The Second Moon of Atlantis

From Steve

In this message the Group picked up one of the chapters of the Amor story that they have been telling in parts for several years. This particular channel was a continuation of a story that we told almost five years ago. But was never published nor released. In editing this channel I took the opportunity to add some of the parts of that channel to this story for clarification. Therefore you may notice differences between the recorded channel on the broadcast and this edited text version where this story has been extended.

In a few days Barbara and I will leave on a cruise that we are presenting with Ronna Herman. Departing from Houston Texas we will venture out in the Atlantic Ocean directly adjacent to the Bermuda Triangle where the Group says the Atlantean Power Crystals have been stored deep in the ocean. On November 23 rd at approximately 11:15am Eastern Standard Time we will do ceremony in channel to re-activate the Heart and Power Crystals of Atlantis. We will be joined by a gentle giant who goes by the name of Tyberonn. We invite you to join as we complete a cycle of events and a destiny that has been waiting for us all for a very long time.

This time we will expect a miracle!

Big Hugs and Gentle Nudges

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

The Second Planet of Free Choice and the Third Earth 

This day that you have gathered to bring the energies through you, to make Home on Earth and create your highest vision of where you wish to live. We wish to re-mind you that you have created something unique by having the courage to put on the veil and forget who you were, to come here to bump into each other and play the Game of Spirit Pretending to be Human . You have opened the door for all things everywhere to move to the next level of evolution. Even in the beginning as the Game of Free Choice took its first form, there were many skeptics. There were many who said, “Oh, that will never work. You have to give some sort of predetermination, some light at the end of the tunnel for guidance, otherwise all will be hopelessly lost.” But here you are finding your way through the dark, opening the door farther than ever before and letting in the Light for all. As a result of your success in this Game of free choice, a second Game has begun as you have literally opened the door for the Second Planet of Free Choice and something we call the Third Earth. The Second Planet is simply another Game of Free Choice that has now begun, and the Third Earth is where you—as creators pretending to be human—are focusing your thoughts of what you wish to create in this new world as you continue to evolve. There will come a time when the hologram of the Third Earth overlays the original hologram of what you now call Earth. That hologram is strengthening even now, for many of you are consciously sending Light there.

The Second Planet of Free Choice is now well underway with the same lack of restrictions as for the first planet of Earth. You have opened the door for this event to unfold. The Second Planet is on a different timeline than yours in the evolutionary cycle and is not in the same part of the universe as your Game. Yet it exists within your own time and space, simply on a slightly different vibrational level and a different timeframe. In other words, a year of yours does not equal a year on the Second Planet of Free Choice. Only a short while ago the Second Planet consisted of a few amoebas playing in a pond of water, but it is currently in a rapid state of evolution guided by the same lack of restrictions that have brought you both joy and frustration. The Second Planet will have the lack of restrictions that you have enjoyed and many times been frustrated with.

~The Story of Amor~
Tyberonn's Dream

We will re-visit Amor today as we share with you another chapter of the story of Amor.

Amor was a young man who was raised in the days of Lemuria who later traveled to Atlantis to fulfill six primary contracts. There was a time when Amor left Lemuria on a grand ship on which he was the only passenger. Many days passed as he traveled on the waters of time upon a very large ship with no one else on board. The ship was actually an interdimensional time portal, for he had to move through many dimensions of time and space to place himself in the final days of Atlantis where he was to fulfill his contracts. Today we will speak of one of these contracts.

Amor had a true heart connection in Atlantis. He was a collector of thoughts and was accepted among Atlanteans as a grand ambassador. He was greeted warmly, respected and welcomed everywhere, even in the most secret of places. Amor was known as an Ambassador of Light; he loved that title and the freedom it gave him. Amor rarely spoke of his six sacred contracts, for most would not understand. He was not even sure he understood really as he only knew that there were six important connections to be made and if he followed his heart he would be led to them. He was not in Atlantis with an agenda nor did he want anything in return. He was simply there to make connections and follow his guidance. Doors opened for him everywhere as people welcomed him. He was magical in that fashion, for he allowed people to see into his heart which made others instantly feel comfortable with who he was and his purpose for being there.

