July 2011 Energy Forecast: Elevation of the Extremes

Life is a continual process of letting go. This is one of the great truths of human life.

You love, you let go.
You win, you let go.
You're heartbroken, you let go.
You create, you let go.

Change is the only constant in the ride called life, and this is a time of massive physical and emotional transformation on Earth. It is occurring faster than we have seen, and in time terms, I am told we are still only just approaching the centre of this period.

With speed and change happening at this heightened level, overwhelm is a common feeling for most people. Even if maintaining a good balance in yourself, you will see and feel this overwhelm at work in others. At times, many of you will feel overwhelmed by the speed of life or by your personal levels of feeling. Overwhelm speaks of not keeping up with everything around you, or experiencing great pressure inside or outside yourself.

It is therefore helpful to recognise how much more you are now experiencing and feeling at a faster rate than before. Even if you are just living a quiet life, you will be processing thoughts and feelings quicker than ever. 
Everyone has a different 'story' in life right now yet the intensity is a shared experience. The trick is in recognising that this energy wave is not slowing down but that you are in charge of your own volume dial now. So you need to be in charge of giving yourself breathing space as needed. Not because you have to stop for a long time necessarily, but just to keep an eye on your balance.

For example, anxiety is a common experience right now and yet many are running this emotion through the body while trying to 'do' more, or solve things in their life. This will just amplify the anxiety in most cases, so if you find yourself anxious, stop and step back for a short while. Let it release rather than use that energy to power your next steps. Keep your next steps 'clear' of these old energies you are releasing. Stepping back and feeling how you are doing is important and will heighten your greater awareness while allowing the feelings in you to release.

Some of you (the 'rebirthers') will be the opposite to this. Those of you in this group will feel more joyous and free than ever, and like you are living on rocket fuel and could power a small country with all the energy you are generating. For you people, you do need to regularly 'pause' and check your feet, head and heart are also on the ground. In order to avoid a crash.

I call you the 'rebirthers' for good reason. You are running a lot of new energy through your body, heart and mind, and are in the heart of big awakenings. Think of the body as your computer and it is currently going through an upgrade to its operating system. You are becoming a new person in effect, so will need to physically stabilize this transition every now and then. Taking just 5 minutes out, even just a few times each day to be alone with your feelings and thoughts, will help you greatly if this is your experience. It will also take away the fear some of you have of a potential crash.

Remember, human life is a wave. Some days we are tired, some days full of energy. Surrendering to where you are at is the first key to well-being, and then guiding yourself through your state is the art of human mastery.

Fun is important! Laughter, play and joy are vital to well-being and balance – they are not just luxury ideas or concepts. All of these are greatly needed to remedy the intensity right now so don't underestimate their importance. If these have been missing for you recently, get pro-active and do some things to experience them now.

And if you find yourself feeling bleak about your life or what you are personally facing, remember that this intensity is a collective experience. Whatever you are experiencing, good or difficult, will be a very alive feeling inside you.

This can be tough on the spirit if the 'alive feeling' is not a nice one. For example, depression is fast to move through people in times like these, especially if you are prone to it. The strong energies spiral the dense energy of depression through the system fast. But it can also feel bleaker than ever if it hits you.

If you find yourself in a rock-bottom moment, remind yourself that 'this too shall pass' and allow yourself to simply breathe consciously through it. If your mind is in panic, remind it that you are alive. Depression contains a great deal of 'death' and grief energy, so it may sound strange but regularly reminding yourself you are alive can be important as a first step to recovery. You may also need to get short-term support until you are back on your feet again. For example, taking supplements from a health store to keep your immune system and mood levels up at a time like this can be very helpful, as can the love of a friend, simple meditation or exercise. Don't be alone with the struggle is my message. It will shift quicker if you allow yourself to support yourself through it and there is no need or benefit in suffering through anything. Make yourself as comfortable as you can in every moment right now.

Last month I spoke about the 'Revolution Spark' growing in people and evidence of this growth will continue to be seen, felt and heard in July. Extremes will be occurring, both in people and on the world stage. This means polarities will be on the rise in July, and strong opinions and actions will be around and inside you.

It is time for this next level of strength to arise in people, as we need it for the shift we are experiencing on the planet. But it can create divided opinions and make conflicts/arguments appear and escalate very quickly.

So don't take anything personally and don't be alarmed if you do find yourself in a conflict with another this month. Many of you are likely to experience people close to you in 'highly reactive' mode as feelings are releasing fast. If you find yourself in a conflict, just know what you want and need, state your truth and move on. State your boundary and if that doesn't work, walk away. Conflict energy that gets fed right now will just perpetuate itself and come back to you, so don't fan any flames.

This is part of the ongoing theme of letting it all go and knowing where you need to be in each moment, regardless of the will or desires of others. The world will be full of this eruption energy and the trick is to not engage in conflict, but also to know when it is important to give a boundary to a bullying or dominating energy in your life. Those of you with these 'figures' in your life will recognise and experience a shift in those dynamics this month too.

Finally, this ongoing 'consciousness wake up' we are in as a society continues. It centres on the use/abuse of our physical environment, our faith/mistrust in our leadership structures and global and personal financial and environmental stability.

This is a worldwide wake up, and many of you are already focusing on how you can help shape a new future. This energy is birthing in many right now, as expected, and so some of you will be sensing a real passion around the planet and people in the future. Ride those waves and visions – they will manifest in the form of projects and ideas you can make concrete in the near future and bring you a great deal of personal fulfilment.

Things are fast and often surprising right now. Surrender to the sometimes strangeness of that, love yourselves and others more than ever, and be ready to adapt to the changes as they come your way.

As always, focus on growing and nurturing your internal state, and surrender the externals.
It will be the easiest way to lead and experience yourself through this transformation.

A new world is in birth, so the child and the parent inside you are growing up.

Happy Birthing and in love and peace to all.




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