary. If you just fill up your space with your energy…meaning, make your energy VERY BIG and felt…which usually amounts to a sincere telepathic "PISS-OFF!", you'll be golden.  And yes, these energies respond well to anger because they speak that language, but its more about solidifying boundaries and closing any gaping holes in our energy field that let these little suckers in. Learning to master our energy means mastering our participation with the seen AND unseen worlds…this month is a perfect time to practice your powers in the dark. 

All We Need is Love

"Now that you have had the ability to bring up the remaining density that existed in your emotional body, you will have the opportunity to release yourself from it...and to replace it with love." -Seven Sisters

One of the greatest rewards of the passage we were just dragged by our faces thru is the anchoring of self-love…a new feeling of acceptance, solidified personal boundaries, and even sacred bodily ownership  that many of us have never felt before.  This feeling of self-love is just starting to seep into our cells, and is responsible for the magnetic attraction of so many new things that will cascade into our lives…from new relationships, to new levels of abundance, and all of those things required to sustain/enjoy our new-human experience.

This is actually pretty exciting, and if you have had the pleasure to even taste a tiny morsel of this sweetness, you may notice that this energy is subtly recreating our patterns/responses/perceptions to align with our authentic core in total self-acceptance...and therefore more acceptance of others.  This can manifest as feelings of emotional surety, of clear boundaries and understanding fully what is ours and what isn't…which also spawns the support/confidence to release ourselves from toxic energies/relationships/jobs and anything else that is not in alignment with our divinity.  In other words, now's the time to act on any inner-impulse to set yourself FREE.

You may also suddenly have a deep, integrated, and even cellular understanding about how co-creation begins with this level of self-love….kind of like new software has been installed and suddenly things we have been talking about for years just make sense on a much deeper level.  Once we have integrated this truth fully, and light fills every cell of our bodies, we have attained the self-love quotient required to unlock the chamber of magic that lives in our hearts…and when we do, we are able to fully participate in the outer world thru the resonance of oneness. 

This internal opening is a precursor to conscious creation…one that we are currently undergoing as an integral transition into the unity fields of potential. Not only that, but right now... in this snapshot of "time"...the entire cosmos is supporting us to birth ourselves into this new world of our conscious making.  Our job, for a couple more weeks, is to cauterize any remaining feminine wounds with the nurturing and loving energy of the divine mother in preparation to meet the masculine energies of fiery Leo at the end of the month where we will have the opportunity to see just how far we've come in letting our hearts lead.

The Heart Takes the Lead

"What is important to understand , is that your ability to master the physical realms, to step fully into your roles as co-creators, depends solely on your activated love-quotient.  Which essentially means that your ability to remain true to your inner calling, and to design the world that you have envisioned for yourselves is wholly contingent upon the condition of, the strength of, the connection of... your heart. Take not these words as indications of niceties, that is to say, love is not the application of those things generally regarded as "pleasant"….LOVE is an indication of, the reflection of, your internal connection to…TRUTH...the merging of the lower self with the higher self which becomes the internal & external representation of All That Is."  -Seven Sisters

More than anything, the Pleiadians want us to understand that the heart is our guide now. Period. They say this so that we will realize the impact that our feelings now have on our creative potential and that our creative powers lie "whole-heartedly" within our feeling-based center...which means that love is the only (positive) way forward.  When we bypass, or rise above causality and enter into resonance creation, we are finally at a place in our evolutionary development where every "reality" we co-create with is simply an indication of where we are putting our energy…and the material world, a rapid and vivid reflection of that.  With this understanding, the physical dimensions become a powerful petri dish of potential, but that potential can only be nourished and brought to fruition with the proper balance of love. ((that should help us sleep at night : ))

I am told that very soon, things are not going to work as we might have "thought" they would, but more by way of how we always "felt" they would...which is why we have to trust so completely in the interpretations of our feeling center. The mind has been rewired to send and receive signals from the heart, which means those new human prototypes are going to be disseminating the love-force of energy here to redirect humanity to its destination vibration.

Which is also why it is super important to trust in/take steps toward/act upon what "feels good" now…those things we are in complete "resonance" with...not what "seems" good on the outside, or to/by others.  We are being strongly urged to only make the choices that set us on fire, or at the very least, create a stirring of possibility and excitement deep within us…those opportunities/choices that increase our capacity to love and to share our YOUnique essence with others.

"Never before has there been such a grand opportunity to actualize your full potential as co-creators of christed consciousness, and we stand before you as representatives of home, reminding you that you need not accept anything less than your full-hearts desires.  As you find the courage to make decisions that honor these desires, the universe shifts to match your request and supports miraculously arrive.  But the choice must be made, and the energy will follow, long as you trust completely in the gift of grace that is so heavily supplied to you. Be fierce in your determination to claim whats inherently yours."
-Seven Sisters

Up until this point, we were able to utilize the tremendous strengths of the divine feminine to completely alter our internal landscape and restructure our lives to align with our truth by following the guidance of our feeling-center. We were (self)-taught to engage in our mastery by using the alchemy of "magic"...that of creating a complete transformation from a space of stillness. We were required to "remember" that true/lasting change comes not by force, but by allowing…and the seasoned magician knows with certainty that for any physical change to occur, it must come from a deeply internal place of merging of divine and human will.