During his travels he found himself being drawn to the power grids of Atlantis. The Crystal power used in those days was an energy source very few really understood. To the layman it had magical properties and most simply took it for granted. Amor began working with the power grids in his search for knowledge. It was this search that brought Amor into a connection with a man named Tyberonn who was in charge of all the power grids of Atlantis. Amor made an immediate heart connection with this gentle giant. He connected with him in such a grand way, and for some time the two of them went about trying to figure out the next step and what they were intended to do together. Amor and Tyberonn became the closest of friends. Tyberonn's greatest dream was to combine the heart energy with the technology with which he worked; it was his dream to put the energy of the heart on the grid.

The Emerald City

Now Amor knew how to time travel, for his vision across that great expanse called the ocean in that time portal allowed him to move forward and backward in time. At this point, Amor decided to share with Tyberonn his vision of the future for he had already seen Tyberonn's dream immaculately unfold. Amor described the most beautiful vision of a city of green crystals known as the emerald city. He said, “Tyberonn, imagine the clouds hovering over the city of green heart energy. The green reflection from the heart crystals glowing softly on the underside of the clouds gives the emerald city a magical look even during the daytime.” Amor told Tyberonn that this vision of the emerald city was the manifestation of a dream that Tyberonn had held for a very long time. With that Tyberonn shed a tear and shared with Amor the idea that had been haunting him for years. Tyberonn then told Amor the most wonderful story of the technology that made up the power grid having consciousness. Tyberonn said that his greatest dream was to blend this heart energy into the power grids of Atlantis. Tyberonn knew in his soul that this could balance the technology with heart energy and change the direction of a technologically unbalanced Atlantis to a very bright future.

“Your dream has already manifested Tyberonn, for I have seen it in the future,” said Amor. “This is the emerald city of which I speak. The heart energy of Earth is held deep within rich green crystals. This vision is the manifestation of your dream and will allow you to set your heart energy, and the heart energy of all of Atlantis into the grid, my friend. Your next step will be to collect and connect that heart energy from the people of Atlantis and from the Earth herself. For this you will travel throughout Atlantis to find out how the heart energy is being used and how it functions. You will then find the energy spots of Planet Earth where these green crystals are held. These are magical spaces to which you will be drawn. This will fulfill your destiny as the Earth Keeper and will set your direction for eons of time and many future lifetimes. You will, in fact, carry this dream and this energy from one lifetime to the next as you return to blend the heart energy to the technology.” Amor smiled at the gentle weeping giant that sat before him devouring his every word. For the first time in a long while Tyberonn felt complete, as he took a deep breath and smiled back. Amor somehow knew that he had just completed another of the six sacred contracts and for just a moment he had a glimpse of how important this contract could be for all of humanity.

Balance Between Heart Energy and Technology

We pause the story here for a moment to cover an important connection between technology and heart energy. As we have said before, technology is a reflection of the vibrational state of the race it serves. Therefore, it is the heart energy that must balance the technology in any race of beings. If the technology goes too far past the heart energy, it causes an imbalance. As the heart energy rises it will pull the technology up to match it. That is the reason you, in your times, have had such huge technological advances in the past 50 years. It has been incredible for us to watch. It is because your heart energy has evolved to support technology and to cause it to rise. In the days of Atlantis the technological energy actually preceded the heart energy and the heart energy was lagging in an effort to catch up. Tyberonn's dream and destiny were to find ways to bring those into balance. So he tried to connect with the Earth to ground it and to put this heart energy and to collect it from everyone through the Earth. This made him very in touch with the Earth energies, while his work as the chief technician to the main crystal power grids of Atlantis gave him the perfect opportunity to blend that heart energy onto the power grid itself. This was Amor's vision of the emerald city where the heart energy came through the green crystals to find its way on to the largest power grids ever created.

