Reassessing, Redirecting & Resetting

Before I juice you up with any of the hope-dope…aka, those rainbows and butterflies that always seem just slightly out of reach…keep in mind that we are still integrating (tho at the tail end of) the energies of the recent equinox (3/21/11) where soon after you may have fallen into another (very) deep well of universal funk where NOthing feels even remotely good.

The equinoxes are never an "easy" time, but this most recent integration period may have felt especially oppressive.  We've also had to be extra vigilant so as not to get attached to the energies of anxiety, depression, frustration and hopelessness that have been haplessly splashing around in the ethers, each independently vying for our attention.

In March, we could definitely feel pressure building... no doubt we were being stretched to our full capacity, both in our personal lives and in the collective. The universal slingshot was slowly pulling us back, preparing to launch us into our new lives. We could hear the squeaking of elastic as the band around us stretched to its maximum potential (definitely thinking Angry Birds™ here)…and then….just when we were mentally prepared to be flung into the stratosphere: SNAP!…the elastic broke and we fell flat in the mud. (Compliments of Saturn with a side of Mercury retrograde)

Ring…Ring. Mother-Father God is calling again….this time to say: sike.

Yep, we fell off the ride AAAAgain and that can only mean one thing: time to go within AAAAgain.

I don't know about you, but I am so over myself that I can't spend one more minute "within", without dying of boredom or blowing a gasket. We have spent so many years alone with ourselves, "remembering who we really are", that its now bordering on self-indulgent. I mean seriously much of ourselves can we really take? It's comical really, that everywhere we go, there we are.  We. just. can't. get. away. from ourselves...and no matter how "ready" to move on we "think" we are, there are always forces at work that seem to know us better.

On one level we are so ready to turn our energy outward that we are wearing out the carpet with our pacing, yet we are simultaneously so tired of being a sloppy mess. Inwardly, we are warriors…no doubt. But what good is all that inner-strength and mastery if we still can't even make it to the post office without a nap?

Never mind, just  B R E A T H E  for the moment. We are still in the birth canal heaving thru the swells of contractions in preparation to give birth to our new selves. It hurts, but the pressure and discomfort is the precipitating force needed to launch us into our new lives.

(re)Setting the Stage

It's way more than obvious that we are ready to dive head-first into our new lives, however, the unseens are making it clear to me that this is exactly what we are being protected from. We are still (and momentarily) being safeguarded by some over-protective celestial forces that are providing (read: smothering) us with the structure, discipline, sobriety, balance and coordination required to walk gracefully into our new lives, heart-first, and with some form of defined realism.

As much as I have been tempted to melt down over this...fighting the urge to tank daily over another round of stillness…ultimately I know this is a good thing, and so do you. We have been chomping at the bit for so ungodly long (coupled with all this cracked-out, fiery Aries energy) that if the gates swung open without some form of celestial restraint, we would all run right into traffic.

The new energy is SCREAMing at us to get moving, to free ourselves from the ties that bind us, to embrace our inner-visionary and apply ourselves in some way...but at the same time we are being asked to be absolutely SURE that we leave all our baggage behind, screw our heads on straight, plant our feet firmly on the ground, and let our hearts lead the way. Unfortunately, this just amounts to drag racing with the emergency brake on.

This new wave of (love) energy that is here now, bubbling just beneath the surface, is what the unseens call "forward movement of unparalleled proportion... a mass shift that is propelling the pioneers to the fore, those souls who have practiced for this role for ages." This month may not be easy or fun, but overall it does feels like a demarcation…the month that separates us from our past and liberates us to experience the rewards of many years, decades & lifetimes of uncompromising fortitude.

The Reset Button

The incoming tide that is flooding our new foundation is comprised of many new elements by which most of us are now well adjusted to, and well suited for. This new energy, which will be felt more keenly when Mercury goes direct, is not only the energy of physical action, but an energy that ensures that forward movement is inspired by, and aligned with, the highest good...a force that can only be activated thru the reconnection and integration of head and heart.

