From Steve:

Barbara and I have just landed at home for two weeks. Whew! Since mid-Jan we have been home a total of 21 days. That sounds like a lot of traveling, but in fact, we both love our work and the awesome opportunities we have to connect family all over the globe. I have always wanted the type of job where I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning. I am happy to say that I have it now.

Of course, like anything, there are the times. Like recently, when the airport shuttle was picking us up at 5 a.m. and I had only three hours before then to pack for a three-week stay in Europe and file our income tax returns. Then there was the time we were leaving the country and had already shut off our mail delivery. Paying our personal bills in the middle of the night is now the normal course of events, but this time we found ourselves taking our bills-to-be-mailed to the airport, since our mail had been stopped. We arrived at Los Angeles International only to find that it was no longer possible to mail from any airport in the US due to increased security. So there we were, at the American Airlines Admirals Club, begging the clerks to take our mail home with them and put it in their mail box the next day. They took pity on us and did.

When talking to other people, they all ask, “aren’t you tired of traveling so much?” When I stop to think about it, I’m really not tired at all. I love it! I really think that is because I am blessed to have a supportive relationship and a partner who travels with me. That makes all the difference in the world. In fact, since our boys have moved out on their own, most of our life has been on the road.

Those of you who have been with us in a talk, seminar or training know that Barbara is a very big part of the work. She is not just someone on the sidelines or behind the scenes. She stands on stage with me and presents the feminine part of the message. I’m very proud of her and the entire dimension she adds to this important work. In fact, we often receive comments about the balance we have in our relationship, as it really shows in our presentations.

Many times we have walked into a television or radio studio where they only had one microphone and chair set up for an interview; but that doesn’t happen anymore, as I won’t allow our viewers and listeners to be robbed of the opportunity to experience both of us. Yes, I may be the one who is channeling the Group, but it would not be as easy to live the life of an empowered human without her standing beside me; and living as an empowered human is just as important as telling others how they can find empowerment.

In my private sessions I get a lot of questions about relationships and how to create one. The Group says that it isn’t possible to create a relationship; it is only possible to attract one; and you can only do that by being aware of the vibrations you are sending out. They disagree with the concept of “soul mates” and that there is a special person perfectly matched for each one of us. What they say is that all relationships must be “built.” And that means change.

Last year Barbara and I celebrated thirty years of marriage. I don’t say that to impress anyone but to illustrate that during those thirty years, we have had to ‘grow’ our relationship to keep up with our growth as individuals. Many times it was stretched to the limit. A lot of growth came when I moved into this work. After all, she didn’t marry a ‘channel’. We see this over and over, where someone ‘explodes’ into this energy and their relationship does not survive the shift. Not all relationships are meant to survive, however; in fact, the Group has shown me many relationships that were originally set up only so that one person could define themselves enough to leave.

The issue of relationships continues to be a big one as we move forward into our evolution. We have just started a new series of seminars that include a whole section on relationships in the new energy. They are the relationships that are built on the ability to grow together. We call these “relationshifts.” Here is the latest on what the Group says to watch for.



From the Group

Greetings from Home

The Earth today is evolving faster than anyone had ever imagined. You have been creating Home as you reach for higher truths to support your higher vibration. Because of the questions you are now asking, you have opened the door to a reality that you have only dreamt of to this point. The new Planet Earth has begun, and you have one foot firmly in both worlds.

You have been worried so much about where you are. “Am I still in the third dimension? Am I in the fourth or am I in the fifth?” Ahhh. We love it when you attempt to apply human attributes to our side of the veil. Humans are so imaginative. Some of you even say that the actual dimensional level on Earth at this moment is 4.4324. We think that is so wondrous of you. Although we tell you there are no measurements that can gauge your collective evolution, it may also be helpful to know that all of these concepts are true in some way. Please know first and foremost that the important point to remember is that you are evolving at the speed of love and that is substantially faster than the speed of light.

We do tell you that you have opened a door and are now stepping firmly into the fifth dimension as a collective of humanity. You felt the resistance of some of those who were not ready to step forward. In any event, your advancement is now ready to begin anew. A favorite song of the Keeper is entitled Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We are honored to tell you that you have just taken the first steps “over the rainbow.”

Sex as an expression of Duality

Let us back up and tell you of your history so that you will understand where you are going. There was an interesting process that took place as you began the game of Hide and Seek. The grand game of Free Choice started within a field of Unity Consciousness, for you were one and an inseparable part of each other. The grand game of Hide and Seek began as you decided to put on the veil of forgetfulness and walk through the second dimension to find a resting place in the third dimension.

As you passed through the second dimension, you split off into parts of yourself and you gained illusions of duality. In that field of polarity or duality, you found things that you labeled as ‘right or wrong’, ‘up or down’, ‘black or white’, ‘left or right’, ‘good or bad’, ‘fear or love’. You then chose to enhance the illusion of duality further by splitting into a sexual division for each incarnation in physical form. This was necessary to create the complete illusion of duality within your game. It has also been the source of great confusion for you as you have evolved.

