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This was a live channel presented to a group of Lightworkers gathered for "an Evening with Steve and the Group" in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey on September 14th, 2000. Just prior to giving this channel the Group told me it was to be sent out as a Beacons of Light Re-minder from Home. They said this was an important message and the time was right to spread the word. We are very honored to present this timely information here. Pass the word, because "Now is the Time."

Greetings from Home:

We look around the room and we see a brother looking into the eyes of a sister. We see a sister looking around the room and seeing a father, and seeing a mother, seeing a friend, and seeing a business partner. We honor you for looking into each other's eyes for as you do, you are re-membering Home. We are with you this night with the greatest of honor, for it is us that are honored to be here and sit at your feet. As you walk through the veil, you purposely step one foot in front of the other with the greatest of courage. You have no idea how honored you are for taking these steps.

What's the Use?

There are times when you look at yourself and you say, "What is the use? I am not getting anywhere." You look at yourselves and you say, "Am I making a difference?" We share with you the vibration of Home when we say, "Yes, you are making a difference." Each one of you in your own states, each one of you in your own little circle of friends, is making a huge difference for the lives you touch are like spider webs that go out into the Universe, and you are at the center. Each one of those strands that you send out are planting the seeds of light. We tell you we honor you. We love you beyond your understanding for what you do. For it is only possible to play the Game of Free Choice behind the veil of forgetfulness. And you do it well. Walk with the pride of Michael. Walk with your swords held high, for you are family, and we love you so. Let us touch your hearts for just a moment so that you may remember the vibrations of Home.

Re-membering behind the Veil

Walking so long behind the veil of forgetfulness, it is hard for you to re-member who you are. We are here to hold that mirror in front of your face for just a moment. That is all it takes. We ask you to touch each other the way that we touch you, and you will never forget who you are, for you carry the vibration of Michael. You are the family, and we are honored to be in your presence. Our greatest expression is to offer a reflection of yourselves. It is the reason we spread our wings, for our wings are for no other purpose than to reflect your energy. We do so often. In those times of despair, in those times when you feel like you are not moving, in the times you ask, "Am I making a difference?" In those times we hold our wings in front of you and we reflect your energy with the word, yes. You are the family on the Gameboard of Free Choice, you are part of us. We are part of you.

Light Circles Overlapping

Much as you throw a stone into a pond, you watch the circle expanding as it soon incorporates everything. You throw two stones in the pond and you see two circles expanding, overlapping each other adding vibration, sharing the vibration of each other. That is what you do when you carry this vibration of Home. The space where the two circles overlap is very special indeed, for one vibration adds to the next. As you share with each other you expand your own circle. We tell you that it is here that we see the magic, for you are the Family of Michael on the Gameboard of Free Choice. You are the human angels that are in the process of creating Home on the planet Earth and we honor you for doing that. In the times that you are in toil and the times that you are in stress and grief, we tell you those are the greatest times, for it is only possible to make it real and touch you in that manner. But it is in how you deal with your own energy in that process that makes a difference. You are not alone.

Galactic Eyes Watching Every Move

Besides yourselves and the rest of this family, we tell you there are many overtone levels in which all eyes are upon you. Your choices have created some options on the Gameboard that were never dreamt of when we first began. Yes, we were with you when you first devised the Gameboard. Yes, we were the ones who were holding your hand and encouraging you. For we held the energy for you when you could not hold it yourself. Now you are taking that power within your own hands. We are simply here to tell you that you can do it.

A Cosmic Window of Opportunity

We wish to speak to you this night of a very special time. There is a window of opportunity on the Planet of Free Choice, and it is right before you now. You have just begun a process that we will see as the dawning of the next age. The pendulum has been in motion and much the way it pulls to one side before it turns and goes the other way, there is a pause. This pause is the magical moment when all things are possible. This pause is the magical space you consider chaos. We tell you that there is order to chaos for it is the sacred space between the breaths of God. It is this space that enables human advancement, yet when you are in this space you get anxious because you do not see the familiar movement to which you are accustomed. You look around and say "Why is nothing happening?" "Why is my life suddenly stuck?" "Why can't I hear my guides?" "Why can't I tap in?" Let us tell you, you have not lost your connection. It is right there in front of you. What we wish to share with you is the timeframe. For in this pause, in this brief second when this pendulum seems to be stopped, the kinetic charge is reversing to start the movement again.