Those who are completing the reconnection phase are in the process of being reset, so to speak. This reset button only becomes viable when the soul provides access to the divine blueprint for the human vessel to embody... and this becomes possible when the human energy field and biology are purified of fear-based energies, the process which completes the transition from mortal human to divine human. This means that any remaining fears that are blocking our forward movement into the life of our dreams will be up for review/reset during this retrograde cycle.

"The switch from mortal to divine human is an internal switch that precipitates an external metamorphosis. This process is currently underway for some... to the likes of which many will begin to notice. As you further integrate the energies brought forth by the recent new moon (4/3/11), so too will you begin to embody the physical changes. The changes will be subtle, but noticeable, and will grow to eventually be witnessed by others as a complete transformation.  Look for changes in your physical form as indicators of this truth, that the process of transfiguration has begun." - Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Once our reset button has been pushed, all those aspects of fear, or separation-based consciousness morph, or dissolve into the interconnected field of oneness. Kinda like we will be switching from AM to FM and once tuned in we will no longer have access to the frequency range of the prior bandwidth.

We are resetting our personal energy field to "tune into" the unity timeline which is enabling us to tap into our expanded potential. This space of greater potential offers us a firmer resolve, a broader acceptance of what's possible and an unwavering surety that we have never experienced before. This surety comes from being plugged in and turned on…plugged into our true power-Source so the light within us can shine with full radiance.

"Once the internal flame within casts its glow without, you are truly free. This is what is transpiring over the course of this month…a reconnection, an expansion, a greater awareness and a new resolve." -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Embodying Our Blueprint

"For those aligned with the new timeline of unity consciousness, you will find that the moments before you are suddenly expanding in "time". This shift will create great warps or bends in time that will allow for the eternalness of each moment to be accessed from within physical form. This creative potential has never been realized for humanity." -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

The purpose of becoming a fully divine-human is to merge the physical with the spiritual…to reconnect the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that the human biology operates within the context of the spiritual blueprint. This blueprint, which is the roadmap for our human incarnation, contains the information required for a soul to live a human life…it's the control center, or central mainframe, which houses each of our YOUnique pieces for the collective human puzzle.

Throughout the month of April, more of our YOUniqueness will be surfacing…to the extent that each of us will be able to home in on and clearly direct or redirect our lives to align more fully with the potential contained within our divine blueprint. This potential has always been the guiding force in our lives, however, as the veil thins and we become more conscious of our individual destinies as cocreators, these blueprints will change from "the guiding force" to "our self-created plan for living".

This switch is subtle, but powerful…it clicks our soul plan in first place, reorients all our desires from head to heart and adjusts our internal compass to follow the path of our highest good without our conscious participation. It hooks us into the effortless stream of creation which enables us to live fully from the space of NOW, the (zero) point central to our full manifestation capabilities.

Access to this (zero) point is paramount to our success as allows us to merge fully with our divinity, in human form, and bring forth the gifts and treasures of ascended living into the dimensions of physicality. You may already be noticing some of these new divine gifts popping thru the veil as of the equinox…things like increasing intuition with stunning accuracy that is also heralding a new-found sense of confidence and trust in your abilities…you may suddenly awaken to new clairs, increased telepathy, prophetic dreams, the ability to see or read auras, etc. These are just some of the new toys we will get to play with beginning this new (astrological) year.

Coming Out

In addition to new, or more developed spiritual gifts, you may also be bumping up against a renewed sense of self that is beginning to emerge...especially with regard to the social world and how people relate to us. This new energy is attracting people/places/situations by which we are able to express our divine selves more fully and allow ourselves to be seen in a more authentic way. This takes a bit of getting used to after the many years of safeguarding our truth and not being able to fully share ourselves with those around us, but the energy has changed now and we are being called to take another step out and adjust to the social world again, albeit from a higher-dimensional vantage point.