Effectively, you have divided yourself with the illusion of being two: one male and one female. This lends itself to the belief that you are only half a person, not a whole being, and has caused you to believe that there is an exact match for each of you waiting magically somewhere just out of reach. The entire concept of “soul mates” and “twin flames” is based on the illusion of duality. This illusion of separation has been important for your primary life lessons.

Please keep in mind that when the grand game of Free Choice was set into motion, you are the ones who determined how thick the veil would be. In fact, it was your greatest desire to enter into physical form thinking that you were only half a person. That is one of the reasons that we laugh loudly and often. The joke is on you, for as you can now see, your creations have been more successful than you first imagined.

The illusion of duality is now thinning, and a new reality is being seen. The trinity will have a deeper meaning as you move into your next phase of evolution.

Relationships = Harmonic Attraction

It is for this very reason that we tell you that the key to moving comfortably into the higher vibrations of the new Planet Earth is balancing the male and the female within each one of you. The concept of your ‘alter’ energy is not on the outside but rather on the inside of your being. Balance the male and female within you, and you will then attract a complementary harmonic relationship into your field or enhance the one you now have.

It may be helpful to know that it is not possible to create a relationship; it is only possible to attract a harmonic vibration to your own. When you become fully aware of the vibrational pattern that you are sending out, then you can easily understand what is returned to you in response. The Universe has only one answer to all requests: “And so it is.” Now that you know the answer, perhaps you might care to rephrase the question. This process is harmonic attraction and is the basis of all creation. The first step in harmonic attraction is to balance male and female energy. This process of harmonic attraction is now becoming an important part of your evolution at this time.

The Crystal Energy continues to enter from the Central Sun and flow through your own solar sun as it provides the new energy needed for the evolution of humankind. The Crystal Energy has been prophesied for many years, and although its return has been misinterpreted by theologians, it is well underway nonetheless.

Please understand that this is the reason some of your world is experiencing war, aggression, confusion and severe lack at this time. This is the very first reaction to feeling the Crystal Energy. As the Crystal Energy is perfectly balanced with male-female energies, it is felt as a threat to those most out of balance within themselves. We find it very interesting that there are very few female leaders on Earth. This is a perfect example of your collective imbalance in this area, and we can promise you that as your collective vibration rises, this too will change.

Love Relationships

Even though each one of you feels alone to some degree, you are not. In fact, you are each an integral part of each other. Therefore, it will be helpful to understand that all relationships are personal. Also understand that relationships in any form are actually a way of reaching beyond the veil and connecting to the Universal Energy which binds all things together. It is this Universal Energy which is the source of all creation, and all connections to it enhance your rise in consciousness.

All experience as a human is transmuted back into Universal Energy, ultimately finding its way back to Unity Consciousness as an experience of God in human form. This experience is what allows God to see himself-herself. This takes you back to the age-old question: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it really fall?” The answer is “No,” for it was not connected to the Universal Energy through shared experience. Therefore, an experience unshared is an experience ungrounded in the collective of the Universal Energy. That is the real purpose of relationships of all types. The act of sharing experience inside a relationship connects the experience to Unity Consciousness by connecting it to the Universal Energy. The most difficult relationship to maintain and the most effective in this process is a relationship of love, for it grounds all experience in a base energy of love.

On a more personal note, because of the energy infusion of the Crystal Energy, many will now experience drastic shifts in their personal relationships. Again, those people with imbalances in male-female energy will see the first and most pronounced change. As you evolve, raising your vibrational level as an individual, you naturally lose tolerance that you once had to vibrational mismatches. Intolerance in the area of unbalanced male-female reaches a critical level, and many relationships will feel this stress. Some will succumb to it and fall apart. The Keeper likes to say: “As you evolve, your tolerance for bullshit goes way down.”

Communication: The Key to Growing Relationships

Now, more than ever, there is a need to consciously work on growing relationships. If you wish to move the relationship to the next level as you evolve, it will need to grow. This can be done with an extra effort to use communication from the heart, placing oneself first in all things. Communication on all levels becomes increasingly important, as this is the first step in balancing the male and female energies within each one of you. Work on increasing communication through words, deeds and the magic of touch. Do this before it becomes critical in a relationship, and there will be little stress when the relationship begins to move to the next level.

Humans have the uncanny ability to convince themselves that they do not need to change, even in the face of great pain. Unlike many other games that exist throughout all-that-is, humans have total free choice in every step of their experience as spirits playing a game in human form. Because of this relationship to free choice, you often find comfort in not making any choices at all. In fact, even in the face of great pain, you can seemingly convince yourselves that to change is worse than the pain itself. This is when you miraculously become comfortable with pain.

You are such an interesting race of beings! Please know that this strange ability to be comfortable with your pain will not be as easy as it once was, due to the decrease in tolerance. You are in a wondrous state of evolution, and your higher self deserves so much more than many of you have given it. Now is the time to step into self love and allow your light to shine, even if it means confrontation or drastic change. In reality, you deserve to be happy.

