Welcome the New (7th) Day!

A transmission from the The Spiritual Hierarchy

Greetings from the collective.

Beloved lightworkers, starseeds, pathpavers, wayshowers, indigos, blue rays…all those terms by which you call and identify yourselves…today we speak to you as one.

Indeed you are the beloved members of the first wave, the front line and brigade of warriors to be reborn into the newly inhabited and christed grid of consciousness.  It is you who shall heed this clarion call.  Pray tell.

Members of the lighted way, today is a special day! Today we greet you in the netherworld, the place between dimensions that allows us to fully participate with those in the earth realms. We gather with you here and welcome you to the dawning of a new galactic day.

Recently, you participated in a diagnostic event that took precedence over the physical outworkings of your daily life…this event was called forth by the celestial heavens and those who work within the realms of oneness to prepare and ensure that each of you are fully ready to walk steadily and unencumbered between worlds, to anchor yourselves in the higher dimensions, but with the ability to stand with your feet solidly on the physical ground.

As a result, we are now fully participating with you in the fields of oneness for the first time and simultaneously as each of you complete the anchoring (grounding) of your physical bodies into the new grid of human, divine and galactic consciousness. You are being called forth this day to join in union with the band of souls who work within these realms of physical and ethereal co-creation.

Divine warriors, we cannot begin to express the joy and gratitude that we feel for your earthbound journeys, your selfless sacrifice and the amount of love that you carry within the earth plane. We want to thank you for your divine missions of service, for your absolute dedication to the light and to the future of this planet that you call home. We are like proud parents, awe-inspired as we watch your wings unfold in preparation for flight.

To you we say, your salvation draws nigh.

We regard you as the lighted ones, for surely you kept alive the inner light of your three-fold flame, burning even through the darkest of nights. As you incarnated into the dimensions of separation you held the awareness that your only role, your only true mission of service toward personal and planetary ascension, was to keep that light alive. 

The Seventh Day

The 7th day of the galactic underworld will be a time of fostering new beginnings, a time of releasing the past so completely that you are able to participate within the new fields of oneness without karmic restrictions. From this "day" forward, your past will be sealed off and you will be walking among us, the makers of worlds and overseers of planetary ascension.

As we work with you in this new level reality, we will come together as one in thought, merging in consciousness to create the new earth.

The most important aspect of this new day is that it entails the full activation of your multi-sensory perceptions. As you begin to walk forward into the higher dimensions of human experience, you will begin to understand how the mind can operate in more than one reality at a time. In fact, many of you are already beginning to experiment with your new processing & mental capabilities.

Come the new day, each of you who are fully reconnected to the new light grid will begin your exploration and creations in the new world. You will simultaneously have access to more than one time/space reality as you bring forth your many multidimensional gifts,  and your point of perception will be shifting to a greater understanding of life as an integrated whole.

We would like to offer the acknowledgment that this transition to the new world will be more impacting than anything you have experienced thus far in human form.

The experience of a fully integrated 5th dimensional human is one of great vision, of vast understanding of complex reality constructs, beyond the physical planes. To utilize this new understanding effectively means to utilize your greatest gifts for the upliftment of earth and humanity.

Those of you who are aligned with your new earth missions and assignments of service will be stepping forth onto a greater platform for the purposes of becoming influential to the masses. This next step is one you have been preparing for since last November, the beginning of the 6th night of the galactic underworld.

(NOTE**Within each of the 9 Underworlds are 13 wave movements, 6 days and 6 nights, followed by a 7th day, which shifts us and our consciousness into the next phase of human development. The 6th night of the Galactic Underworld began on November 9th, 2009 at 12AM midnight. At midnight, November 3rd, 2010, we will enter the 13th and final wave movement of the Galactic Underworld, the 7th day.)

The preparation period draws to a close and you are about to step fully into the living example of truth that you worked diligently to bring forth into the physical planes.  From this point onward, your creations are world creations…that is to say, each of you are creating an integral part of the new earth.