The Vacuum of FEAR

After that meeting with Amor, Tyberonn moved forward and began to travel the lands of Atlantis. He began forming the family of light to bring a collective of heart energy with the intention of blending it onto the power grid. It was very disturbing to him when he felt the reaction of the people he approached. When he started trying to collect that heart energy, instead there came a ripple of fear that from most of the people he met. Even though most of them agreed with his intention, they feared the unknown result of Tyberonn's dream. Soon word traveled of the gentle giant who was collecting heart energy and the news had a ripple effect throughout all of Atlantis. He was considered to be a mind of technological greatness who had gone off the deep end. Tyberonn soon found that most people believed technology was a man made and heart energy was divine, so the two were never to combine. This belief system was the basis of their fear. Yet, he knew in the very depths of his soul that these two must balance for Atlantis to be able to move forward. It was here that Tyberonn began to withdraw from collecting human heart energy and instead began his deep connection with the Earth herself. The Earth also carried the heart energy and it was identical to the heart energy shared by humans. Tyberonn soon discovered that the Earth stored the same heart energy that he had been collecting in certain crystals. The Earth was much easier to deal with than humans, as she gave her heart willingly and never displayed fear. It was then that Tyberonn found that these heart energy crystals congregated in specific areas of the Earth that he called Hot Spots. Often these were the spiritual portals where people gathered to feel the connection with Earth. These became the spiritual places on Earth.

Over time Tyberonn gathered the green heart crystals of Earth into one spot where he began the emerald city of Atlantis . Due to the fear that he experienced, he hid the city from public view and did not tell many of its existence with the exception of those who worked there. Even so, it was not long before word got out of the so-called sinister doings in the emerald city. Tyberonn was very concerned as to how that would impact his overall plan. Many times when a new energy is put forward in that way fear is one of the reactions, for humans are usually afraid of the unknown. Fear only exists when one is not understanding. Soon it was evident that there was a tremendous amount of fear about collecting heart energy. A ripple of fear was felt everywhere and because the technologies were advancing so quickly, the heart energy was having difficulty catching up. Everyone knew that something big was about to happen but very few viewed it in a positive light. Instead of expecting a miracle, the fear took root and made Tyberonn draw further into seclusion with his work. One of the biggest concerns now was how his project would be perceived when the green heart energy began to flow onto the grid. There was even talk of secret societies that were infiltrating people with green energy. Tyberonn's heart was all but broken as the work he had been doing was now reaching a critical point. The green energy that Tyberonn had been collecting was now reaching a critical level and had to either be placed on the grid or released into the atmosphere where it would dissipate and return to the Earth. Tyberonn and his staff knew the great potential dangers of releasing that energy into the atmosphere, as it would interact with the ionosphere and cause great weather changes including earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes.

The Second Moon

It was here that one of emerald city's chief technicians approached Tyberonn with the idea to divert the heart energy and store it on one of the two moons that encircled the planet. Back in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, there were two moons for the Earth, not one. Both moons played a part in Lemurian and Atlantean culture and were revered as sacred places. The larger of the two was known as the second moon from an ancient Lemurian folk tale about how the Earth was out of balance in the early days and we were given another moon to keep us in balance. One of the moons was always visible and that provided a sense of stability to everyone, as the stories were told that as long as one moon could be seen in the sky. . . all was well. The second moon was larger than the other, and that was the one that Tyberonn decided to use for store the heart energy until it was appropriate to blend it onto the power grid. This was a wonderful alternative for the project and everyone knew it to be a safe plan.

Soon the idea was put into motion and a great beam of green light was sent from the green heart crystals of the emerald city toward the second moon. It was then that Tyberonn found himself on the outskirts of the city looking into the cloudy night sky. The clouds above the emerald city were glowing with green light giving a beautiful hue of heart energy and love to this special place. He thought of his dear friend Amor and realized that what he saw before him was the exact same vision that Amor had shared with him that fateful night when this journey began. A smile came to his face and he imagined Amor standing in front of him telling him what a great job he was doing.

