Family of Michael - Confidence of the Soul

From Steve:

"The family is comming back together, make space for it to happen." Those were some of the first words I heard from the group. Now as we move into our future more everyday the original spiritual family is starting to come back together in a very powerful way.

All of us to some degree are looking for one thing... confidence. If we have confidence to push the boundaries and grow we will see immediate results. An empowered society one of our main In this message the group reminds us of who we really are and the royal linage we come from. By connecting spiritual family we can all add to our soul confidence.

Enjoy the ride.

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

Strength in Numbers

Did you know that every step that you take leaves an energetic footprint? You could even call it a path or a marker that shows you were there. When you are searching for your path, it is exactly this same path that you create. This is one of many cosmic jokes of the human experience. Every person that you have ever met and exchanged energy with has altered your life and your path by their connection to you. You are changed a little bit every time you touch and exchange energy with another human. You are part of a collective, an organization if you will, that very quietly gives you energy and keeps the wind at your back. They give you confidence. This is your real soul family. We wish to speak of that family this day. Due to the nature of the game, it was important to forget that you even had a soul family, and some of you have done that well. It was important for you to do this to motivate you to search for your own inner confidence. Now, imagine what it would be like to wipe the sleep from your eyes right this moment and awaken as an empowered creator. This day we wish to share with you a bit of your own royal heritage, and in doing so to lend you soul confidence.

When you are Home, you have no problem whatsoever with confidence, because you constantly feel surrounded by the energy of this family. When you can draw on the energy of the whole, your confidence is always high. It is playing the game pretending to separate from each other that is making you think you must do everything alone. It is very difficult for you to bring that understanding through the veil, yet that is what you are doing at this moment. So what we do this day, is to give a gemstone—something you can carry in your hearts—one piece that above all, will help you to re-member. For there is a group of angels on this side of the veil that you are a part of and that is your original spiritual family. This is the Family of Michael; it is much grander than you first imagined.

A Vision of Home from the Angels

For us to fully describe this to you, we need to pull back and describe what the angelic realm looks like from our side of the veil. We realize that you have all of these visions of angels. You think all these small young angels have these little, small bodies and they have these little cute wings. They cannot quite fly yet, but maybe someday. . . . Dear ones, we hate to disappoint you but we do not need wings to fly. There is no real need to fly when you are Home because all you do is to think of a place and you are there. The wings that you envisioned are not actually feathered aerodynamic wings. Instead, they are tools for a specific purpose; we spread our wings only to reflect the magnificence of humans. The angelic realm exists for the primary purpose of helping you re-member who you really are. We would love to complicate that for you if you desire, but it really is just that simple. It is our greatest task to touch your hearts with the true love of home. If we can do that, then you will find confidence in those times when you need it most -- as you feel alone. An interesting thing happens when you give a creator in hiding confidence. They begin to push the limits and create new things; they begin to awaken from the dream. That is the primary purpose of all angels everywhere. Keep in mind that Earth is not the only game. There are more games throughout “All That Is” than you can imagine. Our task in the universal scheme of things is to touch your hearts with the Love of Home and give you soul confidence.

The Family of Michael

Archangel Michael is perceived in many ways. We will speak this day of the energetic view as a collective energy -- a collection of grand souls that have combined eons of evolution toward a very important purpose. This is what we know as angelic intent. It is the direction we have all lent our energy toward. We tell you it is not nearly as important to understand as it is to feel it. It is not going to be possible for you to fully understand the other side of the veil, for your own connections keep you from seeing your own magnificence. It is our job to spread our wings and to help you see and re-member who you really are. Our wings are only for the express purpose of reflecting the magnificence of humans…helping you hold your space…helping you gain that confidence as a soul, playing the game of pretending to be a human. All it takes is a few successes for you to start building upon, because you do this very well. Once you have had that vibration of success -- of soul confidence -- it is easy for you to add to it, and make it grow as you move forward. We give you this gift today. We give you this one piece: to know that you are part of an angelic purpose.

The angelic purpose of the Archangel Michael is truth. It is about helping you to discern your own truth. When we say the word truth, immediately humans, being of finite nature, believe there is one truth. No, there are many flavors of the truth. We are not here to help you find the truth. We are here to help you find YOUR truth. We are not here to give you your truth. We are not here to tell you what your truth is or to direct you in a way to where you can find our truth and call it yours. That is not what happens on the planet of free choice. What happens as angels is we stand back and try to find that little bit of success you have had, that little piece that makes you giggle whenever you think about how and wonderful that was. We are able to take that experience, expand on it and help you to build that energy of success and confidence.

