I'm Fed Up With All This Enlightenment!

Question: I am filled up with this enlightenment, God-searching, question-asking, never-ending-be-what-you-are business. Dead words of "holy" men are flying like flies out of my ears. And here I am writing this question to you. Is there any end to this bullshit?

Leonard's answer: To be fully present in the moment puts an end to the "bullshit", at least for the moment that you are present. When you are fully present, you come out of the mind, and all questions and answers disappear. All that is left is silence and the IS-NESS of NOW. It is moment to moment.

You do not have to fully present all the time. But you must be present enough so that Silence and Presence is the very foundation of who you are and the very foundation of your life. You must be able to enter into or return to the deepest levels of Presence whenever you choose. You know that the present moment is the truth of life and that everything else is an illusion. That does not mean that you cannot play in the illusion. It is just that you no longer regard it as the truth of life.

If you find it difficult to remain present, or if you find it difficult to return to Presence, it means that you are caught in the world of the mind, and there are a number of possibilities you may have to attend to in order to free your self.

The first is that some healing of the past may be necessary, and this can include painful or traumatic experiences from childhood and some times even from past lives.

The second possibility may be that you will have to allow some very old repressed emotions to surface into conscious expression in a way that is unconditionally loving, allowing and accepting of those feelings.

The third possibility is that you will have to stop believing in your own memories, thoughts, concepts, opinions, imaginings and beliefs. They are not the truth. Only silence is the truth and only that which arises out of or exists within silence is the truth. That includes everything that is truly of this moment.

The fourth possibility is that you will have to bring consciousness to your fears, desires and attachments. Just bringing them to consciousness with the intention of not acting upon them or believing in them will release you more and more into the present moment. Even the desire for enlightenment will keep you out of the present moment.

The fifth possibility is that you may have to refine your relationship with your own ego. The ego is a powerful obstacle to being present and it will only relax and surrender and allow you to be more fully present when certain conditions are met. The ego feeds on judgment and rejection, so any judgment of it or attempt to get rid of it simply strengthens it. You will have to enter into a relationship of unconditional love and acceptance with the ego if you want to be liberated from it. This is paradoxical and a very subtle part of the awakening process.

I hope that my words do not become dead words flying out of your ears like flies. On the other hand, if enough words fly out of your ears, perhaps you will be left in Silence.


johneblums 11th May 2010 9:43 pm

Another possibility for being fed up may be that to the enquirer his own unique spiritual path is already known and that the information he/she reads here may no longer serve their level that they have attained. This matter has been discussed by spiritual guides several times. However the level that one may be on may not always be immediately obvious. All souls are connected with their highest spiritual energies, without exception for it is their life-force, otherwise they would be dead. Discernment should be used when reading ALL messages as some messages do not carry the pure vibration of Divinity, as some hosts acting as channelers don't even know their own spirit aspects and so will not have access to the higher range of divine channeled knowledge or their akashic records, and so have to rely on channeling information that is general based on philosophical issues, rather than one's celestial aspects and knowledge about their eternal relationship with God-dess or their twin flame aspects. Messages dealing with "DO/ DONT" should be ignored. Respect Your Divine Free Will!!!

Bookladi 12th May 2010 9:04 am

I agree completely with this comment from jb, and the original questioner. We are so close to the shift of the ages, and now it seems some "enlightened ones" are pontificating as experts in a tone of, you need to do this, you haven't done that, should and should nots, do and do not, and actually giving people lists or rules. The mirror is very bright these days and it's reflecting our true natures through and through. Some are getting caught up in the game again, and becoming vain in their own level of enlightenment,when it's their own philosphy, and that old left brain egoic nature is coming through loud and clear. It's all going to boomerang back anyway, and very quickly, as that is the nature of the energy we are in now, so maybe none of this even matters. The Universe will take care of it.

spring 12th May 2010 9:39 am

Lighen up guys - I think the message was rather full of love - feeling the energy of it and not just the words....and there was no mention of dos/don'ts - a few 'musts' I conceed (and happen,through my own life experiences,to agree with-at least for now!) but overall just suggestions to considered the possibilities of blockages that may - or may not need/desire to be addressed...and that's just my ole free will expressing itself :smitten: have a stupendous day!!

SilentLove 12th May 2010 11:40 pm

If only all guidance to those seeking to awaken was so concise, clear and more importantly, useful. Thank you!

femme 14th May 2010 1:19 am

Well, the "power of now" is an oft-repeated mantra by a few others, and a general cure-all for what ails us meek humans having only too human experiences, thoughts and feelings.

I personally can chime in on the level of frustration these days with my brothers and sisters--those of us living out here in the real world, not living in a spiritual bubble world where we can isolate and protect ourselves from the world. Think about the guru on a mountain-top--who wouldn't be at peace there?

Yes, we're tired of the BS. We asked for answers, we asked for change, and it seems like our future is decided by politicians, corporate heads and greedy capitalists. Being present doesn't serve the purpose of change, and probably never should have. But the value of it is extolled in all spiritual writings--if the meek stay quiet and passive, they are ruled much more easily. So what is the purpose of some of the writings? (control?)

I think I'd like to dream of angel warriors for the future, instead of a group of pacifists meditating while the earth crumbles around our heads.


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