Falling in Love ~ Using Deep Contact

From Steve:  In this message the group expanded greatly on an idea they introduced a couple of months back. Deep Contact is a new level of communication that has not been commonly available to humans before. When developed, this soul level communication can lead to the experience of Timeless Love which has been a very rare experience for humans up to this point.

As a part of the explanation the group brings up a point they previously addressed that when you see another's soul you fall in love. In the days ahead of us we will all become more transparent as the veil thins. This will lead to more soul seeing throughout humanity as we get good playing the original game of hide and seek. This will be achieved by an experience of Deep Contact where two people who have reach deep levels of communication and can fall in love very quickly. It is easy to see the adjustments that will be ahead for all of us if as the group suggested it may be possible to fall in love twice on your way to work in the morning. The main point is that what you are falling in love with is your own reflection in that person. It is the attachments and expectations on relationships along with BS (Belief Systems) that limit what could be an incredible deep, beautiful and non threatening interaction with another soul pretending to be a human. In learning to live with these new attributes it can be said that each of us is learning to fall in love with ourselves.

Barbara and I are looking forward to spending our holidays with our expanding family. My father passed down a family tradition that the one with the youngest children were the ones who hosted Christmas. So this year Christmas moves to a new location and I'm sure that it will be only one of the many gifts that our new grandson brings into the Rother family as we gather for the holidays. Christmas is a time for family. Barbara and I are very lucky as we are able to create the positive family role model and environment in our seminars and quite often we are known as Mom and Dad. I know that there are many people who cringe when I say the word family as it may have a slightly different meaning from the view of their path, or perhaps no family around. No mater what your take on the word family is there is a definite gathering of souls who are here to lead in this evolution at hand. The group has called this the family of light and they call us lightworkers. We're not alone. Lightworkers are beginning to awaken globally and soon my bet is that much of what was used to be on the fringe as woo woo will magically become main stream thinking. Even the direction of our organization is changing slightly to accommodate this shift and the higher vibrational levels that are now possible for Lightworkers. See the OverLight Experience Light series.

This holiday is a time of the heart and a time to honor this family. Barbara and I are so grateful for you guys. We get to go all over the world but you'll never know how hard it is for us to leave. At this time of year especially I want to say thanks for being in my life and for letting me fall in love with you.

Have a great holiday. Big hugs!

(You can see the video of this message here)   

Greetings from Home

Dear ones, you have come so far throughout the Universe for so many different lifetimes. This has provided you with vastly different exposures and opportunities to see your reflection in other people. However, you have been confused many times by these reflections. We tell you that as you continue to evolve, each human will go through an evolutionary process to diminish the veil. Then, you will start to see things you have never seen before in these areas. You will begin to experience more ideas, concepts and heart openings, and you will see your own reflection in other people in a new way. That is what we wish to address this day, your reflection in others.   We are not here to show you future ways of doing things or the new possibilities for evolved humans. Instead, we are here to give you some suggestions, tools and ideas for you to play with.

Reflected Light

You are an integral part of each other, spirits pretending to be separate from each other. While playing this game, you are communicating on many levels. You speak with your words and your laughter or tears. You communicate with your eyes and body language, and through your smile or the expression on your face. And you communicate through touch much more than you know.  Many times these forms of non-verbal communication actually speak much louder than the words you so rely on.  As all humans continue to evolve, you will see differences in all forms of communication.

It is important to first understand that all forms of communication are reflections of your light.  Secondly, if you are overly invested in the person or persons you are working with then your communication is instantly tainted.  This is when you feel them so much that you say what you think they want to hear.  It doesn’t really matter what they think of you, and in a way it is none of your business.  You will always feel them and be sensitive to them because your energy naturally bounces off of those you communicate with, but if that sensitivity influences your communication it will be an inaccurate reflection.   That is one of the areas we are going to have you focus on as you work with this energy.  