There was one event that was unexpected, however. The same clouds that gave the emerald city the beautiful green glow that night were also noticed by many of the people in surrounding villages. Tyberonn found that it was all right for people to feel the heart energy as he intended when it was mixed with the power and placed on the grid. Yet when they saw the green light being beamed into space toward the second moon another wave of fear took form. It was this wave of fear that tainted the energy that was being transmitted. Rumors soon started about the green devils and energies, how evil they were, and how the government was doing something subversive. Because of that fear, the green heart energy carried with it fear that was not originally intended to be part of what the second moon received.

It was not long after that that the second moon began to wobble in its orbit. This wobble of the second moon was felt by all humans on Earth. At that point your own emotions were drastically altered. You could feel the pull on the second moon as the elliptical orbit started to stretch even farther into space. The greatest fear at that point was that the wobble of the second moon would make the Earth wobble in her own orbit. Different locations on Earth began experiencing major weather patterns shifts and fear was increasing every day. Tyberonn knew what had happened and was aware that the second moon would regain its natural orbit after it assimilated the energy. Yet, the Atlantean officials did not trust his assessment and gave the order to take the energy of the regular power grid and help pull the moon back into place out of its elliptical orbit in order to stabilize it. They believed that everything else could regain its own orbit and that the Earth would not wobble as a result. It was at this point that the technology of Atlantis preceded the heart energy so much that a critical imbalance was reached. Even though Tyberonn pleaded with the council he was directed to force the second moon back into orbit. That was one of the final misdirections of Atlantis.

Return of the Crystal Energy

Though it took many months for events to lead to the fall of Atlantis, this was the final blow. It began in earnest as the second moon of Earth blew apart one day for all in Atlantis to see. It was told to all that “We shot down the moon.” The pull of the heart energy was beyond description and is still felt this day. This is the sadness around the heart energy that is still felt as we tell this story. It is this sadness that has kept you from using the crystal energy in your current lives to advance your technology even though it is far superior to anything you have at this time. In place of the crystal energy you use electricity and fossil fuels to feed your technologies. That is now changing on Earth and it will not be long before the crystal energy of Atlantis returns. You are being motivated now to look for alternative energy sources. The crystal energy will soon return for the Atlanteans now sit here reading and hear this. You are back. All of you. The days of Lemuria and Atlantis are back and you have surpassed that vibrational stage for your heart energy has now preceded and is pulling the technology behind it, as it should be, for the balance is working more together now than it did even in those magical days. You are seeing opportunities to use energy in new ways. We tell you that as long as there is a balance of heart energy and technology together, it will work well.

The Seed Fear

As that green crystal energy was focused on the second moon, it only caused it to fall farther out of orbit. Eventually the moon destroyed itself. It was known throughout all Atlantis that the green heart energy shot down the moon. Fear had taken things so far out of balance, that everyone went further into fear at that point. Largely it was fear that sank Atlantis, fueled by the imbalance of the heart energy. These events are imprinted in the cellular memories of human beings everywhere even to this day. This was the cause of some of the greatest Seed Fears that any human has ever carried. If you carry this Seed Fear then as you step into your lightwork, as you step into heart energy, there will be a fear that something is wrong, something is going on. There is an energy stamp deep within you that you have carried from lifetime to lifetime. Changing that energy stamp has become one of the most challenging things for all humans to do and to make peace with the Guardian at the Gate, to understand that it is part of you that should be pushing you forward instead of holding you back. In that time as the second moon disappeared and you shot down the moon, as it was known, it caused Earth to start wobbling. Earth created a different spin on its own axis and changes occurred to balance the energy with the continental divides. That is when the continents started shifting to form the new balance around the axis that had changed. It is not the first time Earth has changed its axis. It has happened five times thus far and was to happen a sixth and final time around the year 2000. You have altered that plan. You have changed what was originally written and here you are. Atlanteans awaken!

