Mucis from Home ~ The Rhythms of Life

Greetings All, Dear Ones. You are so vibrant this day!

It is magic for us to watch you from this perspective and see some of the energetic changes taking place with all of you. The magic has begun on planet Earth and all of you are shifting in a very magical way. Since it has come up several times during the course of today’s progression, we wish to speak about music. What part does that play in your life?

Mastery of Music

Well in most places, people consider music to be somewhat in the background. For the most part you have placed music in the entertainment area on your timeline and rightfully so. The interesting part is that music is so much more than that. Many of you consider yourself to be musical, yet others of you do not. Some of you say, “I cannot carry a tune so I will enjoy the music from a distance, but will not sing aloud.” Well, have you ever considered that if you are tone deaf or cannot carry a tune at all in this lifetime, perhaps you have already mastered what you needed to in terms of music? Here is the interesting part about music, it is cumulative between lifetimes.  There is no right or wrong about any of it, for the reality is that if you pick up an instrument and it fits your spirit then imagine that you have an expression to create the vibration from Home.

The Rhythms Within – The Inner Music From Home

Many of you are creating music when you speak, though you are not aware of it. You think, “I don’t do that because I am tone deaf. I cannot carry a note, so obviously I am not going to sing.” The truth is that all of you have rhythms deep within you that are starting to change, which is opening the capabilities for humanity to see itself in a totally different way. The magic has begun, dear ones.

Now imagine in ancient times, long before your recorded history, as early humans  you were making sounds. In the beginning a couple of bones would serve rather well for rhythm instruments. You learned to communicate through that form of rhythm and have used it in several different cultures as you have evolved humanity. Then you started working with the notes and became aware that your own voice had a range. You would find or make instruments that could replicate at least a tiny bit of the energy from Home. The music that each of you hears all the time is from Home. That is the beautiful part and all you are doing is trying to replicate that inner connection, the inner music from Home. It is only when two or more came together that they created a harmony, which was actually the beginning of the harmonic process; harmonizing your music with other beings became the beginning of the scales. Dear ones, the scales did not exist before you tried to come together. That was the reason they were made in the first place, so you would  be able to hit harmonics once in a while. That has evolved into all of the music that you hear in different ways. We tell you this now, because on your planet, much of your music is about to shift.

Changing Rhythms and Imperfect Scales

You are evolving very rapidly as spiritual beings pretending to play this game of humanity. As you evolve, your likes and dislikes around you will also start to change rapidly. It is a very beautiful process to watch and we will share some of this with you as we move even further into it. You will start to hear things that may sound a bit dissonant, especially having to do with rhythm. If you work with a song that has four beats but then start another rhythm with four beats which suddenly goes with five, it will capture your attention in a way that is almost a distraction. You do not think of it as music; you think of it as something wrong. Well, that will soon change as you will see a variety of rhythms that will start to become the norm. Not only the rhythms but your music in general will shift, and eventually your scales will start to find a new base.

The scales are the most difficult part. Now that you have the technology to do this, you can take the highest and lowest notes that you can create and divide them perfectly equally into segments. If you play that it will sound terrible, but why? Why does it sound terrible if you divide everything into perfect segments? Well, it does not actually sound terrible, dear ones, it simply does not have the full richness of the harmony of the overtones of one instrument adding to the overtones and the final piece of another blending together. Because in order to do that, your scales have to be imperfect.

Look at your piano keyboard and you will see that there is a missing note—at least one. You will notice there are other places where the perfection of the scales had to be brought into imperfection. Only then could your human ears could pick it up and make it sound similar to the energy and the light you always hear in the music of Home. So, these are very fascinating times for those of you who have considered yourself to be non-musical in this lifetime. We ask you to understand that although you may not be starting a recording career or step out on the road with your band, even  the rhythm and the tone of your voice emulates that music you hear deep inside. Dear ones, it helps to make the connections in everyone around you.

Cumulative Musical Skills

Now the other part of that is musical abilities are cumulative over many lifetimes. If you work very hard and study as a musician then die suddenly, you leave that lifetime. When you come back in, you still have to train your body and fingers where things are, but the rest of it comes very quickly.  In general, you basically pick up where you left off in the last lifetime with music and your expression of music. You call it “music,” but at Home we do not even identify it because it is such a part of our everyday lives. We do not even have a word to identify it as separate from ourselves, because it is such a part of each of us. That too, will also happen here.

Re-defining Music’s Place in Your Life

With the many changes in technology, you have found new distribution systems and capabilities for music.  Because of the belief that everything on your Internet must be free, many of your musicians are starving on planet Earth right now. Some of them simply cannot afford to be in the music business, because they cannot even earn a living that way. This is actually  a change in the way your society sees things and it is very fascinating. In the beginning, you opened up your Internet and everything on your Internet was free. But is it really “free”? Is it not frustrating when you download a simple thing and you end up with a virus on your computer? It happens all the time, dear ones, so nothing is really free even on the Internet because there is a reason they are doing it. They are either advertising something or downloading a program that you do not particularly want on your computer. This is a challenge that all of humanity is going through as you are re-defining music’s place in your life.

Currently, you have many distribution systems and it is very easy to tap into a wide variety of music. You are accustomed to receiving that and awakening the energy deep within you. You will also find ways of redistributing it anchoring that light. There is nothing sadder for us to see than a musician who finally records their work, but it never is heard. The changes in your way of thinking about music are starting to shift, which is beautiful for us to watch. It is somewhat of a challenge for many of you, especially those who make a living in music. The beautiful part is that music is so integrated into every being. It is music that will re-mind them of Home and they will light up when they hear it. You can change your internal energy simply by listening to music -- it is magical! You have sent out the call and a wide variety of music will be available in a short time. Now, dear ones, you have ways of healing each other with music.

All of You Are Musicians

Now, what of those who consider themselves to be tone deaf? Well, we love that as it is truly magical. Quite simply, it means that you will not be able to harmonize in the same way that other people do. It does not mean that you do not have an ear for music or that you do not have that inner cord of music pulsing through you from Home all the time. Now, who creates the music at Home? That is the interesting part. No one. It is part of the overall structure of the collective and created in the same way that many of you will. You have gone through the process of working alone with your scales and have found the perfect imperfections. You are now even playing with them, dividing them equally in the Solfeggio scales and many of the master number scales that are also available. You will start playing in new ways and we will cheer you on. When you hear these melodies that at first may sound dissonant, open your heart and simply take it all in. It is not that you must like every form of music, for it is as personalized as you are. Find that piece that helps you awaken from the dream, that chord that can rejuvenate you and remind your spirit constantly of that flow of beautiful music coming from Home. All of you are musicians, for you would not be here if you were not. All of you have had incarnations directly associated with the expression of music on planet Earth. Find it now, love that and re-member Home. That is the beauty that can be shared by all of you at this point.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways and give you reminders…not to tell you where to look, but to help you to re-member what you already know. The beauty within each of you has begun to grow; it is magical for us to watch. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another every chance you get and play well together. You are more beautiful than you imagine.

Espavo, dear ones.

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Peter fox 19th May 2015 5:25 am

Mucis is itself an interesting re-arrangement of music! Isn't this all entirely fascinating! I've been completely tone deaf all my life and yet my love for
music seems to grow. I'm also colour blind - I can't wait to find out what that combination of "apparent" defects means!!! Brilliant posting,Steve- Thank


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