Attractive Light

Know that for some of you who choose not to change, the rise of vibration you are experiencing will send out a call for a harmonic match even without your knowledge or your intent. To put it simply, your light becomes stronger and you become more attractive to those around you. Even though it may not be your intent, it will be quite common to attract someone who is a harmonic vibration quite unexpectedly. In this situation, it can be quite stressful if your commitment to another prevents the relationship from happening or taints either or both relationships with the most useless human emotion of guilt.

We ask you instead to prepare for your evolution now, knowing this is a strong possibility. Release your comfort with your pain and know that when you stay in a relationship past the time when it adds to you, it only serves to intentionally dim your light and lower your vibration. This does more damage than you may ever know to all those who are in your field. The children for whom you are willing to sacrifice your own happiness receive a tainted impression of what a relationship really is. They can then be doomed to repeat your same misdirection of energy time and again until they learn to override this energy stamp. If you love them, please save them these painful experiences and give them permission to find happiness by fearlessly reaching for happiness yourself. If you are in a relationship that no longer serves you, make a commitment to shift it to the next level or release it in love and dare to move forward.

Attracting New Relationships

For those of you who have experienced challenges in attracting harmonic relationships in the past, this is a time when these patterns can easily change. Please know that no one needs a relationship to be whole. In fact, if you are working under that assumption, you are doomed to a “leaning” relationship from the very start. With this belief, you can only attract one who needs to lean against you or be leaned against. However, if you are choosing to share your life with one who can walk side-by-side with you and share an experience of love, this can be beautiful beyond description. If this is your choice, please start with yourself, checking the vibration that you are sending out into the universe instead of looking for someone with this attribute or that quality. In place of looking for vibrations entering your field, first examine and shift the vibrations emanating from your field.

Again, a conscious effort to balance your own male-female energy will set the stage for a change in your experience of the heart. Stand brave and tall, and hide your light from no one. Dare to let all see you in these times, and feel your greatest strength by allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable. Your true strength in these higher vibrational relationships comes from your ability to be vulnerable. Allowing someone to see completely inside is the greatest gift one human can give to another. Do this without reservation, knowing that there truly are no more secrets, and your perceived weaknesses will quickly become your greatest strengths. Your real beauty will shine for all to see, and a harmonic relationship will align itself magically.

Sex in the Higher Vibrations

There is much that is happening as evolution begins, for the fifth dimension contains different attributes than those to which you have become accustomed. Much of what you will see in the days ahead is a blending of the energies. Even the sexual energies will blend more than before, for there is much here that is misunderstood. The magic of touch is an expression of divine love only available in finite form such as a human body. With all the love in Heaven, even the greatest of angels cannot touch each other the way you can. Use this as a divine expression of love and communication, to heighten your relationships. Your challenges with sex have come mostly from its use as a device for control. Use it as an expression of unconditional love and you will discover its highest return.

As you take each step “over the rainbow,” many of your paradigms will change in regard to sexual expression. We will speak of a few of those now, for they are important for you to understand. In the days ahead, you will see more blending of male and female energy in all areas. This means that there will be more understanding of each ones needs and desires. In this state, a heightened sexual experience will be more commonplace as a deeper level of communication is possible in this way. There will be times of change in relationships, when your minds can no longer speak, yet your bodies will have the ability to communicate beautifully.

In the days ahead, you will see an increase in same-sex relationships and multiple-partner relationships. You will see more expression of unconditional love inside committed relationships and in open relationships that will be truly open and not just those avoiding commitment. There will eventually be much less fear of these beautiful expressions of love, as the true beauty of all relationships becomes more understood and coveted.

Please understand that sexual expression is not necessary for a successful life in this game. It is a finite tool to help re-member the vibrations of Home while in physical form. During experiences of sexual expression, you raise to a vibratory level that we live in all of the time. Although it is not a necessity, we ask that you do not discard this effective tool without consideration. Experiences of self-love through self-sexual expression can be used as a tool of creation that you have yet to fully discover. Some of you have the belief that you will evolve to a heightened state where sex will no longer be a part of your experience. Please know that as long as you are in finite form, you will have this valuable tool available to re-member Home and who you really are.

Over the Rainbow

As you step “over the rainbow,” there are magical things that you are about to experience and uncover. Will you make mistakes? Of course you will. Will you learn from them? Absolutely! Play with them now, dear ones, for you are in a new dimensional reality, and as you start stepping over the rainbow, it is imperative that you take your power and create your own reality.

Dear ones, the road has not been easy. You have not been able to see who you are, and yet, you have worked so diligently, having only that little spark of something deep inside calling you, guiding you Home. You have felt the pull from Home, felt the deep sadness, felt the fact that you have been separated from your true Home and have not been able to find your way back. Know that you are right on the verge of stepping over the rainbow and that you will not be returning Home; you will be creating Home where you are now. Welcome Home, dear ones. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Reach out and touch one another with the touch of an angel, and dare to make a difference in your reality, starting first with your own happiness in relationships. Hold your light high, and there will be no more shadows on Planet Earth.

You have just taken your first steps over the rainbow. Now you will see that dreams really do come true. It is with great love that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.


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