Deep Contact

You will be bringing a whole new energy into your lives as you evolve. As you do, some of the relationships you have now will drift away and others will stretch to new heights. Even though two people raise their vibrations at different rates, as long as you have effective communication between those levels and a belief system which allows you to expand your consciousness it makes space for that to happen. You will begin to see something new in your relationships, and this is what we wish to address. We spoke of it a few months ago. It is something we call Deep Contact. Deep Contact is a form of communication that you will eventually have with everyone. It is a soul level communication that you have with another human, but up to this point it has only been achieved with a very few. This deep level communication has evolved over many lifetimes.  For the first time it is now possible to experience this with complete strangers, for you are starting to diminish the veil. Deep Contact is speaking to another person on a soul level right from the beginning of the relationship. Does it involve words? Yes, probably in the beginning it will because that is how you are most accustomed to communicating. Later it will evolve into telepathic communication, but the interesting part is that you will still have the separation. As the veil starts to diminish, you will clearly see the energy cord connections between yourself and others, and even how your emotions affect other people. You will recognize how your energy works with other people and your effect on the world. Something you will also begin to see is your own reflection, because that is what you experience when you reach the soul level. When you get to a soul level of communication with another person, you see your reflection, not theirs.

It is going to be helpful for you to understand this concept, because it will cause much confusion as all of humanity moves to this next level. When you begin to see these openings, you can make a connection with a person on a soul level. Like all communication, if you develop it, work with it, increase it, and work to help it grow, it will. It will become even get stronger, which leads to the form of communication and the achievement of the level of Timeless Love. When you reach that connection with another person, when you finally see your own reflection clearly through another person, you have a relationship with them that never dies no matter how many lifetimes you come back. You will always see your reflection very clearly through that individual’s soul. You have learned to reflect their energy clearly, and they have learned to reflect yours clearly. That is a very deep level of communication, Deep Contact

In the beginning Deep Contact will occur mostly in love relationships. However, eventually it will happen with people you know, such as at work, or even with strangers at the mall or grocery store. It can also happen with a simple nod across the room, or a glance out of the corner of your eye as you catch someone’s attention.  As you make that connection with another, that person can actually jump into your energy field and you can have a moment of Deep Contact. It will evolve to become your normal form of daily communication.  

BS Separation of the Higher and Lower Self

We also want to tell you another part which may be confusing for humans. Many have belief systems that often taint your communication.  We call these restrictions by another name: “BS”.  It is not wrong to believe in something, but most change their communication to match what they think is the “right” way to be.  This is a sad occurrence and will cause the most challenge as all humans rise to the next level.  It is BS that keeps the higher and lower selves separated.  The veil itself gives you the illusion of this separation, yet the veil is thinning rapidly.  The challenge now is that with this new Deep Contact level of communication, it can be possible to have a deep connection with another soul only to hear one thing from their higher self and experience BS communication from the lower self.  This effect will diminish rapidly, but it may be very confusing in the beginning of using this new tool.

What will typically happen is that you will find someone to make this deep connection with, but you will see it and it will scare you. It does scare humans. Sometimes even when you look across the room at someone and your eyes meet, it can frighten you because your perception is that they can see all the way in and you can not hide anything.  But this connection is what truly gives you power.  Yes, all humans are hiding something!  When you are transparent, it gives you strength. That is what we are working on with you and as these things start to open, there will be many times when you or people around you experience fear as a result of this. This is the reason we spoke of fear last month—to tell you that it is only a vacuum, or a lack of information. It is only possible to be afraid of the unknown. So, fill in the unknown with knowledge and you lose the fear. When you can release the fear, your reality will change and your belief systems will change with it.

See a Soul – Fall in Love

There is one piece you will need to know as you start to see other people’s souls. When this happens, it is actually your own reflection that you are seeing. When you truly see another person’s soul, you fall in love. It is that simple. Many of your belief systems about love will not allow you to feel that, because you have always believed true love could only be focused in one area. After becoming comfortable with Deep Contact there will be times when you will go to work in the morning, perhaps you may have to take a bus or a train to get there, and you interact with other people along the way. You may call your wife when you arrive at work and tell her, “Honey! I just got to work and I fell in love three times this morning!” That is what this will feel like. You will literally start falling in love with people you see. It is very confusing, because it is a true love and your reflection that you are actually seeing. That is probably the most important part of this feeling…you are falling in love with yourself when this happens.

