Death of a Star

Greetings from Home.

As each one now reaches into the very depths of your soul, you create a reality with each breathe out, for the in-breath of God has begun. You have set it into motion yourself, and will now see the reality that you have created this day. The beauty that surrounds you is more than you will ever know for even with your new vision and sight the veil is still firmly in place. But dear ones, when you look into each other’s eyes, and into the hearts of one another, that is when you can see God. From this day forward you will see such a reflection for the energy has been building since August of 2003. The grand changes have begun. The energy has been shifting in order for you to see the new reality that you have created for yourself. And now it is set into motion in such a way that you will be able to actually use this energy - to set it into motion to create your reality every step of every day. It has begun today!

Parallel Universe - Parallel Light

We have told you many times of the portals of energy that have opened. We have illustrated how the interdimensional realities work. We have planted seeds to help you understand that you are not alone, and that there are many concurrent realities existing side by side in parallel universes. Today we talk about parallel light, for the energy has shifted and now is an opportunity for you to see how this works. The connection that you make to the Universal Energy is stronger than it has ever been before. That connection to the Universal Energy is what runs between each person, but also connects you to each blade of grass. It connects you to the stones. It connects you to the hills. It connects you to the sun. That energy is the Universal Energy which runs between and ties together all things. Whenever you send a creation into the Universal Energy, it is felt as a ripple in that fabric and re-turned to you in that exact form. That is the process of creation.

But you have come in to play this Game behind a veil with the intent of forgetting your magnificence. You have done well as the veil you created has worked as you planned it. We are here to help you re-member your magnificence. We are here to help you understand that you can take your powers again, even with the veil in place. We are here to help you work with your own energy as creators, for the time is right for you to set into motion the next grand creation. That is the purpose of telling you how life really works. For when you have the larger overview, you can understand and grasp what is right in front of you this day.

Emotional Roller Coaster

Ahh, but many say, “I have been so emotional lately. I do not understand what is wrong with the energy.” When you find that you are actually a part of the Universal Energy, you then understand that you share that energy with everything, everywhere. And as you strengthen that connection to the Universal Energy, you will feel it in your emotional bodies. Understand that the energy is going to change as your connection to the Universal Energy changes. Thus, emotions may be at an all-time high for a while. But it is not the stronger connection to the Universal Energy alone that is causing this influx of strong emotions. There are other things unfolding in other dimensions of time and space that also place ripples into the Universal Energy, which you then feel as emotional upheaval. Even as you read the energy reports, or try to equate what you are feeling with external events such as the crystal energy entering through solar flares, a few days later you may feel emotional or excited. Understand that the emotional infusions not only happen because of the things that are taking place in your reality, but they are also because of events that are happening in parallel realities. Much the way that you have had global tragic events that have shifted the emotions of the greater part of humanity, these same tragedies have also been felt in parallel realities where they seem to have no obvious cause. Likewise, you have been feeling much of that yourself. We wish to share with you this process, for you are currently receiving a tremendous amount of energy from parallel universes. Within each of these ‘multiverses’ is a phenomenon which we call parallel light. That light connects all emotions in all realities. When you understand what it is, and understand the process, then you can make adjustments in your own life to incorporate it fully. Take those things that have caused you negative challenges and find positive uses for them for that is the process of mastery. That is why you are here.

Dear ones, you look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “What did I come here to do? Why am I here and what is my purpose?” Our answer is that it has been there in front of you all along, and now is the time for you to step into it with full intent. There are opportunities now for you to both send and receive these ripples of Universal Energy that cross between the parallel universes. To help explain the current situation, let us tell you a story.

Death of a Star ~ Leilu, Amarah and Trudge

Leilu was a young man in his early thirties. He had started a family, had a good job and basically loved his life. He even liked what he did for a living. Leilu would go to work every day and enjoyed the people that he worked with, for he got to work with people on a one-to-one basis. Although he was not in a traditional healing modality, Leilu was a healer. Leilu now had opportunities to stretch into new areas and begin teaching. He would come home and talk with his wife. Amarah would greet him at the door. Amarah had the very rewarding but difficult job of keeping the home for the family. Amarah would greet him every day, “Honey, how was your day?” And they would share what happened during the day and would share where their high spots and low spots were. Leilu and Amarah were very good together, and they worked to raise a family in the shadow of their own love.

