December 2015 Energy Forecast: Finding Balance

Finding Balance, Brightness, and Light in the Midst of Conflict

Hi Everybody, and welcome to the Energy Forecast for December 2015—the final month of this very strong year.

Before we do anything, let’s take a few breaths together…to clear and release anything that you feel you need to release. Let yourself release any tension in your body or stress you may have picked up from the people around you or from world events of this past month.

An Increase of Energy and Light

While the second half of November this year doesn't need to be fully recapped, to say it was intense and brought many shadows to the surface would be an understatement. So over the past few weeks, and certainly coming into this early part of December, many of you will be having a wide range of feelings and reactions.

It’s very intense in the world at the moment, with the amount of energy that is threatening to explode, and this has been building for quite some time. So if you are in shock about what is happening in the world, it can be helpful to remember that the tumultuous change that is going on now was actually seeded long ago and at the moment is coming to a head.

One of the things we've talked about over the last few years, and has long been prophesied about this time, is the great illumination that is taking place. As more light bathes the planet, there is a rise in some of the darker elements. This was always going to be case. And just as it’s happening on the world stage and all around us, it is also happening inside us.

Breathing Your Way Through The Chaos

One aspect of this energy shift is that the level of chaos that is going on outside us will be catalyzed by the level of chaos inside us, and vice versa.

For most of you, what you will have noticed in the last few weeks is a rise in your own internal chaos. Your own internal panic. Your own internal amplification. Therefore, you are going to need more than ever in these coming weeks to just keep taking deep breaths. Stop in the middle of your day and just come back to the present. It won't always be easy; there are going to be a lot more thoughts and a lot more feelings circulating in you. But more to the point, there are going to be a lot more amplified thoughts and feelings in ALL of us.  

This amplification has an effect whenever we engage or merge with each other. When we have a conversation with a friend, we are affected by what they're thinking and what they're feeling. And remember, this impact can happen whether they are expressing it or not. For example, if I am the friend you are meeting for coffee and I respond to your question of “How are you?” with something along the lines of, “Yeah, yeah, I’m doing really good at the moment. I'm great thanks,” it may be very clear from my energy (beyond my words) that I’m not doing so great.

The energy that many people are leading with at the moment is very strong, very intense, and very amplified. This intensity can affect our consciousness and our ability to know or verbally express our truth. Yet we are broadcasting our truth all the time, whether we’re aware of it or not.

The Trouble With Right and Wrong

Be mindful of conflict. Conflict energy is high in the world, and this is always an end result of the belief in right and wrong. Conflict energy is where two energies in people (or in countries or governments or other groups) clash and get into a power struggle in order to have their way. The clash point that happens can be very explosive and very destructive.

To bring it back to you, think of a conflict you might be having with a friend, family member, or even your own self. Try and look underneath the situation and ask yourself, Do I have a belief in right or wrong that is pushing me into this very edgy, difficult, hard-to-be-in state?  

You'll find this coming up for you a lot at the moment because there is a big collective flushing up of what we would call basement thoughts and feelings. This is perfectly exemplified by what is happening on the world stage, which may be raising your own fear of survival, fear of being safe in the world,

Balancing Your Human Self With Your Spiritual Self

Your humanity will be clashing with your spirituality a lot at the moment, too. I know that there are many of you out there who are highly spiritual in your beliefs, in your way of working, and in your way of life. Some of you might have been walloped into your humanity in the last few weeks in a way that you weren't expecting, based on your empathy and reaction to world events. And that's okay if that's what's happening for you. Nothing has gone wrong, and you haven’t lost balance for no good reason.  

Life is a constant balancing act. It’s not like we can achieve a spiritual state and effortlessly stay in it forever. It takes maintenance. The world-class athlete who doesn't train for four years is no longer ready for the Olympics. They need to keep going, training daily, and adjusting their training as their body changes—as their age changes their ability.

So those of you who are getting caught in a right or wrong with yourself about how you should be feeling, recognize this chaos is going on the world over right now. Everybody is in the intense of rise of feeling stemming from the events of this past month, and extending before and after it as well.  

Productivity and Action As Your Remedies

For a very long time, we as a planet have been collectively asleep to some of the issues that are now staring us in the face. In addition to the debates about war right now, I'm also talking about the environment, climate change, and what is needed for this size of population to survive on earth. These things are getting very up close and personal in our faces, and what that can do is have a “catalystic” effect on our own inner sense of balance.