In light of this truth, we would like to remind you of your power, both as an individual who carries a unique and specific frequency, and as a creator who channels this vital frequency into form. Your creations, and the vibration that they carry, are the significant pillars that will be built upon the foundation of your new earth structures.

Your achievements are beyond recognition at this point, yet we say to you that soon you will see with your own eyes how the new world came to be crafted through your own hands, heads and hearts.

Welcome the new day!

From the collective field of oneness, we bid you farewell and good tidings.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo


zorro 5th November 2010 5:14 am


Do you remeber when you were a small child and you went to see the Fourth of July fireworks up-close for the first time? Remember the small explosions going "pop-pa-pop-pop-pop", then a slight, well-timed delay, and then all of a sudden a mighty BOOM!, with a sound wave blast that just went right through you, make your heart jump, and would linger...?

Reading this post my internal codes went "ping--pa-ping-ping-PING!" in harmonic resonance. Thank you for articulating so beautifully on this activation.

FutureNow 5th November 2010 9:54 am

I wondered if someone would say this! ;) I think it every time i read these posts from L or past KB --- and yet I know it is a true message--I think of it this way: some are joyful now (here) and some are not, but where I am is perfection for me right now (all of us). I also see this "ascensions time" is happening in a collective way and as never before --that is exciting! There is no"specialty" we all are perfect imperfection and right where we are supposed to be!
Hope that makes sense--- words are ineffable!
all is well

hmm 5th November 2010 6:01 pm

lol bdacey, you sound like me a year ago.

I basically come here now for entertainment and as a contingency plan just in case what they say is true and I need to know something.

But I quit waiting a long time ago. I have absolutely no investment in all this stuff. I am working to bring myself higher and higher all the time. I will ascend one day, with the entire Earth or alone, it doesn't matter.

What they say sounds nice and I really do hope its true. Personal ascension is an idea talked about throughout all of our history's mysticism. A global ascension is very new and thus I have always been skeptical of it. It just doesn't make sense that so many people who need further 3d learning would "skip the level".

I do believe ~2012 will be a time of change though. No denying this time is extremely novel and special. I'm excited to find out what humanity will do with themselves in the next 20 years. Something has to give, that is for sure.

k 5th November 2010 7:53 pm

hmm, I also have pondered the question of how there can be mass ascension when there are so many who do not seem to be knocking on the door. The Buddhist teach that what we percieve is an illusion, Pluto's Allegory of the Cave and other ancient texts points this out. The poem by Sutan Valad "The Soul that does Not live In God, is not Alive" also makes reference to the fact that what we precieve as people with souls is not always accurate. I watched a movie "A Beautiful Mind" last week. It is a true story about John Nash a math genius who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. There is a scene where a man is waiting for him outside his classroom (to tell him of his nomination for the Nobel Prize)and Dr. Nash would not believe he was real until a student told him she could see the man also. To him his delusions were very real and he had to learn to ignor them in order to be on the sane side of the line. I think we are deluded, but most of us participate in the same delusion so we are considered sane. We need to detach from our illusions in order to see the real world.

k 5th November 2010 9:37 pm

So, in a way the understanding of oneness by most people is corrupted, because those of Light are not one with the illusion created by darkness. In other words the people we percieve as being evil are not one with us, because they really do not exist. They are delusions created either by our own shadows or by the Brothers of Darkness. Thoth in the Emerald Tablet tells us, if we feel a darkness coming over us to ascertain if it comes from with in us or from outside of us and tells us what to do in each case. The ancient knowledge holds the keys to true understanding. Those who seek for knowledge will find it and the truth will set them free.
The Book of Thomas does not appear to be corrupted, but it was not included in the Bible. Verse 24, "Within a person of light there is light, and he illumines the entire world. When he does not shine, there is darkness". With this in mind, we understand how important it is to purify and shine, because the good all starts with us.