Our time is now, or fast approaching, and the leader in each of us is officially coming out. Our personal energy fields are beginning to open to the outside world again and so you may find that people suddenly seem unusually interested in you or what you have to share, and may even ask questions about your unique perspectives.

On a personal level I witnessed this first hand last week during the passing and funeral service of my beloved aunt when I was surrounded by mostly religious people who, despite my desire to blend into the furniture, were hellbent on (what felt like) accosting me with questions about "what I do for a living". Because I had spent the last 6 years safely avoiding those questions (for the most part) I was completely unprepared to answer them…and it showed.

But to my surprise, most of these religious folk (save for the few bible thumps) were delightfully open and genuinely curious about my train of thought. And even tho behind the smiles were some off-putting snarls in defense of a coveted be-lie-f system, somehow a (heart) connection between us gracefully emerged…not in the theological sense, tho we did find some commonality there, but in the sense that each of us were actively seeking a connection…a way to relate to each other as opposed to searching for the ways in which we were different, or separate.

This was eye-opening for me and happened so many times over the course of two weeks that I knew something was different. The overwhelming interest in me or what I had to say was so over-the-top in comparison to times past when I have literally been invisible, that I was completely convinced I was being punked. But the truth is, we ARE different now…and so is the world…and because on some level we are ready to offer ourselves, we are now broadcasting those signals... and because people are ready to open their minds a little bit more, they are picking up our signals and even starting to tune into our wavelength.

Our Next, First Step

We are, right now, in a potent passageway between our past and future. Our karmic wheels have finally lost their spin, but before we jump off with the ability to go ANYwhere we desire, we need to take a good look around. We need to be sure we didn't overlook or avoid anything that is blocking our full potential or disabling our ability to express ourselves freely and authentically.

Saturn will probably do the dirty work of poking at our triggers and pushing all our karmic buttons this month, but just to be absolutely sure there is no emotional charge left in us. In other words, don't only prepare to be tested, expect it. That way there are no surprises and we can objectively honor the great teacher's job to reflect our weaknesses back to us, just so we can become stronger and more resilient.

The new moon in Aries (that we are still reeling from) released us from our past and is offering us the opportunity to not only solidify the foundation to our new beginnings, but to check for any cracks before we build steadily upon them. Any cracks in our foundation will arise from unsteadiness of lingering fears and doubts about what we think is possible.

The stillness and celestial restrictions we feel this month will be very valuable and will provide us with the ability to choose love over fear in every unresolved situation that springs forth into our awareness. If we can embrace this process and understand the blessing contained within it, we have the opportunity to completely transform and move into an entirely new way of living and loving.

If there are wayward elements, we must re-solve them. The rest of this month will provide us with every possible opportunity to accomplish that.

Before we take our next, first step as new-humans, we must reassess everything, tweak our goals, clarify our new sense of purpose and align as fully as possible with our limitless potential to truly be, do and have all that our hearts desire.

If that seems like a lot to do in only a few short weeks, add to that the compression of time which translates a few short weeks into tomorrow morning, or maybe even yesterday ; ))

See you in the stillness...AAAAgain


chou 8th April 2011 5:53 am

Thanks for this.....You have NO idea how much I needed to hear this!! Thought I'd lost the plot entirely for a moment there!

marcypass 8th April 2011 8:08 am

"I don't know about you, but I am so over myself that I can't spend one more minute "within", without dying of boredom or blowing a gasket."

omg that comment has just made me cry with laughter! Thank you! x

blj 8th April 2011 9:34 am

love love love your style and wit along with getting to the heart of where we are, or may be heading. We are all so amazing to have arrived at this moment. If we have done this, we surely can do anything. It seems to me the hardest work has been done, Bravo!!

