Cosmic Particles of Truth ~ The Re-birth of Earth

From Steve: In this message the group gave us a current overview from three different perspectives. They looked at current events in relationship to the Earth's changing role, the sun's changes and how that will affect everyone. On the cosmic level they mentioned an event that is taking place now that they say fits into the larger picture quite well. They talked about the particles from what we call solar storms to the seeds of the universe. They also related that there are times when these seeds are now being directly deposited into Earth's magnetosphere. They say it is an intentional planting of seeds, intentional for the re-birth of planet Earth. You call see the article from NASA that describes what is taking place from a scientific perspective here.

NASA Web Site December 16th 2008

From an energetic perspective, they said this was the overlay of the hologram of the third Earth. It is in motion now. Hang on, here we go!

Have a great new year with lots of Big Hugs and gentle nudges, Steve.

(You can see the video of this message here)    


Greetings from Home

Magical Moment

This time is magical. This place is magical because you have set it into motion. You have set your intent to have a magical experience on this planet and it is starting to happen. One by one you are being triggered into the things you love to do; you are being triggered into the sacred contracts that you set for yourself. You knew what you wanted to do, and you chose your direction. You placed a veil between the two parts of your brain to completely obliterate your memories of Home and your own power of who you are. Then you came in to play a game of Hide and Seek. You bumped into walls and other people, all the thinking you have done wrong or made a mistake. In fact, you were simply wandering around trying to find that connection, that part of Home which has you completely connected through your own higher self.

Now that is becoming more important. We wish to give you an overview on several different levels today. We are going to show you a little bit of what is happening on both the cosmic level and on the Earth level. Then we will tell you the possibilities on the personal level, for many of you are now prepared to move. You have placed yourself at the edge of the cliff waiting for that gentle breeze to push you off. Well, a gentle breeze has just come along. We are known for gently pushing people off the cliff. That is one of the things we love to do as we spread our wings, to re-mind you of who you really are. This time we will share with you some of the overviews of not what is ahead, not necessarily what is in your future or what your destiny is, but simply the direction you are going and the overview of what is taking place on Earth to accommodate this.

Cosmic Overview

We will speak first on the cosmic level, because cosmic events are starting to form in your section of the universe. The cosmic events are starting to take place to build to a climax which we will simply call an event. That is all that is being referred to, even in your scientific world at this moment. But everyone who is watching sees only one thing: it will be a big event. Nobody knows exactly how it is going to happen or how it is going to take place. Let us share with you our perspective.

First, you are having connections with the sun which you have had for a number of years. It has to do with the re-structuring of the magnetics of Earth and has been going on for some time, reaching a conclusion a few years back. What also took place is that a lot of the solar flares coming through the sun were energy from Home. It is energy through the central sun directed through your own sun; the solar flares are explosions that occur space from the energy contained within the sun. The challenging part is that when you measure the energy of any one of these bursts you would realize that only three of those bursts could be contained within the sun, and yet you have seen hundreds such bursts. Where is the energy coming from? What is happening? Is there a chemical reaction going on in the sun? What is taking place? We tell you the sun is not what you think it is. It is not an object of its own. It is a dimensional portal for energy and has been from the very beginning of time. Even the warmth and gamma rays that help you live on this planet are constantly coming into your world from that portal. It is a portal that comes directly from Home through the Central Sun, so things that are set in motion will normally happen through your sun. It is your energy distribution network.

There are two events unfolding right now to accommodate what is ahead. Scientists believe these to be  new discoveries, things that have been happening for a very long time that they have just discovered. However, this is not the case; these things have never happened before. One of these events is the melding of the Earth’s magnetic field with the sun’s magnetic field.  The second is the recent discoveries regarding the particles contained in a solar storm.   We would never have used the word solar storm to describe this event.  These two discoveries work together to open the magnetic field of Earth just long enough to fill it with a generous amount of these seeds.  This is all in preparation for a big, yet undefined, event to come.

