Times of Crisis

It is clear that we are living in difficult times. We are in the throes of a financial, environmental and social crisis. But it is also a time of extraordinary opportunity. It depends on how we respond.

The most significant crisis that we are facing is that of global warming. Thank God for
Al Gore, who has played a significant role in bringing the issue to the public and media attention. And thank God for all those individuals and organizations acting in a way that will make a difference. However, the silent majority sleeps on. If we don't take radical and collective steps to dramatically change our unconscious ways, there is every chance that we will render this beautiful planet uninhabitable for our children and their children.

Still the terrible fate that might await our descendants, as a direct result of our unconsciousness, seems not to be urgent enough to provoke within us a conscious and timely response, at a collective level.

I wonder if that might be different if we realized that we are screwing up the planet, not only for our children and grandchildren, but also for ourselves. How ironic it will be if reincarnation turns out to be true. Are we unknowingly creating a hellish world for us to return to? Could this be our karma which, in essence, requires us to live with the consequences that flow from our thoughts, feelings and actions?

How intriguing!

911 was another opportunity for us to awaken out of our unconsciousness. Jesus told us that if someone strikes us on the right cheek, turn to them the other also. He was not telling us to be passive or submissive. He was telling us to be careful. Be conscious in our response. If we react unconsciously, without full awareness and consideration of all aspects from both sides of the conflict, then we could be caught in that same level of unconsciousness as the ones who struck us. In a sense, we could become the terrorists.

Instead of launching a dishonest and illegal war against Iraq, which has been disastrous in every way, perhaps we should have first taken some time to review our actions at an international level. Is there anything we, as Americans have done in other countries, that might have inadvertently generated a level of anger and resentment that would eventually manifest as terrorism? Have we manipulated, controlled and exploited other nations? Have we had hidden agendas, perhaps around issues of power and control? Was oil the hidden agenda in invading Iraq? Have we been honest and forthright in representing to the world those American values so beautifully expressed by the founders of this nation? I am not saying that we should not respond to acts of terrorism. But we must respond in a way that is fully conscious and responsible. Otherwise, we will have to live with the consequences that flow from our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and actions. And that is happening now!

So far we have not allowed any of these events to interfere with our way or life. Greed and self interest prevail upon this planet. Unconsciousness prevails. The way of the ego prevails.

Me, me, me!
Mine. Mine! Mine!
I'm right. I'm right. I'm right.
How can I take advantage of this!
How can I use this?
What's in it for me!
Isn't it all about me!

This is the way of the ego.

There are six billion egos living upon this planet. We get along with those who share our particular set of illusions. They are our friends. We declare war on those who adhere to a different set of illusions. They are our enemies. And we have no awareness of just how lost we all are in illusion.

To awaken spiritually is to awaken out of illusion, and it seems as though suffering is our preferred method of awakening. Many who awaken do so through crisis or suffering. When the suffering becomes unbearable, they are more willing to open to another way of being. Given the right guidance, they can find their way into the present moment, which is completely free of the pain and limitations of the past, and anxiety about the future. Belief systems, which have held us imprisoned for so long, begin to lose their grip upon us. We are no longer under the rule of the ego. We awaken to our true nature and to Oneness.

What will it take for humanity to awaken? Global warming? Terrorist attacks? So far, nothing has worked! There is so much resistance to awakening that the suffering keeps increasing, and it will continue to increase until we respond with a fundamental shift in consciousness.

We are now in the throes of a major global economic meltdown. We can see it is a crisis, or we can see it as yet another opportunity to become more conscious in the way we live upon this earth. It is another opportunity for us to awaken. Maybe this will do it! The extinction of thousands of species each year does not really concern us. Genocide in Darfur does not seem to disturb us. We can digest a daily diet of rape, murder and pillage on our cable news channels.

But if our wallets, and our 401K's, and our share portfolios are threatened, then that is different! That might just create a sufficient disturbance within the dream that we will begin to awaken from it.