Gwen in New Mexico 8th April 2011 9:55 am

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I started to cry at the beginning of the article and still am.
You put so many feelings into words.
Please don't make me look inside any more, I don't care.
Glad you can share your ideas.
Hugs, Gwen

nonnybyrd8 8th April 2011 11:01 am

Dear Lauren (you are dear to my heart)
I have been reading your articles for quite a few months now and always find a description of what I am experiencing that validates me in such a way that I do not fear that I am crazy! This past equinox my shift was so intense that I hid in my house for two weeks. It feels like someone put a balloon in my chest and is blowing it up a little more each day. For a few days I could not even drink a cup of coffee (a daily ritual for me). My perspective has shifted so greatly that I feel like hawk, flying over head and seeing the overall picture for the first time. I have been excited about this, bring it on, and now I feel like I jumped off a cliff and cannot remember how to fly. I want to say wait I changed my mind. Like you with your family I am coming out to my children. Surprisingly, they did not ridicule me or call each other to talk about how crazy their mother is. My friends have flown away and I have not one person in my life (at least that I have their phone #)to share what is happening to me. Hence, the long post. Thank you.

Ron Laswell 8th April 2011 11:08 am

Once again, Lauren, you've been able to accurately describe what I have been experiencing these past few months, and currently. YESS!!! EXACTLY, HOW DID YOU KNOW? The fact that I have been experiencing these energies you describe, makes your story so personal, enjoyable, and downright funny as we laugh at ourselves for trying to be so serious. Afterall, ascension is to be enjoyed.

Tzaddi 8th April 2011 12:10 pm

Having leaped out prematurely, I actually welcome some "quiet time" where I can get clear on my goals to make certain this is the best expression of who I am. Thanks, Lauren for the "free pass" in this post to do just that, without guilt. I have many details to attend--like why does my nickname, Tzaddi, keep showing up when I've changed it no less than a dozen times to my christened name, Pam Young? Hmmm.

Mary Helen 8th April 2011 12:33 pm

Thank you. I am quite sick of spending time with me as well. Time bending resonates with me and people telling me I look different but not being able to tell me in what way how has begun.

LouLou888 8th April 2011 1:03 pm

Thank you, Lauren! This really helps! :thumbs:

Starfast 8th April 2011 2:17 pm

Wow, Lauren, you've done it again, thank you. Such a shock it was to learn this past week that I am no longer invisible. And okay, call me crazy, but has anyone else noticed that their toes are getting longer? I'm serious! Love you All.

Laura Bruce 8th April 2011 2:56 pm

You are one of the only people I read from the Spirit Library and I am always looking forward to what you will say next. Holding still is not something I'm inclined to do but am also learning the wisdom of doing it voluntarily, as opposed to the body having to enforce the issue. I am finally in a place that makes me happy and doing my best to stay centered, listen and hold space for those around me.
Many thanks for your wonderful wit and wisdom! Hope to connect more deeply in the near future. Blessings, Laura!

k 8th April 2011 3:09 pm

Some yogis of the past spent many hours a day in meditation, connecting with the Divine. Some spent most of their life in solitude in search of God. Rabia a sufi mystic lived in the desert (with her Beloved) as a hermit most of her life. It seems when I reach a point of boredom something new to read or think about pops up. Each step we take the path extends further out before us in never ending exploration or quest for knowledge and a greater connection with the Divine. So, in this there is peace and a blissful contentment of finding joy in the very simple things found in the present. The playful loving puppies (and old dog), the beauty of nature around me makes me smile. Today the snow is falling, cutting our morning walk short. The white on the dark green with the dark tree trunks is beautiful. My old dog is snoring beside me and the puppies are taking a break from their rough housing for a quick nap. I have a good book (Autobiogaphy of a Yogi by Yogananda) to continue reading. Bordom comes from searching outside, if it comes to us we need to spend more time in our inner world.