Earth Sun Connection

From the larger perspective, we will tell you the interactions between the sun and the Earth are changing. The earth is being charged by the sun once again; the first time was a magnetic charge from the solar flares. Now the sun and earth have formed a connection point. It has been labeled as a portal because the two energy fields of the Earth and sun occasionally connect and stretch out through time and space to connect the energy fields of each one. During those times, particles are passed from one to the other. You have known these occurrences only as solar storms to this point, because that is the only word you have been able to use to understand what this is. However, it is much more than this; it is the life force of the universe. If you were talking about the physical body, we would call it sexual energy; this is the life force of the energy of All That Is that is flowing between things.
These solar particles created planet Earth in the first place. These particles could be called particles of possibilities, because they will carry with them anything you create in the process. Re-member, it is your creation for you are the creators of Earth. There is no grand plan in place. There is no bearded god who looks like Charlton Heston that is going to stand over everybody saying what is right and what is wrong. You are creating your reality with every thought that you have. The Earth is adjusting to your thoughts. That is who you really are; you create the path just seconds before your foot hits the ground, because you expect it to be there and therefore it is created. Your relationship with Earth and all the cosmos will be clearer in the next three years as some of these events unfold.

Birth of the Third Earth

As you find the Earth and sun connect, some of the things that have been called solar flares, or coronal mass ejections, will be further understood because these particles are passing life to planet Earth. Planet Earth began as one of these particles. It began with an energy field around one of these particles and the field began to grow. It began to give form to the intention of god.  God had a thought to create planet Earth. Many of you think of god as an omnipresent being more powerful than everyone else, when it is actually you who are that thought. When you think of things of that nature, you create them. You have been creating something we call the Third Earth, a thought of god. It is your collective thoughts of what you would like to have and what you would like to see take place on planet Earth as it evolves. Your thoughts have formed a hologram for many forms of light. With your light, as you have a thought and as you create something with your thoughts, you send a beam of light. When many of those beams cross at different angles they create a three-dimensional object called a hologram from this particle. The hologram that you have created of the Third Earth is now in the process of over-imprinting the original hologram of Earth. You are redesigning planet Earth.

A while back someone asked, “Tell us more about the sick Earth. How can we help planet Earth to heal and to recover and move to the next level?” We told you very clearly that the Earth is not sick. She is pregnant. She is about to give birth. That is what you are looking at. She is giving birth to your thoughts. The Third Earth is being born; the seeds are now entering through the particles that you are now receiving through the sun. You are starting to see new discoveries of things that have just started to happen. It is incredibly exciting from our perspective, because we see you pulling the veil apart every part of the day to see what is really taking place.

Higher Vibration Hologram Over-Imprints Original Hologram

You will experience things start to unfold. On a collective basis you will see changes taking place in the business sector, as well as all organizations including governments.  If the template or base of the company will embrace and adapt to the age of empowerment, then it will flourish.  Most companies and organizations will have some changes they must deal with.  How they deal with those changes will determine their future in most cases.  If the collective can not adapt to the higher vibration it will fall apart very quickly. The economic flow problem you are now experiencing is an example of this. You will see more of the same, because when you have a high vibrational planet and a low vibrational planet  the hologram over-imprints the original hologram. Those elements which are not of a high enough vibration to make the shift will have difficulty, and many times will fall apart.  Yet, this is perfect on your path because the Shiva must come in and destroy everything so that the Shakti can build it anew. That is what is taking place on the larger scale. You will see it happening everywhere—not just in the economic systems and organizations. You will see it with groups of people or friends, and in your own environment on many levels. Without warning something will fall apart, or you will lose something only to make room for something else even better.  There is nothing wrong with this process, as it is exactly what you have been asking and waiting for. It is the ascension process and the evolution of Earth that you have set into motion yourselves. Take this opportunity to shine your light every place that you can. This is the trigger, the time to celebrate your light. The Earth is pregnant and she will be giving birth to the new Earth—your creations, your designs, a place that will support you no matter what you do, no matter which direction you try to go. You have created for yourself a magical environment.  Do not fear it now that it is finally coming. Step forward and create it into exactly what you need.