As we awaken, we will see how greed and "the culture of more" have contributed to the current crisis. We will see that we are now being held accountable for our willingness to live beyond our means and live on endless credit. We will see that we have been more interested in making a killing on the stock market than creating real wealth through productivity. We will recognize that the large corporations are essentially ego structures of greed and control, and are nothing more than an extension of our own egos. We will see that the Stock Exchange is really a casino, conveniently here for the wealthiest among us to wager on the ups and downs of the market.

Perhaps we might begin to understand that there are universal laws which govern our existence. One such law states that you cannot have expansion without contraction, any more than you can have day without night, or light without dark. You cannot breathe in without breathing out. You cannot continually blow up a balloon. Sooner or later it will burst.

This is what has happened! Those in power have artificially and dishonestly manipulated the financial system to keep it expanding. It cannot continue indefinitely. A free market allows for the natural flow of expansion and contraction. With a free market, you would have gentle rises and falls. But the market is not free. It is controlled by super wealthy individuals and institutions manipulating the market. But now they are caught in their own web. And we are expected to bail them out! We would not mind so much if things would change. They will not! In fact, the creators of this crisis will ultimately profit from it, and greed will continue unabated on Wall Street, although it will probably be more subtle.

No matter what is happening in the world, we can end suffering by awakening.  Suffering is only necessary because, for the most part, it is the only thing that will awaken us from the dream. But still, very few of us awaken. Who wants to awaken out of a happy dream? And if we are caught in an unhappy dream, or we are in a crisis within the dream, we would rather live in the hope of a happy outcome within the dream than awaken from it. And so the suffering continues.

There is an easier way. If, through our intelligence, we begin to make choices that will gradually lead us out of illusion and separation into truth and Oneness, then there will be no need for suffering. If we can gently release ourselves from our beliefs, like slipping out of an old overcoat, the truth will become apparent. If we can bring consciousness to all our unconscious patterns of greed, fear and desire, they will gently dissolve. If we can own, acknowledge and confess who we have become, we will be released into the truth of who we are. If we allow ourselves to feel the pain of separation, we will open into Oneness.

For those of us who are ready to awaken, it is time to complete this journey. There has never before been a better opportunity. The door is open wide. True enlightenment is not about "What's in it for me?" It is not about bliss, or ecstasy or anything else. It is simply about realizing that the only life available to us is life lived in the moment. It is about arising in mastery of our own mind and ego. It is about true power and true responsibility. It is about living consciously and responsibly upon this earth. It is about "loving thy neighbor as thyself," because you recognize that thy neighbor IS thyself. It is about rejecting that false notion that we have dominion upon this earth, and accepting that, at best, we are caretakers. And it is time to take care! It is no longer a question of morality. It is now a question of our own survival.


bob 10th October 2008 9:04 am


netdragon 10th October 2008 2:08 pm

Cool, a rant... Relax, everything will be fine :)

"Are we unknowingly creating a hellish world for us to return to?"

Time isn't linear. We can jump to any version of earth we want to. I'm not saying we need to trash this version.

"Could this be our karma which, in essence, requires us to live with the consequences that flow from our thoughts, feelings and actions?"

Karma isn't a punishment system and is a choice.

"911 was another opportunity for us to awaken out of our unconsciousness."

It, along with the blackouts, did have some temporary uplifting affects. It also had a lasting "brotherly" affect on NYC.

"He was not telling us to be passive or submissive"

Exactly. We must be assertive in our decisions as co-creators.

"Global warming? Terrorist attacks? So far, nothing has worked!"

Patience. Change is sometimes like a trickle, not a river :)

Regarding the "economic meltdown", remember that currency is abstract. Resources haven't changed.

"That might just create a sufficient disturbance"

No, it will happen naturally, not in a forced way. It's as much personal as global.