There are many ideas and stories that are told about the angelic realm and the angels in heaven, and about how we come down and intercede in your world when we are needed. Angelic intervention was a commonplace event in the beginning of the game, yet over time has been needed less and less. We come into your lives, we sometimes work with you in different areas. However, we tell you that the experience is actually quite different than the way you perceive it. In fact, there is less angelic intervention on this planet than ever before in history for the very simple reason that humans are getting closer to Home. You do not need the same type of attention that you used to need from us. So, we have had to learn to reflect your magnificence in new ways. We no longer tell you which way to turn or instruct you what to do, or what not to do. Now the best reflection we can give you is to empower you by building on your own success. This is what we do, and we are now charging you with that very message. It will give the soul confidence needed for the shift you are now facing.

Steps into Becoming Human Angels

Now it is your turn. You are becoming the Human Angels. That is your next stage in evolution. Find ways of doing that with each other now, and you will find empowerment taking hold on this planet like never before. You are at the precipice of change throughout all of humanity. We have spoken about the re-wiring, as your physical and energetic structures are totally re-wiring to carry the higher energies of the new Earth. The human animal is evolving to carry more of the spirit of Home. In order to do that, there are a lot of adjustments that have to happen concerning your own thought processes about things that have been true in the past. Much of that we will ask you to re-think and to find out what is really important in your life. You can do that by first finding your one little piece of confidence.

We understand that it is very confusing for many of you. We know it is difficult to be a human. If it were easy, everyone would want to be a human now wouldn’t they? Since being human is a very difficult job, it was left up to the most ambitious souls to come down, to put on a veil and pretend to be a human. You are doing a marvelous job, even when you cannot see who you are or what you are supposed to be doing. That confidence is there if you will let it through. That is the reminder from Home of who you really are. If you will let us and the other Human Angels who are working to do so, we can help to amplify that little bit of success. We can help you to experience that little bit of confidence that will in turn help you to create even more confidence and success, while keeping the wind at your back all the while. That is what we are here to do when you allow us to do so. That is our greatest purpose as angels.

The Lucifer Experiment

Yes, there are many misconceptions about the angelic realm. Let us speak of one in particular that we love, because humans have such wonderful concepts. It is so interesting for us to look at ourselves through your eyes. We hope that you can do the same thing and learn to see yourselves through our eyes. By looking through each others’ eyes we can evolve and grow together. We are learning by looking at ourselves through your eyes to be better at what we do, and how to best reach the new humanity. You are moving so fast at this moment, it is almost like trying to hit a moving target. The misconception of which we speak has to do with the Lucifer experiment. Let us explain these events from a different view.

Humanity has been very strongly into polarity; you came in to work with polarity consciousness. You came in to work with up, down, right, wrong, good, bad, love, and fear—all the opposites. You only see things when they are total opposites, and you have a tendency to move in those directions. However, you are not in that area for long because you are moving out of a field of duality into a field of triality. In triality, all of those visions will now be balanced, with a stronger connection to the higher self. That forms the triality that we have been speaking of and it is very magical to watch all of humanity change the way you are living your daily lives. It is very exciting to watch and very scary for you to go through sometimes, but you are doing well. You are the ones that are going to help the others. In the beginning, it was very important for humans to understand and to see Heaven and Home as a reflection of Earth. Because of this you have a tendency to put human attributes on the other side of the veil. That is why the Archangels have names. Is it not interesting that they only have Earth names? They only have Earth names in the realm that is dealing with Earth. You would not understand the other names anyway, so trust us.

In the very beginning, in order to give you the illusion-- within your field of polarity--it was necessary to pretend to play the game of “polarity” in heaven. One of the greatest angels stepped forward and said, “I will play that role of pretending to be opposite.”
You may never know how difficult of a role that turned out to be. You may never know the real love that went in to playing that part. That was Lucifer. He stepped up and did an incredible job of playing the bad guy in heaven. What a wonderful experiment, because it gave you something to relate to when you tried to remember Home. That is what it accomplished. More than anything else, you understood the concept of heaven at that point because there was polarity. You could see polarity, and you understood Home for the first time. That was the gift of an angel named Lucifer. Dear ones, Lucifer is Home. Lucifer has done his job and he is back where he belongs as one of the greatest angels that has ever lived. He is home now because humans no longer need the drama of polarity consciousness. Humans no longer need an evil entity to motivate them toward the light. You are much more evolved than that now.