Then Leilu found himself going to work and not enjoying it as much as he once had, for many things started to happen at work that changed his perspective. He noticed that over a period of time, people started getting very strange. They seemed to be very stressed for no apparent reason. Even though he did not consider himself a counselor, he found himself in that position quite often. People would come into his office at odd hours and simply burst into tears. Leilu could not figure out what was going on. He did not understand what was happening, so he would do the best that he could to make people feel comfortable, to make people feel empowered, to help them see life from a higher perspective and to live in the now. In a very short time Leilu had become a leader at work, even though it was not his official job title. He worked very hard for it seemed as though everyone was under stress lately. He could not figure out whether he was drawing this into his life, or if in reality, everyone was under more stress than usual. Whatever it was, tensions were high, and everyone was feeling emotions being triggered.

As he returned home each day he was greeted by Amarah and their son with the greatest of unconditional love. She felt his stress and his pain but would act as a sounding board for him without taking on his stress. They worked well together as she relieved much of the pressure that allowed him to make a difference with the people he reached each day. She would say, “Honey, it is going to be okay. You are making a difference.” And he would say: “I hope so because I do not know if I can continually take this kind of stress. It is so difficult and I am feeling so emotional myself. I am able to keep my balance because I am so busy helping others. I just do not understand what is happening.”

After several months of this increasing tension, Amarah finally told Leilu that she was feeling very emotional herself. She too was having thoughts that included ending her own life, that she had never had before. It seemed that everyone was suddenly searching for a higher purpose in life - almost as if they were nearing an end to a game they were playing. Amarah was wondering if she was in the right place, doing the right things?

Then there was their son. He was a big son, for he had a large physical body that was needed to hold the immense energy he carried. And although he was a gentle son and a gentle being inside, his physical being was big, and his name matched his energy well. His name was Trudge. During these last few months when the tensions were high Trudge would come to his mother to comfort her. He would give her a big, bear hug and you could almost hear her bones cracking in her body when he did. He knew that he could take the tensions away and make her feel better, even if only for a short time. More than anything else Trudge wanted to make her realize that she had purpose and meaning in her life.

The extreme emotions continued and it seemed as if this energy were moving from one to the other, being passed from person to person in a strange way. People continued to have more challenges in all areas of their lives and this was felt at Leilu’s place of work. He would go home and work with Amarah and she would carry the energy so tightly in her own body that she did not even know what was happening until Trudge finally came over and gave her a big hug. Trudge, even at age eight, had his challenges as well. He became very distressed, and ultimately depressed, which was not common for Trudge as he was normally a jovial being.

Although Trudge had been big all of his life he also found that now people were threatened by his size and he had never experienced that before. As much as he simply wanted to get along with other people it seemed as though he was having a more difficult time doing that. Trudge found that smaller children would come up to him and pick fights for no apparent reason, as if they had to prove themselves to the largest child in the class. He found himself the target of many and they seemed to focus their fears on him. He found himself in fear, which he was not accustomed to.

The energies of Leilu’s family became very tense over the next months. One evening they were all having dinner, sharing the events of the day and trying to make sense of it all. Trudge would say, “Mommy, it is going to be okay. Do not worry. And Amarah would say, “Leilu, do not worry. Some day you are going to start your own business and you will not have the problems that you now have. Leilu would go to work and tell the people that came to him for encouragement not to worry. In reality it was not getting better. It was as if there was a heavy layer of fog that hung quietly over everyone. Amarah told her best friend one day that she knew she could make it through this difficult time if only she knew what was happening and why. This energy was not normal. It triggered emotions making everyone doubt themselves and lose hope. The crime rate had risen drastically but not in violent crimes. It was as if people were saying “What’s the use?” An interesting side note was that creativity flourished during this time. Some of the most beautiful songs were written, and the most wondrous art surfaced. It seemed as if this heaviness stirred the creative juices in everyone.