Cristina 10th October 2008 4:20 pm

"Is there anything we, as Americans have done in other countries, that might have inadvertently generated a level of anger and resentment that would eventually manifest as terrorism? Have we manipulated, controlled and exploited other nations? Have we had hidden agendas, perhaps around issues of power and control? "
Leonard, thanks.I've met very few americans (if it is the case that you are one) with this level of consciousness. I was born in a '3rd world country' - well, it was a 3rd world and still undeveloped mostly by the intense greed from americans fellows who seems to act without respect and consideration, supporting always the 'me, me, me culture' - certainly must have a lot of resentment around the world towards a bully. If americans (many of them) could be granted a magic mirror to be able to check their attitudes and magically and very humbly retify the wrong they've done, that would be the day that we were getting close to a wonderful world. So many lives destroyed, so many cultures attacked by an arrogant mind/approach. It must not be right... :(

Susan Shann 10th October 2008 5:12 pm

All the more reason we so desperately need a leader who represents that awakening, by being a true diplomat and not a bombastic aggressor; by being a healing unifier and not a fear-manipulating divider (we've had one of those for the last 8 years, and look where it's brought us); by being a peacemaker and not a warmonger: by being a communicator of truth and intelligent insight rather than a disseminator of lies that seek to distract us further from the urgency of our situation; by being a seeker of the highest collective good on multiple levels, rather than a win-at-all-costs (even while squandering one's own integrity and the good of the nation) appeaser of the very wealthy, of corporate greed and structural injustice.
All the more reason we need a TRUE LEADER like BARACK OBAMA, and not a frantically unstable ego like that of John McCain, who will always be honored for his years of service to his country, but has clearly demonstrated his inability to lead with that same selfless commitment to a higher and better vision of who we really are, as a people and a nation.

Gilligan Joy 10th October 2008 5:54 pm

I think that pain is often necessary before people seek truth and change for the better. My favorite line in Autobiography of a Yogi is when God says, "If joy were ceaseless here in this world, would man ever seek another? Without suffering he scarcely cares to recall that he has forsaken his eternal home. Pain is a prod to remembrance." This has been my experience: I did not seek truth until after a short but deep depression.

The world will change when enough people start doing God's will. Thankfully, the power of light is much greater than the power of darkness, so a relatively small number of enlightened people is all that is needed to change the world. But it seems that the world situation is going to get far worse before it gets better. I am hopeful that many people will start deeply seeking God after the temporary experience of higher consciousness in 2012.

k 10th October 2008 11:47 pm

My, my, what a negative view of the world and our fellow man. Part of enlightenment is understanding that that there is a higher power directing us, we have to surrender to that power and trust that it will take care of us and the world. We are not in control. We see the way thing should be and think we have the answers, but really God works in mysterious ways and He may see things differently than we do and have different answers to our problems than what we can see. By looking to the light and trusting in the love that is shown down on us, we will not fear what lays before us and the world. We will add our power of positive thinking and love to the force that directs the future of our world. Chill.

Ed 11th October 2008 10:17 am

Another part of enlightenment is reconginzing that we have been given free will by God, and there is a high degree of responsibility that comes with the territory. God allows us to do what we want regardless of the destruction we create. We have to live with the consequences of our actions. If we deplete the earth of it's natural resources and cause global warming, we have to live with the consequences. Unfortunately, the future of our planet is in our hands and is what we make of it. We are taking ourselves to a dangerous edge right now and the results that we are seeing are urgent wakeup calls to change our course of action. It is highly presumptuous to assume that everything has to happen this way. There is no responsibility in that plan of action. True that it is important to accept what is and still experience God's love, but if we render this planet uninhabitable, it will not be possible to be here and enjoy this gift that God has given us. We must take the lead here by awakening first, so that the rest of the unconscious world can follow suit.

netdragon 11th October 2008 3:42 pm

k: I would add we aren't in control through direct action, though we do have the ability to guide our own experiences through exercise of our free will.

Neil 9th December 2008 1:54 am

"Chill" in this case may be code for "go back to sleep" - be(a)ware of the dimension from which you respond. The ego is a clever imposter.
If the truth from which this man has spoken is not apparent to you then it probably was not meant for you. I say this with love. Should this provoke a reaction, it is an opportunity to explore the source of the reaction. If not, good.
We are all here for one primary purpose - to awaken from the dream. That is not a passive activity that will happen for us with God's assistance alone. We must engage in the process and take responsibility for how we have become lost. As Leonard Jacobson has said...."Come as you are...but come revealed". That means we must reveal to ourselves how we have become lost and in so doing, reveal it to God - without judgment.
I've enjoyed writing this response - my ego is very clever.


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