Puzzle Perspectives ~ A New Look at the Puzzle of Life

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I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. I am here with you today for a lot of different reasons. Probably the most important is just to let you know how special you are. You know, humans need to be reminded of that on a fairly regular basis in order to really acclimate this energy. You have been working with something entirely new. Most of you do not yet understand quite where you are. You have been thrown into this whole world of empowerment now, and it looks quite different from what you were in just a few short weeks ago. Although, it is very similar to the same energy, you have not learned how to recognize all the pieces yet. Let me share with you an analogy to illustrate where you are from the whole collective of humanity at this moment in your evolution.

Blending Perspectives: A New Look at the Puzzle

You need to know, dear ones, that you are moving faster than the speed of light. Even Einstein himself is very proud of you because he did not think it was possible. It appears that love moves slightly faster than light and you are all finding out about that now. You are starting to use it in a different way than before, because you have never actually considered love to be an energy that existed in your scientific worlds. Now the discovery of quantum mechanics and quantum sciences is beginning to validate much of what you have already known in your spiritual arena. You are starting to accomplish something from two different angles, and recognizing that each one validates the other. That is beautiful and probably the most important part of what is taking place on this planet. You are all starting to see things from the larger perspective. Although the person looking from over here may have a different view than the person over there, when you are both standing here looking at the same thing it is quite different than before. Rather than describing exactly the opposite as you did before, now you are starting to experience triality. You are starting to see from the third point in the new system. The old system was simple; there was a line going back and forth, with darkness over here and light over there. You would have all this contrast where you could play your game of pretending to be human. Now you have the third point, so you can view everything from the higher self. Because it is a totally different perception, you do not need the dark nor do you need the light. You are going to discover that everything exists somewhere in between.

Now, how do you see that? Well, dear ones, that is the hard part. We can tell you exactly where you will go, and explain how your vibrational pattern will fit perfectly, but you still cannot see it. Your view is limited, because is not possible to see everything from inside your bubble of biology. So, part of what we are going to share is just a little analogy. Have you ever put together a really big puzzle? Have you cleared off your entire kitchen table and said, “Over the next six weeks, I am going to put together this giant puzzle.” You count the pieces and this one has 5,000. You say, “My goodness, this is going to take me forever!” Well, how do you start putting it together? You start turning the pieces over so they are all facing the same way and then look for patterns, do you not? You start shoving together the patterns even if they do not quite fit; you put them all in the same place, so you can see what the puzzle is going to be. Well, you have all been doing that pretty well. You have been doing the best you can with this, considering none of you have been able to see the larger picture. When you are building your puzzle on the kitchen table, you always reach a point where you start to see the picture taking shape. It is then that you can begin to look for the pieces that fit into that big picture, rather than matching up all the small pieces and putting them together.

The Puzzle of Self-Awareness

That is where humanity is at this moment. You are starting to be able to see the larger picture, and here is the interesting part of where humanity is. Humans have this block about being able to truly see themselves; they call it the veil. It is actually sort of a dot right in front of you that keeps you from seeing out of your third eye. Please understand that nothing is wrong, for; you put it there intentionally so you could have this experience of pretending to be the human. Ah yes, so you could play this game that you have all been playing. But now you do not need the veil in the same way you used to. Although you used to need it in order to play the game, now it is starting to disappear completely. Well, to many of you this is kind of confusing. It is hard to anchor that vision, simply because you have been living with an entirely different vision all your life. To suddenly see yourself as someone else is a bit challenging for most of you. Let me tell you, dear ones, all it took was a slight change to the rhythm and you altered your world in a way you did not know. You just heard me just do it with my voice, but I did it with all my energy. I changed my energy to harmonize with the rhythms in the room, with all of you beyond the camera. There are so many of you, are there not? Anyway, the basic idea is that I harmonized every part of you by slightly changing the rhythm. You feel the energy in the room and you are all in anticipation right now --- waiting --- for the next words. Well, you can communicate with each other and you are going to learn how to use it. Now that you can start to see the larger pieces that make up the big picture, hopefully you can see your place here in the heart energy, where you are going to be, and what part of the game you are going to play. Each of you will need to take a piece of the puzzle, to fulfill your role.. It is going to take a bit of courage and that is the scary part, dear ones. When you finally figure out where you have to go, you will see exactly where the puzzle piece is supposed to be. You will see how it is going to fit together, and know it is the perfect size at the perfect moment. But then you are going to have to change your lives and play that new part. You will have to shift your perspective from who you thought you were all these years, to the puzzle piece that you truly are. When you make this move you are going to love it, because you will be able to branch out be who you truly are, and use all your gifts in a way that you never even knew existed. But that movement from point A to point B is a scary one for all humans. It is very challenging for you to step out of your comfort zone and actually be something that you do not have a role model for. We are going to give you lots of role models. It is easy now that you can see the larger picture of all of humanity coming together, you can start to see where you are going. Instead of having to match up the little tiny pieces and group them together section by section, you can see the big picture and play the game where you want to play because you have all been given gifts. Re-member, you are here on Earth because you are carrying something valuable to all humans.