Typically a person will experience these new energies and they will take a step backward into their old belief systems. It is a normal process, so please do not judge if that happens to you or your friends. Many times they will move forward; they will experience Deep Contact with another person and feel enlightened by it.  A common belief system here is the perception that they can only love one person, such as in a monogamous relationship. Yet any mother with children will tell you that is not true. We will also tell you that when you share that love with everyone, planet Earth becomes a magical place. That is when the veil completely disappears and you step more fully into your god-being, while still in the physical body. That is where you are going, and it is exactly the creation of Heaven on Earth that you have made happen by your expectations.

As you are walk through life you will encounter other souls, some that you will know—sometimes it will be your spouse, sometimes it will be a stranger, sometimes it will be a friend—and you will look at them differently and see yourself falling in love. Know that you are falling in love with your image seen in different mirrors. That is the same beauty seen in your soul when it is Home. Without the expectations or the belief systems, you can simply take in the love. It makes you more of a person in a sense, because it anchors your soul within your physical body. It makes you vibrate higher. It makes you feel better about a spirit pretending to be separate, and  about the game itself. You have more to give to other people. When you see yourself becoming more transparent every day and people fall in love with you, know that it is just the next step and it does not mean you have to do anything about it. It does not mean you must have long term or physical relations with each of them. It does not mean that there are expectations that will come as a result of those interactions. It simply means that you are being the mirror. You are reflecting people’s energies in a beautiful way, to the point at which they can see their god-self in you. That is the nature of what is directly ahead of you.

There are many ways that humans can take this next step. One of them we have addressed and that is through fear, but we do not believe that will actually happen. We wish to tell you that you are reaching a critical mass of love on this planet, and it is happening partly due to the duress currently on this planet. It is happening because of the difficult times that you have put yourselves into as humans and societies. That is starting to change in a very beautiful way. You have seen it in your world as difficulties, as challenges, but it is not. It is an opportunity for light and for you to see yourselves in other people’s eyes the way you really are. When you do, we hope you fall in love with you.

We Are in Love with You!

It is with the greatest of honor that we speak to you these days. You understand that as angels in heaven, our greatest hope is to be here and to help you re-member who you really are and that is working. Our greatest passion is to reflect your magnificence is a beautiful and empowered way.  We have fallen very deeply in love with you. It is such an honor for us to see this, and it is happening on a global basis. The vibration of humanity is changing daily. All these new energies that come in, all these new things that happen, if they do not fit into the higher vibration of the New Planet Earth, they will show up first as difficulties. Welcome them. Look for the opportunities of light in those difficulties and let people see you. Let them see your struggles. Let them see your pain. Let them see your challenges and if you dare, let them see your belief systems because that will show you who you are.

Please understand that as you are going about your daily lives falling in love, it is your own reflection you are falling in love with. That is what the beauty brings. If you like the way that you are reflected in their hearts and when you look into their eyes, they are your friend. If you fall in love with them, they may also experience it if they are open to it. Many times you can feel such deep and strong connections, very quickly, very briefly, very momentarily, but it will change your life overnight. This can be very confusing for many people because love has many definitions. Partner love has one definition, while love of children has a different definition—as do love of friends, of passion, of work, and things as you love to do. However, it is all the same heart-felt energy. Bringing that energy within and allowing it to work through your words reflections, and energy is what most of you have come here to do.

Being the Mirror

We are addressing the mirrors of the planet. Many of you have chosen to do nothing more than to be an accurate mirror for people to reflect their energy in. You are the healers and the teachers of Planet Earth and you are taking your position now. You are right on time. Feel and know that you will be going about your daily lives falling in love. There will be a time when you will fall in love just walking down the street. What a joyful and hilarious planet this will be, because you will not have room in your hearts for war if you fill it with love. You will not have room in your hearts for disagreements if you fill it with love. That is the idea. Know the reflection you see in the other person is your reflection. There is a reverse side of this, because you are currently living in a field of polarity. You see things as up and down, right or wrong, good and bad, even though there are no such definitions. If you watch, you will even see people who reflect you negatively. Those are the real gifts because that shows your own reflection in a negative aspect. It is almost like looking at a photographic negative. We realize this is old technology but we will use the analogy anyway. If you have a negative of a developed photograph and you look at the photograph, you will be fascinated and relate to the photograph. But the negative you will not understand because the light and the dark are reversed. It is very simple, yet that is what happens sometimes when you look in someone’s eyes or someone’s soul. In effect, you do not like what you see or you feel a rejection of what you see. That, too, is an opportunity for you to see yourself, because most of the time they are simply reflecting a piece of yourself that you have no tolerance for.