Please know that you still have polarity. You are dealing with polarity daily. A lot of you have clients who are stuck in polarity situations, or polarity belief systems, that they have difficulty getting out of. What we tell you is that if you understand that all of it is based on your confidence as a soul, that is what works. That is where your empowerment is. That is the gift that Lucifer gave you. By allowing him to play that role, to come back into the family afterward and to be a part of this whole process was absolutely incredible—not only for him, but for you because it gave you gifts you could not get any other way. Here you are walking with this little piece that is missing inside of you. Look as you might, there is always this one little part when you look in the mirror you say, “Who is that? What am I doing? Where am I going? What am I supposed to be?” You ask all of these questions to know your destination. Understand the journey first, for that is the truth of your path. The destination is only the conclusion of the journey. You do not reach the destination until you come Home.

We ask you not to live your entire lives with the anticipation of going Home. What a sad journey that would be, because there is so much beauty on your path. There is so much that you are starting to comprehend and understand about where you are and what you can do. It is exciting watching you step into your empowerment. There is now so much that you will start to understand about the light within the dark side. Your darkness has always been a lacking. Your darkness has always been a secret, a sort of vacuum that attracts all the ambient energy floating around and sucks it into a hole that you created from your fear. Now you are starting to move into a field of triality--particularly those of you who receive this message. for there are a select few who are leading the way vibrationally and carrying this energy to the rest of humanity.

The Game is Changing

Let us ask you to first find that unique part of yourself that you can share with others, for that is what will give you confidence. That is what will help you complete the process. You did well, dear ones. You have worked through an entire game that you have laid out. You have set the rules, you have set the possibilities, you have set the direction of how you were going to play the game, and now you are finding the whole thing changing on you. Just about the time you were getting quite good at playing the game, the game is changing. You are the ones who set this all into motion. You are the ones who are taking the next step; you are doing so through your own re-wiring process and also through your thoughts. Humans, you now have possibilities to hold thoughts and to carry visions, ideas and concepts that you could not even conceive of only a few years ago. You have moved so rapidly, and sometimes we ask you to please take that slow escalator over there because it will help you acclimate to the energy. But no, you have to jump on the express elevator and shoot up 600 floors at one time and try to walk when you get out…and you cannot figure out why being human is so hard.

You are ambitious Human Angels and we love you so much. Do you understand that you are in an evolutionary process? Do you understand that as you evolve you will end up in our jobs? That is where you are going and it has never happened in this fashion before. You will be the angels to the second planet of free choice, dear ones, and you will experience both the joy and the frustrations, plus all the fun things that we get to experience with you. Do not wait. Step into it now. Make a commitment to yourself to first hold that piece of confidence no matter how small it is. That confidence connects you to Home, to the Family of Michael,, to all other families and all angelic purpose. Know that it is entirely possible for humans to be members of several different families on this side of the veil. There is no competition or exclusion. The idea is to be of the highest service, to be here to help spread our wings to reflect your magnificence, and to help you re-member who you are. There are times when you look in the mirror and you cannot see who you are and sometimes the tears come because you feel so alone. On those days the veil is thick. Every once in a while, that little smile cracks in the corner of your lips, and you start to see through the veil. On some level you remember that it is a game you are playing and life flows easily. Those are the moments when we are spreading our wings in your honor and direction. That is our personal gift to you. You have an opportunity to be of highest service as a soul in the days just ahead of you. If you choose to step into your future, we will be there to help you awaken from the dream. You are can make a difference on this planet. We promise you that.

You have already completed the game of free choice, and yet here you are asking, “What can I do? How can I make the next step? How can I help others around me make the next step?” We stand with such pride looking at you when you do that, knowing that you are after our jobs. We will gladly give them to you. Enjoy the ride. Do not forget to laugh whenever you can. It is the part that balances all the energy and brings you Home again. Understand that you are in the Family of Michael. It is a birthright. It is something you have done over and over and over again. It is part of the process. It is where you came from. When you find those little memories, use them in some way. Bring them Home, express them in your life and gain that tiny bit of confidence that can grow and help build upon that piece of success. That steps you into being the Human Angel; that carries you into taking your next step on the planet of free choice. The ascension process is not about ascending to go Home; it is about ascending to be in a higher vibrational status while you are still here on this planet. What would it be like to be an angel and to have all the gifts, all the powers, all the unique abilities of the angelic realm while you were still here in these physical bodies? We asked you that question on purpose because you will answer it. That is where you are going. Enjoy the ride.

We leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are part of each other. Nurture one another at every opportunity because that will build on that success. Know that it is a beautiful game and play well together


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