Families of Light

From Steve: One point I have noticed is that people have many different reactions to the word family. I was blessed to have an incredible supportive biological family but many have quite a different history. In this channel the group takes a look at family and what they say is ahead as “we humans” evolve. They said we will form Families of Light. They also said this may be one areas experiencing stretches during this time. Family issues may come up. I can hear you holding your breath. . . Relax, this too shall pass.

To keep it all in perspective they said that “family” was a contract with a group of souls to lock yourselves in a room until you grew up and that they had a tendency to see who you had been instead of who you care becoming.

Recently the group spoke of the potential of what they described as a mini ice age.  It was one of the directions that humanity could have taken. A general cooling of the planet is ahead to some degree but they always said we had control of these events. For the first time in this channel they said that there is now evidence that may signal this is shifting. This particular issue will have to do with what happens during coming Solar Maximus (solar flare cycle) that hopefully will begin soon. 

Big hugs & Espavo! Have a great month.

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Greetings from Home
Empathetic Sensitive

Dear ones, this day is special. There are many things that are happening throughout the universe of which you have little knowledge. This is a day of celebration in many quadrants of what you call your universe, for you are not alone on the Planet of Free Choice and you are certainly not alone in the universe. You will find that as your vibrations continue to rise you will feel more of these connections, although it is something very magical, you may feel very sad because you are so empathetic and deeply connected on an energetic level.  You have agreed to come in with a sensitivity level that sometimes blocks or restricts you because of your own energy field and your own vulnerabilities. You have gone through many lifetimes with these same vulnerabilities, sensitivities and gifts that you now carry. This time it is different for many reasons. The main focus for all of humanity is that you have now actually passed the energetic levels experienced during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria.

You have evolved farther than this planet has ever before. We know it does not seem this way if you watch CNN or BBC. We know that you doubt what is happening on this planet, and we know you dislike the news sometimes because of your sensitivities. We tell you, dear ones, this is probably more difficult for those of you reading this than for most of the rest of the planet.

Let us explain a little about the energetic connections that you have with each other, so that we can try to show you from our perspective what is happening on the planet right now and what lies directly ahead. There is a new process of adjustment underway at this moment in your lives.  You are forming new relationships vibrationally with everything around you on the planet. It is almost as if your vibration level has changed overnight. Many of you have experienced this as a Phantom Death, choosing to stay rather than taking the opportunity to return Home. You can stop playing the Game any time you wish. You can choose to go Home and have doors open to you that can provide you with an “out” from planet Earth. Yet, if you choose to pass one of these doorways and say you are instead going to stay then your vibration shifts very, very quickly. Let us explain from another perspective, because soon you will be seeing more of these higher viewpoints than you ever have before. It is currently a view from Home, but we tell you that very shortly you will be having that same vision. You will be able to see this from many different perspectives, so let us share with you what it looks like today. We are going to use an example that is so dear to many of your hearts: family. Let us explain what happens in a typical family on planet Earth.

Up the Escalator

You come in and say, “I want you to be mom, or you to be dad and would you be my cousin that drives me crazy? Would you play the role of the bad guy and bring drama into the family? Would you love me enough to be my business partner and steal all the money so I can learn a lesson?” You set all these potentials up. You come in and begin the game, Of course, your early stages of the incarnation are simply about how the physical body works. During these early times you may wonder if you can express your spirit through a physical bubble of biology? As you go from one level to the next, a new energy starts coming through. Even as you go through your schooling and move from one section to another, you will notice that everything changes. Your vulnerabilities, your sense of power and your personal identity can all change very quickly. 

What you think of yourself is who you are. Every time you go through one of these changes you can see it very clearly in childhood you have to go through an adjustment period learning how to deal with the power at this level. You have gone through many of those adjustments not only as individuals, but as the collective of humanity.  So, let us explain a little more about the collective situation.

When you form a family, many times the direct connections are with one primary parental contract rather than two. You generally do not ask one person to play mom and the other to play dad. Instead, you would ask this person to play mom, then let mom choose dad, or with dad and let dad choose mom. That happens more often than you can imagine. You have one primary parental contract because you have a vibrational match with that person. It does not mean you do not love your other parent or that you cannot build something with that parent, even if you have never known that person before as a soul. You can build very magical relationships all throughout the history of planet Earth. Yet, that does not always happen.