Ascension is Easy!

Many of you know that as you master something, as you walk in high mastery levels of any of the attributes that you have, you become intolerant of people who do not walk in such mastery. It is a normal human process. Please do not judge yourself for it, but be aware of it because there is no higher or lower. That is all an illusion of polarity on the gameboard. There is no judgment; there is no right or wrong. These are things you are starting to understand, and as you do they become your point of perception. Now you will be able to perceive yourself through other people you simply pass on the street, as well as those you love, build long-term relationships with, or work with on a daily basis. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in love with the people you work with, to the point that you could hardly wait to get to work in the morning because you just loved to be around them so much? That is when you are most comfortable with your own energy. That is when you are most confident, and you have the soul confidence of your own reflection as seen through many hearts. That is the next step of humanity.

There are many ways it can be experienced. Knowledge holds the light; having the knowledge allows no space for fear. That is our highest vision of you. We hope that you are able to see your reflection through our eyes, because we love you more than you could possibly know. The energy of Home surrounds each and every one of you. You have brought something special to give. Now is the time to step out. Now is the time to take the blinders off. Now is the time to take that first step and push against the wall. When you see that person that reflects your energy and you fall in love, do not attach yourself to that love. Let it flow through you and simply say, “Thank you.” Do not think you have to go off and do something with that person for the rest of your life, because if you are falling in love with every other person you are going to be very busy. The truth of the matter is that you are falling in love with you. Do not be confused as it starts to happen. Know that you are the healers who will be opening the doors for others. Many of you carry seeds of light that will open the next level for many people. Let them see you. Dare to let them all the way in whenever possible, and you will see major changes in your field. You will see energy that starts to gather around you. You will see support networks. You will see opportunities. You will see things magically happen.

We are not here to help you evolve. We are not here to help you ascend into heaven. That is easy. Ascension is easy; all you have to do is die. The hard part is staying here and letting your heart be seen by other souls. We are with you every moment of every day. Know that you are carrying that energy of Home as you smile, as you plant those seeds that are so important to you and we hope you fall in love a lot. Enjoy every moment of it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with the highest respect. Nurture one another every opportunity you can. Know that it is a beautiful game you are playing and play well together.


The group

(You can see the video of this message here)    


rayoflight 16th December 2008 6:10 pm

I am so grateful to The Group and Steve Rother for this channeling. This happened to me a few years ago and I have not been able to forget the man I met. In fact, the message I got when we met was of eternal love and home. I felt completely transparent. I experienced bliss and ecstasy for several months. His energy was everywhere I was even though we were in different countries. But, after that, I terribly confused. This channeling explains very clearly what occured. I knew it was an otherwordly meeting and I knew I was hearing both higher vibrations and lower belief systems which caused the confusion. I can put it to rest now. Thank you!!

washoegreg 18th December 2008 11:35 pm

A big thank you to Steve and The Group for some very helpful insight. Yes, it can be very confusing when you find yourself connecting -- and Loving -- perfect strangers on the street, but it is a most wonderful way to approach life. For those looking to experience it, do pay attention to your operating BS and choose not to pay attention to its bad advice. It's that simple.

lornasgarden 12th May 2009 12:07 am

I am so excited and grateful that what I have been feeling in the last year or two has been put into words that make sense to me! I have been falling in love frequently and at least once it was with a perfect stranger I met at a talk one evening, and it was as if he saw into my very soul and it was so beautiful it made me laugh out loud, like having warm crystal honey flowing and glowing through me. And I have felt that I would like my presence in the lives of others to be a catalyst for their falling in love with themselves. And I have known in my heart that I have enough love for everyone I meet, and that being in love with one person does not mean that I cannot also and at the same time be in love with 6 others. And that that doesn't have to be a threat to a person I choose to share my life with.

Thank you!!!!!


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