One evening the family was called to the great hall. The great hall was a meeting place where many in the neighborhood would gather when there was something to discuss. Someone came to the door and called everyone to the great hall for an emergency meeting. Amarah thought it strange that they came to the door. As they arrived, they found thousands gathered in the hall. Many more than the hall would hold, many more than was usual for a meeting of this sort. The mayor of the city stood on the stage and began talking, began telling a story. It was a story about planets and solar systems and stars. He told it in story form as he thought it would be easier for people to understand. As everyone listened to the story they did so with great patience. They could tell from the mayor’s demeanor that this story was important to all. Their planet was named Akarru and it had been on somewhat of an elliptical orbit around their own sun. The seasons were extreme as a result of this orbit and much of their technology had been used to adapt to the changes in their season. Recently those who studied such events had become aware that the elliptical orbit had changed recently. As the mayor finished his story it became obvious that there was a very good chance that Akarru’s sun was in the process of dying.

In the moments of silence that followed everyone felt the energy throughout the room go into fear. The mayor encouraged everyone to keep up their daily tasks and continue their work, but at this moment his words fell on stunned ears. Many people were scared and many people were relieved, because they knew what they were feeling from everyone around them was the fact that Akarru was ending. The death of a star was about to happen and it was their star.

Leilu, Amarah and Trudge went home in silence. That night Leilu and Amarah connected and made love like never before. Upon awakening the next morning Trudge jumped in bed and hugged them both good morning. A new day had begun and for that day they celebrated.

Tugging the Universal Energy

The story we have just told is true and it is happening at this time. However, it is not your sun that we are speaking of. There are many alternate realities that exist simultaneously. These multiverses are connected with the Universal Energy that ties all things together. The change throughout the universe begins in the Universal Energy, for when one thing dies, another is born. When one ripple happens on one side of the Universal Energy, it puts a bulge in the other side. The Universal Energy is the substance and engine of cause and effect in which all things exist. Although the solar sun of Earth has been in sympathetic vibration with the sun of Akarru, the ultimate outcomes of each are quite different. The sun of Akarru is completing its cycle of life. Because the Universal Energy connects all things in all dimensions the sun of Earth is using the same dying energy of Akarru’s sun to infuse extra life force energy to Earth. This is the Crystal Energy that has been entering through the solar flares of your sun for the last three years and will help you to move into higher vibrational status. The energy from Akarru - including the energy from Leilu, Amarah and Trudge – are creating a tug in the Universal Energy that is triggering emotions on Earth at this time. It is also the greatest gift that can be given. Before they knew what was causing their tension everyone on Akarru was looking for purpose in their life. The interesting thing was that once the facts were known that their time was limited, everyone became spiritual. The nice part about that is that at this point, the entire planet began to change. At first, many people went into fear, and went crazy doing all the things they had hoped to do someday, since they were going to die anyway. But shortly after, the first ripple in the Universal Energy settled down and people realized it was time to return to spirit. The people of Akarru now have recently begun a new focus. Every breath they now take has new meaning.

Now, dear ones, please understand that we have told you this story for a reason. For Akarru is ending and with that energy of the death of a star comes a ripple in the Universal Energy which will affect every one of you. It has already been doing that over the last eight months. You are feeling the energy of Akarru leaving. You do not feel the grief over the loss of a planet, instead, you feel the other side of the Universal Energy. You feel life-force energy. Many of you will actually interpret this and feel it as sexual energy. Many of you will feel it because it will stimulate the Kundalini running up and down your spine. Depending on how you are accustomed to dealing with that will make the difference on how you assimilate this energy. If you are accustomed to hiding and denying life-force, or sexual energy, you will have more to hide. If you are accustomed to expressing it, you will simply have more to express. If you are accustomed to transmuting it into other forms of energy, you will find there is much potential there including increased creativity. Please understand that over the months and years ahead, you will be feeling this ripple of extra life-force energy that will come into your planet. It will come into your existence through parallel light, for a huge ripple in the Universal Energy is happening and it will affect each and every one of you. For it is as if someone took the rug, shook it, and you are just now starting to really feel this ripple. You have felt the beginning of this shift in energy and in the months ahead you will feel it more intensely.

