Strange Times

Steve's comments: I was on an airplane just finishing up the very last words on this month's Beacons when the Group flashed something in my field of vision. I suddenly found that I was thinking of the embattled presidential election still unfolding. I found it difficult to understand how this was happening and the real magnitude of this event. I could not see how that many people could be that evenly divided. Just then, the Group told me that I was to put aside the message I just finished and open a new page. That's the reason this message is late in being delivered. This happened to me once before one morning when the Group talked about the Dawn of the New Light. In some way this was similar because it affected the entire planet. The energies were now fully aligned and they are about to tell us something important. Just when you think you have the Game down…they change the rules.

Greetings from Home:

We are very honored to stand at your side now at this very special time of your evolution. The steps you now take are reverberating through many dimensional levels simultaneously. The pressure on the Earth is great as a time for change is at hand. You see systems that have worked for eons now failing to work the way they were designed. It is not the systems that have changed. In fact it is the collective vibration of humanity that has changed and therefore changes the relationship to everything around it. You are in a time of turmoil on many levels. Fear not, for from the ashes of these crumbled structures comes the winds of a change that will lead you to the creation of Home where you now stand. The opportunity is now in front of you for you to take your power and hold it high and firm. The year of crystal intent is now at a close. Now is the time for even the slightest of action to place your intent into motion. Understand the strange energy that is now on your planet and you will hold your power.

Intense Energies on Planet Earth

The intense energies upon your planet now are creating opportunities for the change you seek in your infrastructures. Special times are upon the Planet at this time. There is a time now of re-designing the operating systems of your governments. We ask you all to watch this process very carefully and participate in the redesign. This is already in motion. What is now in progress with the national elections in the United States is only a sample of what is to come. Many of the systems need to be re-thought and re-designed as humanity continues to reach for a higher truth to match the higher vibrations you are now attaining.

Individuals were the First to Move

When you first asked to move into the higher vibrations of humanity much of your world changed drastically first on a personal level. For some of you, that change meant a whole new circle of friends and inner family. Even though this may have seemed odd to outside observers, to you it seemed perfectly natural. We tell you that as each of you stepped daringly into the higher state that you now hold. You made conscious choices to change your vibration and therefore changed your relationship to everything around you. This is the reason that you experienced so much change in your personal lives. This change was difficult, for many of the truths that were so important in your development thus far, had now to be re-thought. This was the magical point where you began to reach for a higher truth to match your own higher vibration. As each one of you made similar steps into your individual evolution, the collective whole of the planet began to incrementally raise its vibration as well. What showed very quickly in your personal lives as drastic change, was not seen in the infrastructure of your business and governments at first, for they are also a collective vibrations and move more slowly than your individual vibration.

Next, Businesses Adapt to the Changing Energy

We see that the Gameboard of free choice is now at a collective vibration that will support a much higher truth than your planet held up to this point. This is the reason you will now see some of the infrastructure of your world changing. The first of this infrastructure has been seen in the changes of your businesses and your corporations. These organizations have been opening to higher truths for some time now. This is as it should be for the higher truths that led to spiritual evolution also shows up in what you call the bottom line of business. For the last several years many of your businesses have been incorporating higher vibrational truths that make space for the empowered human. This is the return of Mu in action.

Governments are next in line for Change

Slower to react, but affected by the same pressures of change, are your governments. That change in now just beginning. You dear humans hold your truth so tight that you will often not consider these changes until you are faced with confrontations that motivate you to release your old beliefs. You are now looking at one such situation in what you term the United States government. We will speak of this now for it may help you to see the real situation as it is playing out:

Division Creates Contrast for a True Expression of Unity

In a field of polarity it is necessary to first divide in order to achieve unity. Did it not seem strange to you that the supporters of both opponents were very adamant about their choices of candidates? Two parties seem to divide a great nation. We tell you that this is a strong reflection of polarity that is necessary for you to take the next step. In order to recognize unity, one must first have a clear reference on polarity. The fact that the two sides were so close in their counts indicates that the polarity is at its strongest point. This is the 'cosmic wink' that Spirit provides to indicate a special time ahead.