The Locked Room

With families, it is almost as if you agree to be thrown and locked into a room with these people until you figure out how to get along and help each other through a critical growth period.  The more you are in that room together, the more your personalities and tolerances bubble to the top and you get on each other’s nerves. Is that not wonderful? Many times  about your own family you wonder, “Who are these people and how did  I get locked in this room with them? Why do they not understand who I am?”  That is the biggest challenge with family. Family is intended for your support, especially when you are forming your expression of spirit. That is the primary focus of the soul.  Many times when people are becoming adults and following their own path, the family seems to drift apart and move in other directions only having occasional visits and connections.  Sometimes the life lessons are such that boundaries must be placed within a family for it to maintain integrity, while other times the energetic cords are cut entirely. None of these are right or wrong, nor are they a failure or success.  The locked room of family provides opportunities to grow and measure your own growth by the people around you.  Thus the experiences of family range widely from deeply supportive unconditional love, to great difficulty.

All of these things are proper depending on your own needs. There is no right or wrong about it. However, let us explain it to you from a vibrational standpoint because that may help you to understand what we see you going through. All of humanity is rising very quickly. Many changes are taking place not only on this planet for all of you, but individually in your lives. Some of you are finding yourselves without jobs, without relationships, or without items you thought you needed for your happiness and support. All of it puts you in the highest possible potential of where you are going. It allows spirit to work with you to go to the next level.

When it comes to family, please understand that your family will tend to see who you have been rather than who you are becoming. This is because they were very heavily invested in your vibration in the beginning. It can actually be a very nice anchor that they hold this stable perception of you, but in times of rapid growth it tends to cause restrictions. As each member of the family learns the song, they then learn to harmonize. This is the support as your voice becomes clearer and stronger with the harmonies of the others. Then as each member evolves and expresses their individual spirit, they end up with several songs intertwining instead of harmonizing around the same melody.  

Now let us explain something from an even larger perspective about big families, because there are many variations of family on this planet. Family provides you with an opportunity to get to know someone on a level you have never known them before. Family allows you to let down all of your pretenses, and allows people to see all the way through you. Are you going to get on each other’s nerves?  We can guarantee it. Are there going to be times when you wonder what the heck these people are and how you got here? Yes, we guarantee that, too. We tell you, dear ones, that they are there for a reason. Even if you are not close to your physical or biological family, your family has provided you support that you could not have received any other way. Honor your family for that part of your history where they played such an important role. Honor them for walking along side you and daring to watch you grow. If it is the case, honor them for playing a negative role in your life.

Know that your natural tendency is to see your family as they were, rather than as who they have become, as well. As much as they love you, and as much as you want your brother or sister to go on and do something important, you have a natural tendency to pull them back down to being the person that you knew. Be aware of this in your families and also friends, for it does not fit within empowered societies.

It Is the Cousins that Fight

The larger families also form and these are the areas to watch on planet Earth. There are many types of families that you could perceive. You can consider a religion or a race of beings as a family, but let us look at the larger picture. When you came to Earth, you surrounded yourself with people who could amplify and solidify your vibration. On the inner levels of the family there is usually enough difference to reach the harmonies, but further out on the vibrational line we find the similarities usually aggravate each other.  It is for that reason that we say it is the cousins that most often fight on Earth. 

That is where a challenge may come forward here in the near future, and that is why we are addressing it today. You have choices. You have always had choices. You will have a choice very soon to learn about these connections farther out and see them for what they really are: a reflection of yourself.  It is the cousin level of family that often reflects each other in critical ways, and this one factor has caused more challenges on planet Earth than you may ever know.  It is also the one factor to which you may soon have a new understanding.  This is the area of challenge that mankind is now addressing.  Finding any resolution to this age old paradigm will begin to shift the reality of mankind very quickly and lead you into a new world.

Walking Without Skin

Many of you are healers and teachers, and you have come to Earth to help. Yet you were born onto a very harsh planet. The energy on planet Earth is changing rapidly every day and becoming more malleable in many areas, but it is still a harsh planet for very sensitive people. You know what that is like, for we are speaking to you now. Many of you have had so many sensitivities that you have done things to protect and isolate yourself. If you have difficulties with a family, you put the family over here and move to another country because you may feel the need out of survival. We tell you that everybody is getting ready to go through a similar experience that you have gone through. It is almost as if you are walking without your skin, for you feel every little breeze or energy that comes by. When you feel it, you do not know what to do with it and it is very challenging to endure. But now that it is happening to many, it becomes obvious that you are experts and understand how to deal with it.  