Lightworkers Call to Light

It will affect you in many different ways. Some will feel fear. Some will feel love. Some will feel a great need to move into whatever it is that you came here to do. That is why we tell you there will be no more closet Lightworkers. The truth is that you are needed now. In the midst of these heightened emotions if you can only re-member that this is much larger than you. This is the gift of a dying planet and what you know to be a solar system. Take that gift and move forward with it and it will not be in vein. Move yourself to find your own energy of greatest desire and your greatest work. What pulls at your own heartstrings will allow you to become the highest use to the universe that you will be. The next level of creation is at your door today. It has begun and you will set it into motion. The door of creation is open as a result of the death of Akarru. The energies are entering your reality now. We also ask you to please practice your discernment. Discernment is the art of making life choices without judgment. It is used in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth and it replaces judgment. Judgment requires you to label something as good or bad and apply polarity consciousness to it, and that is no longer appropriate in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. So we ask you to begin replacing judgment with discernment - now more than ever. Because as these possibilities enter through the Universal Energy, and as these huge ripples that are placed into that energy, you will see that all things are achievable. You will begin to feel emotions on many levels. Watch those around you as this energy can easily overwhelm people. This is a time to take a step back and practice your discernment of energy, then teach it to others. Choose what feeds you. Choose only those things that add to you and leave the rest without judgment. Do not take responsibility for all things everywhere. If you only take in the energies that add to you, you will very quickly find yourself very magically in your creations, and in your passion.

Mastery of Light

The time is here and we tell you that the increase in energy will be great, indeed. Share with one another how you work with this. Share with each other the magic of what works for you. The Universal Energy binds all things to all people, and to all beings everywhere on all dimensional levels. Share with someone else where your successes are, where your failures are, where your perceived weaknesses are and those attributes will then become your greatest strengths. That is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be. That is the process of mastery. Create well, dear ones. Know that much of what you are feeling at this time and in the days ahead will be intensified by the Universal Energy and even though you feel it as personal, some of it is not even about you, so apply your discernment well. Take those things that add to you at every opportunity and love it all unconditionally. Reach out and touch the hands of those next to you, for that will bring heaven to Earth this day, riding on the wave of the ripples in the Universal Energy.

Dear ones, when you signed up for this, you placed a veil on your head that kept you from seeing your magnificence and your true origin. You have spent much of your lives in search of the higher knowledge of your spirit. Many of you have gone in circles. Many of you have searched and have become professional seekers. We know and we honor you for that role, for it is only through that role of placing that veil that God can see himself/herself.

Smells and Sounds Piercing the Veil

The intensity of the Universal Energy has increased in recent months. Additionally, your connection to it has also grown stronger. Many of you know that you have been having connections with portals through interdimensional time and space and sometimes that activates smells within your nose. Many times your own sense of smell can identify a portal between dimensions. We tell you also, become aware that your hearing will now change, and even as you start hearing buzzing, it simply means that sometimes those buzzes are the precursors to shifts that are about to happen as a result of the ripples in Universal Energy. At times you will hear a rumbling or buzzing in your ears just prior to feeling these energy infusions. We offer this to you only as a key, only as a potential to help you understand that even though sometimes you will feel like you are going crazy, you are not. You are here. You are a spirit playing the role of a human being and you are doing it well. All eyes are upon you for you are making a difference by assimilating the death of a star. By experiencing the energy that flows through you, you are opening the door, now, for new events and the creations of a higher, greater, Planet Earth. Thank you for setting it into motion.

We only offer you three suggestions. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Treat each other with the greatest and highest of respect, for you are God and understand that you are playing a wonderful Game and do not forget to play well together.


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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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