As the Earth is going through a pregnancy, she will go through some grumpy times just like any woman going through pregnancy. There will most likely be some hiccups in this pregnancy, but you can nurture her and work with her. You can work to coach the Earth through this pregnancy, and to help bring this next evolutionary process of your own design right here, right now. This is the creation of Heaven on Earth. It becomes imperative that you now step into your own right, and that you now step into your higher vibration that has been waiting there for you to hold your energy. Only you can do it. Nobody else can take that step for you. We can push all we want, but if you are not willing to walk to the edge of that cliff and spread your wings, you will never know that you can fly. You will never understand that you cannot go into something without creating the magic around it. You will always have it. You may think that you just happened to fall into this or into that, but we tell you that you can only experience it if you are out there falling. So get out there and fall. Get out there and make mistakes. If you wish to call them mistakes, that is fine. Whatever it is, the forward direction at this point in your lives is what will make all the difference in creating your reality to your liking, instead of the default answer that will be handed to those who do not create their own reality.

New Rules

Times have changed, dear ones. You are no longer sitting here as a result of circumstances. You are sitting here by your own accord.  Everything in your life is by your own conscious design. Take responsibility and bring yourself full of light, love and laughter first. Fill that cup first with your passion and doors will open for you to spread it throughout the universe. The doors will open for you to continue to create the Third Earth. They will open for you to create something magical that has never been there before. The time is now.

We are incredibly excited, for all eyes throughout the universe are watching planet Earth. Skeptics have thought that planet Earth would never work without the rules, guidelines, and the things that you thought you needed to keep you in place. Instead, you took the rules off and said, “Let us play a game with no rules at all, a game with no pre-direction. Let us play a game that is totally up to us and see if we can find our passion, see if we can find everything that we wanted to find.” It is before you now, directly on your path in whatever direction you move. It is easy for you to take a look right at this moment and say, “Well, here is the direction we are going and here is where I am going to be five years from now.” We ask you to please not use the old forms of creation any longer, for they will severely limit you. If you expect to go here, spirit has to scale down the plans for you in order to make that happen. Let it go. Do not set limits for yourself or worry about the destination. The destination is the illusion. It is the journey, all the experiences that you have from one point to the other, that matter. Those experiences are what life is about. You are not spirits trying to awaken from the dream. Awakening is easy. You just die and go Home, and that is that. No problem. Staying here and carrying the light within your physical body in your daily experiences is where the challenge is, and you are doing incredibly well.

Preparing for a Cosmic Event

You will witness cosmic events. You will see excitement from the scientists who follow those cosmic events; because they can see that something big is building. They still do not know what it is or exactly the direction it is headed, but neither does anyone else because you have not finished the creation yet. You have simply opened the door. This is your job, not ours. We are not here to help you stay on your path. However, we are here to help you re-member who you really are and what you came in with from the beginning. This is an empowered society that you are building unlike any society you have built before. Can you imagine a society established with customs instead of laws? It is what you are creating, dear ones, a place where each person is encouraged to carry their own empowerment without the need for leaders to take us here or to take us there. This is why we have asked you to begin spelling god with a little “g,” so you can find an entity to take your hand and walk one step to the next along with you instead of sitting on a high pedestal telling you which way you have to go. It is time for new relationships.. It is time to take your power in any way that you can to move into that area of passion, and even into those areas that you are somewhat afraid of. Yet, when you do, if you will just reach out your hand, you will see all the others right there, too

There was a very wise man who once said, “I have figured out how to get everything I want in my life. I do it by helping other people get what they want in their lives.” That is the cycle. That is the process you have come with for you are those who are called Lightworkers. It is a chosen title, not one we put on you, but a title that you put on yourself. You are the ones who have agreed to open those doors. You are the ones who have agreed to be the mirrors to people as they start to awaken, so that you can reflect their magnificence the same way that we reflect yours.

You have come so far, so fast. None of this was expected and we are so incredibly in love with you because you are us. You are the hand of god on planet Earth. You have manual dexterity in your world that is divine. It is your nature. We are so honored to be in the room with you, not the other way around. You have created our greatest hopes and dreams already and now you are taking it even further.

We only have three little reminders for you. Treat each other with the greatest of respect for you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another every chance you get and as your path becomes difficult, share that with others so that they may soften their path. Know that it is a beautiful game you are playing here on planet Earth and play well together.


The group

(You can see the video of this message here)     


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