We exist in a dimension of time that is circular and therefore our relationship to time is much different than your expression of linear time. Even so, we cannot predict the future of things yet to come for you. There is only one rule on the Gameboard and that is Free Choice in all things. Still, it is possible to see the direction that you are heading and the valid contracts in place that affect your course of action. We tell you that there is ahead the possibility of even further division before the energies fully align for the potential shift ahead. This may cause shifts in your economic structure that is at the base of your governments. Do not fear this time but welcome it with open arms as the change of the Game is at hand.

Nixon, Kennedy and Camelot

There has been one other time in your recent history where two opponents of the same government have had a very divided and very close contest for the same position. This equal division in consensus indicated another time of strong polarity that triggered great change upon the Earth. Look now to your history for clues to see how this unfolded then. The supporters of the one who lost the race said at the time that the nation was doomed to failure at the hands of such a man. Again, they were very adamant about the choices they made. The one finally elected turned out to be one of your dearest leaders whom you all now study in your history classes. He is often likened to King Arthur and the land he led was likened to Camelot.

This man took a nation of people divided so effectively, and found ways to make space for empowered humans, therefore uniting people in their own power. This man made some very unpopular decisions and took action that turned out to be higher truths that were needed for humans to move forward as a whole. The reason the decisions were so unpopular were that they represented the old truth that humans clung to so tightly. He even helped you to abolish actions that kept you separate from your power by uniting that which you so interestingly call the 'races' of your world.

Please be aware that the set up for similar changes is now underway. Understand here that there is no predestination and neither one of the candidates is predetermined to win. We do tell you also that both would make fine leaders. We cannot tell you the future for you have not yet written it. Like many of your life choices, please understand that there are no wrong choices here. The intense energy now on the planet has set the stage for another King Arthur to emerge. Change is underway. Make space in your hearts and in your minds and all will reap the rewards. Look for problems, and ways to express your lack of support, and that will create a more difficult shift.

The Power of Choice

We have always told you that your choices are your true power. Here you now see that you are more in control of your environment than you can possibly imagine. In the presidential contest now unfolding, there have actually been only a very few votes that have separated the two choices. Can you now see how important it is for your voice and your choice to be expressed? Speak your truth and exercise your choice in those that hold the trusted positions as servants of your people. Every choice counts and now you can more easily see that even your choice makes a difference. Take your power and balance that power with the responsibility for that is the foundation of your true power. Fail to choose consciously and a default choice will be made for you.

Do not look for your leaders to lead you for that was the old energy. Look for your servants to make space for the empowered humans that you are. Exercise your power and balance it with responsibility and those in the roles as government servants will make the space you require. Know that it is not the actual choice or the effect of the choice that makes a difference. Rather it is the act of choosing itself that unleashes the magic you hold. Exercise this set of muscles regularly and they will grow stronger.

Setting the Stage

This is only the first of such motivational events that will be playing out in the times to come. As humans begin to carry their own power in everyday life, the governments of Planet Earth will be properly motivated to make space for empowered humans. One of the 'cosmic winks' that will always mark these events is that the seeming division of very strong opinion. These are actually seen on this side of the veil as the energy that prompts great change. As these scenes play out some of them will be played out in very public ways. Many of the leaders of your world governments are people who naturally resist change. These are also the ones who will desperately seek to re-enact the old ways and revive the old ideals of the lower vibrations. We ask you to be patient with these public displays but do not fail to stand in the truth of your beliefs. The days of spiritual and government leaders who will tell you which way to turn are gone. Do not look for another to make the difference in your life. Take that power and hold it dear for you are the only one who can determine your reality in the new energy. There are no more Guru's to follow. If you seek them, then magically one will appear to take your power from you. Now the leaders you seek are those that help you to take and hold your own power. These are the trusted servants who will unite humans together and return Earth to the days of the true Camelot. Expect it to begin now and watch it unfold before your eyes.