And tho we were definitely blessed with an abundance of feminine energy to make these necessary changes, it was only by barely maintaining our flow to the sacred masculine during the massive internal excavation, that we were able to survive...but not truly thrive.  That's changing now.

We are stepping into unified consciousness which means that the masculine must now come-on-line to support the feminine….which is why I imagine the unseens keep repeating that the rest of this year will be so "physically" focused.  Tho the feminine (heart) remains at the seat of creation, the masculine puts those forces into play, which means that we are now coming to know, to understand the externalized power associated with the masculine principle as a balanced and supportive force for the divine feminine, not as the controller OF it.

"This next passage is thru the heart which means a great internal restructuring has occurred and many may find themselves in unfamiliar territory." -Seven Sisters

We are restoring the balance of Shakti/Shiva…and tho the divine feminine (Shakti) must take her rightful place as the leader of creation in the world of form, this is in no way hierarchal or femininely monotheistic…because without the masculine principle (Shiva), the goddess energy is a raw, unsculpted, unmanifest force of potential that cannot fulfill its vocation.

Conversely, when the two polarities meet in the middle (heart), divine love is restored and rebirth (ascension) happens.  It is time.

Are you ready to know your greatness?



Tulim 12th July 2011 7:54 am

Perfect! Describes what I live and the infos I've had.


With Love,


Rhea 12th July 2011 10:55 am

Thanks Lauren. Right on as always. This summer is a doozy, sometimes making me loose my footing or nearly veer off the road...

linda reeder 12th July 2011 11:02 am

thanks for the wise words. especially about the entities and ghouls. was surprised when those "energies" reappeared in my life. as always, enjoyed the read!

Deeni 12th July 2011 11:41 am

Oh Lauren, Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

Just yesterday, I was hoping that we could hear from you soon! I knew you had a message that would cover all the bases for us, but I didn't think we would hear from you again so soon. I am so glad we did.

I would like to extend belated Birthday wishes to you, I truly hope you had a most Divine Time!

I am very grateful for your Birthday, because it brought you, to us, and you bring vital information to all of us that are seeking it. That NEED it. If your message could be considered in the context of a baseball game . . . lady, you just hit a Grand Slam!

God Bless You Girl!

I am sending all the Love and Light that I hold within me, to you!

Nadine : ))

awalton 12th July 2011 1:53 pm

Interesting Adam is replying just after Eve.

I've lived my life and many others in service to the Sacred Feminine. I've given to her beyond my boundaries. This lifetime is about coming into partnership with her and indeed my life up unto this moment in time has been about growing through my heart and loving myself. About coming from behind her and in subservience to her to be along side her in balance and partnership. She lives in me and I love her beyond what can be humanly expressed. She is me and I am her. The glory of being a man is to feel her within my being and to be in her presence. The challenge is to remain in self and the power that brings and is required in order to fulfill my part of the balance.
Thanks for speaking of the balance and partnership. Although I am here for her I know deeply we must be in balance and responsibility to our roles. I carry the torch as high as any announcing her return to strength and prominence but I feel many have viewed this more as a payback time for the Millennia of patriarchy. The mission is to be ONE.

For the Mother The Lover


stepaniehlmt 12th July 2011 3:51 pm

I have been feeling an intense negative energy for the past 3 days now that has been under the surface for a while now it has me worried I wont find my norm again. I need to hear from anyone that has ideas about how childern can affect us in this time and if there is away to avoid that negative energy so that all of your true expressions can come forth. In short I have a full time step daughter (15) who is a huge ball of negative energy and I am closing down huge parts of myself to stay protected from her negativity. She is my responsibility but I dont know how to find myself again with a constant desire for her to not be around me. Any words and knowledge would be greatly appreciated. I want to be able to move forward in love and be myself again. I am losing an internal battle here.

SpiritHeart 12th July 2011 7:47 pm

Thank you Dear lauren. Wishing you a very happy belated birthday. Hope you had a beautiful day with your family and friends (both on earth and astrally).

This is a very helpful and beneficial article. It explains a lot of the changes we are going through at the moment on an individual and collective level. Old patterns seem to not be broken but built upon and transformed into more useful and appropriate patterns.

Thank you for your generosity and willingness to share this invaluable article. With love xo

Tulim 13th July 2011 12:45 am

To Stepaniehtml,

I'm a man with a fair amount of feminin in me and these times I have been processing the change in the feminin aspects in me.

But I also suspect that now the positive masculin is arising, as Lauren has said about the upcoming month and the recalibration of the Shiva/shakti energies.

I've felt since a couple of days a powerfull wave of anger, but of the sacred kind. It's not in the form of hurting people, but of protecting myself with being fully powerfull and big. This anger goes through all my body and is felt as a major energy field.