We tell you that wars on this planet have started primarily due to belief system differences, and secondly because you do not like your reflection in someone else’s eyes.  Because you are so sensitive and you are picking up things that other people would not pick up, you have situations like occurred for many years in Northern Ireland, and you are seeing today with the Arabs and Jews is very similar.   These cousins, very similar in their energy, have continued fighting each other over and over again. You have new opportunities during the next eight months to stop that and to start shifting some of this energy on the planet.  

We have spoken many times about the secret to success in the years ahead, finding the ways in which you are similar rather than focusing on your differences.  We have also labeled the year 2009 the end of separation. You are all part of god. You are all from the same origin. Not only are you related, but you are all part of each other. When you pull the veil aside and see that, you will laugh hysterically at all the arguments and reflections of things that you saw. When you see something you do not like in another person, it is because you are uncomfortable with that part of yourself. That has happened not only on an individual level inside of families, but on a larger basis as well.

Does that mean that you can resolve issues within your family? We wish that were the case, but we know it probably will not be possible because it takes two people to resolve an issue; even though you may be willing, the others may not be.  Start by changing yourself and by releasing your expectations of what will take place, for those are the most important. That is beginning to happen on a large scale. You will see more examples of how humans interact with one other, and you will have opportunities to work with that energy on multiple levels over the next several months. This year, you have the chance of ending separation on planet Earth; 2009 is the end of separation and it is working very well. Yes, you see difficulties and challenges. We do not. We see you on a path that you have chosen and have worked with very well.

The Future of the United States

Now let us talk a little more about the world view of economics, , since it is on everyone’s mind and a concern. It has been an interesting game to watch from here, seeing how it has evolved. There is always one nation or region that tends to lead the way for many others. Many times it has been the United States, which has done an incredible job of leading the world in many ways. The United States has become a great nation. . You have gone through great difficulties to do this, and you have done so by blending the universal energy.. You allowed everything in; you allowed all the parts to come through. As a result, what you have done has spread throughout the whole world. The United States has been a world leader and the future of that world leadership is now being determined. 

In effect, you have built an economic system built on the perception of perception.  Therefore, the perception of the United States among the global community will now determine its place in world leadership going forward.  The United States is no longer trusted in the way that it was before because of the repeated misdirection of energy and problems. and the many times that the people relied on leaders and gave them their power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and you are aware of that.  We tell you that holding your own power is going to be the key to your future of planet Earth. It is not about relying on any leader to take you anywhere. You are going to have to hold your energy on your own, for that is what an empowered society is all about. We tell you that now is a time for integrity within government and for the people to stand tall and remake America. That is what takes all the power and puts it back into your lap instead of a leader or a country. The United States has gone through a major re-set and the entire world is now looking to see what will happen next. Yes, all eyes are on the President of the United States and we tell you not to look there because that is not the only key.

The key will be in the performance of the people, in how fast and how quickly you start bringing the new planet Earth to the United States and incorporating it into your lives. It is not up to your leaders. It is up to you. It is up to you to stand up and to be responsible for your own happiness and your own integrity and your own energy field. , You will change everything from the economic system to the government structure from the inside out. You keep talking about the government as if it is someone else. It is not. It is you. The government is comprised humans and this is a human game that you have devised. Change it. Make the government look the way that can support you in your energy, because that is what you have the opportunities to do now. We tell you that your leaders, the world leaders who are working in this energy, now will make space for you to do that which has never been the case before. This planet is changing very rapidly and because of your sensitivity, or your lack of skin, that can be either a very difficult transition or it can be a very joyful one.

Earth’s Second Phantom Death and the Solar Cycle

We also tell you that the Earth, herself, is also reaching similar critical sensitivity levels to those you experience. We have told you once before that the Earth had actually gone through what we term as a Phantom Death. She has gone through another one since we have spoken of that, and is just ending her second Phantom Death now.  Every time you go through one of those opportunities, your vibration jumps. If you are looking at a vibrational path, all of a sudden it would change because you went through a Phantom Death. The Earth is going through the same process; she has made the decision to stay and will be re-building, shifting to support her next incarnation which is why we say she is pregnant. Many of these shifts humans may first see as difficulties or problems, but fear not for they are solid steps in building a space for empowered beings.  These are not problems, only occurrences on the evolutionary path. The Earth is starting to shift magnetically and energetically in many different ways to reach higher vibrational levels to support the new humans that are coming. It is incredibly exciting for us to watch, for never was it dreamed that Earth would go this far with the Game. Never was it imagined that you would actually advance past the end of the Game, scripting a new Game inside of the old one, and here you are doing it. You are the creators, dear ones.