The days of Atlantis are back. You now have opportunities to blend that heart energy to the grid. You now have opportunities to work from the heart. You now have opportunities to see the blending of heart energy and technology together for it is actually the blend of the mind and the heart that was out of balance in the days of Atlantis. The fear factor was the biggest piece. There will come a time on Earth where love will speak louder than fear. However, that is not the case today for at this moment fear is more clearly heard on Planet Earth than love is. You are the ones that will change that energy. You are the precursors of the light. You are the ones who are setting out the heart energy first to overcome the fear before any of it happens and we are watching with the greatest anticipation for you have already taken the Game past the highest outcome of what could have possibly been. Now you are picking up the pieces from the days of Atlantis and correcting them in your own heart.

Re-Activating the Power Crystals onto the Web of Love

Amor was able to show that all to Tyberonn this day. He showed him what the possibilities were and he showed him as the Earth changed and the sadness as those final events unfolded. Many people, as they saw the waters recede into the land, headed for the mountains and the highest points. Tyberonn stayed behind with Amor because a very important contract was about to take place, but that is another chapter. We will tell you that it was important to place those green and clear power crystals of Atlantis in a very sacred and safe place. That is what Tyberonn and Amor did. The crystals have remained covered to this day. They have been in parts of what you call the Atlantic Ocean and they have been reactivated already through your own anticipation and your own heart energy. This is what has been causing all the turbulence in that area and the weather pattern changes that Earth has been experiencing. The energy of itself, of those power crystals, has been there since day one. You do not deny energy for it exists with or without you. We ask you to claim your birthright. We ask you to hold that energy and feel that energy as it passes through you, not that you will use it to light your rooms or heat your buildings or do your travel or technology, but that you will now use it to filter through your own heart and create Tyberonn's dream. This time you have already created a vehicle that will energetically hold all the ambient energy that need storing. It is stronger than any moon, for it has been designed specifically for the purpose of storing heart energy. Even fear will automatically be transmuted into love energy on this special vehicle. That was by done by your own design. It was also necessary for this vehicle to be feed, nurtured and strengthened over time and now that has also been completed as you have been doing that over the past year. This vehicle is a pure thought of God manifest. This vehicle is the Web of Love that you have created and used to connect the hearts of humans. The Web of Love allows the continuation of Tyberonn's dream to re-activate the green heart energy through the crystals of Atlantis.

They will now become part of your energy once again. Although you will not move them for some time, you will feel the measurable energy coming from those areas for it has already begun. You have measured them so far in hurricanes and weather changes. We ask you to grasp that energy, not of the hurricane and tornado, but of the love energy. Blend it with your own. Find the connections of that heart energy. Re-create the new spiritual family. Blend that energy together and feel that energy on the grid of your daily life. And this time you will not shoot down the moon, for we tell you something else. On the Second Planet of Free Choice, there are two moons. There will come a time when you will visit the Second Planet of Free Choice but not as humans, for you are in training. As the Human Angels, as you are learning to be Human Angels to each other, you will eventually evolve into the angels of the Second Planet of Free Choice. In those days you will experience the wonderful frustration that we sometimes experience with you and we cannot wait to watch. There will come a time when you look into the sky and see the second moon once again. When you do, feel the hearts of Atlantis coming together again. That is your evolutionary path that you set into motion and right now is the time to grasp that energy. Do not fear it. Let love speak louder than fear in your heart for it begins with you. It begins in the energy and you will carry the contract of Tyberonn and Amor to the next level for you are going to create it yourselves right now, right here, and we get to watch.

It is our greatest honor to be here to reflect your light, to be with you in a simple way to hold up a mirror to you so that you can see yourselves not as the perfect person, but from a different view. When you have many views, you get a larger picture of who you really are. We ask you to re-member that because the time is not very far away when you will be asked to hold that same mirror for others. Begin holding it to the people in your lives. Begin holding it and working with the people that you will see moving into fear. As you feel it within yourself, know that the seed fear is a part of you that is restricting your lives even today. Know that the fear can be transmuted into love energy. Work with it. Play with it. Enjoy it. We leave you with only three simple reminders:

Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are God.

                                 Nurture one another at every opportunity. .

                                                                 Re-member that it is a Game and Play well together.


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