k 8th April 2011 6:44 pm

"Our eagerness for worldly activity kills in us sense of spiritual awe. We cannot comprehend the Great Life behind all names and forms, just because science brings home to us how we can use the powers of nature; this familiarity has bred a contempt for her ultimate secrets.....we make use of her energies, whoes Source yet remains unknown" - from Autobiography of a Yogi
We can use the laws of nature to manifest what we want in the delusion we sense as reality, but what will we have when our time in the game is over if we do not use this time wisely? True peace and contentment comes from the connection with the Source not the gifts we materialize with our games of manifestation.

blj 9th April 2011 7:25 am

well said, walking the middle path between the inner and outer world is a delicate balance. Not to be judged, only noticed. Yet we do occasionally. And when we do we have to love ourselves for that too, it's all good

Christine 9th April 2011 4:34 pm

I have been the most diligent spiritual warrior but right about now I am just about fed up with just about everything....wondering where this energy will much more patience, love, understanding and learning can I do? I know, I know, I know the answer.

stepaniehlmt 9th April 2011 10:02 pm

I check in pretty much everyday to see if Lauren has posted something that will explain what I am feeling. That feeling of seeing her picture pop up is priceless becuase I know I am in for total validation and humor! Does anyone else ever question if they have done all the work they are supposed to have done?? I always have a feeling of am I open enough? or am I blocking anything from coming my way? I know we are all exactly where we need to be, I would just like some way of knowing if I have more to filter through or if I am one that has completely done the work and am just waiting for the "go ahead" Just curious if anyone else is feeling the same.

lesha 9th April 2011 10:30 pm

Hi Lauren & All
I clicked on today to see if i could see if someone had written something that resonate with me because lately there has been nothing which was Ok but this time i wanted to know why long lost/it seems,ones were noticing me the past couple weeks. My sister came by to visit 2 weeks ago which a shock since it was 5 months since she came by last and today she showed up again which was really surprising
though i had a dream on Wednesday about a woman who was going to the train station to get her sister...

What really got me is i was just like Lauren as my religious sister out of nowhere asked me where was i going/saw myself headed in this life--I was floundered so stammered answered as best i could, albeit she wanted to keep it on Jesus. I could feel she wants to know more and will be back when she is ready....
NOW: answer someone PLEASE!if yu have ones showing up are you feeling energy spikes???--my sister's visit two weeks ago left me with hives over my arms and chest still healing

nonnybyrd8---I am like you kids think i have lost it--i would love to talk..

Deeni 10th April 2011 10:39 am

My Dear Lauren,

Just when I need you . . . there you are.

Thank you, yet again, for the update, as the things I have been processing have been really freaking me out.

Your most recent post, explains all that. And I am ever so grateful. I didn't realize that there was still so much to cover, and I am actually grateful for the chance to complete it, before that just isn't possible any more.

It's nice to know I haven't missed the boat.

I soooooo appreciate the heads up, and the knowledge that it will all change, for the wayyyyyyyyyy better, soon.

Thank you for always being there when I need ya'!

Love and Light and Thanks, to you Lauren.

Nadine : ))

k 10th April 2011 6:16 pm

stepaniehlmt, I think I am beginning to understand that we set the intention to be our ideal and then our higher self helps us do the work. I have struggled with myself for so long, trying to over come my tendency to judge, wondering if I ever will be able to love enough to see the good in everyone, wanting to be what my higher self wants me to be by working through my ego issues. There are times when I just can not see myself getting there. It is not an easy path, but we do not travel it alone and without aid. If we want it bad enough it will come and with it comes a peacful love for ourselves and the world around us. I do not doubt my sanity anymore even though I live in an RV like a hermit in a national forest, I do not worry about my welfare anymore as I know I will be taken care of, as I relinquish control over my life to a force greater than me. I am aware that many messages on this form tell us we need to manifest, but I feel like I need to just let my higher self work through me, there is nothing in this world I really want except what I have.