So, as is often the case, productivity and action are remedies through this time. Even if you find yourself sitting in the house feeling unable to move, do something. Draw, paint, go for a walk or a run, make a list, dance. Just giving yourself to outward action can move you out of what we might call inner tormenting states—states that go round and round in a looping circle.

Just Say No To Isolation

The support of others is crucial at times like these, so don't isolate yourself, especially if you are feeling bad in isolation! That's the time to reach out and make a call, send an email, or use whatever method of connection works for you.

Just step beyond your own inner prison if you find yourself in one at the moment.

Because here's the good news: When you are able to pop into balance or pop into joy or pop into action during intense and amplified times like these, the high that is available in those experiences has a balancing effect on the low you've just been in.

So often when we are in a very low or compressed state, it’s easy to believe that we are going to stay there forever. That's what the mind tells us anyway. But staying there is not good for our survival, so the mind also broadcasts, “Danger. Danger. Danger!” As the mind continues to broadcast more danger, what we tend to do is sit back and listen to the inner panic as it attempts to convince through many artfully constructed sentences that relate personally to us and our own story: “Oh my god, oh my god. Oh, it’s true. Oh yeah, you are right, that's awful, that's awful.”

If we could just stop watching the cinema screen of the mind and instead move in some other direction—even if it’s small movement—we will bust through watching the movie and instead get into the movie and then change the direction of the movie.  

Having Compassion For Phases of Compression

Remember, we are creating every single moment with our energetics. If you walk into a room as a bright, buoyant person, you are going to have a very different experience than if you walk into a room as a person who is feeling quite sad, quite low. One is not better than the other, it’s just that you are going to attract different kinds of people and different kinds of experiences.

So if you find yourself in an internal compression phase at the moment (which can also be amplified by the holiday period), remember the hibernation and contemplation energy that can come up for those of us in this hemisphere at this time of year. Those of you in Australia and that side of the world, you will be in the opposite energetic space right now and openings and higher energies can abound.

Walking Toward The Light... and The Love

If you are mindful of nothing else this month, just remind yourself that everything is intense right now. As you keep that in mind, you can go, “Okay, I've been really busy for five days, and I'm feeling a little fried. That tells me for the next day or two, I need to not over-stimulate myself or do too much. I just need some quiet and that will help me balance.” Conversely, if you feel like the intensity of loneliness and isolation is too much for you, change it. Go out, do something, start creating.

You may find yourself having thoughts right now that are sometimes chaotic and unhelpful to the state that you need to reach. It’s easy at times, when there are “world alarm” types of events, to just go into trauma, shock, and chaos. So at times like this, it’s more important than ever that you are able to focus on your balance, your brightness, your light.

And all of that is still there—available and very strong in you. You just have to directionally walk toward it.

This month will be a month where an extraordinary amount of light connection and love is available, but it will also be a month where you will have to direct yourself toward it.

When you are feeling pointed away from it, you will have to re-steer yourself in the direction of the light. This can look like changing some of the people you are hanging out with or letting go of the thing that you were trying to create in a very ferocious determined way, but are finding distressing because it’s not going very well.

The universe is a strong master of all of us at the moment, and if you can get into your lane and feel balanced in your lane, you know you are on track. But if you are in a relationship, a situation, or there is something you are trying to create at the moment that isn't right for you, you will get bumped out very quickly—faster than ever before. Until you take action to change it.

So pay attention. Confer with yourself: If it’s not working, I'll let it go or make a change. If it is working, I can sit in the gratitude that in this moment. I'm alive. I can feel connected to everything. I recognize there is a chaotic dance happening on earth, but in this moment I can look at the flower, I can feel the sun on my face, I can feel warmth in my heart.

And if you are particularly low at the moment, recall an uplifting memory. Go back to that loving time with a friend, go back to that loving memory you have of something wonderful, and use those sense memories to start to bring gratitude back into your body, because gratitude is the fuel of new life and new love.

Heralding a Bright Year Ahead

So, I wish you all a really wonderful holiday season going into 2016. And I hope you all get some good time for yourselves with loved ones this coming month.  

To those of you who have sent in donations this year to help financially support these forecasts, thank you so much. It means a lot, and it really supports what we do. Equally to those of you who send in loving messages of gratitude or thanks to me and the team, that’s huge and thank you so much.  

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you all love for the closing of 2015 and a bright year ahead. See you in January everyone.  

Big Love,

Lee x

(Transcribed and edited from Lee's spoken video message.)



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