The Close of the Year of Crystal Intent

The year of crystal intent is at a close. Beginning on October 13th, the first openings to the fifth dimension will now visit the planet. Does this surprise you? What happened to the fourth you ask. Ahhh, but we can read those minds. We tell you, you have been in the fourth. Many of you are still in the process of opening the door to the fourth dimension, but the fourth is a bridge. Many timeframes will pass, it will be several years before the final people even pass through the fourth dimension. Holding the door open has been what the master healers have been here to do. You are doing well. You are shining your light on the door that is now open.


Before you lies the next stage of human evolution. Now is the time. Walk into it proudly. Dare to find your passion and move into it. The next seven months will hold a key for you to step into that passion. You have just passed the marker and the pendulum is now starting its new motion. The next seven months will be magical. Intent followed with even the slightest of action during this time frame will be carried effortlessly by the momentum of human evolution. Now is the time. You know you have been here for a purpose. You know there was something you came here to do. Now is the time. Hold the vibration of your passion even if you do not have all the details of how it will manifest. Hold the vibration of your joy within your being and it will be drawn to you effortlessly. Do not worry about how to do it, or how it will support you. Start small if need be but START NOW. Create your passion with even the smallest commitment is all that is needed. The pendulum will be gaining momentum and open the doors for you to be in your passion. The pause is over and now begins a time of action.

Magical Beings of Creation

Humans on the Gameboard of Free Choice are magical beings. You are more powerful than you know. Imagine that if you were to hold a thought in your head that it would create in a moment. Imagine that if you were to hold a fear in your head, it would create in that same instant. That is who you are, that is what is happening. You have no choice about what enters your head, you have no choice about what you fear, for you are part of the Universal flow of the subconscious mind. All will flow through your consciousness stream, but you have a choice about what stays. Choose well, for that will quickly become your reality. Find your passion and start that project now. This is what you came here to do. The time is right. Into action, even the smallest of action will put meaning behind the intent. Intent determines the purpose, intent determines the direction of your actions, but only you can place the action behind the intent.

Life Purpose in Motion

Life purpose is in motion. Everything starting within the next seven months will allow the Universe to help with your creation of Home. Here you will find effortless beginnings. For as the pendulum starts to swing, you will find all the momentum behind it that will carry you into your passion. Dare to find your heart's desire, for in that is the creation of Home. Creating Home on your side of the veil is what you came here to do. That was the purpose of putting the veil on in the first place. It is the reason you have experienced the turmoil. It is the reason you have experienced the step down. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Know that you carry the energy of this great family, for that force cannot be denied. We tell you the greatness that stands before us now is beyond description in your terms. Some of you have been shown even the slightest ways that you can express your energy. Find that now. Feel your heart expand as you hold the energy of who you really are.

Purveyors of the Light

As you incorporate the energy, your entire vibrational field goes out to the Universe and what do you do? You awaken others. It is your purpose, for you are the purveyors of the light. You are the seeds of the greatest light that has ever visited the planet. You are the seeds that will come to fruition. You have created the greatest of possibilities through your choices. You should be very proud, for we are very proud of you. The love and honor we hold for you, you may never know while you are in the bubble of biology. But when we get you Home, we are going to bestow upon you the greatest of honors, the greatest of love that we have been holding all this time. As of this point, we can touch you from behind, we can reach around with the touch of the angels, we can reach in and touch your very heart, but all you feel is the raising of the hair on your arms. We want you so much to know that we are here with you every moment, every step of the way, and we will be with you always. When we do get you Home, we will let you know, for those colors you will wear always. You will be so proud to wear the colors that we will bestow on you for the wonderful job you are doing on the Gameboard of Free Choice.

Angel Tools

As you learn and move into the higher vibrations, the techniques we use on this side of the veil will be effective for you. As you begin to hold the energy of that angelic realm yourself, you begin to incorporate that and use these tools in your own daily lives. You've been waiting for this very chance and now the door is open before you. Now is the time. Start small if you must, start large if you dare, but start. Create the energy of your passion, dare to dream your highest dream. Set it in into motion during this magical time, for as you cross into the third millennium, you step into the fifth dimension. Now is the time.

We thank you. It is with the greatest of honor that we address you here, for the master healers that sit at our feet have made choices and they are now creating Home on the Planet of Free Choice. We are honored to be here with you as you step fully into your power. We hold the doors open for you. Please re-member to look in each other's hearts and in each other's eyes to help you re-member. It is with our greatest honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together. . .
the Group

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