September 2011 Energy Forecast: Opening the Dream door... and keeping it open.

Why are you here?

September can be a month for feeling renewed purpose in your life, especially in those of you who have felt passionless for a while. This will be a month of openings, opportunities and new beginnings, as life begins to come back to many people after a long period of 'death' energy. This is the first time in around 4 months that this much positive energy is going to be available to a great many of us. And we need that, in order to weather and navigate the creation of our new and changing world. This month, dare to dream, and allow yourself to constantly see others clearly in order to hold your own space in life and follow your own path.

Collectively, we have forgotten to dream and vision for a brighter future. In all the loss, shock, and concern about the now and the future, so many people have spiralled downward, although of you reading, only 20-30% of you now will be in the 'deep grief' process. The more we wake up to ourselves and our planet, the more this grief gets encountered. Grief takes away the desire and the ability to dream and believe in life. And so if you have gone through an awakening or personal grief in the last year or so, September is the jump-start energetically to come back to life. September offers this, but it also calls for boundaries.

Grief is a great change. After grief, you need to rebuild yourself and your boundaries, and it is typical that you change certain relationships as a result. This was my story a few years ago, when during the worst year of my life (post an awakening), so much I knew, loved and trusted fell away, as is a common story in awakener's. It left me raw and feeling vulnerable to life at an all new-level, and not connected to life in the same way for many many months. This was a gift once I had recovered, for it gave me a truer perspective on what to be grateful for in life and how to see things. It made me a stronger and more compassionate person than before and once these pieces were in place in me, I could dream once more.

But a wider heart called for seeing others and operating with them at an all new level too.

Being compassionate and opening your heart REQUIRES boundaries, strength and awareness. Not all people will be gracious and receiving of you and your heart, and this will be the learning of September for many of you. Knowing your boundary with people, and 'naming' it when they cross it.

As a younger man, whenever I met or saw environmentalists who were angry at people because of the state of the world, I never understood the anger. I understood their sadness at the state of things and I knew that their message was important. But their anger and resentment at human beings didn't make me want to open to them as their anger pushed me away.

You see this often in life. People with a personal emotional agenda that outweighs what they are saying to you or asking you to believe. I have learnt (the long and hard way) to walk away quickly from those who are projecting their own emotions onto me. Those calm beings with peace in their eyes who do good for the world are the ones I resonate with and understand. Even if they get frustrated at times with what they are trying to do, which is simply human. But with the constantly angry others I see, a different game is being played by those people. A 'blame' game.

Blame is pointless and empowers no-one. Be very suspicious of anyone who blames you for 'making them feel' a certain way or those now blaming humans for the state of the world. That is like shouting at a child that it needs to come and get a hug from you right now.

People's negative emotions are talking very loudly in the world right now, and filling their life stories. So September is an opportunity to be VERY clear about what kind of emotions you want to be around, or not.

The upside of this emotional clearing and the struggles that we collectively have gone through in recent times (practical, emotional and energetic) is the growth of heart, strength and community in our world.

At different times in different places, hearts are opening and new energy is pouring forth. It is beautiful to see, witness and be in and around, and it grows everyday. This spirit will breed more growth of positivity.

So what do you want for and in your personal future? Have you asked yourself that recently? It is important to dream, intend and vision. The answers and ideas that come through you are less important than the act of doing it. We create through our dreams and visions, and so after a long period of loss or destruction, the 'creator' parts of ourselves need re-awakening and inspiring.

If you are finding that hard to do, simply practise gratitude daily for what you have and experience in your life. For the food you have when many are without, the air you breathe that allows you to keep living, loving and learning, or simply for the fact that tomorrow is a different day and you can create new things for yourself and your life on each new day. From the simple to the profound, gratitude and it's power is rocket fuel for creating new dreams.

Life is happening everywhere, and people are living more fully and truthfully than before. Those of you that have been 'waiting' for the shift to happen in the rest of the world, why wait? To quote one of our wisest grandfathers 'Be the change you want to see in the world'.
Your vision is unique, so don't wait for others to do it the way you would like to see it done. That is your role in this tapestry of interconnected people.

The world is full of armchair critics' a friend once told me, as a reason to not go out into the world with her visions.

I decided a long time ago, an armchair was not my place, and that when I encountered those people, I could let their opinions deter me or simply get on with my life.

Be bold in September.

Why wait?



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