k 10th April 2011 6:46 pm

The isssue of working to manifest a better world is also confusing for me. A Course in Miracles tells us there is no world to save, the Buddha tells us if we realized how perfect the world really is we would laugh, Jesus tells us that His father's kingdom lays out before men, but few can see it. The anicient mystics tell us that we are in Maya, an illusion and I have concluded that this illusion is for the purpose of allowing immature souls to experience duality, darkness and Light, knowledge of good and evil. We are allowed the choice of these experiences so we can have understanding. If we do not learn our lessons in one life or we choose to have more experiences in this illusion, we are allowed more "dreams". When lose our desires for the things in this dimension, we like the prodical child work our way back to the Source, having matured from all the hard lessons we learned in the dream of darkness and light. Then we are willing to live in the Light only, because we have learned how painful the darkness really is.

k 10th April 2011 7:03 pm

Also, the issue of evil, discussed with Ron in the past. I agree with him more now. I read this in a book a year ago and I think the wisdom of it has finally sunk in.

“ Child long hast thou feared me, and this fear was the beginning of thy wisdom, for it drove three in quest of refuge from thine Adversary. Now, at the end of thy long quest, thou hast no need for fear. For I was the Adversary, I the opponent without Whom there would have been no game to play. And this, which seemed a game of war thou seest now as but the game of love. Enter into joy, for He with whom thou hast wrestled is none other than thy true Self"

Angelika Lina 11th April 2011 9:26 am

Hi Lauren,
how did you know that I needed your unique sense of humour just now? I know all this struggling will end at some point, it will won't it??? It feels as though I'm quite close, yet not quite there. Just when it seems to get a bit easier, I'll have to pick myself up again.

It's the fear based issues that keep wacking me back, and no particular clarity of what it is I would like to create, exactly.

Ah, well. Here comes the next round. Thanks for cheering me up : )

k 11th April 2011 11:03 am

For me fear has been an issue that is only cleared with surrender to Divine control through faith that that Divine control will always take care of me. Then I do not struggle to control and thus have fear that I will not be able to control and have the out come that I want or need. It is a lazy approach of just allowing and observing with faith that what ever happens, it will be all right. Some call it detachment from the desire of a particular outcome. I occassionally fear the loss of my old dog, especially after losing three of my beloved dogs in the last four months. But, I have to believe in Divine Order and mercy. If I lose him, it is because he wants to go and maybe reincarnate into a more challenging form on his own path of evolution. I do not have the right to hold him back and just as with the loss of my other dogs, God will send me what I need. I realized this when a woman gave me two puppies that have been a souce of delight. Trusting in the flow is the key to overcoming fear.

Thoms1 11th April 2011 11:01 pm

of a numerical combination given to my sleepless mind on 13.3.11; as I felt, like many, deeply impacted by the tragedy in Japan on 11.3.11. I started researching the dates of major earthquakes since Haiti; I've been carrying around the following binaries for along time, since they begin with the birthdays of my daughter and myself, and cojoin the 21.12.12 cullmination of the Mayan Calendar:;

This was posted @ midnite 11.4.11. I'd like some help in assimilating this information.
Angelika Lina 12th April 2011 2:59 am

That's beautiful K.

Abaraxadac 13th April 2011 9:22 pm

You've learned to deal with energy with a negative hand, haven't you? You are learning how to judge people not by their kindness, but by their emotional impact to you. You can take energy with your negative hand and negate it, and it will almost always, impossibly enough, be negated. can you see the value in that, judgement girl?

k 14th April 2011 8:06 pm

Gee Abaraxadac, I am not sure if you are refering to me as judgement girl??? But, yep, guilty...I can not deny, but that is one of the reasons I am caught in this nightmare, to learn not to be judgemental, to learn to be the ideal of what my higher self expects and I will not be released from suffering of the third dimension, totally until I become that ideal and not be judgemental anymore. Then I will see heaven on earth like Jesus and the Buddha did. I will be able to see beyond the illusion. Will you?