Presenting Your Gift Within Rhythm

Now your job is to find your gift. When you find it, you also have to find a way to be of service and get your message, rhythm or communication out to other people, and it is doable in many different ways. Learning to communicate from the heart in a whole new way is accomplished through rhythm. However, I do not want to confuse you with that because most of you still equate rhythm with music. Rhythm is certainly part of music, but it is much more than that. It is actually the way that you live your lives. You like to find your own unique rhythm, for each one of you has internal rhythms that are part of your being. You live your lives with it. When you walk from this place to that one, you are actually walking in a rhythm. Part of it has to do with your body; it has to do with the length of your legs, the size of your lungs. Your harmonic rhythms are based on your physical features. To find your own rhythm, simply read a long run-on sentence that includes no periods or commas. You will be reading along word after word, and soon you will find the rhythm of your voice that flows naturally and feels comfortable to you. . As you learn to recognize your own rhythm, you start becoming aware of the rhythm of other people. Rhythm affects how well people communicate with one another.

Once you begin to see how communication through rhythm works, you start learning to vibrate a little bit differently in order to make your point. You change the speed of your rhythm for emphasis, the way I just slowed down then. Actually, I have been working with the Keeper for quite a few years on how to vary his rhythm. He never thought we would be teaching this to everybody else, because now I am showing his tricks. What this is leading up to is a form of communication that will take very few words. You will be using a lot of words in the beginning, just because you are accustomed to communicating this way. But in a very short amount of time, you will communicate from heart to heart without all the difficulties and miscommunications around the magnetic fields of the heart. There will be a clarity because you can speak with just the rhythm; it is a very clear form of communication spirit to spirit. It is how we communicate at Home. We do not need the words here when we speak about you, and we speak about you all the time. Now, what if I am here at Home? I call it Home with a capital “H,” which is bit different from your home because I have all the freedoms in the world here at my Home. I can do anything and everything all at once. You are not quite accustomed to doing that. The Time Keeper has this little application called “time” on planet Earth, so you do not think you can do everything at once.

Firstly we want to make you aware of is the rhythms in which you are communicating. You will find that the sometimes it can be a challenge because your head often filters out so much before it reaches your heart. First you have to figure out what the sentence means, and then you have to figure out if it fits into your belief systems before you actually let it into your heart. Well, that will change when communicating with rhythm. You will be able to bounce things off of other people’s hearts very quickly and that is beautiful, because you will be able to find out where your truth fits and where it does not. Your truth does not belong to everyone. It isonly a small segment that resonates with your vibration, so you find those and share parts of your world because you have come in with gifts that you have been entrusted with. Secondly, We are not going to let you go to your grave without using your gifts on planet Earth. It is what you came for in the first place, to present what you came in with. Now is the time, for the puzzle is starting to come together. Now every puzzle piece you pick up is finding its spot very quickly, and the entire picture is starting to take form. Now you can see where you belong and find that place where you fit in perfectly, then you will find that support in all areas around you. You will find that you fit in; you can make your highest point and highest effect on planet Earth during that time.

So, re-member the puzzle dear ones. Re-member what it feels like when every piece you pick up fits smoothly into place, and what it feels like to find that one final piece that completes the puzzle. It is your piece, the one piece that you hold last to put into place. It is the piece that we all celebrate, because it means that you will be giving your gifts on planet Earth at the most beautiful and critical time.

Espavo, dear ones. You have done well already, but we cannot wait to see what you do next. You are very exciting to watch from this side of the veil, but more importantly we are proud of you in ways that you could never know. Carry it well. Espavo.

Greetings, I am the Keeper of Time. I am here for you this day. You have called me into being, you know. I have been here all along watching what you call the collective of the group, and it is very beautiful to be watching in that very area of vibration. You must understand what you look like to us for you have shining faces that all hold the spirit from Home. Every time you smile, you bring that heart energy up through your eyes and your expressions, you imprint other people. You change their lives forever. Are you aware that the moment your hand touches another’s, you become a small part of that person and that person becomes a small part of you. You not only exchange atoms, but you exchange vibrational patterns when you do that. It has been limited somewhat to the actual close and physical contacts up until this point. No longer takes the physical contacts to make the same connection; in fact, it is what Elrah has been doing with his rhythm patterns. Part of the activations we have been working with are all to open up these areas of deep level of understanding on Earth for you are very close to seeing yourselves in ways that you never dreamed was possible.

