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A few days ago, I was on the island of Jersey between the north coast of France and the south coast of England. I was there to perform my new music single at a benefit concert for Haiti. The event had been 5 weeks in the planning, and yet one week before the concert, we saw the flash floods in Madeira occur and then the very day before the concert, we learnt about the Chilean Earthquake.

It was very strange to be in the middle of all this, with a focus on being part of a benefit for one disaster as others started to occur. It threw a lot of people connected to the concert, and heightened the emotion around the event.

I remember many years ago, a channel from Zachary spoke of natural disasters that would affect our world and how they would increase as we got closer to 2012. Many believed that disasters would end our world, but Zachary was always clear that was not the case. That instead there would be an increase and that this increase would be part of the series of changes the Earth and humanity would go through.

Many people fear the end of the world, but is that really the point? If our world ended completely, we would all be simply gone and onto a new plane of existence and experience beyond the physical. It wouldn't be like the life we know now. It would be very different.

So isn't the bigger point that we are living at a time now where dealing with and living through these experiences going on in neighbouring countries or close to home is a challenge we must rise to? Both in terms of helping, and understanding.

It can be painful and sad to know/feel or even just hear what is going on in the world when deaths occur, and empathising with those who are living through the loss or devastation of what has happened to them can stop you in your tracks and wake you up.

And yet, the point is, we the survivors must carry on. We carry on for the living, and carry on for those who still move through this world, ourselves included. All the while trying to keep our focus on our love, the relationships we experience our love through, our hearts, and this beautiful planet we live on. These are the gifts in our lives. Just as life is a gift. And life grows fast where love is present.

Remembering this focus on love can be challenging in the busy western world, but when the Earth acts as it has been doing recently, the message we can take is how precious our lives are. How precious this experience is that we are now having.

Love makes the world of difference when a heart collapses or is broken emotionally through the shock of loved ones being lost.

So tonight, as I'm writing this, I wish to send some love and energetic support to all survivors now rebuilding their lives and their homes. Recovering from shock.

And sending love to all of you reading.

Love is real.

In peace



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