We spoke recently of some events that were happening on a cosmic level and we wish to repeat them here today. [The group is referring to the most recent channel given in Tel Aviv, Israel two weeks prior.  Also worth mentioning is that this channel did not record.] We have talked a lot about solar flares which have heated this planet and changed the magnetic fields to prepare for a higher visitation of energy on this planet. Solar flares lasted roughly from 2001 thorough 2006, and they brought a tremendous amount of energy that was originally designed to help destroy the planet. Now that same energy is being used to change and evolve the planet to the next level, instead of being used to destroy it. This is the crystal energy of which we speak. Since 2006, the sun has stopped producing solar flares partly due to a normal cycle, but also to allow the energy to acclimate and be used. If the energy were not being used it would not be possible to add more.

Recently we have said that there are two ways this can go and it has to do with humanity more than science or the Earth. It has to do with you, your thoughts and your feelings.  Those factors will decide which direction this Game will take.  If the collective vibration is not high enough at this stage, the sun will not enter a new stage of solar maximus to produce solar flares.  We said that if steps were taken, the Earth would enter a mini ice age for about 30 years that would bring more drastic weather pattern changes and a general cooling of the planet. Humans would have been fine, but it would have been inconvenient at best. If the solar maximus cycle began again, it would mean the planet would receive more energy and would cool more slowly over thousands of years. 

We are mentioning this because it has been only two weeks since we spoke about this, and yet it appears that already the universe has responded.  There are now signs that the sun is about to begin a new cycle.  So when you see these ambiguous items about solar flares on TV or in the news, celebrate them because it is cosmic evidence that you have turned the corner.

It is only possible to bring the new energy to Earth if you are using it. So even though from 2000 through 2006 all this energy was planted and stored almost like charging up a battery, it is not possible to put more of that energy in until you use some of the energy from the battery. That is done through your heart connections and through taking your power. It is done through the things you are doing through your individual lives right now and it is working, so keep up the great work. Go after your heart’s desire. Go after your inner knowledge. Go after that channel that you had on your shoulder so long and you do not know quite how to express it. Just step forward into whatever passion you can on a heart basis and you will form families of light that will start gathering around you. They will not replace your biological families, but will instead add to them.  Many Lightworkers who have alienated families or those who have no biological family remaining will also find the true meaning of family here.  These families of light will be here to help you move, because these people will see who you are becoming rather than who you were. Now is the time to find that and connect in those ways with your own family of light.

Celebrate Me Home

Wherever you are on the planet, know that you are part of us and we are part of you. You crave to come Home. You re-member what it is like and you think about how wonderful it would be to come Home, and we tell you it is not been the same since you left. Heaven is now forming on Earth and that is the beautiful part about this. You will be welcomed when you do decide to come Home. You will be welcomed and celebrated Home by all of your family. But while you are here, find those pieces and connections. When you are around your own biological family and all of a sudden things going crazy and you are yelling at one another for no apparent reason, just know it is planet Earth doing this shifting. And it is a good thing.

Watch for the opportunities. You have taken this planet farther than it was ever designed to go. Planet Earth was designed to shut down between the years of 2000 and 2012. There is no secret to that, for you knew this. All the doom and gloom prophecies you had around the year 2000 were correct. That was the supposed to be the end of the game, yet here you are. Planet Earth is not ending. You are still seeing some of the things that were set into motion. You are still experiencing difficulties and challenges that you consider to be the end of the Earth. It is not the end of the Earth. It is a new beginning and the Earth is about to give birth in a very big way. Brace yourselves, dear ones. Get used to feeling this beautiful energy without the aggravation. Become comfortable with pulling those people around you who know who you are and can see where your energy is. They can help you make the transition from one step to the next, for what you have done is unbelievable from this side of the veil. We are so very proud of you.

We know it is not easy being a human. We know it is difficult and we know you go back into human thinking all the time. Yet, you are god. There is very little human about you. You are part of a higher aspect that is all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-being. You are starting to carry that knowledge on a conscious level in your daily lives, every day. We are so excited to be watching as you do this. Enjoy the ride. Fear it not and when you have a little blow up in your family, celebrate it.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect—even your family. Nurture one another every chance you get. Play well together.


The group

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