Currently on Earth there are many leaders, whether you call that a leader of a collective over here that you may call a government. Over here you may have a leader of a collective that you call a church and over here you have these different leaders of collectives and the reason we are speaking of the leaders at these moments is that they have just lost control over what they were leading. All of them have just lost control of what they were leading. One of them has just stepped down, the first one in 600 years. Very interesting to see. He was aware that he was no longer in charge in doing what he was supposed to be doing. So what has taken place here? Why has this happened and what is ahead for all of you? Well, there will be some leaders who are able to reignite and land and reaffirm their leadership, but it means that they must re-anchor and that is what is taking place on this Earth at the moment. Everyone who thought they were directing something in a certain area, must now reevaluate every part of your own grounding on Earth, your own personal effects of how your safety is on Earth, what your abilities are, what your physical needs are, and what your new spirits’ needs are of the physical body on Earth for you are now starting to carry more light in the physical body ever you have ever held before. Due to that fact, your physical body is changing but your emotional body is going through many stretches and many challenges mostly in the way of doubt. Oh, it sends a fear of doubt through a physical body in a hurry because you lose your grounding of what you had always felt was certain. Dear ones, you are going through a massive wave on planet Earth almost as if someone pulled the carpet beneath your feet. Everyone is doubting themselves and wondering if they are in the right place and wondering who they are going to be tomorrow. You are in the right place at the right time. Let me speak of that first for I am the Keeper of Time.
The Perfect Junctions of Time and Space

Part of your greatest journey on planet Earth is to put yourself at the perfect junction of time and space where you can be supported, your own energy can be felt, and your message can be heard on planet Earth. The time is now, there is no more waiting. If you hold your sacred energy that you have been given on Earth and you do not bring it forth, what will happen is you will begin to lose it into a different vibration. You will start to acclimate to the vibrations around you rather than bring than bring your own energy to the table. It is not wrong, dear ones, for many of you will do that. But we tell you that this is truly the time to know who you are, to understand the larger vision of life on Earth and more importantly to realize your part. You have always known your truth deep inside; you cannot always make sense of it in what you see in the world around you. All we need to do is to re-turn you to that deep feeling, that knowing inside that all of you have and we are Home. We connect deeply in those moments of sacred space, so be there often. Know that we are working from this side of the veil and Elrah’s job is nothing more than to communicate through the rhythm of love. Many of you will be walking down the street, or your way to work or going somewhere, but your brain is already at your destination. Your brain has projected you into the future, where you are already sitting at your desk trying to figure out what you will do next while you are still walking to get there. We tell you, you are missing the moment when you do that. It is so incredibly important now to learn how to breathe in each moment of time. That is truly all you have.

You are now in circular time, which is incredibly important for all you to understand. You do not re-live your past, but you re-live the fabric of your past. You all have special items that you love. You may carry something with you in your pocket or in your purse, for it just means something special to you. It may have been given to you by someone very dear to you, or your father or mother, and you carry it with you all the time because it carries a certain energy. Now if someone were to pick that up and say, “Well, I am a scientist and I am going to measure that energy and I cannot find that energy in there.” They return it to you and say, “There is no energy in this object.” You will simply refute the scientist because you know in your heart there is energy in this piece, even though it cannot be scientifically proven in your world. So, here you are working with the time imprints of this moment. If you wish to go into your future, you can only do so through this moment. If you wish to re-visit your past, you can only do so through this moment. The past, present and future is truly together as one in the now. This is very difficult for humans because you have lived so much of your life in the future preparing, projecting, and trying to repeat your successes in the future. You hide your positive energy in the future, you stash your negative experiences in the past. The problem with that is that this fabric of time is much like those lucky items that you carry with you, for they carry the energy of your experience.

So, what takes place if you have a very difficult energetic experience and you cannot rectify it in that moment? It imprints the fabric of time and moves into your past. Well, in the past you can even deal with it. It is even important for you to clear up your past for this very reason, and to resolve those things that have slipped from the present moment into the past. Most of you have not been doing that on Earth. That is not the common ability. Once you move it into your past you say, “Oh, just keep on going. It will go away.” Yet it never does. For much like you carry these special or lucky tokens with you that carry this energy, you have just imprinted the fabric of time with that energy because time is circular in nature. When you do not deal with something, it comes back around and you re-experience the same exact situation usually with a different person or different set of circumstances, but the energy is the same for you have imprinted it in the now moment. So, how can you get the most out of these now moments? How do you live fully in the now? Does that mean that you totally reject your future? You never worry about tomorrow? No. You live in a dimensional world that is still working with all of these pieces so you must still balance the head and the heart.

Although it is not yet possible to live on Earth fully in the heart, it is getting closer. Humans are moving more and more into that balance. This is beautiful beyond your understanding, for it truly illustrates that you have evolved all of humanity well past the fourth dimension now. You are moving into a whole new set of circumstances and all of you together will anchor your individual energies. Please re-member, you would not be here on this Earth if you did not have something to contribute. The puzzle cannot go together until all the pieces have agreed to play the part. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and open as many doors for those around you that you can. It is a brand new game you are playing. Play well together.


The group

You can watch the video version of this message here.


kaykay 24th March 2013 5:29 am

Thank you Steve and thank you to The Group!!! What an awesome message!! I feel so blessed to be part of what is happening on earth even though it can be extremely overwhelming at times!! Namaste :)


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