So Stepaniehtml, I suspect it is time now for you to show who you are and manifest it full power, even if anger is here, or using that anger.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the coming months the channelers would talk about sacred anger as a mean to self preservation, protection and manifestation.

Lots of love,

LouLou888 13th July 2011 2:14 am

"Ilike to think of these interactions as conversations with a negative neighbor…not necessarily scary, but something to avoid when possible. And if it ever goes beyond that, remember to whip out your wand and bathe your energy and space in the violet fire…which btw, is suddenly very powerful now. I assure you that no dark energy can hold up to the transmutational power of violet alchemy where we stand. In fact, you may even want to brush the dust off those old sorcery books and give another whirl at casting magic spells because our powers are starting to work in very noticeable ways."

I've found that asking Archangel Michael to watch over you also works :smitten:
Thank you yet again, Lauren, for making me feel a lot better through all this crap (For my own good crap, I mean)

Alli 13th July 2011 3:39 am

Awsomely spot-on once again Sister. You Rock. :thumbs:

awalton 13th July 2011 2:01 pm

Baby - Our family members provide us with our biggest and hardest Soul growth lessons. As hard as it is to see most of the time there is no situation which has not happened in agreement for our soul growth. Your dealing with a super hard one but one witch you cannot run away from and so know that this is very big for you and her. The last few weeks have again been about purging old energies which hold us back. If things have gotten more intense consider that you are digging deep to face these underlying energies. For me in similar situations I try and look for the subconscious beliefs I may have that the other may be mirroring and work on those beliefs in myself. Bring them up, challenge them, let them process. Be willing to move through intense discomfort know you are healing and clearing. In essence a spiritual vomit.

Take some alone time to reflect on where things were around July 1 on the new moon solar ellipse. What happened in the few days around it? Got more intense, changed, got thrown in your face? Are these things or energies or reflect beliefs which need (contd)

awalton 13th July 2011 2:06 pm

(contd) to change? Now sit in the energy of the immanent full Moon and feel the potential of these changes manifesting. Feel the moon cycle and the growth. If you see it and can rise to a higher level see your soul and her's with gratitude for the roles you are playing in each others soul growth. Like an actor in a play who has dedicated herself to an incredible role and dwells in amazement for the magic and complexity that was written into the script.

Love the Goddess by Loving yourself.


isobelblyss 13th July 2011 10:43 pm

WOW! I don't know what a CME is but yesterday (7-12-11) was like a dream and not so great...I literally didn't know if certain things 'happened' or I dreamed them. I have even forgotten most of the day like a dream.

The info in your last 2 blogs is so accurate for what I have been experiencing. I got lead down a boogey man road on youtube even tho I know better! It shook me up pretty good, and the great outcome was purging a bunch of stuff like books, dvds, and info that just didn't resonate anymore, 7 boxes!

I ended an 8 month relationship that was not my heart's highest desire and I do feel FREE! My birthday is July 2nd so all of this has been very intense and cleansing. I have a new knowing of how I create that goes beyond good!

I realize I Am creating my new world now!

angelika 14th July 2011 5:53 am

Hi Lauren,
as always you're article is beautiful and spot on. No wonder you are so much loved by this community :)

I adore your lovely sense of humour (there've been plenty of times when I was less than polite to our 'magical' helpers from the higher realms!)

The last few weeks have been especially difficult, and it feels as though I'm not getting anywhere and not releasing enough. Well, here's hoping that I'm just not yet aware of the changes.

Roll on August, which is hopefully kinder and happier ?

love & blessings,

stepaniehlmt 14th July 2011 9:50 pm

Thank you Tulim and Adam for your words. I do think what I am feeling is anger and it all wants to come out and there isnt enough room to get it all out at once. I also try to keep in mind that my soul did agree to this and I have something to gain here. I am doing my darndest to just allow and let go. I am incredibly uncomfortable in my chest and stomach 24/7. I feel like I am ready for danger at any moment and it is exhausting!! Almost like a paranoia. ie: Not me at all!! I dont do drama and carrying on!! I am ready to come out on the other side of this purging...NOW!! :) I want to get it all out this time too and will take all the steps I am guided to. Thank you again for your encouraging words.

blj 15th July 2011 7:05 am

take care of yourself first by doing whatever brings peace, comfort, release. this too shall pass, we are here to love, not always to like~ mother nature should have some wisdom for you~ and who knows, one day she may be your best friend. And be very thankful for you loving her, when she could not.

Rainbow Princess 17th July 2011 12:53 pm

Thank You Lauren! :smitten: :thumbs:

Love & Peace

pris54 17th July 2011 2:14 pm

"This feeling of self-love is just starting to seep into our cells" - That is exactly right! This whole message is in perfect attunement with my own "downloads", I'm thrilled to confirm this is happening to all of us. Thank you, Lauren!

heno 20th July 2011 11:13 am


I too have had challenges with a child... ha child--that is a euphemism. My "advice" from the unseens has been to be patient. So decide if you are there karmically (probably) to bring them forward in an energetic way. I am... and it has been rough... but it is supposed to pan out. When they live in your energy it rubs off.

Miracles can happen. ASK for one.