The Job of Lightworkers

The Job of Lightworkers: Transmuting Fear into Love

Greetings from Home, dear ones.

The energy of this day is magical beyond your understanding. You have found a vision of your future that very few humans have ever seen. You are accustomed to looking at your history only after the fact. For possibly the first time in the evolution of humanity, you have the ability of looking forward on the timeline. Now there are challenges, and adjustments have to take place. Much is in motion, dear ones. As you have seen from your financial perspective, and even your astrological perspective, you are now going to hear of spirit’s view. Basically you went through a change, a major shift. We had predicted this and talked about at the end of your 12-12-12. That portal was actually much bigger than most people understood and as you went through the energy, you started a wave. That wave has its precession and its recession—it goes forward and comes back again. Many times when it goes forward you consider that to be the advancement of humanity. As it washes back, which is its natural reaction; it has a tendency to bring out some of the worst of humanity. Well, that is what you have been experiencing continually on your planet ever since going through that portal.

A Wave Moving Back and Forth

So, now you have a new energy starting to land on planet Earth. It is bringing those things that you have been dreaming of, the possibilities of being conscious creators on your planet. Although we tell you of the greatness of moving into this energy and the tremendous abilities that you will uncover as you do, we also tell you there is a lot of adjustment that needs to take place for this to happen. That adjustment will be seen as a wave coming in and a wave moving back.

Now Is the Time of Movement

Now the interesting part about that is that you can position yourselves accordingly, by finding where you need to be of highest use.  These waves are not here to overcome you or to expose you in some way. They are not here for you to survive them. You actually created the waves, which means you can be in the best position to be carried forward by these same waves that have caused so much difficulty of humanity. So please understand, do not wait for everything to be right. Now is the time of movement on planet Earth; now is the time to set things into motion. Very clearly, you will see quite a lot of changes as this timeline cross takes place. It will take you all the way through the middle to late part of November 2015. That is what you are setting yourself up for.

Living in Harmony

In the meantime, you have all kinds of hot spots all over the planet which have been part of this wave of energy. You brought in a wave, but you did not see the recession of it because you basically hid that from yourselves. Now these energies are popping up all over the planet in different ways. An easy way to understand this would be simply that others have a different vision of the timeline. Now, we are going to call it radicalism, because in truth it has occurred in almost every religion. It just happens to be focused mostly in one, Muslim, at this moment. These adjustments need to take place not only on the planet itself, but it involves how you learn to live in harmony with religions which have done much good on planet Earth. Yet if you give your power away to anything completely, it will be problematic in the future. So these are the changes that need to take place.

This New Energy Scares Many

Now what you are seeing on the timeline is that you believe everything moving forward has brought advancement, which it has. If you look at your own technologies, it is very easy to calculate the incredible advancements you have made in a rather short time. Many of you signed declarations regarding your spirit rights, which seem to be firmly in place. These are the key elements so as you move forward on this timeline, witnessing all the new technologies, energies, and way of thinking—even a sped-up process of your own spirit. Instead of going through all the different levels, you have a direct connection now that you can activate very quickly. This is all new energy and quite honestly, it scares many. Who does it scare? Well, dear ones, you are moving this direction on the timeline. There are many people who believe in their hearts that all of these things that they wanted existed in a previous time. We tell you that is not quite true, dear ones. There were just as many problems back then as there are today. Perhaps they were not quite as visible because of the lack of technologies.

Some believe that if they take their energies and lifestyles back in time, eliminating all that you have seen as advancement, then they would finally be happy. They believe everything  worthwhile was in place in the days of Mohammad. So they and wish to go back to those times reconstructing everything, including the laws that were in effect at those times.

This is not the case, dear ones yet here is the situation. You have two beings who are absolutely convinced that this holds the future, then you have another pair saying that this absolutely holds the future. The reality is that you are going to need to step out of the way and let this settle in different areas. As Lightworkers you can actually hold some of these keys. How is this happening?

It is taking place truly out of fear, a lack of information and terror. This has worked quite well, and they have even used your technologies to spread this fear. Well, that is the piece, dear ones. You must understand that these parts are not working the way you thought they would. A revision of your view of everything having to do with this is in order. Now if you understand that these people are working from their heart, you can give them a little leeway. The challenge is they do not know the difference between force vs. power, and they have a tendency to use force when they cannot find power. Dear ones, much of this energy will need to be settled by the Muslim community itself. It is almost as if there is a civil war going on between the different factions of this religion.

Then you have another party that arrives, whether it is the United States or an entire coalition of countries, which gives them a common enemy and turns what would be a duality fight into a three-way problem.

The Job of Lightworkers

Now, does that mean that you simply walk away and leave the problems there to resolve themselves? No, dear ones. There is a responsibility there, but if you start to understand the situation the way it truly is, you’ll start to see new possibilities. What is the job of Lightworkers? Dear ones, not only can you set an energy of peace, but you can learn to find a way to love those enemies which you are calling enemies. There is no more black and white, dear ones, for everything is a shade of grey. Find that harmony in the many shades of grey. Know that many of these people have simply grown up with generational hate passed down from their grandparents, to their parents, and to them. It is expected to be carried on and understood, if they were to be a part of this social experiment. Well, now it is starting to change. It will take some time and those that feel like they are pushed forward in a new direction are resenting it. They are pushing back, which is basically what is taking place.

There will be a settlement of energy, but much of it will come from beings who already live in that part of the world. They work with the civil wars and work with responsibilities of what you allow these things to take place. There are many people who are doing business with these companies and people who have taken over certain countries. Yet, they continue to do business with them. Where is the responsibility there? Look at the possibilities for not fighting and you will start to understand more about it. Above all, look at the larger human condition of a lack of love being at the base of all of it.

Transmuting Fear into Love

Dear ones, we know that humans are afraid. We know that many times they step back into their own belief systems, when they run across problems they cannot easily resolve. Well, this has happened on a very large scale and has given them the illusion of success. Understand that it is truly the collective that will either allow this to take place, or will block it. That can be done with each of you holding what you will stand for, and what is right or wrong, in your own hearts. You can open up and try to understand these very scared people who are causing this challenge. You can either play the game or you can step aside. It is entirely up to you, dear ones, for there is no right or wrong. However, if you are playing the game on planet Earth and have decided to be here at this time, you hold a piece of it. In the days ahead, you can  hold it in your heart and create a sacred space for yourself and all of humanity. Set that into motion and know that no matter the difficulties, challenges, and terror you see on television, you have the capability of reining it all in and transmuting it into love. That is why you came.

Find the Commonalities

So watch the events that take place on your planet and try to love any time you can. Try to find those commonalities between you and your enemies, and soon you will not have any enemies any longer. That is the new way in the fifth dimension; that is the only way to resolve it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Play this beautiful game and take responsibility for it and know that you loved more than you understand.

Espavo, dear ones.

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