The Spiritual Technological Connection

As the collective vibration of humanity advances, higher technology is supported on the Gameboard. This does not mean that this technology is evenly distributed. That is your job. Education is power and technology will advance education. Trust the power of the people and unite them with technology when possible. We have spoken of the time when you took back your power as people of Planet Earth from a man who was a powerful leader. The real beginning of your Plan B contracts as humanity, began when you stopped giving your power away to leaders such as the one you called Hitler. What you may not re-member is the role technology played in this scenario. Imagine what would have transpired in those days if every man, woman and child had access to similar technology as you do today. We have told you that which you call the Internet is actually a re-emergence of a form of non-government used in the days of Mu. Find ways of helping people to tap into this power and educate themselves. You are all as children feeling your way in the dark room. You get scared and push someone aside in your honest attempt to find the light you seek. When you understand that you are all in the same dark room, you will understand that the only way to find the light without hurting each other is to hold hands. Technology can help you discover this truth.

The energies you are experiencing on the planet today and the alignments of energy that seemingly have many so evenly divided, will open the door for technological advances far beyond your expectations. In the next three years advances will be made that will have humanity re-define the Universe. One of these areas will be as we have previously spoken of the blending of biology and technology. This is now unfolding and will be a tool of great change, as it will help you to really understand your own biology. The advances that lay ahead will dwarf the advances made in the area of technology in recent years.

Find ways of distributing this technology and making it available on a world wide basis and you will begin to understand that you are all in the same dark room with the same goal of finding the light and the way home.

Point of Perception Determines your Reality

When you see events begin to unfold that have never before taken place, please re-member that you have a choice as to how you perceive it. Determine the position of your camera prior to the event and you will develop the habit of first positioning that is so critical to determine the alternate reality that will be the backdrop of your game. You are in control of the alternate reality from which you experience the Game. Make this a conscious choice and always choose the highest and best. If you find yourself in a reality that does not support or suit you, then please have the courage to choose again and move your camera. Your point of perception is the key to the alternate reality you will experience. Your choice is your power and choosing to change your point of perception is the greatest of your realities and the first expression of your power.

Play the Game and Enjoy the Ride

The Game as you have played it, is now coming to a close. The new game is beginning. You are writing the rules as you go. Please do not forget that this is a game to be enjoyed. Place your camera of reality in a position to enjoy the ride and the possibilities are endless.

It is with great honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.

the Group

I see now why the Group wanted me to put the message I had on hold for next month. To appease me, they said that we could do this month's meditation portion of this Beacons about an event that is in next month's message. The title of next months message (If they don't change it) is: "7 Gifts of the Third Millennium."

The Group spoke about technology first on October 18th 1998. I originally wanted to include that chapter in the book "Re-member ~ a handbook for human evolution." I decided against that because much of the information they spoke of was about the Y2K challenge and how that was going to be a non-event. They said we had complete control over our destiny and how we had a seed fear that we would make similar mistakes as the Greys with technology. This chapter did not make it in the book and is not a currently displayed Beacons of Light message. Much of what was said here is outdated but it is still up on the site. Since the Group made reference to it here, I will give the link for those who wish to read what the Group has said on Technology. One thing they have consistently had to say was that there is a link between technology and spirituality and to watch for the blending of technology and biology.

These times are strange indeed. You may find that people are pushing buttons and having their ideals tested. The stress on the Earth is very intense right now. Keep your eye on the ball as there are some very big openings that we can create because of this energy.

I am honored to bring you the last Beacons of Light Re-minder from Home of this century. As we step into the magical times of the Third Millennium, may we re-member that we can all find our way Home if we just hold each other's hands.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges



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